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Yes, I agree. You can’t be attending meetings and conferences and show up in a Swift. That makes you look really cheap. You might as well stick to being an associate if that’s your attitude!
Nobody judges me when I go meet my clients in my Maruti Jimny or my Skoda Slavia.
Look, maybe you’re true but these people you talk about are boomers or max Gen X. That’s not the thinking of Gen Y or Gen Z. In fact, Gen Z peeps would literally sell their kidneys for a Patek.
You can’t take your money with you when you die. Becoming a partner is hard work. Once you have done that, it makes sense to buy a luxury car. If you want to ride in a swift all your life, consider doing something else rather than corporate law.
What rubbish. Plenty of partners drive Toyota Corollas and Cretas and Safaris.

But this may not apply in NCR where people are generally more flashy and judgy.
Literally every partner has at least a BMW or Mercedes. Many have Ferrari and Lamborghini.
Arre by the time you reach there from your parking, instead of racing, the car would be ready to go to the garage.
if you make 80 lakhs a year, 50 lakhs is not affordable at all. don't be stupid and justify crap purchases
Bhai purani savings bhi to hogi agar Partner hai wo toh. Assuming someone made partner in 10 to 12 years PQE he/she may have say 2 to 4 crore balance whey cant he buy a 50 lakh car with half downpayment and half loan
You do realize BMW 3 series is now 70 lakhs on-road.

Innova Hycross top model is 35.

Fortuner starts at 45.

50 Lakhs budget is on the lower end
Partners earning so much money will also pay a sizeable amount as taxes. Also, there is GST.
If you succumb to such peer pressure than you won’t last long as a partner :)
even an a0 in mumbai comes in a gwagon, id definitely expect a partner to have higher standards
I will rather spend the money elsewhere. Indian metro traffic is hell. Roads won't be cleared for you if you got a Merc or BMW. And I certainly don't want to buy a something for 50lakhs and keep it unused in my car porch.
Yes, otherwise you are immediately kicked out by the Managing Partner. If any partner at my firm comes in a shabby car, I'd personally take a hammer and smash the hell out of the car.
Buy what you like to drive. Don't base it on what other people expect you to drive.

Confidence doesn't come from a car. It comes from within.
The average middle class boy dreams of owning a big penthouse, driving a BMW and marrying a hot girl. Of these 3, the BMW is probably the easiest to get.
If you don't have merit then you need these extraneous accessories to create an impression of merit.
The disputes head of CAM Mumbai who is an equity partner and next in command to the MP travels in an innova for a client meeting. That should answer your question.
Pata hai, but the fact is he takes it to client meetings. The point was nobody cares about perception.
Buy used luxury cars, like I did. They are quite affordable and last forever. :)
Haan aything below the level of Rolls royce is heavily looked down upon .
I know partners at SAM coming in MG ZS EV/MG Astor. Stop this bullshit.
A KcO partner uses Venue. I have seen some partners using Swift, i20 and the likes
I think a Honda City or Creta is fine. But people will certainly look down in you if you buy a Swift or Alto or Kwid. You need to maintain at least some class distinction with others when you become a partner! A Swift or Alto with a 1 cr salary??? Really???
I would suggest a Mini Cooper. Classy, but not as flashy or expensive as a BMW or Mercedes, in case the managing partner gets jealous.
If they want me to come in a luxury car, they should gift one to me
It’s a generational thing. Gen Z prefers to spend on Instagrammable YOLO experiences like adventure holidays. Gen Z also support Greta Thunberg and boycott cars in favour of CNG cabs or Metro.
My suggestion for senior PAs/junior Partners is to consider buying the Innova HyCross. It's sober enough to be an Innova, and plush enough to be way more comfortable than any entry level German luxury car.
Please don't be that guy who still drives some Creta or some such beyond SA3/PA. That's the time to upgrade. This Creta/Kia Seltos bracked is only an Associate/junior SA level car.
Rahul Matthan and Akshay Jaitly of Trilegal have used Innovas for years.
Sorry if I sound harsh, but if you earn 1 cr pa and you drive a Honda City, you are a cheapskate. An entry-level German luxury car costs 50 lakhs. That’s so easily affordable for partners.
A certain Noida T1 partner drives to office in a modest yet classy SUV. I thought that was his main car. Ran into him at an event one evening and he was driving an Aston Martin. Now thats some classy shit that shines above the mercs, bimmers and audis.
Family wealth or all self-made? Curious if first-gen law firm partners often own luxury cars
I know who you are talking about. Part of Delhi litigation royalty. Family of lawyers across generations. Very down to earth. Is well landed.
Even in Mumbai, our richest city, the roads and traffic are terrible. Why would you drive a fancy car in such bad roads and at speeds that rarely exceed 20 kmph?
Judging from how poorly written this post is, I don't think this is a dilemma you will ever have to contend with.
No one has the time to wait and see what car you drive. No one will wait in the parking lot or follow you there.
Instead of feeling obligated, only get it if you really like it otherwise it doesn’t really make much sense when you can get more car for the money in the 20-40L segment.
Just ensure fiscal discipline from early on to buy what you want. Atleast I did - 12 yrs PQE - Grand Cherokee & Volvo are just perfect for me, for now.

PS: it’s not about showing off, you gotta love those machines.
Mike Ross, youngest partner of a tier 1 firm, used to come to work on a bicycle.
No. I saw a partner at azb driving honda city. Super sweet guy. Also, zia comes in toyota or some mid range sedan
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