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NLS, Nalsar, NUJS release statement in solidarity with NLIU Bhopal students, call to #NationaliseNLUs

Statement by NLSIU, Nalsar, NUJS: Grievances of NLIU students highlight systemic problems at NLUsStatement by NLSIU, Nalsar, NUJS: Grievances of NLIU students highlight systemic problems at NLUs

The student councils of NLSIU Bangalore, Nalsar Hyderabad and NUJS Kolkata have jointly condemned the state of affairs at NLIU Bhopal that has led to students there protesting against the administration for several days now.

The joint statement reads, including a hashtag of #NationaliseNLUs:

The events transpiring at National Law Institute University, Bhopal (NLIU) in the last few days are greatly distressing. Our support goes out to the students of NLIU who are standing up for fairness and transparency, thereby rejecting administrative arbitrariness and compromises caused by regional interference. The students’ demands are basic, reasonable and completely justified. The alleged acts of the administration, on the other hand, are both discriminatory and reprehensible. Such a state of affairs is highly unbecoming of a premier national institution such as NLIU.

Most of their grievances yet again highlight the common systematic problems that plague National Law Universities (NLUs) presently. Due to their centralized nature and administrative opacity, NLUs have been unable to cope up with evolving global standards of learning and administration.

We, the student bodies of NLSIU, NALSAR and NUJS, have already demanded the status of Institutes of National Importance for NLUs. As NLUs struggle for due importance vis-à-vis comparable institutions of other disciplines, nationalization will enable them to untap their full potential. In absence of uniform academic standards and centralized funding, the disparity within different NLUs themselves is a problem to be reckoned with. Centralization in administration through nationalization of these institutions is the only long-term solution to this problem.

Failure to do so might disrupt entirely the next generation of social-engineers that the National Law School Project was destined to create when it was set up three decades back by Prof. Madhav Menon.

We, the students of NLSIU, NALSAR and NUJS, stand in complete solidarity with our counterparts at NLIU. We respect their courage and sincerely hope it inspires the law school community to stand up against unjust and regressive administration of its future. We look forward to the urgent redressal of their immediate grievances.

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Like +11 Object -0 Pessimist 10 Nov 17, 23:58  interesting
All this is good, but what is the point if the mainstream media and ministers turn a deaf year? Please get your voice heard in mainstream media and also submit separate letters to the following people (each worded differently and addressed to them individually).

1) President
2) Prime Minister
3) Arun Jaitley
4) Law minister (both cabinet and MoS) and law secretary
5) HRD minister (both cabinet and MoS) and HRD secretary.
6) CJI
7) Sugata Bose (the Harvard professor who is an MP and introduced the NLU as INI Bill)
8)Rahul Gandhi: he may be an idiot, but he is the one most likely to publicly respond to troll the govt. Not a bad thing if it makes the govt take notice.
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Like +3 Object -8 Rahul baba 11 Nov 17, 14:59
If Rahul is doing and does all this, how is he an idiot? He is pointing out relevant stuff unlike gau rakshaks and aunty romeo squads. Even the government does not address relevant issues. Keep your bias with yourself. And yes, FYI, if you had a Congress government by not at least someone would have heard. The director has big BJP connections, so I doubt bjp will do anything here. MP itself is ruined by bjp and nliu is getting screwed too. All nliu issues are on the surface, but deep below there is a lot of political shit going on.
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Like +6 Object -8 Guest 11 Nov 17, 20:10  controversial
Agreed. Most NLU students belong to the Hindu middle class and support the BJP, but they don't understand that the BJP is ruining education. Furthermore, the BJP has screwed the economy. People are so stupid that they believe the lies that Modi feeds them.

What is the point in explaining to these idiots that AIIMS + the first IITs and IIMs (in Kharagour and Calcutta) were Nehru's vision, that NLSIU Bangalore was supported SM Krishna, that NALSAR was the brainchild of Chandrababu Naidu, that NUJS was the brainchild of Jyoti Basu, that Narasimha Rao and Manmohan liberalised the economy, and that the only thing BJP has done for education is promoting fake medicine like homeopathy and cow urine drinking? Look at the leaked video of SS Singh: he is speaking in Hindi, not even English.

To our middle class, if you beat up some Muslims and show them their place, you are the best.
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Like +3 Object -4 Perfect 12 Nov 17, 01:29
You are spot on dude. Thus shit in nliu is actually entirely BJP's fault. People like "guru“ gave steam to it. The director was appointed by BJP. Who are themselves uneducated appointed a VC. If you actually see SS Singh, he is more moral policing than imparting education.ummm Which political party does that? Ohh ta, also him being buddies with bjp and the CM is public knowledge. He thinks that nothing will happen to him because of his connections. That's how he got a 2nd term even though no one was happy. This is the 2nd oldest university with greats like mool chand Sharma and balraj as directors. Bjp just ruined it all. The protests too will not work. If a joke like demonitisation is actually celebrated by these bjp buffoons who do not care about the incidental deaths, you think protests will move them? Nliu students need to dig deeper to find a solution actually. Get into the roots of bjp to get him out. Use a higher power. I have no idea what that could be. May be pray and wait for 2018 mp elections or 2019? It's sad though.
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Like +11 Object -0 Nliu Alumni 11 Nov 17, 00:31  interesting
This is really nice. No matter our competition outside, we stand by each other during such testing times when we need to support each other. Even though many of us are not in college anymore, it shows how much we can do to leave little issues aside and be a part of change. Respect this.

Hope the voices are heard. We all have issues with the administration that need to be sorted. We cannot be just any other college. We need to finish what we

Our demands for good administration and faculty, good governance has been long pending. We should be recognised as institutes of national importance. Time to finish what is started. We all are important to this country.

To all NLIU students, finish what you have started. Do not give up on free lollypops our director has been offering since years to keep the students quiet. Do not give up on his empty threats he has been making to keep you'll quiet. He is on the back foot now.

All the best to NUJS students fighting their VC over his maladministration.

Hope all this leads to a better future and career to all.

I am really looking forward to see how does the government respond to the top NLU's demands. It is nice that all 4 old NLU's have come together with the same interest in mind. Time for the government and authorities to respond. Next few weeks should be interesting. Knowing this government and how it functions I know nothing will happen soon. Also, heard that SS Singh is well connected with BJP. He will try to pull off some crap. Be strong.
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Like +2 Object -2 LOL 11 Nov 17, 00:56
Dear drafters of the statement,

Why don't you get the administration in your respective universities to lobby for it? What difference do you think this statement is going to make without any other added effort? Have you considered asking the IIITs and SPAs what they had to do to be made INIs?

Well done, anyway! We're one step closer to doing nothing meaningful.
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Like +3 Object -0 Power of pen 11 Nov 17, 15:01
Do not underestimate the power and voices of students. We are the change we will bring about in the world.
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Like +3 Object -1 NUJS 11 Nov 17, 01:34
NLUJ did not join the other 3 because of their jealousy with NLIU? And GNLU just try to play spoilsport. If any NLIU, NLUJ or NUJS issue comes out they cry about being better but can never support real issues. Then expect other NLU's to support them. And then also complain about other NLU's. It is very mature re of the top 4 NLU's to come together to shoulder each other. I wonder why do NLUJ, GNLU and HNLU not come out in support and expect support in return when they
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Like +8 Object -1 huh 11 Nov 17, 16:56  interesting
Its because the admin at NLU Jodhpur and GNLU have not permitted the formation of student bodies despite repeated efforts by the students. Without a student body, the students at these universities can't really release a joint statement even if they want to show solidarity. And you can bet that the students do, of course, sympathize with the students of NLIU given how Jodhpur and GNLU have consistently faced similar issues in the past and continue to do so.
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Like +3 Object -4 Feku 12 Nov 17, 01:38
By the looks of things, GNLU us trying to look better. In fact some student of GNLU read nliu as nlsiu which Kian got confused and had to reply to. GNLU chaps are just opportunists, good for nothing and trying to show themselves as good on other colleges misery. Tomorrow they will try to say they are better than nlsiu!! A student from GNLU who cannot read and understand the difference between nliu and nlsiu is great. The country is in good hands I guess. May be that is why people are apprehensive about opening the legal market. GNLU students who cannot read properly and start pouncing and try to play dirty on sensitive issues.
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Like +0 Object -0 NUJS 11 Nov 17, 01:37
Your page keeps hanging and blacking out when I try to post. I'll continue from my last written alphabet once that comment is posted, if received.
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Like +2 Object -6 DS 11 Nov 17, 03:32
NUJS office bearers along with others taking out statements of solidarity because NLIU is staging a protest is laudable indeed.

What happens to them when they have to stage one in NUJS itself. PIB and his stooges have given enough reasons in the recent past to have one. Reasons as strong or even stronger (read two branches of NUJS) than the NLIU protest. Serious lack of leadership qualities. Unfortunate.
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Like +0 Object -0 Time time ki baat 13 Nov 17, 00:24
May he they cannot. I from NLIU will now try to support nujs in their issues too. I'm sure my college will support too. You have tried to show yourselves as bigger people with nlsiu n nalsar. It is out duty to support you'll. Obviously doing something inside is difficult but from outside it is easy to support. So we should support others from out... People are scared to do much from inside.
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Like +7 Object -0 Guest 11 Nov 17, 06:26  interesting
All NLUs face 3 main problems:

1) unaccountable admin
2) poor faculty
3) inadequate infra

Giving INI status will certainly help remedy some of this.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 11 Nov 17, 09:42
Which law school in India, barring Jindal (but do consider balancing the quality of faculty being divided among tons of students), has better quality of faculty than the top national law schools?
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Like +0 Object -0 Umm 12 Nov 17, 01:43
I feel, my peers may not agree, but nliu does have a decent faculty. We do have a decent faculty. Things could have been worse. Yes it should be better!! But watching crap like glc ils Symbi etc, I guess at least nls nalsar nliu nujs have a decent faculty. A lil outdated though. Sorry, haven't heard about NLUJ faculty ever so didn't mention. But ya. I think faculty is OK OK. Students are good. Problem lies with the guy running the show. The so called vc/director. We need right people on top to run the show actually. Payments to faculty is low, so unless that changes, Dingestow, difficult to find the right people
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -1 Shit jgls 13 Nov 17, 00:28
Faculty doesn't matter. Get even the best in the world. If students are crap faculty is of no use. You can only mould that which can be moulded. Having the best faculty training rogues and convicted rapists make no difference. You pay in black like shit to make it to jindal which is paid to faculty. Makes no difference if you are shit yourselves. Your money appointing faculty spoils you'll more. So it's no achievement but a dabba on our profession.
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Like +18 Object -0 Guest 11 Nov 17, 09:40  interesting  top rated
Social engineers? I only signed up to NALSAR to become a part of the next generation of corporate lawyers.
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Like +3 Object -2 Protest 11 Nov 17, 15:05
NUJS obviously has issues which is in public. May be its time all the top NLU'S i.e. nls, nalsar nliu and nujs protest together. Not against administration may be per se, but getting to the level of being institutes of national importance. That should hopefully solve the other issues like funding, administration etc
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 11 Nov 17, 15:32
Kian Sir, please cover this leaked video of the director addressing students.
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Like +1 Object -0 BJP Hater 13 Nov 17, 15:29
Kian, kindly link these developments to the broader destruction of university education by BJP/RSS and their stooges. Many of these controversial VCs are BJP agents. Please interview leaders from Congress. Don't know why you are not treating this as a political story. It is 100% fault of the BJP.

JNU, FTII, Osmania, now NLUs...
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