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By "compulsory" I mean peer and boss pressure, to the extent that you will be isolated and looked down upon if you don't. The cheapest BMW/Merc/Audi sedan is probably around 50 lakhs. That's certainly affordable for a partner, but what if you would rather spend the money elsewhere?
I think it’s pretty basic and everyone does it. It’s important to fit in. People here will tell you no don’t succumb to the peer pressure. It’s easy to say these things on an anonymous forum. But in the real world these things matter. Don’t show up to a client meeting or a fancy club in your swift or worse an entry level SUV. It just feels so cheap as if you are an imposter in the big boys (and girls) club. Please have some self respect and atleast get an entry level luxury car.
What rubbish. Plenty of partners drive Toyota Corollas and Cretas and Safaris.

But this may not apply in NCR where people are generally more flashy and judgy.
Literally every partner has at least a BMW or Mercedes. Many have Ferrari and Lamborghini.
Lol senior partner had a XUV 700 in JSA. And one of the salaried partners came in Honda City with her driver. Partners are just upper middle class section of society, not super rich people buying luxury cars. This is especially true for Mumbai where the cost of living is so high. Also, if we apply the 20-4-10 rule, monthly EMI comes around 97k-1lakh. That means you have to have a monthly income of atleast 10 lakhs, which is 1.2 crores pa. A newly salaried partners comes around 80 lakhs. So, he cannot afford it. However, an equity partner may afford a luxury car.
Arre by the time you reach there from your parking, instead of racing, the car would be ready to go to the garage.
if you make 80 lakhs a year, 50 lakhs is not affordable at all. don't be stupid and justify crap purchases
Bhai purani savings bhi to hogi agar Partner hai wo toh. Assuming someone made partner in 10 to 12 years PQE he/she may have say 2 to 4 crore balance whey cant he buy a 50 lakh car with half downpayment and half loan
Nope, brother. It is not economically viable for a salaried law firm partner to buy a 50 lakh car. In a city like Mumbai, 12 years PQE gives you the opportunity to save a corpus of 1.5 crores at max, provided you compromise a lot on luxurious lifestyle and foreign vacations. Spending 50 lakhs from that savings is utterly stupid and beyond recovery in a place like Mumbai where you’ll have family responsibilities and a home to purchase. Most salaried partners start at 80LPA which comes down to around 65-70LPA post taxes which is not enough to cover the EMI payments for such cars. Therefore, based on the general trend in lawfirms, Creta/Seltos/Verna is the most preferred choice among salaried partners with few exceptions going for a higher segment like Harrier, XUV, Thar. It is only the equity partners who can barely manage to afford an entry-level luxury car. It is not a norm in lawfirms for partners to drive around in luxury cars. Sorry to burst your bubble kids.
Why is this getting downvoted. If someone has decent savings of previous 10 years and earning around 1 cr a year why the fuck can't he buy a 50 lakh car if he wants to? YOLO and cars are definitely one of the things you live for amd have worked for the past decade. And it's not just about someone's love for cars, at 1 cr per annum (or even 85 lpa), provided you have saved well for the last 10 years, you can easily and by that I mean in a financially prudent way buy a 50 L car. You can further down your risks by combining a decent mix of downpayment and loan. Loans exist so that You don't need to exhaust your bank balance straight up. If you have a decent cibil score you will get good rates too. So it is not a question of whether a Partner can it is a question of should a Partner not (assuming a car of 50 to 60 L)
If you succumb to such peer pressure than you won’t last long as a partner :)
I will rather spend the money elsewhere. Indian metro traffic is hell. Roads won't be cleared for you if you got a Merc or BMW. And I certainly don't want to buy a something for 50lakhs and keep it unused in my car porch.
Buy what you like to drive. Don't base it on what other people expect you to drive.

Confidence doesn't come from a car. It comes from within.
Persons who make partners at law firms, quite often, have imbibed the necessary sense of financial and social wisdom to ascertain whether or not they would want to make a purchase in terms as described in OP's question. OP, you seem to be young enough, and hence, have not likely attained enough experience in the profession and in life to be made partner yet. When time is ripe, you'll ideally have gained enough sense and wisdom to know if you need to make such a purchase.
Mumbai based. I am far from being a partner and my budgeting allows me to only spend 25% of my fixed monthly.

I have a rental tie-up with a neighboring retailer who supplies cars and driver as needed. For regular days I use Uber. For travel and meeting heavy days, I have my guy supply cars with drivers.
The average middle class boy dreams of owning a big penthouse, driving a BMW and marrying a hot girl. Of these 3, the BMW is probably the easiest to get.
If you don't have merit then you need these extraneous accessories to create an impression of merit.
The disputes head of CAM Mumbai who is an equity partner and next in command to the MP travels in an innova for a client meeting. That should answer your question.
Pata hai, but the fact is he takes it to client meetings. The point was nobody cares about perception.
Buy used luxury cars, like I did. They are quite affordable and last forever. :)
I know partners at SAM coming in MG ZS EV/MG Astor. Stop this bullshit.
A KcO partner uses Venue. I have seen some partners using Swift, i20 and the likes
I think a Honda City or Creta is fine. But people will certainly look down in you if you buy a Swift or Alto or Kwid. You need to maintain at least some class distinction with others when you become a partner! A Swift or Alto with a 1 cr salary??? Really???
I would suggest a Mini Cooper. Classy, but not as flashy or expensive as a BMW or Mercedes, in case the managing partner gets jealous.
It’s a generational thing. Gen Z prefers to spend on Instagrammable YOLO experiences like adventure holidays. Gen Z also support Greta Thunberg and boycott cars in favour of CNG cabs or Metro.
My suggestion for senior PAs/junior Partners is to consider buying the Innova HyCross. It's sober enough to be an Innova, and plush enough to be way more comfortable than any entry level German luxury car.
Please don't be that guy who still drives some Creta or some such beyond SA3/PA. That's the time to upgrade. This Creta/Kia Seltos bracked is only an Associate/junior SA level car.
The comments in this thread are so unidimensional. Yes, a newly made partner 8-10 yrs PQE) can afford a luxury car, based on their salary. But can the person afford to purchase their own house and also purchase a luxury car. Most likely not, unless their family is rich. Not every partner who becomes a partner based on their hard work, comes from a rich background, with a house already in Delhi/ Mumbai. Buying a house in these cities is much more expensive than a luxury car. Personally for me, buying a decent house > a luxury car that starts depreciating in value the moment it is sold.
Rahul Matthan and Akshay Jaitly of Trilegal have used Innovas for years.
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