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A0-General Corporate, MnA, PE and Cap Marks
GNLU Day Z : Record breaking performance 75 offers
Bar Council IIULER Goa entrace test on 4 September: This is huge - why is no one talking about this?
NLUD Day Zero: Is it over? What happened?
london london london london
Covid positivity rate at 18% in Delhi. Will law firms go back to WFH
Who are some of the best Banking partners to work with today?
exJC21 minutes ago
Guest14 hours ago
Good banking teams with good partners?
Guest14 hours ago
AZB Bangalore Recruitment- Lateral
Junior pay at Abhishek Manu Singhvi's?
Looking for a corporate law firm for a small M&A transaction!
BIG BREAKING: Email from VC confirms 100+ Day Zero offers for Jindal 2023 batch
How to deal with the stress of possibly going unemployed
Ashlesha92 minutes ago
Do everyone get equal opportunities within the same law school?
One Covid case at NUJS
Need guidance regarding internships and CV building in general.
Guest2 hours 25 mins ago
do girls also like good looks?
Help needed- A0 Project Finance/ Project Infrastructure Team
Insolvency Tier 1 teams and Tier 2 firms?
Please save me time: Which firms that do not hire from 3 year LLBs?
All4 hours 9 mins ago
Okram Singha quits from CAM to small platform and back to CAM
Is NLUO/RGNUL worth it after 2 years of gap?
Lucknow chaat: Not as good as it used to be
Can I hold PPO/ campus offer by T1 for an year?
Ashlesha14 hours ago
Ashlesha14 hours ago
Is there anyone who prepared for UPSC with a Tier-2 law firm job? If yes, please tell me what your day to day was like? Is it possible?
Ashlesha14 hours ago
Ashlesha14 hours ago
Delhi lower judicial services transfers: Worried I might be posted to somewhere unsuitably for my GF
Ashlesha14 hours ago
Confused, lost, hopeless: 14 months after graduation from mid-tier NLU, still no job
Is the Bar and the Bench really that nepotistic?
Ashlesha15 hours ago
What legal job opportunities are there after UPSC failure?
Ashlesha15 hours ago
There is no point respecting Seniors and they shouldn't think they are entitled to it
[Litigation] Telegram Group Link
Ashlesha15 hours ago
Just another depressive litigation thread - Vent Here !
Ashlesha15 hours ago
The total batch size at NLUJ is of 120 Students but the total people sitting for placements every year is always around 60-65 ? Do really so many people go for UPSC, judiciary or litigation?
Law firm - looking at the bright side
Ashlesha15 hours ago
Mentors needed
Career in arbitration: Best way of starting?
Guest15 hours ago
Litigation chambers vs Law firms: Less abuse?
Which Acts are must-reads for PSU prep?
Ashlesha15 hours ago
103 JGLS Students from Batch of 2023 placed in Day Zero. CAM hires 44, Trilegal 17.
Non-toxic big firm litigation teams in Bombay?
Guest17 hours ago
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