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Law Students, their Egos and the Fight!

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Law Students. The symbols of what is right, just and fair. The symbols of Truthfulness, Honesty, Morality and Ethics. The future saviors of equity, justice and good conscience. Is it? Hold On, People!
If you think the above description of today's conscious Law Students, the future guardians of the Paramount Parchment - the Holy Constitution - is anywhere close to reality, you better brush up your knowledge of the world you live in.
Today's Law Students indeed are 'conscious'; but in a different way, of different things. We are a flock with diversity. Some of us are honest to the utmost extent, and some others are dishonest to the same extent! What is right for me to do, is wrong for my classmate. 'Good' is the outcast, and 'bad' is here to stay. Are you sensing a full air of pessimism here? Well, pessimism is the detour to optimism, I believe! There are mass copying in examinations. The invigilators are special 'facilitators' of this copying scheme. The 'good' are reduced to 'bad', and the 'bad', are the new fad!
One so called 'good' student, felt bad, very bad indeed, due to the 'bad' going on around her. She felt her blood boiling when her classmates were copying, guiltless, shameless. She felt bad. She was helpless. She felt like a lonely oasis. What help could any amount of teachings or preachings be, to those low-lifes, who had murdered their conscience? was a constant question eating up her head. What is moral? What is immoral? Isn't it subjective? She found herself asking herself. But has Law ever existed without morality? Nada, was the answer she heard.
Law Students. They were acting immoral. Would they protect the sanctity of the Constitution of India tomorrow, when such is their situation today? Would they protect the rule of law in the future? Or would they accept bribes? Her mind kept thinking.
Law Students. They are ready to trade themselves for petty 'successes'! Such is the 'glistening' conscience of the Law Students of today! Will they save the nation from the scourge of moral degradation tomorrow? She asked herself.
Law Student! They want to earn huge bucks! They want paid holidays! They want BMWs! They want love, sex and money!
And Law? What Law? Law is only in the 'papers' and 'books', they say, wryly!
The 'good' student felt a crushing thump in her heart. She wanted to freak out; and yell at the world, "Why are you so bad?" How can a Law Student, being a Law Student, and a future conscience-holder of the entire nation, feel oblivious to the decadence of the world around her? Isn't it her duty, to 'clean' the world? She thought to herself. Nada, was the answer she heard.
Eureka! She realized something which answered all her questions at one single shot! She realized that, even she herself was fighting to save her 'ego', and not the Truth! Because the Truth is Truth! And will always be Truth! A fragile 'prop' of a mortal coil like her is not needed to establish Truth as itself, was her realization, after much contemplation and conference.
She concluded thus:
Every one has a conscience. The invigilators have it. The students copying have it. And all of us are fighting for our own egos! Every Law Student, whether 'good' or 'bad' (which is very subjective), fights for his or her own Ego, and definitely not for what is 'good' and what is 'bad'! The 'good' student feels 'bad' because she (her Ego) feels 'bad' because It senses a particular thing as 'bad'! And same is the case with the so called 'bad' students, with respect to the 'good' students.
Thus, has been continuing, and will continue forever, the endless saga of the Law Students, their Egos, the Good, the Bad and the Royal Fight! And to derive analogies from the present day world, this fight is all the more evident from the 'bad' trying to overpower the 'good' and the 'good' unwilling to cow down!
She, thus, adds at the end, the following note, which I believe could be of some help to the readers:
Saving exceptions, this Law Student described above is very easy for you to find and analyse, and experiment, with the above observations already having been provided.
Good luck with your experimentation, introspection, and God Willing, Reformation!
Let the God will!
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