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Chapri log aur kya. No fear of getting disowned by their parents and communities. Fucked up upbringing.
Mumbai has always been an unsafe city for women. In fact, no city in India is safe for either men or women. What makes Mumbai worse is people living there portray it to be some sort of heaven, a city which is vastly superior to the rest of India, while it is just another Indian city, with all the problems everyone faces - ranging from bad roads to heavy traffic, high pollution, lack of green spaces, and lack of safety for women. While Mumbaikars can keep shouting aloud that their city is safe, the reality is different.
Funnily enough an associate at a non-CAM law firm told me they use the phrase 'reads like something CAM made' if the draft was shabby
No in-house job pays that much to a fresher. Maximum you can get is around 60-70 in-hand.

Also, the work is generally so proc
Any more clarity on this anyone? Please tell if things are alright in Khaitan - currently evaluating an offer. The supposed firings relate to which office and which practice?
Those indexes aren't 'science', they're obviously somewhat subjective depending on what data you're counting. Not clear what 30 million data points they use, but seems like they would have only had a few on Afghanistan and since the cut off is 2021, likely before the Taliban.

Regarding Pakistan, do you have any data on academic freedoms or lack thereof there?
Bro, it's NLSIU. We also have a Karnataka HC ruling which has said that NLSIU is the face of Indian legal education to the world.
I am not from NLUJ or GNLU, but I feel NLUJ people are more friendly and simple than GNLU people. I know a senior guy from NLUJ through my cousin and he's a really great guy. He gave me awesome advice about many things. Also, during my first internship, there was a guy from NLUJ (from Delhi) who was interning with me. He was very nice and brought extra tiffin from his home to share with me, as he knew I was not from Delhi and was living in a PG with bad food. In my next internship, I met a group of very mean girls from GNLU who did nothing to help me. They laughed and giggled if I did anything wrong.
For comment like these (comment #2 by JohnDoe), in addition to the โ™ฅ๏ธ and ๐Ÿ”จ buttons we need a ๐Ÿคฎ button.
It was really shameful to see the video of the Korean girl being molested while vlogging. Unfortunately, the matter has been totally politicised on social media. RW handles and Opindia are openly saying that the perpetrators are Muslim. Regional chauvinist handles are blaming UP/Bihar migrants and North Indian culture. LW handles are bashing the BJP-Sena govt.

It seems that we have lost our rationality and humanity and are not focusing on the real issue: Is Mumbai safe for women at night? Should offices have car pools? Should there be women-only taxis driven by women? Should there be stricter punishment against molesters?
Hey you beautiful people

I am a third-year law student and feel myself lost in this journey. I for some reasons couldn't take my academics, interests, hobbies and internships seriously, living was a difficult battle in itself.

Trying to get myself back up.

Out of everything, my interest lies in technology and gaming. I need guidance as to how and in which direction should I go ahead.

Kindly suggest resources from where I can start reading materials pertaining to such niche.

Any journal, blogs, newspaper etc? Any course which I can do? Any other suggestion?
which firms actively select incoming third years? Any tier 1s or 2s? Are they totally out of scope?
In the next five years, particularly in tier 1 firms, which all practice areas are gonna be redundant, with hiring freezes in them?

Going to need to plan my internships in that manner
Absolutely sad state of affairs. Majority of the people are into the mainstream Bollywood crap or the k-pop clowns. Anyone who understands the basics of music theory or production would understand how creatively starved and dry these plastic songs are where you just make a simple and โ€œcatchyโ€ beat on FL and drop in the usual major-minor open chords. Gone are the days of complex drum beats and soulful electric guitar solos lol.

Even tho there are A LOT of good indie bands in the US and Australia rn, the Indian crowdโ€™s music taste spectrum is restricted to shaadi dance punjabi songs on most days and Prateek Kuhadโ€™s cringeworthy romantic songs on a few other days when itโ€™s raining (baarishein or whatever that song is lmao).

Also, no, rock is not โ€œtoo masculineโ€, and even if it was, itโ€™s not a bad thing. Perhaps, black metal, deathcore, or shoegaze stuff like Amenra, Planning for Burial, Cannibal Corpse, Deftones, MBV etc. is more violent and masculine but a lot of women enjoy these genres too so I donโ€™t agree with the OPโ€™s point that they have been โ€˜cancelledโ€™.

One reason for the bad music taste of the majority of current generation could be the short attention span caused by the constant bombardment of reels and tiktoks. People have become so impatient they canโ€™t sit back and enjoy a 9 minute Dead and Company jam, 30 minutes of Ellington & Coltraneโ€™s jazz or Chopinโ€™s Nocturnes. Just give them a pop song with 4/4 techno beats while they could doom scroll through Instagram, itโ€™s โ€œmusicโ€ to their ears.
Hi. I am a competition law enthusiast. I am an A0 and I am finding it very difficult to find vacancies in competition law teams. Could you be so kind to provide me any leads for the same?
Do you get to speak with the Partner frequently?

And is the attrition thing still the same?
Hi, what is the salary for A0s in Phoenix Legal, Mumbai? Also how is the corporate team in Mumbai office?
Greetings to fellow readers, lawyers and experienced seniors of the fraternity. I needed two cents of your opinion on joining in-house straight after graduating from law school. In my case, it is an MNC(Singaporean) where I am interning currently(in 4th year). My senior offered a PPO(not on paper tho) after a month of working. This happened when I kind of declined extending my internship since I have to look for PPO's as well(also I want to explore my options). I wanted to know the aspects of working in-house, whether it's a good career choice or not in the long run. I understand the predicament of moving lateral to law firms would be arduous/restricted however, I am willing to consider this option.

Initially, I wanted to join a law firm since the work environment and culture does seem appealing to me, both in terms of learning and growth. However, me being an average student coming from a non-nlu background am hesitant to let go of an opportunity at hand, I fear not getting a good law firm package. I have serious financial restrictions/needs hence don't want to settle with the idea of grunt work for a meagre sum. I have only briefly discussed regarding the PPO and my senior said I might get 7-8 LPA as an estimate. If I seriously do consider this offer I will try to negotiate it upto 10 otherwise, I will move on. Wanted to know your thoughts on this. If I take it, what should the future of my career look like? Do you think its a bad idea to join in-house after graduation? Also what things should I keep in mind while choosing my career path?
its so fked right now, can't even walk home or to my hostel safely imagining my exes might be lurking somewhere.

I did face an incident once regarding this, I mean I've lost all hopes of dating men altogether
I really think this new lgbt hype is just a waste of time and resources at this esteemed institutions, why do u have to consider someone differently? keep lgbtqabschdbss etc. at an equal level, not keep them at a higher pedestal because they "chose" to identify as someone
yes barely sticking a paper "transgender" over the "men" is very commendable, no college could've thought of this brilliant idea?
I am tired of working with a toxic counsel at my firm. He/she keeps on shouting at me for no reason. He/she does not even know about stamping of agreements. I am tired of my personal life as well. Too many scars from the past- should not have loved... Sorry but can't keep this inside me either...
BCI has embarked one new institution IIULER in Goa to provide quality international standard legal education. Was there really a need to create one when we have number of NLUs not being funded? How it would compete with JGLS?
Lol, talk about people in NLS living in their own bubble. Achievements drying up so much at NLS that this is news now? It's hardly leading the way. NLUD and NUJS were runners-up in their respective rounds and qualified for the finals. And North India rounds have way more competitive DU colleges than Bangalore. SLS Pune also won the Western rounds. B'lore hardly has any decent competitors other than NLS considering that the runner-up is St. Joseph's Law College which isn't even renowned.
Hi, what is the salary for A0s in Phoenix Legal, Mumbai? Also how is the corporate team in Mumbai office?
Hey LI folks,

This time CLAT has requested to fill out preference list before the examinations and it left me in a bit of dismay. I would really appreciate if you could share insights regarding what should be the correct order of preference for this year.

My take on the what the order should be:

NLSIU, Bangalore

*NLU, Delhi (If you crack AILET)

NALSAR, Hyderabad

WBNUJS, Kolkata

GNLU, Gandhinagar

NLUJ, Jodhpur

NLIU, Bhopal (Bsc. LLB) [Cyber security]

HNLU, Raipur

The only conundrum is the placement of GNLU and NLUJ in the list, I personally feel that the only advantage that NLUJ has over GNLU is the no domicile policy.

GNLU seems like a safer option to be honest. For someone who would like to try out different arenas of the field, it gives much better resources as compared to NLUJ, for instance: Their entrepreneurship initiatives and Litigation funds for graduates.

Considering that my location doesn't favour either of the NLU (GNLU being a bit farther though), If it would've been upto you then what would you have chosen?
Arun is a great guy to work with. A but fast thinking but knowledgeable. If you tune into his wavelength and focus on work and learning rather than what you think you are entitled to... You could get lucky. Amarchand brand is Amarchand brand regardless of all the hate. Yes there is poltics and yes there is competition...but such is life. It a bed of roses. Gotta swim or sink.
Whatever the HR may supposedly say, the moment they get a good CV from CAM, they'll salivate and pick them up. Esp at SA level or below. Plus saying "I used to work in amarchand" is sort of a status symbol / quality indicator when you move on to smaller / green pastures.

Cam is an excellent training ground. The whole industry knows that.
How do you apply to these companies? Through the career page on their websites? (Which is confusing) or by connecting with their legal head on LinkedIn?
I am from a Tier 3 or may Tier 4 with 15 years PQE. Make around 90 lacs pa.