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15 September 2021
17 February 2022
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Will the NLSIU hegemony ever end?
Guest9 hours 28 mins ago
PhD (Law) without attendance requirements?
Vaish Associates - Mumbai: Insights whether to take offer for a non-Mumbaikar?
Symbiosis Law School Pune over NLUs?
MSc in law and finance from QMUL: Good idea?
Guest5 hours 43 mins ago
Any chance of Trilegal A0 salary increase after KCo & AZB?
Choosing NLU-Delhi over nalsar - will I go wrong here?
Getting Clients to become a partner in Tier 1s - Ground Reality
Can I transfer my credits to UCL this fall from Nalsar
Guest15 hours ago
What separates us Lawyers from Company Secretaries
Does IC Universal Bangalore offer PPOs?
GLC, Mumbai vs PGCL, Mumbai
Guest7 hours 54 mins ago
Help: Accomodation/Flat/ nice PGs in Lower Parel
Guest8 hours 19 mins ago
Spice route
Bye law: Who left the profession and didn't come back?
Real Estate Law in India: What's the scope and work like?
In-House at Tata: How is it?
arabian knights9 hours 2 mins ago
Premier league teams assigned to NLUs and JGLS
A0 payscales @Trilegal, DSK, NDA
Why is there so much hate about NUJS on LI
Is it worth swapping from T2 NLU to GLC?
Name 9 biggest successes and 9 biggest failures of Modi govt
Symbiosis Law School Pune BA LLB: Placement, faculty, campus?
Do lawyers draft each and every application or they just edit the existing drafts everytime.
Status of NLU, Jodhpur these days?
JGLS Ujjwal Sharma youngest lawyer to argue before NGT and win vs T1 firm?
Any online safe space for queer law students?
Guest12 hours ago
Panag and Babu salary
Guest12 hours ago
Which law schools have proms like in the US?
Good seniors in Indore
Can I start judiciary prep with litigation?
Litigation to lawfirm (General Corp / M&A / VE)
OP13 hours ago
Let's vent about unprofessional and incompetent associates
Can students go for a semester exchange abroad every year?
NLU-D, the only NLU to have a MOU with Harvard
How is Capital Market's team at Indus Delhi?
KCO Joining Date n Salary for Fresher 2023
Salary Juris Corp for lateral A0s?
Luthra & Luthra Law Offices Ppo and call-back scenes
Current VC and former VC of NLU Sonipat among signatories of pro-Modi letter condemning opposition boycott of Parliament inauguration
NUALS dress code?
Best State for Judicial Service
Lesbian couple get married in a temple in Kolkata: Is this legal?
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