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13 hours ago
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21 February 2022
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How to find the time to give an interview?
Hayabusa Waala8 hours 59 mins ago
Is it important to intern in 1st Year of Law School?
Losing streak in the very first year of Law School?
Jordan Peterson quits Twitter after backlash for criticising plus-sized supermodel
Lumiere Law Partners(PDS Legal)
Guest9 hours 25 mins ago
Ex pdsYesterday
Time taken by HR team after PPO interview with two partners- Trilegal
What is the process post CAM offer letter? Should I book travel, etc already or wait for retainer?
Enthu9 hours 30 mins ago
Is it possible to change your team in a law firm (especially at Trilegal)?
Has anyone here received a cold offer from an Indian law firm?
Rajaram Legal pay structure?
Why do so few NLUs have BBA LL.Bs?
Khaitan Legal Associates: Firm Review
Stop using pompous language. Keep it simple Shakespeare!
Nishith Desai Associates: Is it any better now?
Hi13 hours ago
Who are the fittest lawyers you know?
DLS14 hours ago
curious to know
Typical final year desperate: Does Dua hire into competition law outside campus?
Lexygen Law Firm: Everything seems great, should I apply?
CC Training Contract
Slow moderation on LI- Sign of death?
Incoming Associate in the Disputes Team: How to prepare?
New NUJS Website - Must Visit!!
N??? ????? ????? ?? ????????
Ex NoojieYesterday
Best funds practice/firm in India
Funds LawyerYesterday
Funds LawyerYesterday
Side Hustle: Earning opportunity for law students and young law graduates
How to build cv for oxbridge scholarships
NLU Sharjah when?
Aren't we going too hard on Justice Shankar over marital rape judgment?
Where do students of NLSIU/NALSAR/NLUD go for student exchange?
I keep making a lot of mistakes: Not sure I'm cut out for this
Why do people opt for Law Firms if MNCs like Vedanta and other in house jobs pay much better?
Best Capital Markets teams among Indian Law firms
Are Litigation fees quoted on LI true?
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