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Yes. Waiting for the second round. When was your first round and have you received the second interview dates?
any way i can connect with you? want to know deets of the interview, what type of questions to prepare
You can ask here no issue. Also when is you round scheduled. How long did you intern there. I have heard they're shifting to new office.
When we're you informed about your PPO. Also is your CV tax inclined?
Was it on Wednesday? Is your CV tax based solely? Also which college?
Have you received any update about second round? Did you contact them
My interview was 25 minutes long with only one interviewer. What about you?
give deets please! did they grill you about the laws? and how much did they discuss about your grades/moots/publications etc.
which office? and was it HR round? what type of questions were asked? what was the difficulty level?
So did the interview happened or it's suppose to happen. Which college and are you looking upto tax as your area
Can't share my uni. name (T2 NLU) as moderators will sensor it. Yes Taxation is my prime area and Interview sessions was good taken by HR
Which round was it? First round or second? And if first, have you been notified about second rouns
You can definitely share the uni name, where did you get the idea that mods censor uni names? ๐Ÿค”
Hey, have you received any confirmation or update on the second interview
Are they on a hiring spree? Got a call from them for an opening. Also i have an experience of two years in General Corporate
They're almost always hiring. Firstly, because they are growing their practice, especially gen corp. Secondly, they have their fair share of attrition.
I mean, isnโ€™t that the story in most big law firms? I am hoping that i get called in, it is surely a good place to kickstart tier 1 - tier 2 firm career.
Reviews about Lakshmikumaran and Sridharan Delhi? Chances of PPO in competition law/corporate team
Please update here if you receive any updates about your second interview. So far I have not received a date
Same not received yet. When was your interview. Also have you contacted the HR?
It is to be revised from July (weird calendar they follow) and the revision is still below Tier 1
Can you specifically tell which teams are worth avoiding and which ones are okayish?