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Crafty WB gov’t attacks NUJS constitution: 30% state quota bill tabled today, could make CLAT optional

NUJS bill threatens NUJS very nature, fear students, facultyNUJS bill threatens NUJS very nature, fear students, faculty

The West Bengal state government is in the process of quietly pushing through a bill that would triple NUJS Kolkata’s domicile reservation, taking advantage of the power vacuum at the top of the institution presided over by its appointee and acting vice chancellor (VC) Amit Talukdar, following the student-led ouster of previous VC Prof Ishwara Bhat eight months ago.

The West Bengal (WB) government, through the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences Bill 2018 tabled today (see copy below), is proposing to reserve 30% seats at NUJS for West Bengal-domiciled students, bring determination of student fees under its control, and relax the entrance criteria for the law school.

The bill is scheduled for a 45-minute discussion in the state legislative assembly session today but it had not been opened for public opinion, according to student and faculty sources within NUJS who said they were first made aware of the scheduled discussion through a paragraph buried in another PTI article.

In an email sent to current students by the Student Juridicial Association (SJA) yesterday sharing the bill, the SJA called the development a “crisis”, noting:

Such abrupt and out of the blue introduction of the amendment without any discussion or information with or to the stakeholders - including the faculty, administration and governing bodies, creates severe apprehensions about an attack on the national character and autonomy of the University. Furthermore, the bill also raises conjectures about a possible legislative over-riding of the University’s Executive Council’s decision last year rejecting the government’s proposal for creating two new campuses in Asansol and Siliguri.

While, at a such short notice, the possibility of forestalling the bill appears bleak - especially given the overwhelming majority the state government enjoys in the assembly (211/295), we will need to exercise all resources at our disposal in the upcoming days to mobilize support to maintain the national character, autonomy and integrity of the institution.

This is not WB’s first bite at the cherry to significantly widen NUJS’ intake from the state, which many alumni and teachers fear would significantly dilute the quality of the institution.

Now, in the long and unproductive interregnum created by Talukdar since Bhat’s resignation in March 2018, the state seems to finally be having its cake, and without an effective VC in charge to oppose to plan, it may end up eating it too.

We have reached out to Talukdar for comment by phone and message yesterday.

West Bengal law minister Moloy Ghatak and judicial secretary Bibek Choudhuri, who are also members of the NUJS executive council (EC), had first introduced the amendment bill while Bhat was VC.

In 2016, when Bhat was facing an uncertain extension of his tenure as VC by the state government, under the shadow of NUJS student protests and petitions against him, Bhat had at the last minute supported and tabled the state’s plan to double NUJS’ batch size from 125 to 250 seats and open two new campuses in Asansol and Siliguri. However, the NUJS executive council (EC) had eventually rejected this proposal.

Currently NUJS reserves 10 out of 125 seats for domicile quota students, which had only been introduced in 2015, apparently in exchange for the government sanctioning 3,000 square meter of land for its campus expansion.

NUJS takes admissions through the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT), but according tot the bill, admission would in future be possible either through CLAT or through marks obtained in the “qualifying exam”, which currently for national law schools is the 10+2 senior secondary board exam.

The EC is scheduled to meet on 1 December to shortlist VC candidates from the applications the VC search committee has received.

However, whatever NUJS’ next VC will inherit at NUJS, could end up looking less and less like the NUJS of yesterday, if the state government has its way.

The bill that could change NUJS’ natures

The relevant extract of the bill (see full copy below):

[Statement of Objects and Reasons:

It is considered necessary and expedient to amend the WBNUJS Act for the purpose of making provision, inter alia, of reservation of seats for the students domiciled in the state of West Bengal in order to make it consonance with the provisions of other National University Acts in force in other states.]


1. The tuition fees in the University shall be such as as may be determined by the state government from time to time.

2. The University shall allow free-ship in tuition fees to at least five per centum of their total strength to the students belonging to poor and economically backward classes.

3. The University shall compulsorily make provision for reservation of seats for the students domiciled in the state of West Bengal to the extent of at least thirty percent of the total intake in the University.


1. Admission of the student in the University shall be made on the basis of merit.

2. Merit for admission in the University may be determined either on the basis of marks or grade obtained in the qualifying examination or on the basis of marks of grade obtained in a relevant entrance examination conducted by the University or by Common Entrance Test conducted at the state or national level.]


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Like +15 Object -1 Senior 20 Nov 18, 11:35  interesting  top rated
This is ridiculous. The autonomy of NUJS is being slowly chipped away. Complete failure on the part of warring students and faculty to take notice of this bill and work towards building the institution. Is it true that certain faculty in an administrative position knew about this and did not inform students and others? Serious breach of trust!

What's more important now more than ever is to find a decent VC who will withstand this political attack in the coming years. Highly doubt that will happen too. God save NUJS.
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Like +9 Object -1 Rera 20 Nov 18, 12:49  interesting
Unless the students and faculty are speaking in one voice, there is little one can do without the other.

There has been constant attempt at both sides to portray the other as the cause for downfall of the university.

It's time they keep their differences and sadistic pleasures aside and actually try negotiating with the government using their combined bargaining power.
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Like +14 Object -0 RaGa 20 Nov 18, 12:54  interesting  top rated
I wonder how much a good VC can also do against an almighty state government.

This should be taken up at the national level.
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Like +5 Object -0 I 23 Nov 18, 07:41  interesting
None can stop/protest against Mamta sarkar.Ruthless she is against her opponents.
Still students of all nlus should unite,protest give a tough fight.
The message should be conveyed that nlus are for developing law studies in India not a political tool.
Nlus should be like IIMs,full autonomous institute,get out from their clutches
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Like +44 Object -3 Sad State 20 Nov 18, 11:48  interesting  top rated
State Govt got the opportunity to interfere in the working of the NUJS due to the blunder of the current SJA 2018-19. Due to their callous approach, State Govt appointed thier nominee in the search Committee. To delay the process of VC Selection, State Govt intentionally took 4 months to appoint their nominee. If the current SJA 2018-19 would have objected the illegality in the formation of 4 Members search committee in the month of June only. We had the golden opportunity to get the best VC for our College. The illegality of Search Committee was pointed out in the GB Meeting by the GB Member, otherwise SJA didn't even noticed till 4 month that the formation of the Search Committee was illegal.
The VC application timeline was also fixed by the state govt from 1st-30th November to implement thier plan to takeover the functioning of NUJS. They were aware that student will be busy in examinations during November. Hence, Law Minster got the opportunity to amend NUJS Act without any obstruction and he also increased chance of appointing State Govt favourable candidate as NUJS VC due to fewer candidates applying for VC Post.
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Like +9 Object -43 Alumni 20 Nov 18, 12:22  troll?  controversial
There's little that a student body in any institution can possibly do against the government. Even in politically charged universities like DU and JNU, students rarely get a chance to make their voices heard in the governing bodies.

Hence, it's a little unfair to blame the students here - that the state government came in taking advantage of the power vacuum created by the ouster of Ishwara Bhat.

Had Bhat been there, the situation would have been no different. He was the one who initiated the first 10 seats domicile. He also supported the two new campus proposal.

Moreover, the Search Committee is a hogwash anyway. With no real powers (selection is done by the Executive Council finally), the constitution of the committee hardly matters. Removal of Suparno Moitra was more of a symbolic but short lived victory. I doubt he could have been removed in June though. There was no EC meeting held after May, till September, where he was indeed removed after the SJA petition.
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Like +38 Object -0 Guest 2 20 Nov 18, 12:47  interesting  top rated
Sorry you are wrong, Kindly refer to these latest developments in JU & DU.

1.Under pressure from protesting students and revolt by a large section of teachers, Jadavpur University authorities on Tuesday decided to bring back the admission test system for admission to six under-graduate courses, but the vice-chancellor also announced that he would resign.


2.The Delhi government’s decision to stop grants to 28 Delhi University colleges sparked protests among groups of students and teachers


But the irony is, NUJS Professors were also hand in glove with the State Government for passing this draconian amendments in the NUJS Act.
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Like +20 Object -0 Sourya 21 Nov 18, 09:48  interesting  top rated
If you see the video of student goondagiri in March you can see many faculty members celebrating when Bhat's resignation is announced. These teachers are Shameek Sen, Arup Kumar Podar & Sreenivasulu. They even showcase V for Victory signs, clap and hoot frantically and give a speech saying they support democracy, students, state govt blah blah.

These are some of the most senior professors in NUJS. If they are complicit in creating a situation where such 30% domicile quota and inteference is introduced it speaks of the deeper issues inside NUJS.

The joke is that [...]

(KIAN - If you see the video (taken on phone) these professors are all clearly shown making speeches so please do not censor the comment. At a critical moment like this we need all the support)
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Like +0 Object -12 My View 21 Nov 18, 19:08
Slightly unfair to draw such inference about professors (including professors who have been ex-Alumni) based on mere video clip. Disclaimer: I did not have the oppurtunity to see the referred video-clip.
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Like +16 Object -0 Guest 21 Nov 18, 19:48  interesting  top rated
The inference has not been drawn based only on the video clip. It's just that the clip is the only solid evidence that can be reproduced to Kian's satisfaction. Anybody currently at NUJS can vouch for how these teachers have made themselves cosy with the current admin to their benefit.
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Like +3 Object -0 My View 22 Nov 18, 10:00
Thanks for sharing. Reach out to the Alumni, not by emails but by also calling them. Call up Ex-Presidents, Vice Presidents, Class Representatives and get numbers of influential alumni from them. They will have numbers of their batchmates. As a preliminary step, reach out to some of the (good) Kolkata based Alumnis, people who have seen the college from inception/ people who have been running their own law firms/ counsel practices. people who have the right acumen to guide and advise. I am sure they will be willing to guide, even if they dont want to come in the front, for understandable professional reasons. Being in Kolkata, they are going to be easily reachable. This is just a first step. Its just a suggestion my friends. And wishing you all the best.

Disclaimer: I have purposely avoided naming any Alumni here, as I dont want to jeopardise their professional careers. But any well informed person would know, which names I am indicating. Reach out to them at the earliest.
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Like +8 Object -3 Lutew 22 Nov 18, 10:50  interesting
No lawyer in High Court will jeorpodise his career by taking up such a useless writ unless he/she is totally jobless. Definitely no alumni, as you have rightfully stated. NUJS will have to be impleaded in the writ and Justice Amitava will not file any statement against the govt. Legal grounds for challenging this are very shaky and no mileage will be gained by being associated with such an unimportant issue.
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Like +4 Object -6 Guest 22 Nov 18, 12:09
Thank you, troll. Now crawl back inside your hole.
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Like +3 Object -0 How? 24 Nov 18, 06:14
Ex-alumni? How does one cease being an alumnus?
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Like +4 Object -0 Guesst 24 Nov 18, 14:59

Who are the NUJS professors hand in glove with the state government for passing this amendment? Name and shame them. We need to compile a list and share it online.
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -0 Guest 25 Nov 18, 11:03
Possibly Book Reviewer and Pop Singer, but the bigger priority for now is keeping an eye on the VC selection and thwarting the Trinamul Congress chelas tipped to get the job. By now, all those who are keen must have sent their applications. If no good CV has been received, the students should start reaching out to people. Even if someone has less than 10 years exp as professor, the criterion can be relaxed per the wording of the notification. If the applicant's academic qualifications and publications are vastly superior to those of experienced candidates, the appointment can be challenged. Placing 10 years exp above publication quality is arbitrary.
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 25 Nov 18, 11:25
Students haven't been shown even the names of the applicants for the registrar position yet, though the deadline for that was way back in October. Unlikely that they will be shown the applications for the VC position either until the EC takes a call based on the search committee's reco.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 25 Nov 18, 13:36
But names are made public for all universities. Should be done here as well. The VC appointment is absolutely crucial.
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Like +5 Object -2 K2k 25 Nov 18, 11:29
Haha! NUJS students should decide who should be the Chief Justice of India,who should be made judges of the high courts and supreme court . I guess they decided on who their principle was at the schools they have come from ; next thing we know for sure they will soon be selecting who their parents should be!
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Like +12 Object -10 Hot News 20 Nov 18, 12:46  controversial
Lol to whoever believes the re-constitution of the search committee was of any significance. The Law Minister in the meeting agreed to that proposal at a throwaway.

Students believing themselves to be omnipotent who can do anything against the state government are living in such delusion.

This time, not even a protest can save them.
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Like +13 Object -0 Guest 4 20 Nov 18, 20:58  interesting  top rated
The present SJA, which is now headed by president Arindum Nayak, commented: “Out of the four nominations to the search committee for the Vice Chancellor, we have received the nominees of the EC (advocate general), general council (high court chief justice) and the chancellor (Justice Arun Mishra). We’re awaiting the nomination from the state government.
[...] State Govt via backdoor got the opportunity to hijack the administration of NUJS through thier loyalist.

Reply Report to LI
Like +12 Object -11 Alumni 20 Nov 18, 12:30  controversial
It's high time the faculty also take the charge.

Blaming everything on 21 year old students and refusing to take the responsibility for the institution's continual down fall in the past 5 years, is not going to help anyone in the long run.

The reason NLSIU remains at the top despite all odds and a weak student body is because of the active involvement of the facility - especially a few chair professors.
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Like +12 Object -5 Lol 20 Nov 18, 13:35  interesting  controversial
NLSIU has a weak student body? Don't know if you have been there, but they have one of the strongest student bodies I have seen in any institution
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Like +16 Object -0 Current student 20 Nov 18, 13:10  interesting  top rated
we did nothing good by supporting the incompetent fools who were popular because they dolled out scam courses and scam marks. From what I gathered from some of the faculty members, some local faculty members who have now risen to prominence are fully supporting the government in this (while they pretend to the students that they are against it).

Whenever we asked any questions these faculty members kept stating that we should not exert pressure or else talkudar would leave. all these guys worked together to fool us.
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Like +11 Object -0 Law Minister 20 Nov 18, 13:31  interesting
Hahahaha. You people came begging to me for reduction in fees and scholarship and now I'm giving it to you in my own fashion.

Honestly, when the executive council and Lord taluk sat over demands for fee reduction and scholarship for months, can you blame me for taking some action on exchange for domicile seats?
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Like +19 Object -35 Kolkata lawyer 20 Nov 18, 13:46  controversial
1. This is going to be good for NUJS as the local bengali students crowd is way better than the cow belt ones irrespective of the clat scores where specialised coaching and mugging up has led to a cow belt influx to this prestigious university
2. The state which has spent the state resident taxpayer’s money to create and build the institution has every right to safeguard the rights of the very citizen whose money has been used to build the institution. Infact every NLU should have 50% domicile quota with the obvious rider that the state should invest money in those institutions. I am all for NLUs without domicile quota if the central government takes in charge but till then every State Government created university should cater to need of the State Domiviled students.
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -0 Noojie 20 Nov 18, 21:53
1. That is a problem with CLAT, and very little to do with the issue at hand.

2. Do you know how much funding the WB govt had given to NUJS when it started, and how much it was supposed to give? You should find out.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -2 Guest 21 Nov 18, 04:40
Troll. Please ignore
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 Huddi Baba 22 Nov 18, 00:35
What is this nonsense? By your logic Bengali students should then not dare to seek jobs in Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore (or anywhere outside Bengal for that matter).This is sooooo fucked up...
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -5 Kolkata lawyer 22 Nov 18, 10:55
@huddi baba please read my comment carefully. I said I am all for a national system for ALL NLUs where no NLU would have domiciled quota. However since other states are obviously creating domiciles for their own state citizens I see no reason why Bengal shouldn't do the same for its own citizens. In any case NUJS will still excel with this quota as Bengalis are far more superior than any of the Cow belt bhaiyas who somehow score well in clat but start spreading their filth as soon as their enter the college.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 MNS 22 Nov 18, 15:53
I second that!
Jai Maharashtra!
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Like +6 Object -2 Pi 20 Nov 18, 14:33
Beginning of the end :(
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Like +14 Object -2 Disaster 20 Nov 18, 14:39  interesting  top rated
Reposting my message from another thread (moderator, feel free to delete it from the other thread)

The SJA is to blame for this. PIB was driven out without a backup plan. He was heading out anyway. The protests should have continued unless concrete assurances were made. Alumni should have been consulted (like the first PIB protest engineered by Shamnad Basheer, where alumni got involved and signed the petition). Also, the acting VC was allowed to continue for 8 months. Academic standards were allowed to be diluted because of marks. Now the only option is to:

1. Copy Jadavpur University, which successfully protested against government interference and received front-page media support.
2. Request the NLSIU SBA for a letter of support, as NLSIU too has the CJI as Chancellor and is also in threat of having domicile reservation imposed.
3. Reach out to Madhav Menon, BS Chimni and MP Singh for support.
4. Also approach the Director of IIM Calcutta (ex officio member of GC) for support. Curiously, IIM too is in transition right now and has a new director in waiting, so everything was very well planned.
5. Reach out to the ex-AG and President of the Cal HC Bar Library Club (Jayanta Mitra) + sympathetic SC and Cal HC judges (not naming them here).
6. Petition the new CLAT body.
7. Get alumni involved.
8. Start a concerted media campaign.
9. Wage war against the Dark Lord and his cronies in the faculty. One of them plagiarised his PhD thesis and is liable to be sacked per the new UGC Plagiarism rules.
10. Finally, prepare for litigation.
Reply Report to LI
Like +7 Object -1 Guest 20 Nov 18, 14:42  interesting
Those drawing a comparison with the Jadavpur University incident, there are some crucial advantages they had, which are not applicable here:

1. Open support by the media
2. Renowned scholars supporting the students
3. Alumni association intervention
4. 100% student unity
5. Faculty joined student protests
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Like +1 Object -9 Guest 20 Nov 18, 14:56
I can understand that students and alumni will be upset, but it's good to think of compromise solutions. These could be:

a) 50% domicile reservation in LLM, MPhil and PhD, but spare the BALLB.

b) Start an MA in human rights with 50% domicile reservation.

c) NUJS can mentor two new NLUs in West Bengal (NLU Asansol and NLU Siliguri) where there can be 50% reservation.

In exchange, the state can give a few crores extra funding to NUJS.
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Like +3 Object -0 Stupid Law minister 20 Nov 18, 16:20
The law minister Moloy Ghatak is the mastermind behind this. He wanted the new campus in his constituency. A statement needs to be made specifically against him. The MP from his constituency is the BJP's Babul Supriyo, so he feels threatened. Curiously, there is an internal battle in the Trinamool as there are factions against him.
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Like +6 Object -5 Guest 20 Nov 18, 16:26  controversial
The SJA sucks. Should have expelled Bhat much earlier. He is the one who got the government to interfere, start a domicile quota etc. When a few hundred alumni signed the petition against him just 2 years into his reign, why did the SJA not submit the petition to the EC? Why dd the SJA allow itself to be bought by fraud teachers in exchange for marks? Here is the petition. Things would have been so different had the SJA acted then
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Like +13 Object -3 Guest 20 Nov 18, 16:30  interesting
The alumni are super pissed off with the current crop of students.
Reply Report to LI
Like +20 Object -1 Guest 5 21 Nov 18, 18:05  interesting  top rated
You should be specific and please don't blame whole students of NUJS.
Alumni is pissed of with Current Student Juridical Association for their inaction against acting VC and also with bunch of Professors who were working hand in glove with Law Minster of West Bengal.
Reply Report to LI
Like +9 Object -4 Guest 21 Nov 18, 18:20  interesting
And what have the rest of the students done to take SJA to task if they are unable to do their job? Zilch. The GB is equally to be blamed for inaction. As for those shameless traitors within the faculty, they can't care less about student or institutional welfare anyway so long as they are assured pension and health benefits under the state government schemes.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 eyylmao 11 Dec 18, 16:04
In what respect?
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -2 SJA ka baap 20 Nov 18, 17:40
Guys, we are compiling a list of eminent citizens who may back NUJS. Please add more names.

Kaushik Basu
Justice Ruma Pal
Justice AK Mathur
Justice Chittatosh Mookerjee
Gopal Subramaniam (also father of alum)
Soli Sorabjee
Fali Nariman
Indira Jaising
Pratap Bhanu Mehta
Ramachandra Guha
Ex VCs of NUJS: Menon, MP Singh and Chimni
Mohan Gopal
Ex AGs: Bimal Chatterjee, Anidnya Mitra and Jayanta Mitra (also President of HC Bar Club)
Reply Report to LI
Like +27 Object -0 Guest 20 Nov 18, 19:09  interesting  top rated
Excellent list. All the names even have one thing in common - none of them cares anymore. What students wanted, students have got. The Bill has been passed. Almost every faculty worth their salt are already looking for options, though one or two thick-headed ones just may choose to stay out of sheer stubbornness. Now you all can get all the UGC compliant people in who have no idea about law in the real world and everybody can get 7 CGPA.
Reply Report to LI
Like +8 Object -3 Guest 20 Nov 18, 19:00  interesting
"Several positive measures are now being taken to ensure transparency in the functioning of the university. We expect a responsive, transparent and invigorated administration under the leadership of the new interim vice-chancellor, Justice Talukdar," said Arjun Agarwal, president of the NUJS Student Juridical Association.
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Like +2 Object -1 Guest 20 Nov 18, 20:31
Next step: a permanent dummy VC and registrar. The SJA has been outsmarted time and time again, and has also allowed itself to be outsmarted. What is happening is the consequence of many years of student disunity and lethargy.
Reply Report to LI
Like +8 Object -1 Guest 20 Nov 18, 20:52  interesting
Reply Report to LI
Like +6 Object -0 Guest 21 Nov 18, 01:36  interesting
I have asked this question in other threads where this uesless post has been put up.

1. What songs?
2. We at NALSAR are on a break between the semesters; who is giving the speech and who are having the discussion?
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -3 Law Firm Boy 20 Nov 18, 20:54
Whatever. We'll still take 20 students and make them associates.
Reply Report to LI
Like +5 Object -0 Concerned 21 Nov 18, 03:28  interesting
Suggested strategy:

1) Build pressure from outside through statements from Amartya Sen, Kaushik Basu, Madhav Menon, Ram Guha, retired SC judges, eminent jurists, media, alumni association etc.
2) Challenge it in court, which cannot be unaffected by outside sentiments. Furthermore, there are genuine grounds for a legal challenge. Announce in the media that you are willing to fight till the SC.
3) Approach Gogoi
4) Approach Supreme Court Bar Association.
5) Request NLSIU SBA for a letter of support.
6) Make the law minister the target rather than picking a fight with the Chief Minister It was, in fact, his idea and he is not that important to the CM or the party.
7) In the meantime, keep an eye out on the VC appointment process. Seek a written statement from appointee that he/she will oppose the bill, else demand his/her ouster at the outset.
8) Ask faculty to join protest. Identify those who support the bill, name and shame them in the media and attack them through other means (e.g. if Rather Particular is involved file a plagiarism complaint under the new UGC Rules).
9) At the very least, seek a postponement till 2020.
10) As a last resort, announce indefinite shutdown once class resumes. In one way, it's good this was not done during session, allows some time before a shutdown.
Reply Report to LI
Like +6 Object -0 Guest 21 Nov 18, 08:27  interesting
These two tweets reveal a lot!

Reply Report to LI
Like +5 Object -1 Guest 21 Nov 18, 11:55
The historian here has already openly supported a takeover of the university by the state government.
Reply Report to LI
Like +8 Object -0 Guest 21 Nov 18, 09:49  interesting
More bad news: the admin has missed the deadline for submission of data to NIRF, in a year where NUJS ironically topped placements!
Reply Report to LI
Like +9 Object -10 Unofficial Spokesman 21 Nov 18, 12:48  controversial
Relax people, stop being defeatist. Here is an inside update:

1) We will challenge this in court and are confident of winning, because there are major irregularities in the bill. We have already spoken to some top legal minds.
2) We are reaching out to eminent citizens and the media, as well as alumni. We will also use the opportunity highlight the good placements and student achievements in the media.
3) As for the traitors in the faculty, one of them will be in deep shit as a plagiarism complaint will be filed regarding his PhD thesis. The others are also gonna get it.

Please have patience and do not lose hope. Please also ignore some mischievous comments here by vested interests/trolls trying to create divisions. We are going to use this opportunity to unite and take control.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -1 Pi 21 Nov 18, 13:21

The best option at this point will be to file a writ in Cal HC claiming that the amendment is unconstitutional as interferes with the basic autonomy of the institution. Irrespective of the result it will keep the matter at bay for 5-6 years.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -6 Guest 21 Nov 18, 14:52
Absolutely. Many other arguments will also be made against the bill (which I will not share publicly and request everyone NOT to do for now, as it will tip off the enemy). Everyone should stay calm. The students are unhappy, but united and determined to fight. Many parents, alumni and well-wishers have called and offered to help, which has lifted everyone's spirit. In the meantime, the plan to instal a dummy VC will be met with a surprise counter-attack from an unexpected quarter (which I again will not share publicly).

Wait and watch people. We are not doing down without a fight. And this is not just about NUJS and Bengal, but a larger national issue.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 22 Nov 18, 09:46
More power to us
Reply Report to LI
Like +4 Object -0 Guest 21 Nov 18, 17:38
"Unconstitutional as it interferes with the basic autonomy of the institution...." What part of the constitution grants such an autonomy?

If you mean the constitution of the institution. Then you need to draft that writ better than this phrase, and even then you are on tenuous grounds. It may be a good delaying tactic as you mention but not a winning one. A trial in the media (outside Bengal) may be your best bet.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Guest 21 Nov 18, 17:00
Kian, have you tried getting any response from the NUJS admin about this so far?
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -1 1112 21 Nov 18, 19:24
Kian, it will be more useful if you get an opinion from Madhava Menon and MP Singh. That can then be shared with the media to build opinion against the government.
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Like +4 Object -1 Wtf Bengal 21 Nov 18, 17:43
This is a low blow by the State Government. The state govt is suddenly aware that NUJS exists after years of no funding and apathy and are intent on using NUJS for their own gains. Look what state interference has done to CU law colleges. This was one prestigious non political law institution in the state and the government wants to dilute it in order to get political gains. However they should realize that filling it based on reservations will only reduce the prestige that is currently held by NUJS. Not only will the current students suffer greatly due to this unnecessary move by the state, even those who take the bait and join under domicile will be left in deep shit when no firm wants to hire or no college wants to take you because everyone is aware of how the state made your institution shit.
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Like +3 Object -0 Guest 22 Nov 18, 02:05
It "was one prestigious non political law institution in the state" which provided little in terms of real return to majority of Bengal. As such, the state is trying to make it more 'real' and accessible to its citizenry.

This decision will end up with NUJS possibly going down the unfortunate path of many CU college. There are tons of arguments against the decision, but please don't make it sound like the place brings much to a majority of the state.
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Like +0 Object -1 Wtf Bengal 22 Nov 18, 23:08
It is really conceited and entitled of you to consider an effort to let merit to be overridden by state patronage of students and prioritization of +2 marks in a professional course like this. Students can anyway give CLAT and come through merit ranking. If they need the State to spoon feed them with admissions then I wonder how much good having them admitted will do to the State in the long run aside for just adding to the joblessness
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Like +4 Object -0 question 21 Nov 18, 19:40
What's the current situation? And why there is no official statement or action from the side of nujs?
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Like +3 Object -0 Guest 21 Nov 18, 19:51
Why would there be any? The current people in charge there had been installed to lead to precisely this.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 21 Nov 18, 19:56
Kaushik Basu is very active on Twitter. Why not tweet or email him for a statement of support?
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Like +8 Object -4 Political observer 21 Nov 18, 22:41
For outsiders, let me explain the political context to all of this. This bill was not Mamata Banerjee's idea, but that of the law minister Moloy Ghatak. Mamata is concerned only with large universities in Bengal that are politically important to her. As a tiny law school with no political student union, NUJS matters little to her. She has never visited the college and never funded it either.

Prior to Ghatak, the law minister was Chandrima Bhattacharya, who was largely unconcerned with college affairs. Ever since Ghatak took over her portfolio, he has been determined to usurp authority and control it. This difference in attitude is partly because of social and cultural differences. Bhattacharya is a middle-class, city-bred lady who practised in the Calcutta High Court. Although she did not work too much to improve NUJS, she was sensible enough to maintain a certain distance from internal affairs. By contrast, Ghatak is a village politician who worked as a small-time lawyer in rural/semi-urban areas, so academic prestige and reputation mean little to him.

Ghatak managed to convince Mamata about the bill and obtain her approval, but he lacks the acumen to appreciate the legal hurdles involved. Mamata is probably unaware of the provisions of the NUJS Act and was briefed wrongly by him, but if the bill is struck down she will get all the blame . Knowing her infamous temper, she is likely to give Ghatak a severe tongue-lashing if this happens. Just yesterday, she sacked one of her most senior and trusted ministers and yelled at him in full public view, because he botched up some matters and she ended up getting the blame.
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Like +6 Object -3 Guest 22 Nov 18, 02:00
A part of your argument is that village/semi-urban folk aren't capable of understanding the prestige of a premier institution?
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Like +4 Object -3 Political observer 22 Nov 18, 03:40
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Like +1 Object -3 Guest 22 Nov 18, 09:49
That tells us a lot about you.
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Like +2 Object -1 Guest 22 Nov 18, 03:45
CLAT aspirants should also petition the SC about this, seeking uniformity in NLU admission criteria and Institution of National Importance for NLUs. The SC should put a stay order and ask the Centre to come up with guidelines.
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Like +0 Object -1 Guest 22 Nov 18, 09:49
CLAT aspirants? Firstly, most of them won't know of this, or what this means, or if they have a way of challenging it. Secondly, they won't have a standing on this particular issue. If you wish to ask them to take a PIL based locus, then might as well you do it!

Further, SC should ask Centre to come up with guidelines on uniformity in NLU admissions. Do you understand the idea of state legislature created institutions, or federalism generally.

What are you guys studying at school?
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Like +2 Object -1 Guest 22 Nov 18, 03:52
The statement by the SJA says that the Acting VC and Registrar told them that they were not aware. If that is true then those two must issue a statement confirming it. How do we know if it's true?
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Like +0 Object -0 Scared 22 Nov 18, 04:07
I am worried about Justice Gogoi's position, as he was a part of the 4 protesting judges and has sympathy for "secular" political forces.
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Like +3 Object -0 Guest 22 Nov 18, 09:42
This is not a crisis but an opportunity to unite with other NLUs and push the SC/central government to grant Institution of National Importance status to all NLUs. On National Law Day, a formal demand should be submitted and all NLU students/alumnis should flood the law minister/HRD minister/various MPs with hashtags. Even NIFT has national status, but not NLUs!!
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Like +2 Object -9 Guest 22 Nov 18, 12:08
Friends, please ignore some trolls and political pawns who are commenting on this threat to create divisions among students and alumni.
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Like +7 Object -1 Alumni 1 22 Nov 18, 16:13  interesting
It's thread not threat.
And who are you to judge that people are creating division among GB Members & Alumni. Alumni stands behind NUJS Students.
If you would have completed your job sincerely, then this situation wouldn't have arose at first place. Please don't hide the failure of SJA by blaming these comments as troll. There are indeed some great suggestions to come out of this fiasco.
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Like +4 Object -0 Guest 22 Nov 18, 12:13
The root cause of this problem (and those at other NLUs) is that the central government has not centralised NLUs like IITs and IIMs. The present law minister RS Prasad is especially useless. However, the government can be prodded into action if all NLUs unite and file a petition before the SC, as well as seek a meeting with RS Prasad.
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Like +8 Object -7 My Views are My Views 22 Nov 18, 13:22  controversial
I think you guys should try to meet Mamata Didi first. One of her good qualities is that she listens to all, especially the youth. Before going the confrontation path, meet her first and tell her the issue. Dont forget that she has been a Youth Leader in the past. So she understands the pulse of the youth as respects them too - perhaps more than any other politician in India presently in the field. She will defintely listen and may be then all these petitions wont be required at all. If you are able to convince her, she may ask Mr Ghatak to withdraw the Bill. Tell her that to maintain NUJS as an University of Excellence, a definite showcase University of the State of West Bengal, certain standards have to be maintained. Giving quota may act as a deterrant to it. Convince her with your arguments. I am sure she will listen.
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Like +10 Object -5 Guest 22 Nov 18, 13:45  interesting  controversial
You are nuts. She is a power-hungry maniac who will make it 10 times worse. I know CEOs of companies who have met her and requested her to stop her goons from extorting them. She just snubbed them and instead asked them to give jobs to locals. It is much better to go to the SC and to get favourable media publicity by approaching eminent, independent people, like Amartya Sen, Kaushik Basu, Ruma Pal, Fali Nariman etc for statements of support.
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Like +0 Object -0 Scotty 28 Nov 18, 14:18
I agree with this. Best to speak to her directly. I don't like her as a politician. But NUJS has a better chance negotiating with her behind closed door than making public protests. NUJS can also do what NALSAR is doing. Telangana government has asked NALSAR for domicile reservation and new campuses. So NALSAR is putting up a new campus more in the Jet Lite/ Armani Exchange/ Kingfisher Red model. The new campus will follow the domicile reservation and have more seats etc. But NALSAR at Shameerpet will continue to be the original campus and maintain its original ethos and the national character.

You gotta give something to the state government too to win this. Maybe agree to the Asansol campus and ensure this domicile reservation is applicable only to the new Asansol campus. And this way you can pressure the state government to give more money to fund Asansol campus.
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Like +3 Object -3 Guest 22 Nov 18, 14:56
In all this commotion, don't forget that there is just a week to go for the VC application deadline. MK Sinha, Ved Kumari and Kamala Sankaran are, of course, very competent as academicians and administrators. Even a biased search committee will be unable to reject their CVs. But what if they don't apply and we are stuck with the person from Bengal whose name is being discussed?
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 23 Nov 18, 14:31
The last two are not going to apply. It's been confirmed.
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Like +1 Object -0 001 23 Nov 18, 15:01
That's not good news. So NKC likely then?
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Like +3 Object -2 GB Member 23 Nov 18, 17:39
Prof Bhavani Prasad Panda Ex-VC of MNLU and Gangotri Chakraborty of North Bengal University, Siliguri are the front runner for the post of next NUJS VC.
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Like +2 Object -1 Jaxx 23 Nov 18, 10:32
NLSIU, NALSAR and NUJS are currently in states ruled by regional parties with populist CMs. NLSIU was once championed by SM Krishna (an educated man who studied in the US) and NUJS by Jyoti Basu and Buddhadev Bhattacharya (both highly educated, the former a London-educated barrister). Today, the likes of Kumaraswamy, Mamata and KCR are in power. Thus, all these NLUs should unite and approach the SC for INI status. NLSIU already has a 50% domicile quota bill hanging above it, which can easily be activated as the 2019 elections approach. Bangalore, Hyderabad and Calcutta are modern cities home to the English-speaking upper middle class, but the states they are in are overwhelmingly rural. NLU students will soon bear the brunt of this, as the dehati class is currently in power in these states.
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Like +3 Object -0 Pragmatic Lawyer 23 Nov 18, 13:45
Justice Arun Mishra has upheld domicile quota in state medical colleges in Assam (see below, order of Aug 2018). I wonder if he may have endorsed this as well, as an EC member? The challenge will be to convince the SC that NLUs are different than state colleges. This loophole exists because successive law and HRD ministers have ignored the problem. Perhaps the students can approach the SC and request a stay until the centre decides whether NLUs are INIs at par with IIT, IIM, AIIMS etc? The centre can then establish an expert committee and invite submissions.
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Like +2 Object -1 Guest 23 Nov 18, 15:57
Get 500 to 700 alumni scattered across the globe to sign a petition addressed to the CJI staying the order and declaring all NLUs as INIs. Add their designations to show the diversity of opinion (advocates, law firm people, activists, academicians etc). Also see if eminent speakers at NUJS, like Amartya Sen, Marc Galanter, NR Narayan Murthy, Upendra Baxi, Fali Nariman etc, would be willing to sign it, or at least give a statement of support.
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Like +11 Object -3 ShantanuDe 24 Nov 18, 00:05  interesting
Time for a Reality check. Not more than 50-100 (out of 2000 LLB alumni) will sign any such petition. At least not the ones worried about their career and image. Nobody wants a Google search of his name to show up in such a petition. In fact I doubt if any of the LLB alumni teaching at NUJS will sign.

Not a single of Marc Gallanter, NR Murthy etc. will sign or wish to be associated with such a petition either. They get hundreds of such "petitions" every year.

The students will have to fend for themselves. They should start by protesting outside Mamta Banerji's office and roughing up her ministers like the way they assaulted their own faculty at #PIBOut
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Like +1 Object -5 Guest 24 Nov 18, 07:44
The students will have to fend for themselves. They should start by protesting outside Mamta Banerji's office and roughing up her ministers like the way they assaulted their own faculty at #PIBOut
I was going to rebut this message till I read this part and realised it's a troll.
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Like +5 Object -8 Crayola 24 Nov 18, 08:08  controversial
This public post below by an NLSIU alum should be a warning that a few NLU alumni, subscribing to certain ideologies, may play spoilsport. This is the same person who famously sued a crayon company for manufacturing a skin-coloured crayon that is peach brown instead of dark brown, and demanded 1 lakh compensation. However, the overwhelming majority of alumni at both NLSIU and NUJS will side with the students and oppose the amendments. I think the NUJS amendment may encourage the Kumaraswamy government to activate the NLSIU amendment, so it will be good if NLSIU and NUJS students jointly petition the CJI. Being disunited will harm both.

And returning to the argument made by the crayon fighter, it can easily be rebutted. Just as crayons can be of different colours, career choices can also be of different types. Just as he practises in Delhi, so do the majority of alumni wishing to practise in the SC, for lack of choice. And many alumni have indeed joined the local bar at both institutions.

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Like +7 Object -4 Peace 24 Nov 18, 10:51
LOL You seem to have a personal vendetta against Chirayu Jain. Maybe youre jealous his idealistic fight against naming of colors got him some laurels. At least that is better than spending his time smoking ganja or sexually harassing classmates which is what a big number of NLU students do.

Why dont you respond to Chirayu's point instead of making personal remarks on him. If the object of the NLU as per the interpretation of the state govt. is to produce quality lawyers for that state then there is nothing wrong in domicile quota. Why to oppose it for heck of looking cool? You can have your difference with policy but that doesnt mean the policy is "Wrong" or you are "right".

Grow up!
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 24 Nov 18, 12:17
Actually, domicile quota is unlikely to achieve that objective beyond a certain point, because the reason why NLU grads seldom opt for the Bar in most states barring Delhi, Mumbai etc. is the appalling working conditions and the less than peanuts initial living they get to make from there. Which is why even NLU grads originally from Bengal would prefer to go to Delhi HC or SC, after graduating from any NLU. The focus should therefore be to improve the conditions of the Bar to attract the best of young graduates and not forcibly pick less meritorious students (assuming CLAT is an acceptable metric, which I doubt to begin with) for the law school based here. Unless they have a family practice, it's highly unlikely even these 30% would join the local Bar after graduation. If you are arguing that they may have less merit and hence unlikely to get anything else other than the local Bar, then possibly yes, but for that the State has multiple other law colleges anyway.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 24 Nov 18, 15:49
Very good point!
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Like +3 Object -3 Inspector Raju 24 Nov 18, 12:34
My earlier post was censored by LI, so retrying in legally acceptable language.

1. Prof NK Chakrabarti had applied for RMLNLU VC-ship (proof:

2. According to the Telegraph newspaper, a disciplinary enquiry was initiated against him when he was at CU (proof:

3. A glance at his CV shows that he is the person being referred to in the Telegraph report (proof:

4. He has also tweeted in favour of the Mamata Banerjee government and is Facebook friends with Avik Ghatak, son of law minister Malay Ghatak, and comments on his wall (proof:

5. According to Outlook, the private university where he has been teaching for many years (KIIT) has conferred an honorary PhD to Mamata Banerjee:

DISCLAIMER: An enquiry being initiated by itself is no proof of guilt and does not have the same authority as a court of law. He also denied the allegations levelled against him while speaking to the Telegraph. It is also not unlawful or unethical to praise Mamata Banerjee in public and be Facebook friends with her ministers/their kin. Nothing in the above post is to be construed as an allegation or insinuation of a breach of ethics, morals or law against any person or entity anywhere in the solar system. The poster cannot verify the authenticity of the news reports and websites linked above.

Hope this post is acceptable to LI now.
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Like +2 Object -0 Question 25 Nov 18, 12:07
I wonder if this solution would be acceptable to the SJA as a compromise, if things get difficult:

- 0% domicile reservation in BALLB, scrap even the 10% exist quota.
- Instead, have 30% domicile quota for LLM, MPhil and PhD
- Plus, 50% domicile quota for all possible non-CLAT programmes, like an MA in human rights, MA in Law and Finance etc.
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Like +2 Object -1 Guest 25 Nov 18, 12:38
The SJA neither represents nor cares for any of the programmes other than LLB. It's the government who will never agree to this. It's no secret that NLUs are known for the undergrad programme, not post-grad ones, so the populist objective of the move would stand defeated. Plus the university is in no shape to offer additional post-grad programmes that you referred to.
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Like +1 Object -1 Q 25 Nov 18, 19:31
Many feel that after the class between KIIT Law and Engineering Depts and the lack of leadership by the KIIT admin, NKC has no chance at NUJS. As they say it's not over till it's over. After PIB was ousted from NUJS (and sent back from CNLU) and inquiries were instituted against him, he smugly secured VC position at KSLU. Has been doing great.

NKC enjoys strong political patronage here. As with Lord Taluk he was quick to spot that the grass is Greener on the other side. The delay in VC selection is a problem of plenty. Which stooge is best placed to deliver the political goodies? That's the toss-up waiting to be done.

Nothing Else Matters!
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Like +2 Object -2 Guest 25 Nov 18, 19:44
Even when his students were being beaten up and asked to leave the hostel in the middle of the night, he was at Kolkata lobbying for the VC position. Some director!
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Like +1 Object -1 guest2 25 Nov 18, 21:43
the result was that he was exonerated of the charges. you would have found that out if you had bothered to ask anyone at calcutta university. may be your are not interested in the result because it does not work in your favour.
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Like +0 Object -1 guest2 25 Nov 18, 21:43
and you must be his PA to know where he was and what he was doing. or you must be snooping on him all the time. please clarify
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Like +1 Object -2 Guest 25 Nov 18, 20:31
NKC faced an inquiry for misconduct according to the Telegraph. Results not known.
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Like +0 Object -0 Bb 03 Dec 18, 14:16
Prof S S Chatterjee has been selected as VC of NUJS
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Like +0 Object -0 Q 25 Nov 18, 21:40
If you read the TT report carefully, SSC (M knows him very well and another VC aspirant) was also facing inquiry. SSC is known for all these things. I guess both NKC and SSC faced inquiries of the kind that Lord Taluk runs in NUJS...some never start and the ones that do, follows the slow pace of Lord Justice while driving away good folks like MKS.
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 26 Nov 18, 07:10
I understand that the SJA has been making informal requests to various academicians to apply for the VC post. Here, I would like to suggest the name of Prof Bharat Desai of JNU, who is the Director of the JNU Centre for International Legal Studies -- the same post once held by Prof Chimni. Prof Chimni took leave for 3 years from JNU to join NUJS, and Prof Desai can be requested to do the same. In fact, he can integrate his two positions by carrying joint research projects between JNU and NUJS, and then rejoin JNU after 3 years.

It is true that Prof Chimni was famous as an academician but was a weak administrator after Prof Menon, and that may be true for most JNU people. But at least Prof Chimni was much better than Bhat and will be better than the others who are supposedly applying. He was honest, was not nepotistic in faculty hirings, did not act insecure and prevent NLU alumni from joining the faculty, was an articulate speaker, invited good people into the EC, and overall had a certain stature. Similarly, even if Prof Desai joins for 3 years, it will be a welcome appointment because NUJS needs to maintain its image. As for administrative reforms, I am sure he can carry out at least the more academic-oriented reforms. He has nothing to fear and nobody to please, because he is an established academician already holding a tenured position elsewhere

Below is a link to the CV of Prof Desai. Please contact him, perhaps through Prof Chimni if required. There are still 4 days left for the deadline and the new VC will make or break NUJS.
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Like +1 Object -0 GB Member 05 Dec 18, 15:00
SJA hasn't approached single academician for convincing them to apply for VC Position. They were waiting for miracles to happen.
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 05 Dec 18, 15:40
They do often happen at NUJS. Such as many of the students getting to sit for exams or graduating when they have no business doing either.
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Like +2 Object -2 Q 26 Nov 18, 12:58
I wouldn't recommend despondency but the state govt initially through Lord Taluk and AG and now through this sneaky amendment Bill has sent out loud signals that they don't want "outsiders" to apply. "Outsiders" unwelcome as students or VC. Period.

You may fault me for lacking direct knowledge. But I am reliably told by faculty and alumni that while Chimni was an articulate speaker, his strategic supineness had insidious effects on NUJS. Things got so bad that he was accorded the same farewell that PIB got later (I don't mean the campus protests et al). Did anyone even notice when PIB left?

Also let us not panic or sleepwalk into false choices. We don't know who all have actually applied. Do we know for sure that MKS has not applied? We also know of instances in NUJS and elsewhere when last minute surprises have happened; people being parachuted in etc. After all the search committee is empowered to look far and wide.

Let us not go person specific. The SJA made some solid suggestions to strengthen the VC screening process. I am not surprised that the EC and VC search committee sidestepped a discussion on it. Following through on those suggestions will inconvenience dealmaking.
All the more reason we should press for those standards and add more.

It all comes down to what the GB wants and how far it is willing to fight. Is CNLU better off for sending back PIB and exposing L? Is HNLU necessarily better placed to get a good VC? Or our own fiasco called Lord Taluk and his supportive PA system and AG network (Jio is nothing compared to that).

These examples clearly illustrate that momentum must be sustained. We need to stand firm and loudly demand nothing about us without us.
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Like +1 Object -0 Alam 26 Nov 18, 22:35
Let's face it. The kind of big names students want and dream of are not applying. You need to think of how to make nujs VC an attractive prospect first.
Reply Report to LI
Like +8 Object -0 Prakyush 27 Nov 18, 08:03  interesting
No good candidate will apply to a law school knowing that his CV would be first vetted by students or that his candidature was "approved" or "suggested" by student body. There is something called self-respect and in the case of NUJS its the case that no one with self respect will apply.
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Like +0 Object -0 Q 28 Nov 18, 01:31
CVs have never been vetted by students at NUJS. All they do is conjecture based on "sources" and being played around by faculty who are often in league with influential academics and/or interested elements in the state government and the judiciary. Certain names are floated as trial balloons and student/faculty responses are informally collected. Then there are times when last minute imports are imposed. This and more is expected to continue till the VC search and selection process is made transparent and fair. And that's unlikely to happen.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 28 Nov 18, 18:29
Well, we are now two days away from the VC application deadline. Unless we have a Bollywood-style last minute entry by someone, we can assume that the list of applicants received so far is final. Thus far, it seems people are only speculating without any firm confirmation of who has applied. People are saying that Bengalis have applied, but I find that very hard to believe when even lower-ranked NLUs receive applications from all over India. Furthermore, NUJS can be a stepping stone towards bigger positions.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 30 Nov 18, 06:04
Kian, can you tell us the current status of the NLSIU domicile quota and if it will apply in 2019? Have you asked Rao?
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 30 Nov 18, 12:19
As it stands now, it will not in 2019 unless the legislative amendment is notified. I'm guessing the combined pressure from students and alumni and faculty has kept that in abeyance, which is commendable.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 30 Nov 18, 13:30
The government is going to introduce it soon (see news report below).
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 30 Nov 18, 13:49
The report which is at least a couple of months old, nowhere says that the government will soon introduce the domicile quota Bill; all it says is that is pending. As for the SC/ST reservation, that's a possibility, but the reporter is clearly an ignoramus of the first order to say that NLSIU does not reserve SC/ST seats. It does (18 in all), but on an all-India basis, not as per state law.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Know All 30 Nov 18, 15:20
Here is the status. My source is a member of the JDS who is in favour of domicile reservation.

- The Deccan Herald report is correct, but the SC/ST reference actually means OBC reservation for certain communities designated as OBC by the Karnataka government.

- The Governor had returned the Bill for legal opinion to the then Advocate General (appointed by Congress). The new Advocate General (appointed by JDS) has given the go-ahead, pointing out that NLSIU is a state university and not a central university.

- The formal announcement is expected in December or January, probably January.
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Like +1 Object -0 Lord Justice 30 Nov 18, 21:49
While Lord Taluk and his friends were busy toasting success in laying NUJS to waste, this is what transpired in the SC

This happens when the state machinery is busy executing political takeovers of the few institutions of repute that exist in Kolkata.

The Justice League is solely responsible for supporting a bankrupt govt and its minions to ruin our university.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 01 Dec 18, 09:30
Please stop blaming admin all the time. The admin becomes corrupt only if the students are not committed enough. Bhat continued for 7 years precisely because of lethargy from the SJA, which chose not to formally submit a petition signed by many students and alumni on in 2013, which would have hastened his escape to KSLU in 2014 itself. Meanwhile, other incompetent people have continued because of an unspoken deal where they award high marks in exchange for silence. Even in the case of the Nationalise NLU protest, nothing has happened beyond a few tweets and yet another online petition. Pathetic!
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 01 Dec 18, 18:06
These are all armchair activists for the most part. At least the tier 1 NLU students. The ham-handed effort displayed to remove PIB was merely an aberration, not the norm. Senior students are aware of the fact that they would long before any effect of domicile reservation becomes apparent. Junior students are too disorganised at present. Most are just bothered about fixing their next internships etc. Can't really say I blame them. The faculty and university authority haven't exactly led by example either in this matter or in anything else.
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 01 Dec 18, 22:30
NLSIU has fended off the domicile quota bill because of pressure from the student body and alumni.
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