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2 days ago
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House of the Dragon Thread: Team Black or Team Green?
Chicken pox outbreak in NLUJ
A2 Salary at Tier 2 & 3 firms (Corporate) and newer firms in Delhi?
Well versed CV
A0 asks: Is there anyone who loves their job?
Nandan2 days ago
Has NLSIU recorded more UK TCs, tier 1 scholarships and tier 1 moot wins than law schools in China, Singapore, Hong Kong and other Asian countries?
Best Practice Area in Luthra and Luthra
As SA with 3.5 PQE, should I expect a demotion switching from mid-sized to Tier 1?
Rumours of a Posh complaint @ Trilegal?
Cheap & convenient places to stay in Mumbai: 2 BHK for 50k possible?
How does empanelment work for first generation lawyers?
Who do you want (and not want) to be the next Congress president and why (and why not)?
How’s working with Gaurav Pachnanda SA? How much does he pay to his colleagues?
Haven't been paid my retainer by a Tier 1 after quitting
Any clue as to which senior's chamber would be a nice to apply to in Madras/Bombay/Delhi for tax & others?
Elon Musk WILL buy Twitter after all
Do corporate lawyers in India do cosmetic procedures to improve their looks?
Good grooming products for men for humid Bombay weather?
Why and how is Manan Mishra BCI Chairman for so long?
Lateral move abroad in 5 years: Should I switch from corp practice area now, even if it's not as good?
Rising AORs in Delhi
Guest2 days ago
Share your DDR mistakes
Mehenga Gota2 days ago
Why does the Indian government give scholarships to SC/ST students pursing LLM/PhD abroad but not general category students?
CS along with the Law ?
Law Firms_Background Check for Lateral Recruitment
Covid outbreak in GNLU as 5 out of 7 students tested positive as VC, Registrar block efforts to start voluntary testing on campus
If JEE can be chated on, can we trust CLAT? Has it happened before?
Gauri Rasgotra quitting CAM
Why is JSA the worst paymaster in terms of work?
Vaidyanathan Iyer team at AZB: Is it the best M&A team at the firm?
Trilegal M&A team of Ashwyn Misra: What kind of work does it do?
Guest2 days ago
Dr Abhishek Manu Singhvi donates Rs 2 crore to JGLS for scholarships and more
Is NUJS fielding mooting teams of 3 + junior mooter ok?
Competition Law at P&A Law Offices: Worth starting there?
NUJS holds a sham of a gb meeting
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