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20 January 2023
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Is WBNUJS worth it?
Guest2 days ago
Will any schools follow JNU, Jamia, Presidency and Jadavpur and screen the Modi documentary?
Internship at SB Partners, gudgaon: how is it?
If Trump is prosecuted for misplacing classified documents, shouldn't Biden also be prosecuted?
Is this totally what happens?
Air India urine man’s lawyer makes the WTF legal argument of the century!!
Highest Partner Salaries
What happened to Janhavi Gadkar?
Old no gold
NUJS Admin ruining the future of their students with new OEABCF grading system
Manu Joseph Mint column suggest studying sociology leads to mental abnormality??
Law fresher in Big4
B&F partner who allow decent work life balance
NLUD fresher what to expect?
Law Chambers: Seeking Guidance and Advice
NLUO or JGLS: Which is better generally and specifically?
What exactly is Dr Sanjeev Sahni's role at JGLS? Why is he so influential?
Thoughts on BBC Modi documentary?
Now this is what a law firm has sent to its clients [ChatGPT]
VC making life hellish in TNNLU
GNLU LLM Program: What are faculty and facilities honestly like?
How to ask for a raise at a T3 firm that isn't the best paymaster?
Any respite for 3 year law students: Do decent firms hire us?
Guest2 days ago
What is the background/ experience check process, if any which is carried out by law firms? Which law firms are these?
Gurgaon litigation firms: Any recommended?
Guest2 days ago
Does KCo Implement Differential Pay Policy?
Consultancy + Investment Banking
Can PPOs once made and accepted be rescinded? Has any T1 practice done so yet?
Intern at Argus Bangalore or Mumbai?
Guest2 days ago
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