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Friends v. Professionals - Who wins, ultimately?

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Original Jurisdiction




It is humbly submitted before the Hon’ble Court that the above mentioned case has been prolonging in this High Pedestal of Justice, Equity and Good Conscience since ages now. Many a renowned Counsel on the either side has miserably failed to prove their clients’ point effectively and thus, the case has been gathering dust amidst the mighty walls of this revered Court. Both the parties have liberally invested their time, money and emotions in gathering evidence, authorities, proofs and submissions in support of their contentions, which have only complicated the whole set of issues, far from leading to any simpler by-ways, through which any ray of Justice could be caught sight of.

I am afraid, Your Lordship, I might do little to help alleviate the mess the case is in, a well-wisher of both the parties that I am, but I would try to my wits end, not to anymore complicate the situation.

Your Lordship, to lay bare the intensity of complexity of the present case, I inform your good selves thus, that the petitioners and the defendants are not two separate parties, independent of each others’ existence. They together form one whole community of people, good people, bad people, nice people, selfish people, all rolled into one complete package of human existence. This is a one-of-its-kind case subsisting on this Earth, Your Lordship, wherein, a community of people has sued itself, to solve a problem, which they themselves have created!

Your Lordship, this is far from happening in any Court of Law, but this is the Court of Justice, Equity and Good Conscience – the highest Court of Appeal under which humankind seeks refuge, and hence, seeks redemption! All of us look up to your esteemed judgment in the instant case, Your Highness, and I promise you, that whatever judgment will be declared, it would be religiously followed by both the parties (or shall I say, the Party!).

My dear Friends, Your Lordship, are prima facie distressed and disturbed by the fact that some of their fellow friends turn into Professionals, when they deal in professional contractual obligations. My dear Friends, Your Lordship, sense a deep, prickly anguish every time they confront the Professional in their fellow Friends. Your Lordship, my dear Friends want their friends to remain their friends, even if that means, they compromise on their professional fronts.

They humbly contend, Your Lordship, that friendship knows nothing but itself. They are thus, finding it immensely difficult to bear the cold stare of Professionalism emanating from their friends’ eyes! There has been a lot of hue and cry going on by my plaintiff-friends, Your Lordship, but it has fallen on deaf ears. But, Your Lordship, let me not forget to bank on the rebuttals of our dear respected Professionals!

Words do not suffice my humble tongue to elucidate the standards of Professionalism poised to be maintained by our respected Professionals, Your Lordship! Our respected Professionals are humans too. They too are Friends, Your Lordship! They know what friendship is! They have known the heck out of it! In fact, Your Highness, Professionals are professional, because they believe their friendship is not as base as not to understand the value attached to professionalism in this highly competitive era.

The plaintiffs have averred, abhorrently I must say, Your Highness, that the defendants have been inhumanly rude to their humane feelings of love and affection and hence have been meting out cruel mental torture every time they run into each other.

What a blunder it is to think so, Your Highness! To take as an analogy, just because the Counsel for the petitioner and the Counsel for the respondent are adversaries in a Court of Law,  does that mean that they need to frown at each other and become die-hard enemies of each other outside the Court-room too? No, Your Highness! This attitude is primitive for human beings to stay prisoners of it. It has neither a logical foundation to rest on, nor any content worthy of all the pain!

The petitioners have come to hate their Professional Friends so much, that they do not like to face them, either as Friends or as Professionals, Your Highness! I would like a simple question to be answered at this hallowed place, Your Highness: If the Friends are truly being the friends they are, wouldn’t they understand the Professionalism of some of their own kinds? Wouldn’t they not mind being professional while dealing with a similarly placed professional?

Why, Your Highness, is there this rigid definition of friendship? Why is a friend hated just because he/she refuses to stray away from Professionalism? Why a professional friend is hated so much, Your Highness?! Why?!

Silence. A deep silence. The air in the Court hall filled with a deafening silence. The lone Judge, the Ultimate Adjudicator, sat High as He ever did, with a calm composure. He knew not passion. He knew not adrenaline, if I can say that! An assuring smile beamed across his bright face, as it lit up the whole of the room with beams of solace. It balmed the wounds suffered by both the parties (or should I say, the One Party?!). He drew out a paper and a pen, wrote the judgment, possessing as much equanimity as he possibly had, his face still beaming with the effervescent glow, he resumed his calm contemplation.

Dear readers, what did He write on the Judgment sheet? What is the Judgment? I asked Him for it, he had nothing but the smile as the answer. Why don’t you try and find out? Where lies the Judgment? Where is it?!

P.S.: If you find the copy of the judgment, kindly post it as a comment to this case-file! Thank you.

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