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Don't lock in too early. At this point, you are simply enamored by the glamor. I'll tell you what you should keep in mind, on the basis of the limited experience I have and suggestions I got.

1. Study and intern well

2. Guage your finances

3. Are you comfortable in earning nothing or extremely less than your counterparts?

4. Hometown or Delhi?

5. Where does your goodwill lie? Find a good and humane mentor

7. Are you comfortable with the fact that you might not make it and could end up making less than your corp friends?
Downvotes are because of insecure Noojies/GNLUites who didn't get mentioned. This is 100% true.
Firms to intern with as a third-year law student. Excluding the T1s, which firms will give me holistic learning in M&A, and what should I learn beforehand?
There's something called evidence and defamation. Kian or the moderators cannot take that risk so long this platform stays anon. If you want to bypass that, then write about the person on social media and post the link here, that can be allowed.
I believe it's cause majority of their LLMs and PhD are non-nlus and go back to their respective hometowns once they complete and are eligible for teaching. No state loyal talents like NUJS or brand prestige like NLS or location advantage like NLUD. NALSAR is definitely going to drop out of the top 5 after GNLU and NLUJ come up
Weren't Nalsarites bragging that they "poached" SKDR from NLUD? The dude is like some repellant for good faculty, it seems. But still better than Messiah who brought a 30-year old institution to its knees in a couple of years.
Then why weren't there any seats/vacancy for CILS for the past three years through JNUEE, and then CUET? Yet there are scholars from these years. Definitely must have chosen from the UGC NET JRF route only.
Feel suicidal thinking about doing this for the rest of my life. Looking at spreadsheets and documents for hours and hours and hours in a day.

Only good things are family and friends, barely get time to pursue my hobbies, longing for the weekends like a dog and a bone..

What kind of life do we live? I believe in a higher power and I’m sure they pity the lives we have. This isn’t what they meant for us to do. Most days once I’m out of the office I can’t remember where I parked my car, was it on the 1st floor garage? No I parked there last week, why am I remembering that today? Probably because everyday is exactly the same. I still can’t find my car.

Slaving my life away and for what? So these rich assholes can keep getting richer, our bosses and their bosses will get a decent cut themselves, so they keep mum, bragging about how they got to where they are by slaving their youth away, acting like the sun gets closer the more you chase it but really all they were chasing was a dim lamp at midnight, too ashamed to admit they wasted their life away so they compensate by making us waste ours the exact same way.

How about a change of scenery, that would be, it’s near-impossible to move laterally abroad in this field. Be it a masters degree or headhunting a headhunter, nothing even came close to guaranteeing a chance abroad, not in this job. I knew this would be the case, but that didn’t stop me from pursuing this profession. I wanted to be different. I didn’t want to work in finance like all the other kids in my school.

It’s not too late, I know it can be worse, much worse. I’m switching professions, I’m getting that foreign MBA, regain some youth and maybe waste away working in retail for a bit, get yelled at by some old white woman, mostly because she hates the color of my skin. I think I’ll enjoy studying and working again, making connections till I graduate, starting this same bs cycle again but this time I’ll go much higher. Manager, senior manager, COO, CEO. Hell maybe I’ll even join the board, make the chairperson. Why stop there? I’ll start my own company. Maybe I’ll lose everything I own but maybe, just maybe I’ll win it all. And then they can all slave away for me. The cycle repeats but this time I’ll have a nice padded seat to sit on and handles to hold.
This is probably for the hundredth time that I am asking this question on LegallyIndia - how do NLUs manage to find a mention even in posts completely unrelated to then?
PE/VC is very very high paying and does not involve mental slogging like M&A to be very frank.
Jindal is shit, it places like 70-80 students out of 900 plus. Stop comparing it with top NLUs
CPC, New laws and Contract Act ko ek blender mai daalo. Drink the juice that comes out.

Basics + Judgements= Great knowledge.

That’s what will assist you.
Judge have more power no doubt but to show his power one has to present in the court

Ias has more wider range to "show his power"

But if they come face to face or in court judge have more power

Though judge have more power but if someone get a chance to become an ias officer or judge most of the people will select ias in my opinion because ias get respect every where

So for me both are equal in larger view
That's true. As a law academic, i can attest that postdocts are extremely difficult positions and very competitive and tough to get. Very very few Indians hold postdoc positions in Law schools abroad.
Wow, LI is hiding all relieved comments which would have helped juniors to know whom to stay away from
you cant compare china and korea to india, we have a long long way to go,

China is the biggest competitor to USA, literally 2nd most powerful in the world, Korea has a per capita income of 30,000 dollars, 5 crore population, 2 trillion dollar gdp, with land area smaller than telangana
Which specialization is better in terms of money, work hours and a career beyond law firms?
It's very difficult now. T1 law firms typically recruit around 300 people every year during decent economic times. Now that NLS will soon have 420 students graduating every year (300 BA LLB + 120 LLB Hons), you can imagine how tough it's going to become. Plus, the gap between NLSIU and NLUD/NALSAR/JGLS is decreasing every year, so count in their grads too. Additionally, courts are getting digitized, so a lot more work will become automatable, and the use of emerging tech will soon exponentially increase in Indian law firms, decreasing recruitment to some extent.

Best of luck, you will need it.

Your senior from batch of 25'
Recently concluded my first internship and realised my legal research skills are not particularly impressive. Any help would be appreciated.

1. How to effectively find cases on SCC 2. How to find legal/business insights on topics for preparing presentations/reports/speeches/creating SOPs for legal compliance. Example - what are the factors a company should consider while deciding on investments in a particular sector, what are the best measures to comply with a legal requirement for a company, etc.
Admission to the CLG or the CILS for both Ph.D. and Master's programs does not require a NET JRF. While a JRF can grant direct admission through an interview for Ph.D. programs, those without JRF can still apply. For Master's programs, admission is now conducted only through CUET PG.
That's not true. I can't think of even one partner at Trilegal whose fate changed quickly or otherwise just with one subpar e-mail.

Request the moderator to mark the comment that I'm replying to as trollish or it's OP to counter with facts. Comments like hers give Trilegal a bad name. We aren't AZB and don't have Hard Deep or specimens like that with us.
Well, well, well, look at you, all twenty-something, thirty-something, prancing around with your privilege like it's a toy. You've got opportunities pouring out your ears, yet you waste it all on frivolous nonsense, filling these esteemed halls of LI Gossipspace with your shallow dreams of excess.

Watch this video by UNFILTERED by Samdish, and open your damn eyes to the struggles of those without a voice-


Instead of lounging in luxury, why don't you dust off that degree of yours and actually do something meaningful? Use your privilege to practice law, to advocate for societal progress. Give those without a voice a fighting chance. It's time to step up and make a difference, not just for yourself, but for those who desperately need it.
It's funny that people love going after the farmers. Especially when it's some urban elite doing some benami transaction to cut their tax.

Let's make all policies based on the extreme ends of society, based on isolated and disparate data points - we will have such beautiful laws to deal with thereafter.

All this requires is a forensic audit of those holding benami agricultural and claiming agricultural deductions. It's nothing new for most competent chartered accountants.

Incidentally, my father goes through an audit for his agricultural income claims every year by some shady income tax officer and every damn year they expect a payoff.

When it comes to false agricultural income claims, the officer can't prove anything as a lot of cash transactions take place but the officer sure as shit can make your life very difficult with just his suspicion alone. Incidentally said suspicion all goes away once the officers see some green.

If you look at India over the last 30 years - rural incomes have been left far behind. This is only set to continue as the rush to the cities increases. Plus what happens to farmers in the bad years huh? The thing morons in cities don't understand is that agriculture is hit and miss game.

It's riskier than running some consumption-based business as well. You are left to the various vagaries of nature every year not just to the demand-based economy.

You suffer if there is a supply glut. You need everyone else to have a bad year and you to have an exceptional year for the best windfall. One year you make it, the next year you could flop. See the problems?

No one lends you any money as crop loans are not given out much. Why? Because your risk profile is off the charts. You can call it a priority sector but priority sector lending remains limited and most banks don't ever meet their targets.

Incidentally, corporate loans in India have a far greater default rate than agricultural loans. The farm loan waivers cost less than these corporate loans ultimately to the exchequer - so let's not even talk about moral hazard for f%#k's sake!

There is a goddamn reason behind some of these policies but sure take a Twitter post or a financial influencer's advice and advocate for a policy change. Insidiously, when there is ongoing farmer protest.
Extremely desperate and bitter to claim NLS and NALSAR are the "top two" when NALSAR's only real edge over NLUD is its alumni legacy and the benefits that come with it. NLUD has been hands down better over the last 10 years in everything from UPSC to foreign scholarships, except placements for obvious reasons. And then to club NLUD with the other three as some second-rate consolation. Barring NUJS, which has now lost its sheen, NLUD has always been better than GNLU and NLUJ even since its first batch. I get that you missed the bus for AILET, but don't come here with your third-rate opinion at the mention of NLUD.
Kian, can you stop being so based and actively conceal the identity of the perpetrator. This isn't something small, the juniors are really scared. Stop trivialising people's experiences over your own favouritism.
Veenas team at Trilegal - Blore very helpful! Kaushik and Simranjeet were very patient and helpful
When we search throughout the internet and various social media platforms we can usually find free materials like video classes, mocks, etc regarding exams like JEE, NEET, CAT, etc.

Do you know any similar free resources for CLAT ?

If so please share the links or names below whether its videos or google drive links or anything else which is relevant to CLAT.

Also is CLAT preparation app by EduRev actually up to date and useful?
Leaving Western European bath routine (which has been historically very sub-par ), I think most humans bath more than twice a week.
The founder is nice and a very pleasant personality. She has created a name for herself and the firm within the industry in a short span of time.
Lmao I agree MNLU is not living upto it's potential and the admin is shit. It doesn't mean the students are. Extremely high performing and intelligent students who have been let down by the admin have sought opportunities elsewhere on their own.

The down votes on actual figures makes me laugh, as though these people know what's going on
Should be around 70-75K assuming some amount of 11L would cover bonus.

Anyone knows what was offering in past to NLU Jodhpur or Delhi from HCL Tech as yearly package?
Interning over the years in courts, I have noticed that many lawyers "set (collude with)" public prosecutors, bribe clerks in court to get favourable date for next hearing, and bribe witnesses to be hostile ......I know all these are wrong. I also know that producing false documentary evidences and tampering with evidence is also wrong. But what about tutoring your client to speak false stuff in court about what had happened. Does it come under giving best possible defence and due process or is this unethical as well. I am asking this because as I see if the lawyer doesn't tutor the witness to lie in the best possible way for appropriate questions, it is very easy, though not always, for public prosecutors to win the case. It is so common for lawyers especially at the trial stage that I think it might be within the ambit of professional ethics for advocates, just like representation of a client whom you know is actually guilty. But I didn't find anything to hold this view in my research. I am yet to intern at higher judiciary and in commercial landscapes like nclt or bom and del hc...I wanted to know whether practice there be filled with as unethical stuff as I see here in M.P. Thanks . Also please don't troll guys.
Indeed, BkR’s loss, especially to Mahindra, is truly embarrassing. SDR has been caught napping.
You mean the opposite, right? Because the faculty recruitment after her departure has been worse than even T-3 NLUs. Also, what is the NLSIU/NLU-D model? NLSIU is just poor JGLS at this point.
As an Indian legal academic, I agree with this comment. The Chinese academics publish much more and have got much higher research budget and funding. Nor do the senior academics there get complacent with their positions, unlike many Indian academics after achieving professorial ranks.
Bruh, which law university in India gives postdocs? Postdocs are mind-boggingly competitive positions even in foreign institutions where hardly they have 1 or 2 postdocs at any given point of time.
Focus on getting good people to join, including alum. It's astonishing why NALSAR does not attract its alum in academics in greater numbers. NLS does, even NUJS does. NLUD will probably do too once its alum have become senior enough. People will keep leaving for better opportunities, that cannot be helped.
Maintain top 3 rank in your batch. Write at least one decent paper for a good journal in five years. Focus on your studies. Engage with activities like policy internships, legal aid work. No reason why you cannot make it.
What influence? All this Omerta like atmosphere is deliberately created to perpetrate such offenses. Whoever it is, is a student with no personal achievement or ability to influence others' lives or careers. Just go and report the person to the faculty and the authorities. You don't need seniors to succeed in law school, at least not people like this.
It only spreads through unprotected sex and blood transfusions fyi, how could they infect others at workplace. People like you have been stigmatising it badly
Over this weekend I have been seeing a lot of posts comparing NLUs. However what was missing was that there was no quantitative analysis of student perception of the said NLUs. This post aims to fill that gap.

A quick note for any aspirant reading this: CLAT rank does not denote the so called "merit" of any student. As long as you work hard and study diligently you will always do well in the field of law.

Data Used: I utilized the data from the 3rd list for this analysis, as I believe there won't be significant movement after the 3rd list in most of the NLUs I've considered. For the top 10 rankers, I searched for their ranks online and gathered information about their future plans to enhance my research.

Top 10 Rankers:


Number of Top 10 rankers







Not in the Counseling Process


Half of the top 10 rankers opted for NLSIU, while 2 aspirants enrolled in NALSAR, and 1 chose GNLU. Additionally, it's worth noting that AIR 7 seems to have qualified for NLUD and intends to join it.

AIR 3, who is a coaching institute teacher, did not participate in the counselling process.

This data suggests that NLSIU is still the preferred choice among the top 10 Rankers. However note that 2 students joined NALSAR and 1 joined NLUD out of the 9 who opted for counselling, it is possible that NLSIU's recent batch size increase has put off some students.

I consider that a single digit CLAT AIR student joining GNLU was somewhat of a random event and so does not inform any meaningful discussion about the other T1 NLUs' student perception.

Top 100 Rankers:


Number of Top 100 Rankers







Not in the Counseling Process


If we exclude the 10 Rankers who were not in the counselling process, the percentage of rankers joining the aforementioned institutions becomes:


Number of Top 10 Rankers

Percentage (out of 90)










As we can see, when excluding those who did not join counselling, because they joined NLUD or other law schools or some other reason, NLSIU still remains the most preferred institute by a massive margin.

Vacancy Rates for selected 5 NLUs between 1st and 2nd Lists:

I only used the movement from the 1st to 2nd lists as for most of the NLUs considered, the movement from 2nd to 3rd list was not significant.

NLUsSeats VacatedStudents AdmittedVacancy Rate (%)


Thus as we can see students very rarely vacate their seats at NLSIU (likely because of its positive perception amongst most students), however rather surprisingly, the second lowest vacancy rates are at NUJS, so recent negative incidents at NUJS have not discouraged admitted applicants from pursuing their studies at NUJS.

The Vacancy Rates at both NALSAR and GNLU are quite in line with the average 12 to 13% vacancy at other NLUs (I did some rough back of the envelope calculations)

The vacancy rate at NLIU is in fact a little on the higher side, would love to know from you all why this is, although I would presume this is some kind of a fluke event this year.

Please give your opinions and feel free to point out any errors.


1) I only compared the BA LLB courses, NLUJ's BSC LLB was not considered.

2) I know that GNLU isn't typically categorized as T1; however, I included it because a single-digit CLAT AIR student chose to join it. While this may not be statistically significant, it's nonetheless intriguing.

3) This analysis is not meant to question anyone's NLU preferences so please not not construe it that way.

PS: Kian, please improve the ability to paste tables here; my formatting from google sheets is looking very weird here.
Don't be dumb.

Keep it to yourself.

You gain abso-fucking-lutely nothing by disclosing.

But you potentially have everything to lose.
Not necessary if you have blore weather πŸ˜‚.....btw daily bath is more of a cultural thing for us rather than a matter of universal norm of a bit of research in this regard.
Some teams work hours will make you think you are in Kota factory. If you are a workaholic, it will be your paradise.
No one gives a f about Indian law Universities around the globe

Just compare the budget of Chinese universities with Indian universities

They have more budget than DRDO's R&D
China has some biggest cultures and languages and they learn in their mother tongue and stay in their country while India has a tiny budget for law universities and corruption is everywhere.
Some NLUs who are working for 10 years still don't have their own campus.

Take the example of the new NLU prayagraj which was announced in 2021 and still has no campus but is charging fees of RS 4 Lakh per year with no placement guarantee or faculty.

We need to fund our Law universities and as our CJI said we also need to focus on the mother tongue and make the law accessible to all otherwise only people with good social backgrounds will have access to law universities in general.

Not knowing English does not mean that you will not be able to learn or read books which were written in English.
I will take the example of Hindi students in UP/Bihar. Trust me they are far more intelligent/hardworking than others but they are not able to grow due to the influence of English in the courtroom and moreover, they don't have that much money to attend good law schools like NLS or other NLUs.

Just look at the quality of infra at Nlus and their faculty.
Honestly half of LI peeps should get a fucking job because why aren't y'all tired of constantly discussing the best nlu and the best law school. Maybe if y'all actually worked hard and stopped fighting over which is a better college y'all won't be here unemployed
Basically you got a robotic NIRF sheet. No value of NIRF, even after fake placement figures Delhi was just 0.15 points ahead as per 2023. IIT Bombay continues to be number one in India even though as per NIRF IIT Chennai is number 1. Anyways, NLS and NALSAR are still at the top amongst law schools with good competition from NLU J, NUJS, NLUD, GNLU and together they make a good category of Tier 1 institutes.
I am so tired with this BS reply everytime. No, most people aren't interested in a MBA, that's the sole reason they chose law in the first place. I don't know why this MBA brigade comes in every response, if you are so fond of MBA, you do it and leave this site for us lawyers.
Go check what happened the last loud mouth associate who used profanity in her social posts..
Salary - Range is from 30-50k + allowances.
Chances of being a member - Depends on vacancies and performance.
Duration - 6 months. Sometimes longer.
I am going to a tier 3 NLU. I recently saw that a lot of people from NUJS/NLUJ/NALSAR/NLUD pursue BCL from Oxford or LLM from Wharton. I have always fancied going to a top university. Is there the slightest chance of getting into these top programmes? I have 75 in class 12 and 97 in class 10. And what exactly do you need to do to get selected?
What kind of opportunities are there for a disputes lawyer to move to the Middle East after about 4-5 years of practice? Is It worth it?
I would keep Nluo's CCL Blog equal to IRCCL given the fact that they have good quality publications and robust editorial board. Also, they had replied to my submission within 5 days.
First Sid.C to NLS & now VBR to Mahindra, is there any decent faculty left in NALSAR now ? This is embarassing.
Such "myths" have been broken ages ago. The person is almost about to graduate and has secured a lucrative job at a top-notch law firm. The perpetrator has so much influence that everyone is scared to take their name publicly.
Trilegal is very open about the induction process! Here's how it went for the induction at Taj in Bangalore for 2023 A0

1.We got emails on the venue, location, time and dress codes atleast 2 weeks induction

2. You have to reach the Bangalore office and transport is taken care off from there

3. You get your partner allocation emails too before induction

Trilegal's induction was great! You get booked in for a night at one of the city's best hotels. It's spread accross 2 days. The first day is more about HR sessions and team activities. The last event where you have an informal mixer (with unlimited drinks)
Eeks. Its Gurgaon. Nothing beats my 1200 Sq. Yard Bungalow in Jorbagh. An apartment is in the apartment. New money stinks. Old money is classy.
Associate check list:

Luxury watches: Check for most. Luxury cars: Either check for most or planned in future

Luxury destination weddings: ?????

Spill the tea.
The students are nowhere capable of judging faculty competence anymore, because good students and good faculty are both rare and endangered species in present day NUJS.
Racism and bias against Indians is present I admit but the main fact is that the quality of research work is pretty bad when compared with top law schools of Tier 1 and 1.5 East Asian Countries
β€œTwice a week” hahaha bhai ye india h, yha pe you have to bath every day.
Khaitan last year flew newbies out to St Regis Mumbai for their orientation? Made them do lot of ice breaking activities. I believe their flight tickets and hotel stay was paid for?
Gen Alpha will actually be the luckiest generation, because foreign law firms will be in India by 2027, when they start law school. Their average recruiters will not be CAM and SAM, but Linklaters and Clifford Chance. Their quality of teachers will also be better, as more and more NLU grads join academia. You will also see more NLU alumni becoming VCs. And they will have more knowledge at their fingertips than any other generation.

But the question to ask is whether Gen Alpha will take advantage of these privileges, or if they will resort to the same old Gen Z culture of grievances, entitlements and wokeism. Time will tell...
He/ she is from a T1 NLU. They are just panicking so it sounds like they have no options left. Trust me once they talk to some decent senior in their college, they will realise they are in a much better position than having to settle for LPO.

To OP - Kid, don’t panick so much. I know it can seem super competitive in college but everyone gets placed from top NLUs. Try finding a decent senior who will sit with you and guide you basis YOUR SPECIFIC situation. (You don’t need to have mooting exp to land T1 job).

Asking people on the internet will give you vague general answers which may not be in your best interest as we don’t know your exact situation. Don’t randomly go for an MBA unless you are seeking something specific out of it which law degree can’t provide you.

All the best!
Yes, she was clearly trolling for the likes and the lolz. For example, she once posted: "I f-----g hate Hindu temples". Why would someone post something like that except just to provoke? It's still excusable if a school kid does it, but she is old enough to know better.

But this is part of a wider trend we see among Gen Z. I think the impact of social media has been really harmful for this generation. Gen Y wasn't harmed as much because of a part of their childhood was spent in a pre-Twitter world. Twitter came out in 2010 or so and Instagram even later, if you were born in 1995 you still spent your childhood without Twitter and Instagram.

You currently have social media CEOs being grilled by the US Congress because of this problem, but it's too late to save Gen Z and Gen Alpha. We now have to look to save Gen Beta, whose first members will be born in 2025. We need to limit their screen time and have parents and school counsellors be more proactive.







Hygiene goes a long way.

Brush your teeth. Batch twice a week at least. Apply deodorant. Wear fresh clothes.

I know many who don't.
I thought one can qualify for Singapore PR easily with a good record. Citizenship post PR is a matter of time.
Depends on where. A postdoc from a highly reputed research university will not only help your research profile but will provide greater chances to secure a permanent position abroad if that's what you are keen on. If you plan to work in Indian academia, hardly matters. Experience as Asst. Professor might be much better in terms of UGC checkbox.
why are these tnnlu kids creating so many groups? can't you just wait until college starts or even till summer break starts? are you all that jobless now
She had differences of opinion about the future vision of the institution, she wanted IIULER to be a law school in the NLSIU/NLUD model whereas the founders wanted a JGLS/SLS style school.
Not sure why this is marked trollish. I too am from Delhi and this is 1000% true. Everyone judges you by where you live and the car you drive. People earning less are willing to buy second hand BMWs and live in tiny DefCol apartments just to tick those boxes.
SJA has in the past managed to ensure good faculty intake as late as 2014. It is possible. For instance, bring back the demo classes that the VC did away with.
He did so both to myself and one of my immediate seniors. Can't help it if you failed to convince him.
NLSIU MBA is a sham. The only proper MBL I am aware of is offered by Bucerius Law School in Hamburg. It’s a very good law school and the Indians on the course have been placed well in the EU, in non-legal jobs. You can search LinkedIn and see.
Partly to calm your parents and partly to improve your chances of a job, I would strongly suggest an MBA. Else join an LPO or LawSikho if you immediately calm your parents, then go for an MBA.
Please don't disclose.

While people will show inclusivity on the face (in the name of D&I), you will be seen as someone who can collapse anytime and will not be fit for senior level roles.
Got that vishwaguru complex do you ? How many foreign faculties does NLS have ? How many foreign publications does NLS have ? Even the VC himself has a shoddy publication record. Do some background check. Language is not the bar to law, logic is, which you clearly lack !
Never. Not worth it. Do law lowest to lowest in HNLU otherwise don't do law. The non-NLUs worth attending are: JGLS, SLS-P, GLC Mumbai, ILS Pune. That's it. Don't squander money on a deficient education that you will regret.
Atleast they didn't convert, reconvert and then convert again. Someone who can't even speak kashmiri properly, never lived in Kashmir and claims to be kashmiri. I agree with Kashmir being India's but not this stooge being kashmiri
It's not happening, and i think its f***ing stupid. So many institutions have had their internal rounds and allocated the competition to students, what are they supposed to do now?