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A Plane Crash, Drugs and a Destroyed Life- Part I

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Injustice in Justice

Chapter I

“I was never like this” were the words of the twenty year old boy Vijaynath. He could speak no more although a lot was expected to be said. He had been sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment for drug trafficking under the NDPS Act.


Two years ago, he was just another school going kid preparing for CLAT. On the night of Diwali, 14th October, 2005 his life changed forever. He had come back to his room when the thought of switching on the TV came to his mind. This was his first Diwali without his parents who had left the town to meet his aunt.


Everything seemed to be going well with friends at his place ready to brighten the night already illumined by candles and fire crackers. His parents were on their way back to Delhi from Kanpur. He never really watched TV on Diwalis.


But just as he was going through the channels, his eyes started stinging, unable to see, his hands started shaking, paralyzed. The news flashed on every news channel. The Air India flight from Kanpur to Delhi had crashed midway at Roorhki. None of the passengers in the aircraft had survived. His parents, the affluent Damannath and Devinanath were on that plane.


Looking outside the window his eyes witnessed the story his heart refused to believe. The silent candles looked remorseful and fire crackers shrieked with grief.



The next day a plethora of people came to his house. Some were well wishers who wished him well. Others were well wishers who in hearts wished him unwell. Many were selfishly concerned about their own interests after his parent’s death.


The share holders of his father’s company held their claim, leaving behind little for Vijay. With no one to support him, the young boy had no way of making the business run. Initially the money that was left was able to sustain him for some time. But then another blow of life, that of destitution left him hopeless.


Dialogues from the Hindi movies became monologues, his monologues. There was a house but no home. There were rooms with no people. Helplessness became his day, loneliness his night. The candle was still burning though, melting away the wax which held his life to the spine.


There was no way he could support his life with such little resources. And the fact that he was just in 12th grade with no experience made him more helpless.


Leave alone the payment of his expenses and school fee, maintaining the house itself was proving undoable. Never had he realized that money and family were of such value. His other family members refused to show their faces after a few months as they knew that it was better not to know the liability that he was.


When the time of fee payment came up he knew he couldn’t pay the amount. This incident made him nervous. But he didn’t want to quit on it. He wanted to study and do well in life but to do this he needed money.


This is when he met Faraz. There was not much common between the two guys. Vijay was a school going kid where as Faraz was a soon to be college dropout. But there was something in Faraz that attracted Vijay to him.


Faraz had all the time in the world to loiter around schools and colleges and spend loads of money on loads of things. This very fact intrigued Vijay. Vijay met Faraz on his way back from school at the Chandni Chowk red light. Not the best place for a conversation but that was the place.


As time passed by, their friendship became much more than a mere acquaintance.  This is when Vijay sought Faraz’s help to get him work. Vijay knew Faraz could help him. As the day of the fee payment came closer, any kind of work seemed right to Vijay as long as it paid him well enough. Faraz had a deal for him. The deal that would change his life forever.


To be continued…


Author: Thakur

Editor: LegalPoet

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