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Nalsar, Jindal, Symbi beat by USA for first in ‘rounds point’ NLS Arb moot

American University Washington bested Nalsar Hyderbad in the finals of the NLSIU International Arbitration Moot Court, while Symbiosis, Pune and Jindal Global Law School finished semifinalists in this Tier 4 MPL moot.

Prateek Mishra from NLIU Bhopal won the best speaker award and Nalsar Hyderabad took home the best memorandum citation. Correction: NLU Jodhpur won the best memorandum citation. We were sent wrong information initially and we regret the error. We have updated the rankings.

Suswagata Roy from NLSIU Bangalore confirmed the results and said that 31 teams participated in the moot. American University Washington was the only foreign team to participate in the moot. Roy said that the top 4 teams after the preliminary rounds directly qualified to the quarters while the next 4 teams took part in the pre-quarters round.

Roy said that the moot does not exactly follow either the ‘two wins’ format or the ‘cumulative scoring’ format. “We have a rounds point system during the preliminary rounds. There are a total of nine round points in each round. Three of the nine points are for memorandum scores.

“Out of the remaining six, three points each are awarded by each of the two judges on the prelims bench. In each round, if the margin of victory is above seven per cent, the winning team gets all the three round points that can be awarded by a judge. If the margin of victory is below seven per cent, the winning team gets two round points and the losing side gets one round point.”

Roy stated that the rounds point system was conceptualised to eliminate the discrepancies that arise due to disparate scoring by judges.

NLSIU Bangalore did not participate in the All India Moot Conveners Conference held at NLIU Bhopal last month, where the mandate was to arrive at a near perfect mooting format in India. The 18 law schools which participated in the conference passed 32 resolutions and formulated the Guidelines for Uniform Moot Practices in India (GUMP).

Note: We are still awaiting the full results of the Vis Vienna moot of all teams. The MPL 3 Standings will be updated after we receive the final list of honourable mentions won by Indian teams during the moot.

Mooting Premier League 3 season standings

Pos Law school Pts Details
1 NLSIU Bangalore 253 NLS Arb (organiser); Oxford Media Intl rounds (best memo); DMH (best speaker); Surana Corp (silver, best memo); GIMC (gold); KLA (best memo); Rizvi (gold); Jessup South (gold, best memo); Oxford Media India rounds (silver, best memo); Stetson South (gold, best memo); NLIU-Juris Corp (gold, best speaker, best memo); Palkhivala (gold); Dunant (silver); B.R. Sawhney (gold); Trial Adv South (silver); Raj Anand Moot (semis); Maritime Arbitration (semis, best memo, hon men for best resp memo);
2 NLU Jodhpur 200 NLS Arb [best memo]; [Stetson Intl rounds] (gold, 5th best oralist, 9th best oralist); [Vis (East)] (hon men for respondent memo); [Raisoni] (gold, best speaker); NLU Antitrust (organiser); Amity moot (silver, best speaker, best researcher); Surana Tech (semis); GIMC (silver); Jessup North (best speaker); Stetson North (gold); Hidayatullah (gold, best speaker, best memo); Dunant (best memo); Trial Adv North (silver, best speaker, best memo); IICLAM (gold);
3 Nalsar Hyderabad 128 [NLS Arb] (silver); Oxford Media Intl rounds (gold); Leiden - Sarin (best speaker); BCI - NLU Delhi (semis); NLU Antitrust (silver, best memo); BCI-Nirma (gold, best female speaker); DMH (semis); Jessup South (semis); Oxford Media India rounds (semis);Dunant (gold); B.R. Sawhney (organiser);
4 NLU Delhi 126 Oxford Media Intl rounds (semis); BCI - NLU Delhi (organisers); ULC moot (best male speaker, best female speaker); BCI-Nirma (semis); Surana Tech (semis); DMH (semis); KLA (semis); Jessup North (gold); KK Luthra (gold); SLCU-LKS-CCI Antitrust (best researcher, semis); Oxford Media India rounds (gold, best speaker); (Law Asia (semis); Dunant (semis); IICLAM (organiser);
5 GLC Mumbai 106 Amity moot (gold); DMH (best memo); NUJS-HS (gold, best speaker, best memo); SLCU-LKS-CCI Antitrust (best speaker); NLIU-Juris Corp (semis); Trial Adv South (gold, best speaker); IICLAM (Best Memo); Raj Anand Moot (silver);
6 NUJS Kolkata 99 [Vis (East)] (hon men for claimant memo, hon men for respondent memo); NLU Antitrust (gold, best researcher); NUJS-HS (organiser); KLA (silver); SLCU-LKS-CCI Antitrust (gold, best memo); Oxford Media India rounds (semis); NLIU-Juris Corp (semis); Hidayatullah (silver, best researcher); B.R. Sawhney (semis); SLCU Moot (silver, best speaker, best memo); Trial Adv North (semis);
7 NLIU Bhopal 77 [NLS Arb] (best speaker); Pro Bono Enviro (silver, best memo); NLU Antitrust (best speaker, semis); BCI-Nirma (semis); NUJS-HS (silver); GIMC (semis); Rizvi (silver, best speaker); NLIU-Juris Corp (organiser); SLCU Moot (gold); Raj Anand Moot (semis, best memo);
8 RMLNLU Lucknow 73 [Stetson Intl rounds] (8th best oralist); Leiden - Sarin (gold, best applicant memo); DMH (best reseracher); Surana Corp (semis);KK Luthra (best memo); Stetson North (silver); Palkhivala (silver); Trial Adv North (semis);
9 ILS Pune 67 Pro Bono Enviro (best speaker); BCI - NLU Delhi (best female speaker); Surana Tech (silver); GIMC (best memo, best speaker, semis); KK Luthra (silver); Stetson South (best speaker); B.R. Sawhney (best speaker, semis); Trial Adv South (semis);
10 Campus Law Centre Delhi 60 BCI - NLU Delhi (silver, best male speaker); Amity moot (semis); ULC moot (semis); KLA (gold); Raj Anand Moot (gold, best speaker);
11 GNLU Gandhinagar 60 [Raisoni] (silver); [Frankfurt] (hon men for best team in the Asian regional group); ELSA Asian rounds (best speaker); NLU Antitrust (semis); GIMC (organiser); Jessup North (best memo, semis); Palkhivala (best researcher, semis); B.R. Sawhney (silver); Trial Adv North (gold);
12 RGNUL Patiala 57 [Raisoni] (semis); Pro Bono Enviro (semis); Amity moot (best memo, semis); ULC moot (silver); Surana Tech (best memo); Jessup North (semis); SLCU-LKS-CCI Antitrust (semis); Stetson North (best speaker); Hidayatullah (semis); B.R. Sawhney (best memo);
13 Jindal Global Law School 57 [NLS Arb] (semis); ELSA Asian rounds (gold, best memo); [Pro Bono Enviro] (best researcher); ULC moot (gold); NUJS-HS (semis); KK Luthra (semis); Dunant (best speaker, semis);
14 School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore 52 Pro Bono Enviro (semis); Surana Corp (gold, best speaker); KLA (best speaker); SLCU-LKS-CCI Antitrust (organiser); IICLAM (silver, best speaker); SLCU Moot (organiser);
15 SOEL Chennai 46 Pro Bono Enviro (organisers); BCI-Nirma (silver, best male speaker); Jessup South (silver, best speaker); Stetson South (semis);Trial Adv South (best memo);
16 Symbiosis Law School, Pune 40 [NLS Arb] (semis); BCI - NLU Delhi (semis); ULC moot (best memo); Surana Tech (organisers); NUJS-HS (semis); Rizvi (best memo, semis); Palkhivala (best memo); IICLAM (semis);
17 HNLU Raipur 39 Jessup North (silver);Stetson North (semis); NLIU-Juris Corp (best researcher); Palkhivala (best speaker, semis); [Hidayatullah (organiser); SLCU Moot (semis);
18 CNLU Patna 25 BCI - NLU Delhi (gold); Stetson North (semis);
19 School of Legal Studies, CUSAT Kochi 23 Surana Tech (gold, best speaker);
20 Symbiosis Law School, Noida 14 Pro Bono Enviro (gold); Surana Corp (semis);
21 V M Salgaocar Law College, Goa 10 Stetson South (silver);
22 Army Institute of Law, Mohali 10 Stetson North (best memo);
23 Amity Law School IP University Delhi 10 Amity (oraganisers); NLIU-Juris Corp (silver);
24 NUALS Kochi 10 [Raisoni] (best memo); SLCU-LKS-CCI Antitrust (silver);
25 KLE Bangalore 9 ULC moot (best researcher); IICLAM (semis);
26 New Law College, Bharti Vidayapeeth University, Pune 8 [Raisoni] (semis); Stetson South (semis);
27 School of Law, Sastra University, Thanjavur 6 ULC moot (semis); Trial Adv South (semis);
28 Dr. Ambedkar Law College, Chennai 5 Jessup South (semis);
29 MATS Law School, Raipur 5 [Raisoni] (best researcher);
30 AKK New Law Academy, Pune 4 KLA (semis);
31 ULC Bangalore 4 ULC moot (organisers); SLCU Moot (semis);
32 SVKM’s Pravin Gandhi College of Law 3 Hidayatullah (semis);
32 Guru Gobind University 3 Rizvi (semis);
34 J S S Law College, Mysore 2 Surana Corp (organiser);
34 Nirma University 2 BCI-Nirma (organisers);
For more information please refer to the MPL 3 rulebook.
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