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Which Breed of Dog Are You At Work: Bihari Babuu's Lawyer Special

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For the protection of my cows and buffaloes I have gaddi dogs. Huge, shaggy beasts who can bring down a leopard. I love dogs. Once in UK I met a dog breeder and became interested. Here is my take.

Disclaimer: This might look offensive (mastiffs), repulsive (pit bulls) and abusive (mongrels) to many but read it to enjoy and have fun. I hope in the end, no love will be lost.

Amarchand is not a law firm; Mastiff is not a dog.

Mastiffs are huge beasts; the English mastiff is the largest breed of dog we know of. They weigh around 250 pounds and are strong enough to keep a bear, wolf or a big cat down. Moreover, they are ferocious guards of the territory they are kept in.

Many people who know what a Mastiff truly is are of the opinion that calling the Mastiff ‘a dog’ is disparaging to the Mastiff. The Mastiff is too big to be called with as little a term as ‘a dog’.

Pretty similar to AMSS? The largest firm we have; Amarchand has 250*2 lawyers on its rolls and is strong enough to keep any firm firmly pinned down. And Amarchand too is a ferocious guard of the sanctity of the noble profession of law and is vehemently against foreign firms entering into its territory.

 Amarchand also is too big to be called with as little a term as a ‘law firm’. Amarchand, at least for law students is  ‘Amarchand’, just ‘Amarchand’.

BTW, even Trilegal’s managing partner Anand Prasad loves Mastiffs. Here is he with his pet. Is Trilegal also a future Mastiff? What about Luthra and Luthra, AZB, JSA and ALMT? Are they growing big enough to be called Mastiffs?

Ban the LPOs like you’ve banned the Pit Bulls?

Pit Bull Terriers are medium sized stocky breeds of dogs with one gory trait: the rip apart any threat they see. Pit Bulls have been used in dog fights and when the losing dog shows its pink belly as a sign of defeat, Pit Bulls have been known to disembowel the dog’s stomach; its intestines, liver and kidneys popping out for the owner to clean (Yucks! Just kidding).

They have been banned by many states including the USA.

Pit Bulls disembowel dogs and cold-bloodedly kill small kids. LPOs are virtually doing that to law firms. They are ripping apart the traditional law firm models and the remnant organs of the law firms will soon be left for the regulatory hawks to clean up.

And it seems that LPOs are about to be banned. So maybe, LPOs too shouldn’t be banned. Are they being banned? Says who? What say? I know I am sounding confused.

Desi Dogs and District Court lawyers

Desi dogs: the omnipresent happy-go-lucky mongrels. These dogs can remain without food for many days; they generally don’t have a shelter and eat whatever they are offered. They are the ones who engage in real fights with other dogs: bloody, ear eliminating, testicle deducting fights.

They also do the real scouring work, keep moving sprightly without any thing to do and will wag their tail and throw out their salivating tongues to anyone they think has something to offer.

And while they look small, scrawny and unhealthy, they get the kicks of a real dog’s life perfectly lived. And they enjoy the usual free riders. For example even the slightly bigger ones become the alpha male and get bigger morsels, better looking bitches and the respect of other dogs with ease.

Let your imagination run amuck for this vis-a-vis the district lawyers. J

PS- Wag your tails. Don’t snarl.

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