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Earlier it was the thirsty crow, now it is the fox and the grapes.

So we have the old fox of the old tales wondering in the old jungle looking for food. She can’t find any. She is hungry. She moves on and on through bushes and woods and sees a tree. A grape tree obviously.

Wonder why she never found a mango tree! It’s so boring. I mean why always a grape tree! Come on! That has been going on since the last ten generations. Why can’t the story writers add some spice.

Well (change of moods), let it remain grapes. I won’t play too much with the cultural heritage.

So there you are. She has found the grape tree and is jumping hard. But hey! Wait!

THE FOX IS A LAWYER! [Wola! Bihari Babuu brings some spice]. The fox in a lawyer's disguise! Yo Baby!

Now the fox is a lawyer, and so she is more competitive than any of the previous generation's foxes. But still she can’t get grapes. She is about to leave. But then the devil tells her, “Get the grapes! What if someone else does”?

And the fox is a lawyer. And lawyers are also little devils. And little devils ought to hear the real devil. Foxes and devils in the same leash (yes, that is what a group of foxes is called, you dumb-wit with poor vocab) listen to one another. Never mind if you didn’t get that. It requires higher verbal, critical reasoning and perceptual skills than most of you possess.

So she jumps harder. And wola! She gets the grapes. But the GRAPES ARE SOUR. Yes again! I am preserver of the cultural heritage. If you wanna get sweet grapes go to a super market. Don’t crib.

‘Yikes!’ the fox exclaims. She doesn’t like sour grapes. You like kya? Then why did you buy sweet grapes from the super market? Ha!

But the fox still eats the grapes lest someone else has them. After all, the fox is a LAWYER!

The fox eats the sour grapes and is going back to her hole when her stomach gives a troubling sound. She is ill. She goes to the doc and the doc says, “You are ill”.

The docs and the lawyers generally tell us what we know, but because people are fearful, they go to the lawyers and doctors. Otherwise, the value addition is nil. Apologies for the digression.

Now, the fox is ill. The doc says it will take 3 days to heal and 30k rupees. The fox is a lawyer, you remember.

She says to herself, “Am presently framing a contract for a liquor manufacturer company. I’ll tell them that I tasted the grapes to get a practical experience of the wine making. And add the days I spend in the hospital and the money I spend for the illness to their bill”. Hehehehe.

The fox is happy about this. End of the story. Did you like it?


PS- The billable hour is such an anti-client, anti-fairness concept that it will soon be gone. Then you devils will run for cover. Prepare for change. Technology and supermarket lawyering will soon kill the legal profession! Hahahaha.

PS 2- If you think my blog is not about law, read this. How white roads should be provided under article 21 of the Constitution. And FYI, I have cited a case here. Don’t make random allegations.

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