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History Mats Law school is constituent college Department of MATS University. The University was established by C.G. Act 29 of 2006, MATS LAW SCHOOL started from 2009-2010

Location It is on Aarang Kharora Highway. 8 K.M. on this road from Aarang which is city of temples Founded by Raja Morddhwaz, District is Raipur, Tahsil is Arrang, State is Chhatisgarh.

Officers of the University - Mr. H.E. Shekhar Dutta – Visitor of the University Governor C.G. Mr. R. Chenraj Jain - Chancellor Dr. Kanwal Singh - Vice Chancellor. Prof A.K. Shukla - Registrar Prof G.P. Tripathi - Director Asst. Prof. Gaurav Shukla - coordinator examination Miss Axita Srivastava - professor Incharge of Girls Hostel Mrs Nupoor Bajpai - professor Incharge of university campus Aarang. Mr. Gokulananda Panda – C.A.O.

Facts & Figures Second year of MATS Law School is running . We have BBA LL.B( 5 yrs. Hons. Course ), In 1st year we have 35 students, in second year we have 24 students. We are starting BA LL.B ,B.Tech LL.B. Graduate degree Hon course in law, we are starting LL.M semester from 2011-2012 session. LL.M. – We have 13 students in annual pattern, 10 students in Trimester system, in M.Phil 15, Ph. D. 7 enrolments, LL.D. 2 enrolments. Total intake 60 in each course , 40 in LL.M, 12 in Ph.D, 5 in LL.D.

Admissions Admission is through CLAT And LSAT; cases otherwise by MLST and Interview.

Fee Structure As may be permitted by fee fixation committee of C.G. Govt. BA LL.B (1,10,000),BBA LL.B (1,15,000), B.Tech LL.B (1,25,000), LL.M Trimester(30,000), LL.M Annual (35,000) Ph.D (1,50,000), M.Phil (50,000). Yearly cost around 1,75,000 we have several schemes for freeship and scholarship. The Govt sponsored benefits are available.

Infrastructure Residential Campus, Fully furnished four storied A.C. college Building, Moot court Halls, Girls/ Boys Hostel , Conference Room , Library, common rooms for girls, Stadium, Indore games, Bus and transport.

Hostels Girls four storied A.C. building that can house over 600 girls. Boys hostel (two) with capacity of 300 each fully furnished A.C. rooms.

Library and Reading Room Well equipped spacious Library with around 2067 text books 1372 Titles 8 Title of Journals News paper ,Magazines , Online facilities WESTLAW, Socio-Legal Studies Association(UK), INDIA LAW, Legally pedia.

I T Infrastructure Laptop is given to every student, Wifi building and several dozen computer for faculties, offices and others.

Extra curricular Activities Mooting Well furnished two moot court halls, student attend about 10 moot court competitions each year through out country we hold intra college moot courts National / International moot courts , workshop, Seminars and conferences, we have moot court team that organizes moot court .

Student Activities 1. Legal aid clinics 2. Consumer assistance cell 3. Cultural committee 4. Sports committee

Recruitment By the advertisement and invitation of best of the faculties, Adjunct faculties, visiting faculties

Seminar and conferences

Academia and faculty 1. Director Prof.( Dr. G.P. Tripathi) is from Allahabad University, He has been teaching since 23.10.1967 and has Administrative experience since 30.03.1980. 2. Prof D.S. Jain is Ex secretary Law C.G. Govt. 3. Asst. Prof . Gaurav Shukla ex prof National Law University (HNLU). 4. Miss Axita Srivastava LL.M. from Nagpur University with specialization in Labour Law 5. Mr. Harshad Bajpai Management faculty from Bombay University with specialization in Finance and Accounts. 6. Mrs Nupoor Bajpai Management faculty from Bombay University with specialization in H.R. and Marketing.

Journal and Publication MATS university Journal Published yearly. Books published by MATS Law School faculty over 1 dozen. Articles published by MATS Law School over 3 dozen.

Subject Available BBA LL.B, BA LL.B, LL.B, B.Tech LL.B as per Bar Council of India and LLM as per UGC with specialization as given in brochure of MATS Law School.

ALUMNI Not applicable : MATS Law School started in 2009-10.

NOTABLE ALUMNI Not applicable

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