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In this post, I am going to discuss how a certain brand of nationalism which I would call perverted nationalism is used to corrupt understandings of terrorism and insurgency in our legal system, which ultimately leads to a gross violation...
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Law Students. The symbols of what is right, just and fair. The symbols of Truthfulness, Honesty, Morality and Ethics. The future saviors of equity, justice and good conscience. Is it? Hold On, People! If you think the above description of today's...
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Capital Punishment....we can live without it
Capital punishment is an issue which figures prominently in philosophical, religious and political discussions, and has absorbed the attentions of law-makers and the public worldwide. Right wing politicians usually express strong support for capital punishment, while more moderate, liberal and...
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  How much longer shall we purge? Laws are but words untouchable Ideas of thought. It is these words which form the fibers, material for social engineering. The very material by which societies are built, broken and rebuilt. The reason to take from the weak...
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Note: -  I admit to only a passing acquaintance with serious literature, political theory, Indian history and philosophy and I welcome constructive criticism and comment. All conclusions drawn are as a result of my own conjecture, and I could be wrong. Lata Mangeshkar...
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