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Because an obligatory health warning should go with anonymous posts soliciting personal information without much background information, even if it seems authentic. But it's your personal data, so you are free to do what you like and give it to Zuckerberg, BJP or Chinese communist party if you like. :)
Looking for accomodation near Khaitan, One World Centre

Moving to mumbai for the first time and have 0 idea about the city. Where should I look for an accomodation which does not burn a hole in my pocket.

Flat/Pg both work - flats preferable.
I believe I can do well in academia but India is definitely not the correct place to do that, so I think getting an LLM from a good UK/USA law college can help me get a job as a professor at an American law school?? idk. pls, help me in understanding how this process works.
"nobody bothered to read my lovingly crafted reading lists"

that sucks so much bro. im sorry for that </3
Dude ,third year is too early to think about a callback or PPO.and . assuming you're from an NLU, so don't bother you'll get a calllback anyway .
Take some time think about it deeply..ask your seniors,relations about both the carriers ..don't seek answers from other people just make your answers doodβ™₯οΈπŸ™Œ

...but engineering sucksπŸ€ŒπŸ˜…may be there will be scope upto 5-6yrs that's lawπŸ€ŽπŸ„ bye
Which is better for BA LLB between GNLU and JGLS If fee is not a deterrent criteria
Dear Pummy,

Can u repost the mail address ? My mails aint getting delivered .
hello! I'll be going in new to nalsar this year and have quite some time on my hands, now I keep wondering how good or bad it might be there. I heard there are possibly a whole bunch of stereotypes, issues and whatnot that comes as a package with every college but still thought it'd be nice if someone who's already been there for a while could advise me on anything to look out for or keep in mind? I'd love to get a few casual tips to remember on my first day maybe? :)
Every year almost all tier 1 law firms, business houses, senior advocates practicing at Bombay High Court hire from GLC. Mooting, debating and ADR competition are being sponsered by tier 1 law firms, think tanks, all the moots (final rounds)organised by GLC are judged by sitting Bombay HC judges( preliminary rounds by likes of Janak Dwarkadas, Abad Ponda, etc). In mooting team from GLC is going to represent India in Vienna. But these opportunities are only available to those who actually want to do it no one is going to force you to indulge in all these activities.
Modi proved right? Ya'll were mocking him then. The app censors content on Tibet and the Uyghur genocide, has the cringiest content, the dumbest creators and is simply not safe.
For SAM (Delhi) its mainly referrals since the HR is non existent and completely incompetent. CAM on the other hand, have a structured HR team. Try your luck for GC/M&A since we need seasoned laterals instead of average joes from a T1 1 NLUs and/or nepo kids who suck up to us in the hopes of getting placed. Good luck!
If u r a non-nlu kid then only thing will help you is Nepo.... start looking for Relatives or if posible then Seniors of ur college who are working in your desired law firms otherwise FORGET about Tier 1 law firms totally and Tier 2 at some extent even if you have an excellent CV then NLU kids.

You'll get everytime such auto typed emails w/o looking into your CV & still having vacancy - "Regret we don't have such vacancy but we have kept your application in our database for future vacancies"

PS: I am a NLU kid and against such cultures but alone so "PARDON ME"πŸ™

(This is fact ! Don't take it as joke )
I really hope this impacts the syllabus taught in law schools to cover laws that are pertinent internationally more. Also teach corp, M&A, compliance in more depth as migration chances or working for foreign firms might increase
Yeah drop out. Nls doesn’t need people who are lukewarm about the law bringing down standards for the rest of us and trying to turn every course into a scam course
I don’t care. Build a statue don’t build a statue, my life doesn’t improve and neither does yours. Ask your government to build schools and universities and hospitals instead.
Several people do. They have priorities other than money. They anyway have lots of it. Not a bad decision, given their position, imo.
Same here, all these comments are making me doubt my choice of joining TNNLU. Any updates from the current students? is the situation still bad?
Lol at you never even having had a job shading someone as a β€œfresher” even though they have more degrees and more proper experience than you.
What is the work life balance and work culture? Have heard people quit often and move to tier 1 firms like Trilegal and AZB Bangalore within 1 year
Hey, I see that they are hiring in every 6 months. Why do people leave? Is it a good option to start from there?
Hey banking team at Mumbai and it was decent. Please apply to Sachin Kadam he is the one who takes care of all the internships and recruitments at ICUL Mumbai. All the best
Why are they always hiring in every 6 months? Is it so toxic that people couldn’t take it and left for good?

What is wrong with the workplace anyone who can explain please?
ICUL has a common pool for interns. Can ask for work from any team you wish to intern with

I've previously interned at ICUL, Mumbai with their Investment Funds team and also have an assessment internship scheduled for July 2023. ICUL is an industry leader for Funds. There is no stict team distribution for interns at ICUL and it's a common pool. You can go there and ask for any team you would want to intern in. For Mumbai office (Andheri), I would suggest to go for Funds or PE/VC. Both of the teams have really good work and can get to learn a lot. Seniors are very welcoming and are ready to sit down and make you understand the transaction you are working on to give a better context. Go for ICUL Mumbai and then ask for a team later on when you join.
Must be a guy from Kolkata. Go to the villages and see for yourself. Some people from a particular community goes and burns down/murders some people and the government cuts the internet connection in the whole district so that the news does not flow. Liberals will shout about what's happening in UP but will not look at Bengal where the condition is much worse. How many people were killed in the latest UP election and how many people were killed in bengal before and after the 2021 election? I am someone who has witnessed part of the violence that happens which included breaking glasses/cars etc of bjp workers after the election.
My advice: do it. Fuck LI readers who don't know shit. Go to LinkedIn and look at bios of peopel who did EU LLMs: very interesting career paths.
I too and from Bengal and you stop reading only the Telegraph. The levels of autocracy in bengal would put North Korea to shame.
Some bhaiya has really brainwashed this batch of 2028 lol! reality will hit this batch when they realize that their publication in lauda lasan journals or lauda lasan membership do not mean shit
2023 - new year, new clowns who think that they are top 30 Lawyers under 30 years of age.

Blessings from your partner and 17k - congratulations you are now 30 under 30.
Not really, the number of year losses has actually decreased a lot after Sudhir has taken charge. Sure, he is strict, but one thing he has done is introduce moderation, which ensures that not many people fail a particular course. There are instances where 50/80 students had failed a course. Now, it should not be more than 10/80. Another measure he has taken is lowering the passing marks for each subject from 50 to 40.
I'm mad as hell. 😭 I love Parineeti but hate the Aam Anarchist Party. Responsible for downfall of Congress, responsible for removing a good CM like Sheila Dixit, responsible for turning a blind eye to Khalistan etc. We need Congress to fight the BJP, not these anarchists!

Parineeti, you can do much better! Rahul Gandhi is still single!
That's not true. NLS is not hiring people with zero experience. most of them have been teaching in other good schools. I have been taught by some of the fresh recruits and I can vouch for the fact that 90% of them have decent teaching skills. Yeah, of course, there are some absolutely shitty recruits as well but that's an exception.