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MPL2: Nalsar, NUJS win 2 tiers each, NLS on 1; Nalsar shoo-in for mooting championship

We bring you the near-final analyis of the MPL Season 2, sponsored by Allen & Overy, which is all set to conclude with just one moot remaining - Manfred Lachs in tier 2. This riveting MPL Season Two included 54 moots as against 36 moots in Season One.

A total of 39 law schools have scored points in the second edition of the MPL as compared to 26 law schools in the first edition. The top five law schools this season will share the cash prize of Rs 1.2 lakh (£1,600), generously sponsored by Allen & Overy.

It is almost certain that Nalsar (with 279 points) is going to lift the MPL trophy for the second consecutive year. However, the battle for the runner-up spot is still on with NUJS, NLSIU an NLU Delhi being at 194, 191 and 162 points respectively and one tier 2 moot still to conclude (where, theoretically, up to 75 MPL points can be earned).

Following is the tier-wise analysis of the MPL’s Season Two, excluding tier 2 which is yet to be concluded.

Nalsar and NLSIU are the only colleges to have scored points in all 5 tiers.

NUJS tops Tier 1 Moot Court Competitions (Global Championships)

Six law schools have scored points in this tier, which consisted of Vis Vienna, Jessup World Rounds, Manfred Lachs World Finals and Vis East moots. At present, these very law schools are also at the top 6 positions in the MPL Standings.

NUJS, Nalsar and NLU Delhi are the top three colleges in this tier. The following table shows the rankings and points scored in tier 1.

Final ranks in Tier 1

1. NUJS: 75
2. Nalsar: 45
2. NLU Delhi: 45
4. NLSIU: 35
5. NLU Jodhpur: 30
6. ILS: 20

NUJS emerged as the clear winner in this tier with a total of 75 points; 30 points ahead of Nalsar and NLU Delhi, which are at the joint second position having scored 45 points each.

NUJS reached the Octa-finals at Vis Vienna; won Hon’ble Mention for Best Respondent's Memorandum at Vis East and made it to the Quarter-finals and won 16th Best Memorandum, 29th Best Speaker and 36th Best Speaker awards at the Jessup International Rounds to win its 75 points.

Nalsar earned its 45 points by making it to the Octa-finals of Vis Vienna and winning an Hon'ble Mention for Speaker there; whereas NLU-Delhi earned the same number of points by reaching the Octa-finals as well as winning the Overall Best Applicant, 9th Best Speaker and 17th Best Speaker awards at the Jessup International Rounds.

NLSIU earned all its tier 1 points at the two Vis Moots. It was Octa-finalists and bagged an Hon'ble Mention for Speaker at Vis Vienna and won another Hon’ble Mention for Best Respondent's Memorandum at Vis East.

While NLU Jodhpur won its 30 tier 1 points by breaking into the top 32 teams and winning two Hon'ble Mentions for Speaker at Vis Vienna, ILS Pune added 20 tier 1 points to its kitty at the Jessup International Rounds, where it won 30th and 56th Best Speaker Awards.

Nalsar best performer in Tier 2 Moot Court Competitions (World Class)

So far only 4 colleges, i.e. Nalsar, NLSIU, HNLU and NUALS have earned points in this tier, where Nalsar is at the top with 60 points. NLSIU and HNLU have earned 25 points each and NUALS has bagged 10 points.

A detailed analysis of this tier will be completed after the conclusion of Manfred Lachs Asia Pacific Rounds.

NLS is champ in Tier 3 Moot Court Competitions (Elite Class)

There were only 8 moots in this tier in which a total of 19 teams scored MPL points. NLSIU won this tier by defeating Nalsar and NLU Delhi.

Final ranks Tier 3

1. NLSIU: 55
2. Nalsar: 50
3. NLU Delhi: 45
4. ILS: 35
4. GNLU: 35
6. NUJS: 25
6. HNLU: 25
6. RGNUL: 25
9. NLIU: 20
9. NUALS: 20
9. Guru Gobind Singh: 20
12. GLC Mumbai: 15
12. Amity Law School: 15
12. Nirma University: 15
15. RMNLU: 10
15. UILS: 10
15. Bishop Cottons: 10
18. CNLU: 5
18. University of Allahabad: 5

NLSIU scored 55 points by winning awards in 4 out of 8 tier 3 competitions. It was Semi-finalist at Oxford Media Law, Stetson South and Jessup South moots. Also, it won best researcher and best speaker awards at D.M. Harish and Jessup South moots respectively.

Nalsar scored its 50 points in this tier by winning two prestigious moots, i.e. BCI and Stetson South and being runners-up at Jessup South moot; whereas NLU Delhi won Jessup North as well as the best speaker award therein and finished second at the Hendy Dunant Moot to earn its 45 points.

NLU Jodhpur is the only team in the present top 10 that has failed to score a single point in this tier. However, it has partly covered it up by securing second rank in tier 4.

Nalsar, NLU-J clean up: Tier 4 Moot Court Competitions (National Challengers)

A total of 20 teams scored MPL points in Tier 4, which consisted of 14 moot court competitions.

With 78 points, Nalsar has secured the first rank in this tier. This is the only tier (apart from tier 2 which is still to be concluded) where Nalsar - the overall top performer - has managed to stay at the top.

Nalsar’s 78 points in this tier are also the highest number of points earned by a college in any tier (Second highest being NUJS’ 75 points in tier 1).

NLU Jodhpur and NLSIU are at second and third positions in this tier.

Final ranks Tier 4

1. Nalsar: 78
2. NLU Jodhpur: 67
3. NLSIU: 51
4. NLU Delhi: 44
5. NUJS: 43
6. NLIU: 31
7. RMNLU: 28
8. ILS: 24
9. NUALS: 23
10. GNLU: 16
11. GLC Mumbai: 16
12. Jindal Global: 15
12. GLC, Chennai: 15
14. Army Institute of Law: 12
14. RGNUL: 12
16. SOEL: 8
16. UILS: 8
18. HNLU: 4
18. Amity Law School: 4
18. Christ University: 4

Nalsar scored its 78 points by winning the Nani Palkhiwala and the KLA Moot. Also, it was runners-up at GIMC, Leiden-Sarin and ISRO Manfred Lachs India Funding Rounds (where it also bagged the Best Speaker award). At NLS Arbitration Moot, it finished as semi-finalist.

To win its 67 points in this tier, NLU Jodhpur won the Surana Corp Moot; finished runners-up at the Surana IT Moot; reached the semi-finals at GIMC, Oxford-Media Moot’s India Round and the Herbert Smith Moot. It also grabbed the best memorandum awards at Oxford Media and Hebert Smith Moots.

NLSIU scored its 51 MPL points at 8 out of 14 moots in this tier. It won the ISRO Manfred Lachs India Funding Rounds; was runner-up at Oxford-Media India Round; semi-finalist at KK Luthra; Herbert Smith and GIMC; and bagged best speaker awards at Nani Palkhiwala and Oxford-Media India Round.

NUJS dominates Tier 5 Moot Court Competitions (Best of the Rest)

With a total of 24 moot court competitions, this is the tier with the highest number of moots. This tier has been subdivided into Domestic and International Moots.

Out of the 39 colleges scoring MPL points this season, 32 have managed to score points in this tier. In fact, there is only one college in top 20 without any tier 5 points, i.e. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprashta University.

With 51 points, NUJS has emerged as the top college in this tier. Interestingly, NUJS is the top performing college in both the first (tier 1) as well as the last (tier 5) tier of MPL Season Two.

Also, crucial points earned in this tier have helped colleges such as RGNUL, SOEL and CLC Delhi to steel their positions in the overall top 20. The overall 10 position of RGNUL in the MPL standings can reasonably be attributed to its 3rd rank in this tier.

Final Ranks/Points in Tier 5

1. NUJS: 51
2. Nalsar: 46
3. RGNUL: 40.5
4. SOEL: 33
5. NLIU: 32
6. HNLU: 30
7. Campus Law Centre: 29.5
8. NLU Delhi: 28
9. Army Institute of Law: 23
10. Symbiosis: 20
11. NLU Jodhpur: 19.5
12. NLSIU: 15
12. ILS: 15
12. Law Centre I: 15
12. NUALS: 15
12. UILS: 15
17. GLC Mumbai: 14.5
18. RMNLU: 11
19. M.S.Ramaiah: 10
20. CNLU: 8
20. Baroda School of Legal Studies: 8
22. Satara University: 5
22. Seedling School of Law: 5
22. CMR Law College: 5
25. CUSAT Kochi: 3
25. GNLU: 3
25. Amity Law School: 3
25. IIT, Kharagpur: 3
25. Bharti Vidayapeeth: 3
25. GLC: 3
31. NLU Orissa: 2.5
32. V.M. Salgaocar Law College: 1.5

To earn its 51 points in this tier, NUJS won the Fiat Justitia Moot and the Commonwealth Moot’s India Rounds. It also bagged the best memorandum awards at both the events. Further, it was runners-up at the NLU-D Corp Law Moot and made it to the semi-finals of Nalsar B.R. Sawhny and NLU-J Antitrust moots; bagging the best memorandum and best speaker awards at the Nalsar B.R. Sawhny Moot in the process.

With 46 points, Nalsar is at second position in this tier. To earn them, Nalsar won SP Sathe and NLU-J Antitrust Moots, in addition to the best speaker awards at both the moots and the best memorandum awards at NLU-J Antitrust and Amity Moot; finished as runners-up at Leiden-Sarin Moot; reached the semi-finals of Surana Int'l Minority, Surana Tiral Advocacy South and the Amity Moot; and won the best speaker award at NLIU-Juris Corp Moot.

RGNUL left its mark on the MPL standings, hitherto dominated by the established law schools, by scoring 40.5 points in tier 5 and consequently securing 3rd rank in this tier. The highlight of RGNUL’s tier 5 performance was its win at NLU-D Corp Law Moot where it also bagged best memorandum and best researcher awards. Also, it was runners-up at Surana Trial Advocacy North and SP Sathe Moots; reached the semi-finals of NLIU-Juris Corp Moot; won best speaker award at Rizvi Moot and best researcher award at Pro bono Moot.

Allen & Overy is the sponsor of the MPL 2 and is hosting an international finance and corporate course at Nalsar Hyderabad between 4 and 8 July.

Mooting Premier League 2 season standings

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