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NLU J, NUJS, GNLU win laurels at Vis HK, Stetson, Frankfurt, GH Raisoni moots

Mooting Premier League 2011-12 - MPL3
Mooting Premier League 2011-12 - MPL3
NUJS Kolkata and NLU Jodhpur won honourable mentions at the Willem C. Vis (East) International Commercial Arbitration Moot, Hong Kong, as GNLU Gandhinagar emerged from the Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot as the best Asian team, and NLU Jodhpur defeated GNLU in the final rounds of the GH Raisoni Law School Moot Court Competition.

NLU Jodhpur became the third Indian team to win the Stetson International Environmental Moot Court Competition Florida.

NLU Jodhpur MPL 3 scores were bumped up by 55 points with its teams’ performances and remains in second position in the MPL 3 Season Standings, and only 69 points behind current MPL 3 toppers NLSIU Bangalore.

NUJS Kolkata gained 20 points with its double honourable mention at the Vis (East) moot and is now placed sixth in the MPL Standings, behind NLU Delhi, Nalsar Hyderabad and GLC Mumbai.

NLU-J winners at Stetson (courtesy Stetson website)
NLU-J winners at Stetson (courtesy Stetson website)
NLU Jodhpur at Stetson International

NLU Jodhpur defeated University of California Hastings College of the Law in the final rounds. Aritra Roy from NLU Jodhpur won the best oralist award in the final rounds of this Tier 2 World Class MPL moot.

NLSIU Bangalore finished quarterfinalists in the moot.

The NLU Jodhpur team consisted of speakers Lakshmi Neelakantan and Aritra Roy along with researcher Jai Sahai Endlaw. Roy said that the team faced some of the best-prepared teams in the world, which challenged them to think out of the box more than once. “The questions posed by the judges as well as the emphasis on advocacy techniques here at the Stetson Moot, could only be described as second to none.”

Endlaw added that the standard of judging during the moot was exemplary. “The final rounds comprised of a panel of three judges, some of whom we had actually quoted in our memorials. This year the problem laid more emphasis on International Investment Law and Nuclear Liability Law, so they questioned us a great deal about the standard of such laws, since some of them are still open to debate.

“We researched extensively on the laws involved and had to build our own interpretations from each side since there are no case laws delivered by any tribunals on the aspects covered in the moot problem.”

Roy enthused that the Stetson win felt like wining the cricket world cup. “The feeling is second to none, when you can tell everyone that we are bringing the cup back to India. Our alumni has been showering praises on all of us and egging us on to continue mooting… Aman Bhattacharya, our team coach, reminded us at every step about the difficulties that lie ahead and how we should have the extra hour of practice thrown in each day. Several seniors from university sat through our practice, letting go of other work commitments, to give us feedback.”

Advocates and their vice chancellor had helped them financially said Roy.

26 teams out of 80 teams across the world qualified for the international rounds of the moot. Along with NLU Johdpur, RMLNLU Lucknow qualified for the international rounds from North India. NLSIU Bangalore and V.M. Salgaocar Law College, Panjim qualified from South India. NUJS Kolkata and NLSIU were the only other Indian teams to win the moot in 2005 and 2001 respectively.

MPL points will not be awarded to NLU Jodhpur for the best speaker award in the finals as MPL only awards points for best speaker in the preliminary rounds.

Correction: NLU Jodhpur speakers also won the fifth and the ninth best oralists in the moot. These awards will be considered as honorable mentions and NLU Jodhpur now gets 10 more MPL points.

Correction: RMLNLU Lucknow will also be awarded another 5 MPL points for Vartika Jain, who won eigth best oralist.

More Stetson pictures on the Stetson Flickr stream.

Vis (East), Hong Kong

NUJS Kolkata won two honourable mentions at the Vis (East) moot – one for the claimant memorandum and one for the respondent memorandum. NLU Jodhpur won the honourable mention for the respondent memorandum at this Tier 1 Global Championship moot. ULC Bangalore won the Spirit of the Moot award.

NUJS Kolkata also qualified for the newly introduced Pan-Asian Rounds at the Vis (East) Moot. The top four teams from Asia which did not break into the top 16 at the moot were allowed to participate in the Pan-Asian rounds.

The NUJS Kolkata team consisted of Balu G Nair, Madhav Khosla and Dhvani Shah and Ashutosh Shukla.

The NLU Jodhpur team consisted of speakers Roshni Namboodiry, Jai Sahai Endlaw, Sadhvi Mohindru, Sachin Bhandawat and researchers Anusha Ramesh and Alok Chaturvedi.

Namboodiry said that the team had a brilliant experience. “Right from preparing the memo to speaking at the oral rounds, you needed to be completely thorough. Regarding the performance of Indian teams, a lot is still left to be desired. We need to have more pre-moots. Our first opponent had just came from a pre-moot at New York. The current Indian pre-moot does not have a neutral organiser and does not have international teams. We need to have an international pre-moot in India with a neutral organiser.”

Around 90 teams from across the world participated in the moot, out of which 13 teams from India participated.

GNLU in Frankfurt
GNLU in Frankfurt
Frankfurt Arbitration

GNLU Gandhinagar finished as quarterfinalists in this Tier 5 International moot. It was the best participating team from India and won the award for the best team from the Asian Regional Group. The organising team of the moot confirmed the results and also mentioned that GNLU won the International Moot Court Song Contest at Stereobar, Frankfurt.

The GNLU Gandhinagar team consisted of Hitesh Talwar, Oindrila Bhowmik, Arjun Sreenivas and Tirth Bhatt. Bhowmik said that the team had a great experience at the moot. “The judging was extremely good during the moot. We had experts in investment arbitration like Jan Paulsson as judges during the moot. There was intense competition during the moot. Most of our opponents were pursuing their post-graduate or PhD degrees.” The moot problem was based on international investment law, public international law and international human rights law.

While 32 teams from all parts of the world came over to Frankfurt for the moot, six teams from India participated in the Moot. The GNLU team took home a cash prize of €1,500 for its performance.

G H Raisoni

NLU Jodhpur bettered GNLU Gandhinagar in the final rounds. RGNUL Patiala and New Law College, Bharti Vidayapeeth University, Pune finished semifinalists in this Tier 5 moot. Aabhas Kshetarpal from NLU Jodhpur bagged the best speaker award and NUALS Kochi won the best memorandum award. A student from MATS Law School, Raipur won the best researcher award.

The NLU Jodhpur team consisted of speakers Aabhas Kshetarpal and Pranjal Mehta along with researcher Mimansa Anbastha. Best speaker Kshetarpal said that the judging standards in the prelim rounds were okayish but the standards improved in the semis and finals. “We had an additional High Court judge in the finals, eminent lawyers in the semis and other lawyers in the prelims.” Kshetarpal said that the competition during the moot was good. “We had GNLU, RGNUL and a couple of other good teams. The team from GNLU was very good. We had a nice confrontation with them. They also had a good memorandum.”

The moot problem was based on intellectual property laws and was centred around trademark and copyright law. Khushboo from GH Raisoni Law School confirmed the results and said that 14 teams participated in the moot.

Mooting Premier League 3 season standings

Pos Law school Pts Details
1 NLSIU Bangalore 251 Oxford Media Intl rounds (best memo); DMH (best speaker); Surana Corp (silver, best memo); GIMC (gold); KLA (best memo); Rizvi (gold); Jessup South (gold, best memo); Oxford Media India rounds (silver, best memo); Stetson South (gold, best memo); NLIU-Juris Corp (gold, best speaker, best memo); Palkhivala (gold); Dunant (silver); B.R. Sawhney (gold); Trial Adv South (silver); Raj Anand Moot (semis); Maritime Arbitration (semis, best memo, hon men for best resp memo);
2 NLU Jodhpur 192 [Stetson Intl rounds] (gold, 5th & 9th best oralist); [Vis (East)] (hon men for respondent memo); [Raisoni] (gold, best speaker); NLU Antitrust (organiser); Amity moot (silver, best speaker, best researcher); Surana Tech (semis); GIMC (silver); Jessup North (best speaker); Stetson North (gold); Hidayatullah (gold, best speaker, best memo); Dunant (best memo); Trial Adv North (silver, best speaker, best memo); IICLAM (gold);
3 NLU Delhi 126 Oxford Media Intl rounds (semis); BCI - NLU Delhi (organisers); ULC moot (best male speaker, best female speaker); BCI-Nirma (semis); Surana Tech (semis); DMH (semis); KLA (semis); Jessup North (gold); KK Luthra (gold); SLCU-LKS-CCI Antitrust (best researcher, semis); Oxford Media India rounds (gold, best speaker); (Law Asia (semis); Dunant (semis); IICLAM (organiser);
4 Nalsar Hyderabad 120 Oxford Media Intl rounds (gold); Leiden - Sarin (best speaker); BCI - NLU Delhi (semis); NLU Antitrust (silver, best memo); BCI-Nirma (gold, best female speaker); DMH (semis); Jessup South (semis); Oxford Media India rounds (semis);Dunant (gold); B.R. Sawhney (organiser);
5 GLC Mumbai 106 Amity moot (gold); DMH (best memo); NUJS-HS (gold, best speaker, best memo); SLCU-LKS-CCI Antitrust (best speaker); NLIU-Juris Corp (semis); Trial Adv South (gold, best speaker); IICLAM (Best Memo); Raj Anand Moot (silver);
6 NUJS Kolkata 99 [Vis (East)] (hon men for claimant memo, hon men for respondent memo); NLU Antitrust (gold, best researcher); NUJS-HS (organiser); KLA (silver); SLCU-LKS-CCI Antitrust (gold, best memo); Oxford Media India rounds (semis); NLIU-Juris Corp (semis); Hidayatullah (silver, best researcher); B.R. Sawhney (semis); SLCU Moot (silver, best speaker, best memo); Trial Adv North (semis);
7 RMLNLU Lucknow 73

Stetson (8th best oralist); Leiden - Sarin (gold, best applicant memo); DMH (best reseracher); Surana Corp (semis);KK Luthra (best memo); Stetson North (silver); Palkhivala (silver); Trial Adv North (semis)

8 NLIU Bhopal 69 Pro Bono Enviro (silver, best memo); NLU Antitrust (best speaker, semis); BCI-Nirma (semis); NUJS-HS (silver); GIMC (semis); Rizvi (silver, best speaker); NLIU-Juris Corp (organiser); SLCU Moot (gold); Raj Anand Moot (semis, best memo);
9 ILS Pune 67 Pro Bono Enviro (best speaker); BCI - NLU Delhi (best female speaker); Surana Tech (silver); GIMC (best memo, best speaker, semis); KK Luthra (silver); Stetson South (best speaker); B.R. Sawhney (best speaker, semis); Trial Adv South (semis);
10 Campus Law Centre Delhi 60 BCI - NLU Delhi (silver, best male speaker); Amity moot (semis); ULC moot (semis); KLA (gold); Raj Anand Moot (gold, best speaker);
11 GNLU Gandhinagar 60 [Raisoni] (silver); [Frankfurt] (hon men for best team in the Asian regional group); ELSA Asian rounds (best speaker); NLU Antitrust (semis); GIMC (organiser); Jessup North (best memo, semis); Palkhivala (best researcher, semis); B.R. Sawhney (silver); Trial Adv North (gold);
12 RGNUL Patiala 57 [Raisoni] (semis); Pro Bono Enviro (semis); Amity moot (best memo, semis); ULC moot (silver); Surana Tech (best memo); Jessup North (semis); SLCU-LKS-CCI Antitrust (semis); Stetson North (best speaker); Hidayatullah (semis); B.R. Sawhney (best memo);
13 Jindal Global Law School 53 ELSA Asian rounds (gold, best memo); [Pro Bono Enviro] (best researcher); ULC moot (gold); NUJS-HS (semis); KK Luthra (semis); Dunant (best speaker, semis);
14 School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore 52 Pro Bono Enviro (semis); Surana Corp (gold, best speaker); KLA (best speaker); SLCU-LKS-CCI Antitrust (organiser); IICLAM (silver, best speaker); SLCU Moot (organiser);
15 SOEL Chennai 46 Pro Bono Enviro (organisers); BCI-Nirma (silver, best male speaker); Jessup South (silver, best speaker); Stetson South (semis);Trial Adv South (best memo);
16 HNLU Raipur 39 Jessup North (silver);Stetson North (semis); NLIU-Juris Corp (best researcher); Palkhivala (best speaker, semis); [Hidayatullah (organiser); SLCU Moot (semis);
17 Symbiosis Law School, Pune 36 BCI - NLU Delhi (semis); ULC moot (best memo); Surana Tech (organisers); NUJS-HS (semis); Rizvi (best memo, semis); Palkhivala (best memo); IICLAM (semis);
18 CNLU Patna 25 BCI - NLU Delhi (gold); Stetson North (semis);
19 School of Legal Studies, CUSAT Kochi 23 Surana Tech (gold, best speaker);
20 Symbiosis Law School, Noida 14 Pro Bono Enviro (gold); Surana Corp (semis);
21 V M Salgaocar Law College, Goa 10 Stetson South (silver);
22 Army Institute of Law, Mohali 10 Stetson North (best memo);
23 Amity Law School IP University Delhi 10 Amity (oraganisers); NLIU-Juris Corp (silver);
24 NUALS Kochi 10 [Raisoni] (best memo); SLCU-LKS-CCI Antitrust (silver);
25 KLE Bangalore 9 ULC moot (best researcher); IICLAM (semis);
26 New Law College, Bharti Vidayapeeth University, Pune 8 [Raisoni] (semis); Stetson South (semis);
27 School of Law, Sastra University, Thanjavur 6 ULC moot (semis); Trial Adv South (semis);
28 Dr. Ambedkar Law College, Chennai 5 Jessup South (semis);
29 MATS Law School, Raipur 5 [Raisoni] (best researcher);
30 AKK New Law Academy, Pune 4 KLA (semis);
31 ULC Bangalore 4 ULC moot (organisers); SLCU Moot (semis);
32 SVKM’s Pravin Gandhi College of Law 3 Hidayatullah (semis);
32 Guru Gobind University 3 Rizvi (semis);
34 J S S Law College, Mysore 2 Surana Corp (organiser);
34 Nirma University 2 BCI-Nirma (organisers);
  • The Maritime Moot which took place in early July this year is being considered with retrospective effect. Effectively, this is the first Moot of Season 3 MPL.

For more information please refer to the MPL 3 rulebook.

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