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Nalsar tastes first int’l success at India-dominated Oxford Media moot

Nalsar Hyderabad became the first Indian team to win the international rounds of the Oxford Media Law moot by defeating the University of Technology, Sydney in the final rounds.

NLU Delhi finished as semi-finalist in the moot. NLSIU Bangalore won its eighth best memorandum award this season at the Tier 2 World Class MPL moot.

All the four Indian teams that qualified for participating in the international rounds broke into the quarterfinals, where Nalsar Hyderabad defeated NUJS Kolkata and NLU Delhi bested NLSIU Bangalore.

#Winning Nalsar team, l. to r.: Dhruv Bhattacharya (Left), Sourav Roy, Kunal Singh
#Winning Nalsar team, l. to r.: Dhruv Bhattacharya (Left), Sourav Roy, Kunal Singh
Speakers Kunal Singh and Sourav Roy along with researcher Dhruv Bhattacharya formed the Nalsar team, which achieved the school’s first international moot win this MPL season.

Singh said that the judging at the moot was more fine tuned with the Indian style of mooting. “I had participated in the Vis Hong Kong moot last year. I found the judging at Oxford to be much better. The judges focused more on content unlike other international moots where there is not much scrutiny of content. The problem with most Indian teams at international moots is that they speak too fast, etc. In this moot, there was heavy scrutiny of content and we had to use a lot of authorities and draw and imply a lot from the facts.”

“The final bench of the moot was also amazing. We had a seven judge bench which included judges from the High Court of England & Wales and the ECHR, Professor Timothy Endicott who is the Oxford Law Faculty Dean and also Mr Shardul Shroff from Amarchand Mangaldas, New Delhi. Arguing in the Rhodes Hall in front of such an illustrious bench was a great experience.”

Singh mentioned that they faced good competition throughout the moot. “NLU Delhi defeated us in the semi-finals of the national rounds and we defeated them in the semi-finals of the international rounds. There is no revenge. They were actually a very good team and were better prepared than us.”

He said that Nalsar also faced challenging rounds against the University of Belgrade, City University London and University of Technology Sydney.

The moot problem was based on a mix of freedom of speech and expression and the right to privacy and these were extrapolated into the current scenario of censorship of social networking sites. “The moot problem was very interesting. First, it was a contemporary problem and second, there was no settled position of law. We argued before a fictional bench called the Universal Freedom of Expression Chamber of the Universal Court of Human Rights.”

“It was a great experience. Feels good to bring Nalsar back on track in this mooting season”, said Singh about bringing Nalsar its first international win this season.

However, the college remains in fourth place in the MPL rankings, 6 and 7 points behind NLU Delhi and NLU Jodhpur respectively, and more than 100 points behind the runaway leader NLSIU Bangalore.

Oxford: not yet Jessup or Vis

Anup Surendranath, the South Asia Coordinator for the programme in comparative media law and policy (PCMLP) at the University of Oxford, confirmed the results and said that 36 teams representing over 25 countries participated in the moot.

Surendranath said that the quality of Indian teams participating in the moot has been tremendous. “If we were to rank the international moot preferences of mooters in India, we have no illusions that we are a fair distance away from the position that the Jessup and Vis occupy.

“We are comfortable with that position and also pleased that we could get to that position within two years of starting the India rounds. However, what does set us apart from the experience at the Jessup and the Vis is our commitment to integrate the moot with our India Research Project.”

Surendranath said that mooters who qualify from India for the international rounds are given the opportunity (based on one further round of evaluation of their research and writing skills) to be under-graduate researchers on PCMLP's India Research Project. “It would be fair to say that this sort of intense and systematic academic engagement with one of the world's top universities for Indian under-graduate law students is rare both in Indian mooting circles and the larger space of Indian legal education. From last year's moot, we have Sahana Manjesh and Geetha Hariharan from NLSIU Bangalore working with us on the project for the last nine months.”

Note: We are still awaiting the final confirmation of the results and quotes from winners of the Frankfurt Investment Arbitration moot, G H Raisoni moot and the Vis (East) moot. Stay tuned this weekend for full updates on these moots!

Mooting Premier League 3 season standings

Pos Law school Pts Details
1 NLSIU Bangalore 251 [Oxford Media Intl rounds] (best memo); DMH (best speaker); Surana Corp (silver, best memo); GIMC (gold); KLA (best memo); Rizvi (gold); Jessup South (gold, best memo); Oxford Media India rounds (silver, best memo); Stetson South (gold, best memo); NLIU-Juris Corp (gold, best speaker, best memo); Palkhivala (gold); Dunant (silver); B.R. Sawhney (gold); Trial Adv South (silver); Raj Anand Moot (semis); Maritime Arbitration (semis, best memo, hon men for best resp memo);
2 NLU Jodhpur 127 NLU Antitrust (organiser); Amity moot (silver, best speaker, best researcher); Surana Tech (semis); GIMC (silver); Jessup North (best speaker); Stetson North (gold); Hidayatullah (gold, best speaker, best memo); Dunant (best memo); Trial Adv North (silver, best speaker, best memo); IICLAM (gold);
3 NLU Delhi 126 [Oxford Media Intl rounds] (semis); BCI - NLU Delhi (organisers); ULC moot (best male speaker, best female speaker); BCI-Nirma (semis); Surana Tech (semis); DMH (semis); KLA (semis); Jessup North (gold); KK Luthra (gold); SLCU-LKS-CCI Antitrust (best researcher, semis); Oxford Media India rounds (gold, best speaker); (Law Asia (semis); Dunant (semis); IICLAM (organiser);
4 Nalsar Hyderabad 120 [Oxford Media Intl rounds] (gold); Leiden - Sarin (best speaker); BCI - NLU Delhi (semis); NLU Antitrust (silver, best memo); BCI-Nirma (gold, best female speaker); DMH (semis); Jessup South (semis); Oxford Media India rounds (semis);Dunant (gold); B.R. Sawhney (organiser);
5 GLC Mumbai 106 Amity moot (gold); DMH (best memo); NUJS-HS (gold, best speaker, best memo); SLCU-LKS-CCI Antitrust (best speaker); NLIU-Juris Corp (semis); Trial Adv South (gold, best speaker); IICLAM (Best Memo); Raj Anand Moot (silver);
6 NUJS Kolkata 79 NLU Antitrust (gold, best researcher); NUJS-HS (organiser); KLA (silver); SLCU-LKS-CCI Antitrust (gold, best memo); Oxford Media India rounds (semis); NLIU-Juris Corp (semis); Hidayatullah (silver, best researcher); B.R. Sawhney (semis); SLCU Moot (silver, best speaker, best memo); Trial Adv North (semis);
7 NLIU Bhopal 69 Pro Bono Enviro (silver, best memo); NLU Antitrust (best speaker, semis); BCI-Nirma (semis); NUJS-HS (silver); GIMC (semis); Rizvi (silver, best speaker); NLIU-Juris Corp (organiser); SLCU Moot (gold); Raj Anand Moot (semis, best memo);
8 RMLNLU Lucknow 68 Leiden - Sarin (gold, best applicant memo); DMH (best reseracher); Surana Corp (semis);KK Luthra (best memo); Stetson North (silver); Palkhivala (silver); Trial Adv North (semis);
9 ILS Pune 67 Pro Bono Enviro (best speaker); BCI - NLU Delhi (best female speaker); Surana Tech (silver); GIMC (best memo, best speaker, semis); KK Luthra (silver); Stetson South (best speaker); B.R. Sawhney (best speaker, semis); Trial Adv South (semis);
10 Campus Law Centre Delhi 60 BCI - NLU Delhi (silver, best male speaker); Amity moot (semis); ULC moot (semis); KLA (gold); Raj Anand Moot (gold, best speaker);
11 RGNUL Patiala 54 Pro Bono Enviro (semis); Amity moot (best memo, semis); ULC moot (silver); Surana Tech (best memo); Jessup North (semis); SLCU-LKS-CCI Antitrust (semis); Stetson North (best speaker); Hidayatullah (semis); B.R. Sawhney (best memo);
12 Jindal Global Law School 53 ELSA Asian rounds (gold, best memo); [Pro Bono Enviro] (best researcher); ULC moot (gold); NUJS-HS (semis); KK Luthra (semis); Dunant (best speaker, semis);
13 GNLU Gandhinagar 52 ELSA Asian rounds (best speaker); NLU Antitrust (semis); GIMC (organiser); Jessup North (best memo, semis); Palkhivala (best researcher, semis); B.R. Sawhney (silver); Trial Adv North (gold);
14 School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore 52 Pro Bono Enviro (semis); Surana Corp (gold, best speaker); KLA (best speaker); SLCU-LKS-CCI Antitrust (organiser); IICLAM (silver, best speaker); SLCU Moot (organiser);
15 SOEL Chennai 46 Pro Bono Enviro (organisers); BCI-Nirma (silver, best male speaker); Jessup South (silver, best speaker); Stetson South (semis);Trial Adv South (best memo);
16 HNLU Raipur 39 Jessup North (silver);Stetson North (semis); NLIU-Juris Corp (best researcher); Palkhivala (best speaker, semis); [Hidayatullah (organiser); SLCU Moot (semis);
17 Symbiosis Law School, Pune 36 BCI - NLU Delhi (semis); ULC moot (best memo); Surana Tech (organisers); NUJS-HS (semis); Rizvi (best memo, semis); Palkhivala (best memo); IICLAM (semis);
18 CNLU Patna 25 BCI - NLU Delhi (gold); Stetson North (semis);
19 School of Legal Studies, CUSAT Kochi 23 Surana Tech (gold, best speaker);
20 Symbiosis Law School, Noida 14 Pro Bono Enviro (gold); Surana Corp (semis);
21 V M Salgaocar Law College, Goa 10 Stetson South (silver);
22 Army Institute of Law, Mohali 10 Stetson North (best memo);
23 Amity Law School IP University Delhi 10 Amity (oraganisers); NLIU-Juris Corp (silver);
24 KLE Bangalore 9 ULC moot (best researcher); IICLAM (semis);
25 School of Law, Sastra University, Thanjavur 6 ULC moot (semis); Trial Adv South (semis);
26 New Law College, Bharti Vidayapeeth University, Pune 5 Stetson South (semis);
26 Dr. Ambedkar Law College, Chennai 5 Jessup South (semis);
28 NUALS Kochi 5 SLCU-LKS-CCI Antitrust (silver);
29 AKK New Law Academy, Pune 4 KLA (semis);
30 ULC Bangalore 4 ULC moot (organisers); SLCU Moot (semis);
31 SVKM’s Pravin Gandhi College of Law 3 Hidayatullah (semis);
31 Guru Gobind University 3 Rizvi (semis);
33 J S S Law College, Mysore 2 Surana Corp (organiser);
33 Nirma University 2 BCI-Nirma (organisers);

For more information please refer to the MPL 3 rulebook.

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