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NUJS brings #nationaliseNLUs movement to life with NLU consortium and law day demonstrations

NUJS sends out an SOS for NLU nationalisationNUJS sends out an SOS for NLU nationalisation

NUJS Kolkata students staged a campus demonstration yesterday (26 November) to lend voice to national law university (NLU) students’ common demand that NLUs should be given Institute of National Importance (INI) status.

The National Law Universities Students Consortium, India, which is a group of NLU student councils, released a statement yesterday with the demand:

We, the students of all the NLUs, renew and reaffirm our call for reforms in legal education in India by urging the Union Government to take cognizance of the abysmal state of affairs and bring parity in the administration of NLUs, to make them at par with other national institutes.

Being comparable to IITs, NITs, IIITs and IIMs (added earlier this year) in every respect, granting NLUs the status of ‘Institutes of National Importance’ (INI) must also be considered specially to tackle the perpetual lack of funds and issues faced by students.

Law day protest

At NUJS in the wake of the NUJS Act amendment bill passed in the state assembly last week which has been staunchly condemned by students, they were out on the grounds yesterday chanting the slogan “nationalise NLUs”, according to video footage we have seen.

Several other NLUs, such as Nalsar Hyderabad and NLSIU Bangalore were closed for the semester break, but supported the initiative.

The Nalsar Student body (SBC) told us yesterday:

Nalsar is on semester break so we couldn’t organise any physical demonstration. However, we firmly stand in solidarity with the students of NUJS against State Government’s attack on the institutional autonomy. This joint statement is historic as it is the first time that students from ALL the NLUs have come together to make a collective demand for Nationalisation. We have established an NLUs Students Consortium with the aim of pushing for reforms in the field of legal education in India. The Consortium will serve as a common platform for voicing the concerns of law students across National Law Universities.

An NLSIU student council representative told us yesterday that while on semester break the students had internally circulated the statement of the NLU students consortium for comment.

The HNLU Raipur student council said yesterday: “Most of the NLUs have their semester break going on now. So we are not able to do anything as of now. But we are planning to send petitions and letters across legal and political fraternity.”

NationaliseNLUs who now?

The origin of the #nationaliseNLUs campaign is not entirely clear. Images announcing the hashtag and initiative had surfaced in comments on Legally India over the past several months but despite looking hard, we have not been able to trace whoever had first come up with it.

NUJS and other student councils are understood to have been inspired by the idea and ran with it.

If you happen to know who first came up with the hashtag, please do get in touch or share in the comments.

Why INI?

According to the consortium’s statement the lack of funds provided by the government to the NLUs coupled with increasing state government interference in the administration of the NLUs had resulted in a situation where NLUs today were “inefficiently administrated educational institutions that failed the cause of legal excellence in India”.

The INI status would bring NLUs under the control of the central government and open the gates for treatment at par with the IITs and IIMs.

NLUs’ common demand for INI status had first surfaced in November 2017 when NLSIU, Nalsar and NUJS student bodies released a joint statement in support of the demand.

But even before that join statement then DSNLU Vizag final year student Debadutta Bose had drafted a bill to provide for INI status to NLUs, which was later introduced in the Lok Sabha. It is currently pending.

HNLU Raipur SBC president Snehal Ranjan Shukla commented: “It is saddening that even after 10 years of CLAT and establishment of 21 NLUs, the authorities have not acted in the direction of achieving the goal for which NLUs were conceptualized.

“More than 10 NLUs have sat in protest in the past 2 years and what we have seen is the same problem persists everywhere. We believe that bringing an uniformity within the universities will help all the university grow in terms of knowledge, experience, exposure and administration. We believe that the word ‘NATIONAL’ should have some meaning attached to it.

“There is a bill pending before the parliament it should be discussed with all the stake holders to bring certain amendments and it should be passed as soon as possible,” Shukla added.

NUJS for more national support of NLUsNUJS for more national support of NLUs

NUJS students united in support of initiativeNUJS students united in support of initiative

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Like +13 Object -2 Guest 27 Nov 18, 20:57  interesting
Long overdue show of unity from NLU students. However, much more needs to be done to make up for lost time. All NLU students must go on strike, and during the strike seek meetings with the CJI, law minister, opposition MPs and CLAT consortium -- possibly file a PIL as well.
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Like +7 Object -3 Too late 27 Nov 18, 21:13
What were the NLU student associations doing all along? Among the IITs and IIMs they have strong unity despite placement rivalries. There is even an alumni organisation called Pan IIT, encompassing all IITs ( and similarly Pan IIM. At NLUs the students have been very divided and are paying the price. It is too late for the demand to be met unless the likes of Modi, Rahul Gandhi and the SC intervene directly (which will not happen).
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Like +18 Object -5 Guest 27 Nov 18, 21:30  interesting  top rated  controversial
Pointless protest. Get NLU students across India to boycott classes indefinitely, coverage on national news channels, and a response from Ravi Shankar Prasad/Javadekar/senior lawyers --- that will be a proper protest.
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Like +4 Object -9 Useless 28 Nov 18, 14:35
Useless (unreal) suggestion. All NLUs combined are what - 5k / 10k students? That's like the strength of an average Univ. offering B. Tech + other courses. The idea of NLUs uniting is more to do with: (1) Getting all NLUs kids to think/ strategise together; (2) Not looking disjunct when asking for nationalisation. The idea of NLUs uniting is certainly not about getting it done by sheer numbers, simply because we don't have the numbers.
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Like +8 Object -1 Guest 27 Nov 18, 21:34  interesting
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Like +7 Object -1 Guest 27 Nov 18, 23:24  interesting
"inefficiently administrated educational institutions that failed the cause of legal excellence in India”.

Surely you mean 'administered.' Some rigour will take you far in life, however little you might think of this intervention.

Best for the movement.
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Like +0 Object -2 Borrowed Name 29 Nov 18, 16:20
Sir/Madam, I think you have got this wrong. Administrate is a valid verb and is not a corruption of administer as you might believe.

Administrate is usually associated with managing. Administer on the other hand is associated with doing, for example, administer an injection.
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Like +0 Object -1 Guest 29 Nov 18, 17:33
"administrate" is not incorrect, but it is uncommon and odd-sounding. The students have perhaps been influenced by that Taylor Swift song and wanted a rhyming word.
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Like +1 Object -0 GNLU Member 2 04 Dec 18, 16:14
Backtracking! Your first comment pointed out his 'mistake' but now you backtrack to saying it sounds "uncommon". What even is your point?
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Like +2 Object -7 Guest 27 Nov 18, 23:31
"It is saddening that even after 10 years of CLAT and establishment of 21 NLUs, the authorities have not acted in the direction of achieving the goal for which NLUs were conceptualized."

It is even sadder for those of us who know effort in this direction was made early in Modi prime ministership. These efforts were initiated through Bimal Patel but were quickly shot down.

You can see the MHRD's attitude towards educational institutions (asking them to become self-sustaining) and see why this happened.

A concerted, inclusive (admins, faculty and students) and sustained almost revolutionary push is needed. However, I doubt that even this would be enough for NLUs given their small student numbers.
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Like +4 Object -1 Guest 28 Nov 18, 06:15
Such a troll
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Like +4 Object -2 LLLL 28 Nov 18, 11:08
When did Bimal Patel advocate nationalisation? I don't know why Bimal Patel has such a fan club at GNLU. Any article criticising GNLU immediately sees GNLU-ites standing up for him. No wonder GNLU is the only NLU that has not seen the slightest protest against anything, despite the damning report of the Madhav Menon Committee.
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Like +5 Object -0 Aap Ka Suroor 28 Nov 18, 12:10  interesting
Biman Patel has a fan club at GNLU? Are you a part of it?
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Like +0 Object -0 GNLU Member 2 04 Dec 18, 16:16
Bimpa does not have any fan club in GNLU. That is terrible insight on your part. Majority of the students resent him and his administration.
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Like +13 Object -13 Alam 28 Nov 18, 01:30  controversial
These students are highly misguided. While it is inspiring to see them dream naively, these universities were set up by States, many of them are heavily funded by States and very much under the ultimate control of the states. Respective states have the right to run these institutions as they please. Democracy comes at a cost my friend. You can get INI status, but NLUs will remain state universities only. Only hope is to involve SC judges to balance the state government, which Menon did. You guys are going against the constitution, and fighting the wrong battle by asking for nationalization. I hope you get smarter and cannier soon.
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Like +1 Object -10 NLUD 28 Nov 18, 03:29
We don't want nationalization of NLUS. Thx bi.
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Like +4 Object -0 Other NLUs 28 Nov 18, 20:07
@Thx bi: Yup. We know (why), and we are fine with it.
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Like +5 Object -0 Guest 28 Nov 18, 20:57  interesting
@Other NLUs: Wait till Ranbir Singh gets replaced by someone like Jaiswal at NLUD, soon they will realise the advantages of getting nationalised.
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Like +1 Object -0 Other NLUs 28 Nov 18, 21:27
Not commenting on Ranbir or Jaiswal - I guess most NLUD people already do realise. Their concern (what I feel) could be about quality deterioration, which is a fair concern. Now you might say that not being part of CLAT is itself quality deterioration (which argument I agree with). Just that both the arguments have some weight (one may be more than the other), hence the status quo.

Although, they have bigger problems to deal with - SH.

Or Thx bi could be a one-off protester, we wouldn't know (@Thx bi: No offense).
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Like +0 Object -0 Lol 03 Dec 18, 04:33
Over the last 7-8 years there have been minimal issues with AILET while CLAT has managed to stay innovative in how to screw students so if anything taking students via CLAT is leading to quality deterioration
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 GNLU ka baap 04 Dec 18, 16:18
Couldn't agree more. That is largely due to the platform on which both are conducted. It is fairly easy to conduct a pen and paper examination. Software errors -- well they're a bit harder to tackle, to say the least.
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Like +2 Object -1 NLUD 29 Nov 18, 10:17
Not just about Ranbir, due to the support we get from the Delhi HC (who convinced Ranbir to come to NLUD in the first place), plus a lot of funds from the state government which flow irrespective who is in power AAP or Congress (ACs in hostels cost a lot of money).

The fact is a lot depends on the attitude of the HC towards NLU, there is no doubt that Delhi HC is one of the better High Courts in the country and that helps.
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Like +5 Object -0 Advisor 28 Nov 18, 07:35  interesting
However, I doubt that even this would be enough for NLUs given their small student numbers.
Which is precisely why all NLUs need to protest together as soon as the term commences. Also, the NLU Bill introduced by Prof Sugata Bose is not a good bill, because it makes the High Court CJ the Chancellor. High Court CJs are more vulnerable to political manipulation as they want promotions to the SC. The CJI should be the Chancellor for all NLUs.

I think the best solution is to get an SC order temporarily staying all further reservations at NLUs pending the report of a high-level committee exploring Nationalisation. This committee can be a joint effort between the judiciary and legislature.
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Like +1 Object -0 Onlooker 28 Nov 18, 19:00
The NLU at Lucknow does not have Chief Justice as the Chancellor. The Chief Minister of UP is the Chairman.
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Like +1 Object -0 GNLU ka baap 04 Dec 18, 16:18
Phir toh Mandir RMLNLU mai hi banega!
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Like +0 Object -0 GNLU chatra 04 Dec 18, 16:25
Fellow GNLUites, I want to stand in solidarity with those asking for nationalization of NLUs. Many of the comments are saying that a Twitter protest is just armchair activism and we need real, physical protests to really make it effectual. But from what I've heard, any kind of protest in or against GNLU administration leads to suspension/expulsion no holds barred. Can anyone corroborate this testimony?

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Like +2 Object -1 Guest 28 Nov 18, 07:43
Unfortunately, the protests will fail. There is too much disunity and rivalry among NLUs. Even though a united class boycott will have minimum effect on careers (as the majority of faculty are poor and students learn on their own) students of certain NLUs are known to be averse to protests and will not participate, such as NLSIU, GNLU and NLUJ. NLSIU may join in purely because the domicile quota bill is looming as the 2019 election approaches, but I doubt if GNLU and NLUJ ever will.
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Like +5 Object -0 Lalu 28 Nov 18, 08:19  interesting
To put pressure on the Modi government, NLU students can approach the following bodies/people:

- Arun Jaitley: he makes announcements abut IITs and IIMs in the budget, and is currently seeking suggestions for the 2019 budget
- Vikramjeet Banerjee, Member of BJP Legal Cell; NLSIU alum and ex-NUJS professor

- All India Professionals Congress (headed by Shashi Tharoor)
- Legal Cell (headed by Senior Advocate Vivek Tankha, who had mediated during the NLIU protests)
- National Students Union of India
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Like +2 Object -0 Rabri 28 Nov 18, 12:45
Very well suggested. BTW its Vikramjit Banerjee. And he is also a Senior Advocate of Supereme Court.
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Like +13 Object -0 Loyola 28 Nov 18, 10:23  interesting  top rated
[...] Whats the use of demonstrating inside the campus. [...] let them demonstrate in front of the state government and EC members residences. Can they court arrest? Can they face police action? [...] real student protests unlike DUSU. Who will see these beautiful SOS symbols? Not the people in power LOL
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Like +1 Object -1 Guest 28 Nov 18, 13:08
Agree with you that a Twitter protest is useless, but what you are suggesting is the last resort. First, an alumni petition should be filed and media publicity generated. Second, a PIL should be filed before the SC, a request should be made to the Governor to return the Bill with an observation that it should wait until the SC delivers its decision, and a similar request to the legislature to hold off the quota. Third, meetings should be sought with the CJI , Law and HRD Ministers, MPs, Senior Advocates and retired SC judges. In all these efforts, other NLUs should be requested to join in.

If the government ignores these developments and forces the quota, then the protests that you are suggesting should happen.
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Like +0 Object -0 LLLL 28 Nov 18, 11:16
A US website already exists!
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Like +0 Object -0 MMMM 28 Nov 18, 16:16
Then make it as indiannationallawschoolco
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Like +3 Object -0 Guest 28 Nov 18, 16:31
URGENT NOTICE: Shashi Tharoor and the Professionals Congress are organising an event this week with the top legal brains of the Congress attending. It is open to students (I got the info from my friend at JGLS, who is attending). Seats are limited and you have to register in advance. This may be an opportunity to raise the Nationalise NLUs issues.

Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 Guest 28 Nov 18, 21:00
Now lets see how serious this coalition of NLUs is going to be. Will the respective SJA leaderships take precious days off their internship to attend and attempt to raise their question/demand, or not?

Smart money would say not. Happy to be proved wrong.

Has the SJA consortium written to Vikramjit Banerjee? His name was put across as a realistic access point to the ruling establishment 12 hours ago.

@Kian - reach out to the Twitter warriors and seek answers to these questions like you would do to a NLU admin when their credibility and efficiency is in question. I think both of these groups are cut-out of the same cloth; promise much and deliver little.

Popcorn's out.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 28 Nov 18, 21:38
The demand to nationalise NLUs originated in a similar joint statement made some years ago, also covered by LI. Nothing happened because the students were lethargic and disunited, and did not pursue the matter further. I am quite sure the same thing will happen here. Forget the CJI and Law Minister, not even the local councillor will receive a petition. This applies to all NLUs. All talk, no action.
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 29 Nov 18, 07:31
ATTN all NLUs!! Economic Times is reporting that the government has waived the condition of UGC NET for faculty recruitment in law schools, if a candidate has a PhD from a top 500 university in the QS/Times rankings. In the past, some corrupt VCs had cited UGC NET as an excuse to keep NLU alumni with foreign PhDs out of teaching, hiring their own pet candidates instead. This can no longer happen, so NLUs facing a faculty problem should now point this out to their VCs.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 29 Nov 18, 12:20
It is a good development. However, it does not apply to law schools (I assume) as much. My assumption is based on my experience of knowing NALSAR over the last 8/10 years.

In this period, I think there has not been even one application to join by a PhD holder from a top 500 university.

Some people have come in with a LLM degree from a top 500 institutions, while others have left to read for a second LLM at these institutions. Also, I don't think any LLMs from a top 500 institution were rejected in this period. The last one to be rejected in this category would be Anup Surendranath in 2009 or 2010. He was snapped up by NLU-D in any case.
Reply Report to LI
Like +12 Object -2 Guest 29 Nov 18, 13:24  interesting
NUJS students have already questioned the credentials and UGC qualification of at least two faculty members having their masters from Columbia and Michigan and their LLB from NLUs too. Both are very good teachers having industry experience, but have been insulted by this badly enough so as to plan to leave. So let's not pretend it's always admin's fault. Students nowadays only want easy attendance and grades and anybody who doesn't bow down to such pressure are not welcome, regardless of qualification or ability.
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Like +0 Object -1 silly 29 Nov 18, 13:38
The UGC-NET was not required if the candidate had a Ph.D (even if it was from the most random university in world). Do some background research before rejoicing.

The problem was that there were not many people who had cleared the NET or had a Ph.D and wanted to teach at the law schools. To make things worse, even the NLUs started adopting the API score based system of evaluation for hiring people - this is a pathetic system which places emphasis on quantity over quality (i.e. someone who has shitty publications in some random journal can gather more points that someone with a publication even in Harvard Law Review). What needs to go is the UGC approach to hiring people.
Reply Report to LI
Like +5 Object -1 Bhavna N. 29 Nov 18, 10:39
This will not help law school too much. The so-called benefit is just for PhD holders, not LLM holders and how many foreign PhD holders actually come back and join Indian universities much less law schools? At the Top 3 law schools (NLSIU, NALSAR and NLUDelhi) there will be hardly 5 of them in total with PhD from a top 500 university. The deserving ones dont even need this benefit (Mrinal, Aparna, Anoop, Rahul Singh) as the law schools have already given them jobs long before this news.
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Like +3 Object -0 Guest 30 Nov 18, 13:33
You call this a protest? Strikes, boycotts and marches are protests, not this Twitter bullshit. Anyway, the EC will approve it next week, with the seal of the new VC. The SJA is clueless as usual.
Reply Report to LI
Like +6 Object -0 Reporter 30 Nov 18, 18:39  interesting
VC application deadline officially over. Law Minister and govt already picked their own candidate. Sham selection decision tomorrow. EC approval few days later, first day in office 1 January. Meanwhile, various TMC people being lined up to join the EC.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -4 Guest 30 Nov 18, 20:53
Decision isn't being taken tomorrow. The next EC meeting is a couple of weeks away at least. Stop spreading fake news.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 Reporter 02 Dec 18, 09:17
Not fake news, buddy. The decision has indeed been made through a sham process. A person from Bengal with pro-TMC leanings has been selected, and will be chosen even if there are more qualified candidates. The government knows very well that the good candidates will not challenge the appointment if they are looked over, as it is demeaning for them to do so, plus a big hassle to litigate in the Calcutta HC for those from outside the state. Moreover, going strictly by seniority, the decision is probably right.

Of course, the SJA anticipated this and released a statement (reported by LI) but we all know that the SJA is not then seriously.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Guest 01 Dec 18, 15:16
Time is running out for both NLSIU and NUJS. Unless students and alumni unite and approach the SC, the domicile quota will come into effect for both colleges in a matter of weeks. Both the Kumaraswamy and Mamata governments are determined do this before the 2019 elections. Rao and the next NUJS VC are unlikely to oppose it. In Karnataka, it was actually the Congress which introduced the bill (seeking 30% reservation) and the BJP demanded that it be hiked to 50%, which was implemented. Thus, no political party will help the students. Only the SC can help.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 Guest 01 Dec 18, 18:03
On what legal ground is SC supposed to prevent the legislative amendments from taking place exactly? For the last time, these universities are created by state legislation, state has all the legal right to amend those and create domicile reservation if it wants to. Unless the central government gives them INI tag and changes their nature in some manner, the judiciary is not in a position to stop this. In fact, there are several precedents of the judiciary having approved domicile reservation in state universities, which is what the NLUs are at present, like it or not.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 zoxa 02 Dec 18, 12:08
NLSIU and other universities with CJI as Chancellor have to jointly approach the SC and seek a temporary stay until 2020, arguing that the CJI must first approve it. Then, backchannel efforts need to happen. NUJS can't fight a lone battle if other NLUs don't join.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -1 Guest 02 Dec 18, 09:24
This is just in. The state government has apparently communicated to the search comm that SS Chatterjee is their preferred candidate for VC. He's a CU professor and been its dean. He and CM are close too. Which probably explains why he pipped MKS and NKC at the last moment.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -2 Spy 02 Dec 18, 12:03
Background info on SSC:

1. Was allegedly probed for misconduct along with NKC (according to the Telegraph):

2. Currently principal of a small private law college in Kolkata (Heritage Law College):

3. Was found to have acted in contempt of court by the Calcutta High Court regarding admissions. The then Chief Justice had observed: "The appellant ought to consider himself lucky that in addition to cost, fine or other penalty was not impose on him by the learned Single Judge by way of punishment."

DISCLAIMER: I cannot comment on the veracity of third party links.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -1 Guest 02 Dec 18, 14:52
The application procedure for the NUJS VC can be challenged. The advertisement was copied from a similar one for IGNOU. However, the IGNOU application (and all other university applications) ask for a list of publications with citations, fellowships received etc (all links below). Thus NUJS advertisement just asks for a CV, without specifying what should go into the CV. The candidate has been decided through an arbitrary process. However, before Justice Mishra and the EC rubber-stamp their approval, a last-minute intervention by the SJA is possible.
Reply Report to LI
Like +6 Object -0 Watcherr 02 Dec 18, 17:02  interesting
LOLZ to the keyboard warriors of the SJA. It would have been better if they had kept PIB since he was the only one they would have been able to scare. They are learning now that playing the same game with learned Advocate General and Hon'ble Law Minister is quite different.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -1 Guest 02 Dec 18, 18:32
True, the people who actually wield power do not give a damn about the temper tantrums thrown by these immature kids. It's been almost two weeks since they have come to know of the Bill, which is an Act now. Has there been a single strike/demonstration apart from that pathetic SOS thing on Nov. 26? Things are going along just as usual. We all know the actual power that the SJA wields which is less than nothing at this point. Lord Taluk may still be humouring them on small and insignificant issues like attendance and repeat exams, but he has not yielded an inch where it matters so far. No credit course, no faculty recruitment, no review commission reforms, no NIRF/NAAC, no new Registrar, no punishment given to those who did all those scams and cover-ups. The SJA haven't even been shown the list of applicants for Registrar position yet though it's been over a month.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 star 03 Dec 18, 09:20
Totally agree. It is an ACT, not a BILL. Only the NLSIU law is a BILL, which is currently being resisted by the students. Here, the SJA will not do anything beyond meaningless Twitter protests. NOTHING will happen, a puppet VC has already been selected, and the SJA will accept the Act. Forget a judicial challenge, even a student and alumni petition to the Chancellor has not been prepared.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 Guest 03 Dec 18, 09:26
ATTN SJA: Luckily for NUJS, the deadline for NIRF submission has been extended till the end of this week. The placement data for 2018 means NUJS has a good shot at improving its rank, so please prod the admin to submit the data. Do something useful for a change! According to the methodology, 20% is devoted to Graduate Outcomes.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Guest 03 Dec 18, 11:20
Not only does admin not have the data ready, chances of it getting ready within this time is less than non-existent.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Guest 03 Dec 18, 12:25
I disagree. Much of the stuff can be copy-pasted from last year. The only data that needs to be updated is placements, which the students have. Stuff like faculty achievements (publications, consultancies, fellowships) or corporate/government grants (research chairs, endowments, scholarships etc) don't need a lot of updating, as there is little activity happening.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Guest 03 Dec 18, 12:51
NIRF asks for year-specific data. So if there really is little happening on any front other than placement, won't it be a better move to sit this one out rather than apply and get an even lower rank? As someone said, placements account for only 20%.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Guest 03 Dec 18, 13:38
No. Because if you see the methodology NUJS was under-rated in placements and Jamia, NLUD, NLUJ and NASLAR over-rated last year (all ranked ahead of NUJS). Surely Jamia and NLUJ can be overtaken.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Guest 03 Dec 18, 11:19
I request everyone to please be patient. Action is being planned across NLUs. As for media coverage, the media rights now is busy with assembly elections. The results will be out on 11th, developments will be discussed till 15th or so, and then it is an opportune time to raise the issue in public.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 Angry AF 03 Dec 18, 14:01
We specifically submitted to the selection committee that the next VC should have experience at an NLU/top university and not be from a private university. Yet, the top shortlisted candidates included two people heading private law colleges, and two others from a poorly regarded university in Bengal (famous for awarding Rather Particular PhDs). We have nothing against Bengalis, e.g. NL Mitra was the second VC of NLSIU and founded NLUJ. But we have a big problem when you select Bengalis with poor qualifications just because they are going to serve the narrow agenda of a regional political party.
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -0 Guest 03 Dec 18, 17:04
Clearly the selection committee didn't care for your views. Puts you onto your right place too, doesn't it?
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Fresher 123 03 Dec 18, 16:31
Several messages are being sent on Whats App saying SS Chatterjee (Director of Heritage Law College, Kolkata) has been selected as the VC of NUJS. Can LI confirm whether this is true? If this is true, I think we should be told the following:

1) Who else applied?
2) Why was his research record/publications, admin experience and overall standing considered superior?
3) Was the article in the Telegraph with certain adverse information considered?

To follow up on point 2, I did some research and found the following:

1) On JSTOR (which stores foreign journals + Indian journals like EPW and JILI) I could not find any results for S S Chatterjee, except a science researcher by the same name.

2) On Hein Online (which stores all top foreign journals, as well as leading journals of NLUs), I found many articles authored by people with the surname Chatterjee, but none by SS Chatterjee.

3) Similar, I searched Westlaw and could not find anything.

4) Finally, Google Books and Google Scholar also draws a blank.

If my search was incorrect and someone can correct me, then I apologise in advance.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 Guest 03 Dec 18, 17:05
His books have been published by Kamal Law House. You are expecting his articles to be cited on Hein and Jstor?
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 Fresher 1232 03 Dec 18, 18:05
I just searched the website of Kamal Law House, but even there only books by other Chatterjees show up.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 03 Dec 18, 19:38
This is his CV apparently.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 03 Dec 18, 20:33
Thanks for sharing. Hilarious! Of course, the outcome was known all along. The govt and EC knew that the SJA can be easily fooled. Game, set and match to the govt and EC. Well played.
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Like +2 Object -1 Guest 03 Dec 18, 18:01
Absolutely unacceptable if the rumour circulating is true. A strike and class boycott must be called. If the person does not leave voluntarily (as happened with PIB at CNLU) then the appointment can be challenged.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 03 Dec 18, 19:37
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 03 Dec 18, 20:35
TOI report on High Court petition against SSC: "the ruling Trinamool, in its bid to bring the PSC under its grip, has appointed former North Bengal University vice-chancellor S S Chatterjee as the PSC board chairman."
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 04 Dec 18, 04:03
To anyone who thinks PIB was better, please remember that it was he who actually started to politics the NUJS EC/GC and get TMC people in, to safeguard his position. In the Menon-Chimni-Singh years, very eminent lawyers and educationists were on the EC/GC.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 04 Dec 18, 09:29
NLIU: Students vetoed the appointment of an under-qualified VC and got Vijaykumar appointed instead:

CNLU: Students successfully got PIB's appointment reversed through protests

NUJS: Will the students have the same resolve?
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Like +0 Object -0 Reporter 04 Dec 18, 10:07
A few days ago, I posted a comment (based on a source) saying that the VC candidate was decided on 30 Nov and it is a person close to the TMC. My source now tells me that the decision has now been endorsed by the search committee and the Chancellor in writing. A few days from now, a meeting will be held where a formal resolution will be passed. In fact, this person will be attending the meeting and formally welcomed as the new VC. Same with the Registrar's appointment.

At the meeting, not only will the domicile quota Act be implemented, but a resolution will be passed to open a new branch of NUJS in Asansol (the constituency of the law minister). For the remainder of the month, a plan will be made to fill in faculty and staff vacancies with TMC people. An advertisement will be issued and selections completed by the end of January.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 04 Dec 18, 14:49
Some of this I've also got to know from another source. Not all of it though. This was quite enlightening. I have also heard that government people are keeping a close watch on those at NUJS including students. In case the protests there escalate, strong measures are also being planned against those who support or carry out the protests.
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Like +0 Object -0 Save NUJS 04 Dec 18, 16:07
Apparently a Bengali news channel has announced the news in a news ticker, while people are saying that he will assume charge on Monday itself. There are court judgements striking down academic appointments on the basis of arbitrariness in procedure, and even without litigation the students were able to veto the VC appointments at NLIU and CNLU. However, we first need to know who else applied. In the present case, these questions would be relevant:

1. Should the advertisement have laid down better criteria? For example, the GNLU advertisement is also quite brief, but it still uses the following terms: "published works of high quality", "highest levels of competence, integrity and morals", "letter of recommendations" needed.

2. Should the search committee have asked applicants to disclose past misconduct and litigation faced?

3.Should the search committee have asked for a list of publications and assessed weightage according to the repute of the publication?

4. Should the search committee have interviewed all candidates?

5. Should the search committee have considered the SJA submission?

6. All advertisements ask for a soft copy and hard copy. Why were only hard copies asked for by post? For example, this makes it difficult to annex all your journal publications.

7. Lastly, was the manner in which the search committee constituted unlawful, as there was no academician in the list and a TMC man was removed after student intervention?
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Like +0 Object -0 Breaking Bad 05 Dec 18, 00:01
Why are we acting very surprised with the turn of events? Strongly recommend that screengrabs et al be done because these links may vanish.

If the Education Minister and CM have these histories, any surprise why SS Chatterjee is the pick? (scroll down for a gem on CM)

Why Rather Particular or anyone Sensible can be complacent about plagiarism?

Diversity, that too sexual, what's that? Coming up culture police on campus.

Previous attempts to draft in regime friendly folks in the GC, EC and AC -

And the new round of apparatchiks begins with -

Not to forget our dear Lord Taluk, apparatchik-in-chief. Seriously believe that he or Registrar "did not know" about the Amendments? We believe him. What does he intend to do beyond the obvious?

The government does not have money but will litigate for years. As does NUJS by bleeding students dry. IOUs being settled at our expense?

Have a spine? Look elsewhere

"Cooked up" charges against Stars of Bengal - SS Chatterjee and NKC

Of course they want to occupy NUJS and peddle student admissions, faculty and staff recruitments, construction tenders et al. Do we let them? CNLU, NLIU and HNLU students stood firm. Why aren't we having our own #OccupyNUJS?
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 05 Dec 18, 08:33
These are great links, thanks for sharing. To this, we can add the Indian Kanoon link shared earlier, convicting SSC for contempt of court. The SJA made a massive mistake by placing trust in the admin and the EC (which Bhat filled in with TMC people). A lockdown protest like at NLIU and HNLU is the only way out (not the one-day bullshit protest that happened against PIB). It will be of great help if other NLUs, especially NLSIU can join in and make it a larger #NationaliseNLUs protest. Only this will attract attention from the government/SC/legal community/media. NLSIU has a vested interest too, as their domicile quota may be activated before the 2019 elections.

The official announcement regarding SSC will be made this week and he will start next week, so there is very little time.
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 05 Dec 18, 12:23
If we do a law school ranking based on which law school has done the best and most effective protest, this is how it would look:

1. NALSAR (against Veer Singh)
2. HNLU (against Sukhpal)
3. NLIU (against SSS)
4. NLU Ranchi (against Nirmal)
5. NUJS (against Bhat)
6. CNLU (against Lakshminath)
7.NLU Guwahati (against VKS)
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Like +0 Object -0 #OccupyNUJS 05 Dec 18, 12:46
Yes, time is running out. Another blow is in the offing in the next EC whenever they call one. I am sure as with the last EC, this one will also be scheduled when students are vacating the campus or have left already. That's what has been happening under Lord Taluk. EC, AC etc are held when students are busy with exams et al. The VC and Registrar are political appointees and need to go.

Assuming that they did not know about the Bill, what have they done about it? Have they convened a faculty meeting or a joint meeting with the students to discuss this sudden move by the Govt. This means that at the very least they support the amendment. That makes sense. I have heard strong rumours concerning the nativist and sexist thinking and views of both the VC and Registrar and Justice League as well.

Lord Taluk and Registrar need to be ousted. I am sure they consider themselves invincible having bested SJA and students thus far. Whether the amendment is reversed, put on hold but nothing good can happen to this university while these two political collaborators continue in their present stations. We need to expose how Lord Taluk and his team have methodically destroyed our university. We have become a joke.

#OmitTalukdar #SikhaSentPacking
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 05 Dec 18, 13:08
Next ec meeting will happn on Dec 22.
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Like +0 Object -1 Correspondent 05 Dec 18, 13:54
Many have commented here that PIB was a lesser evil and SJA should not have ousted him. The reality is that SJA power is overstated. Was there a big value addition in 2018 petitions to what was submitted against PIB in 2016? The entire EC backed him for a second term then. PIB left because the state faction in the EC wanted him out. He had failed to deliver. They had Lord Taluk installed and he delivered. The university is in a great spot now for political takeover.

We all know that the VC selection is a farce. So why should things be different for Registrar, AO and FO positions? We are likely to see this Registrar continue and regime supporters becoming AO and FO. Please note that the VC and Registrar play key roles in the selection of AO, FO and other admin positions.

So even if by some miracle Lord Taluk were to actually leave (are we sure he will not be retained through Chair position or something else? I mean he has been so useful to this Govt as SAT chairperson; then as VC; surely elsewhere as well) and due to student intervention we get MKS or some "outsider" the triad of Registrar, AO and FO will ensure that person runs away or breaks bread with them.

This means that at a minimum we need make these two apparatchiks leave. They along with select faculty have ensured that no good soul ever applies here for VC. Faculty recruitments in future will also be a farce if this set up continues.

@Guest not sure what methodology you used for the ranking but I agree NALSAR got the best deal after protesting against VS. They got FM and I am sure it is not all rosy but NALSAR is doing great under FM.

At NLIU, the students were almost done in. If they didn't have the RMLNLU data sheet I doubt they could have done much. The state couldn't have pressed on after that exposure. It is still early days for VK.

HNLU should be commended for standing firm despite the SC order and active state support for Dukhpal. But the jury is still out on whether their interim VC will do a Lord Taluk and what will the HC do then? After dispatching Dukhpal what else has been happening?

I would rate NUJS, HNLU and CNLU in the same bracket because they all have former HC judges who have been installed by the state as interim VCs and none have shown (early days for HNLU) any serious intent to clean up and have a fair, transparent VC selection.

NLU Assam got a new VC but nothing much thereafter. And NLU Ranchi should be at the bottom because while the students ousted BC Nirmal they have been suffering a Judicial Officer (not retired HC judge) for the longest period; students faced police action and threats of charges et al.

NLU Ranchi is a cautionary tale for all NLUs but especially NUJS. You missed RMLNLU
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Like +0 Object -0 Breaking Bad 05 Dec 18, 16:44

CJI Gogoi put it right - the Calcutta High Court is in deep slumber. This court over the last few hours has seen either local ACJs being made CJs because they would retire soon or judges from other states being allowed to retire as ACJs.

All the local ACJs who became CJs are regime friendly judges. The first became SHRC Chairperson (is also on NUJS GC) on retirement. SHRC Chair is a sensitive position and remained vacant even since Justice Ashok Ganguly had to resign due to SH charges. The more recently retired CJ is a known regime suck up. Even tried to get his brother elevated to Calcutta HC. And the latest (also on our EC and VC search committee) has begun to realise the benefits of grass being Greener on the other side.

The CJI anguish also tells a great deal about other gems - two judicial officers (both recently elevated to the Calcutta HC)- one in the EC and the other who was till recently yet another Registrar (Acting) at NUJS. If they are such sloths and yet get elevated to the Bench, can we not assume political favours being traded?

I support #OccupyNUJS #OmitTalukdar #SikhaSentPacking. Down with #(In)JusticeTalukdar
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Like +8 Object -0 Gowrakshak 05 Dec 18, 18:24  interesting
It is strange that on one hand students are agitating against the NUJS Amendment Act but on the other hand they are sweetly playing faculty / students cricket match with the same jokers in the faculty who conspired with the W.B. Govt. to pass the domicile quota at NUJS. These two-faced evils should be shamed by a dharna and posters.
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Like +2 Object -0 Sports Com member 05 Dec 18, 19:43
What, do that and let go of last minute attendances, inflated grades, flowery reco letters and get-out-of plagiarism charges cards? What are we, stupid?
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 05 Dec 18, 20:15
Your mail assumes that: a) there is unanimity within the student body, and b) that students wish for meritocratic faculty, instead of mediocre faculty who gift marks. Both assumptions are wrong.
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Like +1 Object -2 Armchair Advisor 06 Dec 18, 06:47
One way to fight the government is if:

1. The students can officially confirm all the applicants.
2. Then, write to the Chancellor, EC and GC explaining who has the best CV and why.
3. Then, this submission gets "leaked" to LI and Bar & Bench.
4. Then, the mainstream newspapers pick up the story.

If a sham VC is still appointed, these developments will make it easier to argue that the process was arbitrary and the submission of the students should have been considered.

And if the students are completely ignored and a lockout like NLIU/HNLU happens, the following could be requested by the students to mediate:

1. Madhava Menon, MP Singh. Mohan Gopal.

2. Serving judges: Justice Dipankar Datta (known critic of government), Justice Joymalya Bagchi (convicted SSC of contempt), Justice PP Banerjee (already ruled against NUJS and is aware of state of affairs), and any other HC judge who is not a judicial service promotee or approaching retirement soon.

3. Two immediate former AGs, who are very respected senior lawyers and not biased like the present guy (Anindya Mitra and Jayanta Mitra, the latter is also charing the HC Bar Library Club and is familiar with issues at NUJS).

4. Justice Ruma Pal

5. A leading SC/HC lawyer. Someone like Vikramjit Banerji (who was once an assistant professor at NUJS) would be ideal. Other top lawyers from Bengal are Madhavi Diwan, Gourab Banerji, Debal Banerji, SN Mookherjee and Sudipto Sircar.

6. The newly appointed Director of IIM Cal (who is an ex officio member anyway). As she has a tenured positioning the US, she does not need to appease anyone in India (certainly not the Trinamul Congress).’s-message
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Like +2 Object -1 Guest 06 Dec 18, 10:03
You keep throwing these names out over and over again. There's absolutely no reason why these people should lift a single finger to help students of NUJS. Over the past few years, the student community has not endeared itself to people outside and have projected quite an unattractive impression of themselves as an entitled lot. The only goodwill left is because of alumni mostly and those people don't really care much about what happens at the alma mater anymore barring the occasional disapproval exhibited at the bad press. So none of the people mentioned would try to mediate or anything of the sort. The students are not going to go for an all-out strike either anymore. These are just token opposition being displayed. The new VC will take charge soon, appoint a new registrar from among a group of state-sympathisers and things will go along just as they are doing now. So long as attendance and repeat examinations and pass marks are being provided, the bulk of the GB cannot be stoked into showing any form of protest. The SJA has little strategic or tactical sense either how to fight battles with seasoned politicians and will keep getting played just as it has been throughout this year.
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Like +5 Object -2 Guest 06 Dec 18, 08:35
[Image removed - appeared to be trolling fake news]
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Like +4 Object -0 Guest 06 Dec 18, 10:05
Must be one of the cricket-playing faculty members who made such atrocious claims. Well, the students keep tolerating all these jokers for their own ulterior motives, what's one joker more or less?
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 06 Dec 18, 10:37
Where has this been published exactly?
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Like +1 Object -1 Guest 06 Dec 18, 19:04
In an alarming decision, Justice T Chakrabaorty of the Calcutta High Court has just denied Amit Shah permission to carry out a rally in Bengal. The AG Kishore Dutta represented the government. The counsel for the BJP was Mr Anindya Mitra, ex-AG. The BJP has said that they will challenge the decision before the division bench and expect to get it overruled . Read between the lines, and you will find information relevant to the situation at NUJS --- who the students can/cannot expect support from.
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Like +4 Object -1 Guest 06 Dec 18, 19:46
Why is the decision alarming? That blight in the name of a human being shouldn't be allowed to venture anywhere near the state. He only brings division, death and destruction wherever he goes anyway.
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Like +0 Object -0 GNLU chatra 07 Dec 18, 16:17
Agreed. These 'rath yatras' do nothing but spread disharmony and disturb the peace.
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 07 Dec 18, 09:56
Law minister RS Prasad and HRD minister Javadekar are responsible for not granting INI status to NLUs and making them like IITs. These two clowns have not uttered a word on the various NLU protests,
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 08 Dec 18, 08:58
Very interesting news: Media is reporting today that DU and IIT KGP will get Eminence status. Both of them have 3 year LLB law schools. As each Eminence university will get 1,000 crores, this means that at least 30 to 50 crores of funding + complete autonomy in faculty hiring and syllabus framing is going to these minor 3 year law schools. Meanwhile, the flagship 5 year NLUs have zero funding, limited autonomy, and are being burdened with quotas. In the case of IIT, their law school just has 50 students a batch and it is an IP law degree open to those with BTech degrees, so not even an inclusive law school like DU. This will surely energise the #NationaliseNLUs protest.
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Like +3 Object -1 calm down and think 09 Dec 18, 08:14
dear friend. NLUs are nothing more than undergraduate focused teaching institutions that grant degrees and hence is a university.
The academic output of these institutions are quire poor and mostly below average (i agree that some of them, like NLUD is doing a better job).

Institutes of eminence is a tag meant for universities proper - with multiple departments and a significant amount of research output. The NLUs perform poorly on both of these metrics. There is also a problem of lack of diversification in academic pursuits. There is only law and more law. There are some social science teachers - but no capable social scientist prefers to work at an NLU (they prefer to work at places where their discipline gets more focus and respect. A consequence is that some poor quality or second grade persons are available at NLUs for social sciences. This then impacts any possibility of meaningful research or academic contributions that they can give.

Yes, NLU Graduates are good and they do well professionally - but that does not make it deserve an Institute of Eminence Tag. There has to be much more of serious research output for that to happen. Please note that the IITS or DU are not getting the IOE because they have placements - its primarily because of tier research output. the idea of developing IOE framework was to promote some Universities and help them break into global rankings. Single department universities like the NLUs wont make it to those lists and hence there is no point in spending IOE money on them.

I see no point in arguing for an IOE tag for NLUs. let us be more reasonable and press for some special package or some special assistance. that makes more sense.
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Like +1 Object -3 Guest 09 Dec 18, 14:03
Actually, not a single IIT has been shortlisted for the IOE even this time around. Nor has places like JNU, which does produce considerable amount of good quality research in social sciences etc. Jindal has been among the private ones, though one wonders what is the actual research output they have had exhibited so far. The whole concept of IOE is flawed. One needs to focus on universities which have potential but can't do well because of funds instead of spending funds on institutes already doing well. And the 'greenfield' idea is nothing but laughable nepotism, giving crony capitalism one of its finest crowning moments.
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Like +3 Object -0 Guest 10 Dec 18, 09:24
You are wrong. The IOE committee had originally recommended 8 public universities, including 5 IITs. Only 3 were granted the status. Now they have recommended a further 7 public universities. No IITs are mentioned in these 7, but that's because they already recommended the top 5 IITs before. Thus, a total of 15 public and 15 private have now been recommended.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 09 Dec 18, 16:15
Not IOE but at least INI status must be given. Furthermore, just as NIFT is governed by the ministry of textiles, NLUs must be governed by the law ministry. This will lead to an organised system of judicial clerkships and synchronisation with the proposed Indian Judicial Service. Remember also that IOE status is not just about money but independence from government regulation. More than material comforts this is what the #NationaliseNLUs movement wants.
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Like +0 Object -0 GNLU chatra 10 Dec 18, 11:25
I sure hope so.
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Like +4 Object -0 Guest 08 Dec 18, 17:58
Justice AK Ganguly is the one high-level, anti-Mamata person who could have spoken out, but the foolish SJA protested and humiliated him and threw him out of NUJS (at the behest of an academician who is more interested in publicity than teaching). I am not defending what the SH incident, but compare with what happened with another judge, who was protected by the court and today visits law schools and gives lectures freely.
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Like +1 Object -0 samuell 09 Dec 18, 16:29
Check this out guys. The Institutes of Eminence Committee has recommended a separate tag of "Institute of Excellence" for some specialised colleges that applied for Institutes of Eminence status but are not big enough to deserve it. These are IIM, ISI, TISS, ICT and ICAR. But the committee missed out NLUs because no NLU applied to the committee for IOE status.
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Like +3 Object -0 Guest 09 Dec 18, 21:58
The SJA had an issue with PIB for having suppressed the Review Commission Report for around 4 months. Which they were right to have found problematic. But it has been 11 months now since SJA has had access to the report. So far, not even a single recommendation made in that report has been implemented. Not even the ridiculously easy ones including the internal academic reforms. The AC, EC and people in charge are just sitting on the recommendations and having meeting after meeting without any real step forward. But the SJA is no longer showing any agitation, nor discussing with the GB about strict steps forward. First they thought the interim admin will take steps, now they think the new admin will wield the magic wand. Not sure whether they are simply being impossibly naive or just plain stupid. This clearly shows that the agenda was only to remove PIB whose continuing presence the state was not in favour of, rather than to actually improve the conditions of the institution. If not, the SJA should simply have the guts to tell Lord Taluk to implement the recommendations that are within his power even as an interim VC or else leave to enjoy his judicial pension in peace in his dotage. These student reps are just pawns of the people playing their own power games!
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 10 Dec 18, 13:41
There will be a shitstorm if JGLS finally gets IOE status. It will mean that the government is denying freedom from the UGC and other autonomy to NLUs but giving it to a private law school for the rich.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 10 Dec 18, 16:27
It seems that one of the people being discussed here has published in a journal by a publisher listed as a predatory publisher. The article was "co-authored" with a PhD student.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 12 Dec 18, 22:02
With Modi govt being humbled in the election and 2 months left for the election, this is a perfect time to demand INI status for NLUs.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 12 Dec 18, 23:07
Why does the Wikipedia page of NUJS mention Amit TAIMUR as the VC? There are also many other mistakes and outdated info on the page. A bad website and a bad Wikipedia page do not convey a good impression of the college.
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Like +1 Object -0 #AmitTaimurLame 13 Dec 18, 10:44
Well said. Amit Taimur. This is better than whoever gave him the moniker Lord Taluk or Lord Justice. And he is definitely Amit Taimur the Lame for the lame excuses he keeps making and not because of any injuries (he has none and he is Teflon coated by the AG). He will beg to differ though and state the (false) injuries that have been caused to him by us.

An illustrative list of Taimur's lame excuses -

1. He is not here by choice (but chooses to stay on and destroy NUJS)

2. He can resign and leave anytime (but hasn't because his assigned mission is yet to be completed. Dec 22 is the D-day).

3. He is saving us tons of money (pray how? - not taking remuneration?)

4. He is an old man sent here to make NUJS (a) great (joke)

5. He didn't know about NUJS amendment Bill (killer deadpan lie)
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 13 Dec 18, 11:27
I can't understand why the list of VC applicants can't be shared. It is not confidential information. If NLIU students could get it why not NUJS? If the list is shared we can immediately determine who has a better CV in terms of admin experience or scholarship, as well as who has faced disciplinary inquiries and/or court convictions.

We just know from hearsay that the following have applied:

1 .SSC (govt first choice favourite)
2. NKC (govt second choice favourite)
3. 3 from North Bengal (govt dark horse favourites)
4. MKS (best CV of the lot, but govt will oppose)

If this was Jadavpur University they would just lock up the VC in his office until the info was shared.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 13 Dec 18, 19:56
Because the SJA are too chicken to demand it.
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 14 Dec 18, 17:08
SJA ex president has written an article in the Wire against Talukdar
Reply Report to LI
Like +4 Object -0 Guest 14 Dec 18, 17:47
Kian may censor this again, but this same guy had given Talukdar a glowing welcome in writing, calling him a breath of fresh air. He is like a vintage politician, knows which camp to choose depending on which way the wind is blowing. At least part of NUJS' current problems are because of him and the ham-handed way he encouraged students to rejoice openly at PIB's shift to CNLU and later making him resign immediately without any successor.
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Like +1 Object -0 Correct 14 Dec 18, 23:48
Spot on, my friend. But then, why isn't the present SJA prez being more assertive against Talukdar and the EC?
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 #OccupyNUJS 14 Dec 18, 19:02
Sure he may have been effusive but why single him out or SJA? I am sure many in the GB expected Lord Taluk to clean up the mess quickly. That he had a hidden agenda and was going to act as a political agent was really not expected. But once he was exposed what have we as GB demanded from SJA? We don't even take GB meetings seriously. There are limitations to what the SJA can do and we cannot forget that last time the state was keen to throw out PIB. But now they want Taluk to remain and ensure a smooth handover to another political lackey.

Forget SJA. Will the GB actually stay back till Dec 22 and enforce #OccupyNUJS? Everyone wants freedom, autonomy et al. But how many of us are willing to pay the price? Why haven't we publicly called out the SJA faculty advisors? What have they done to help us?
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 14 Dec 18, 20:08
The [...] faculty advisor has apparently gone to the law minister and pledged his support for domicile quota, government deciding entry and fees, additional campuses and everything else if only the minister helps him get rid of his tormentors belonging to the other faction.
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Like +0 Object -1 Guest 14 Dec 18, 23:46
In 2013, over 400 alumni had signed a petition against PIB to the Chancellor, at the request of the SJA.

The SJA chose not to submit the petition in the end (BIG MISTAKE) but at least they took the initiative of reaching out to alumni. I can't understand why the present SJA is not even bothering to contact alumni and ask them to sign a petition. It will be too late by the time the EC approves the domicile quota and puppet VC.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 15 Dec 18, 12:57
Both are happening one week from now, on 22nd. The new VC will probably approve the Asansol campus too shortly and allow the domiciled candidates to be taken in via 12th marks that makes tinkering by the state even easier. One gets to hear occasional disturbing things about even another elite NLU like NLUD about the occasional student intake every year. That's the problem with a standalone entry process instead of an all-India one, you cannot completely discount state/local interference.
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Like +0 Object -0 O 15 Dec 18, 13:54
What do you mean "probably"? Everything has been decided: puppet VC and Registrar, domicile quota, faculty from local colleges etc. It os just a formality. The name of the new VC has already been mentioned here.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 14 Dec 18, 23:50
The problem of a stooge VC taking over is very worrying, because several other NLUs either have vacancies or will have them soon. The good candidates may head to these NLUs right away or bide time till 2020, instead of coming to NUJS. The advertisement for the new VC should have been challenged right away for vagueness in language and for ignoring the student representation.
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