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CLAT 2018: Now 34 petitioners • 2 SC writs • 6,000 grievances • 160 examined • Results tomorrow • Inquiry results after [DOWNLOAD WRIT]

CLATaclysm becomes even bigger CLATsterfudge...CLATaclysm becomes even bigger CLATsterfudge...

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) 2018 results scheduled for 31 May are on time but its convenor Nuals Kochi’s grievance redressal committee is behind schedule and tried bargaining before the Supreme Court today for lessening its load of candidate grievances against the conduct of the exam.

The Supreme Court has given the committee time until 6 June to individually look into the, now almost, 6,000 representations from CLAT 2018 candidates complaining of glitches and errors in the exam. The number has risen from the earlier 251 total representations that Nuals had received until 23 May.

The committee has so far examined 160 representations, it submitted to the court in a sealed cover report today.

The deadline provided by CLAT 2018 to submit grievances against the exam to the convenor was until 15 May but the Supreme Court had extended this deadline to 7pm on 27 May.

Senior advocate V Giri requested the court to re-consider the deadline extension given to the candidates, and only have the committee look into the 251 representations submitted earlier. He also said that the representations not yet examined were mostly repetitive.

The court was hearing two writs against the CLAT 2018, clubbed together today. While until the last date there was only one challenge with six petitioners before it, advocate on record Zoheb Hossain acted today on another writ brought by 29 CLAT candidates from various exam centres in six states, asking for a re-conduct of CLAT 2018.

Hossain argued in court that looking into grievances of individual candidates will not help as the entire exam this year and its process has been tainted, resulting in unidentified beneficiaries of a corrupt process.

Hossain commented to us: “I am relying on [Tanvi Sarwal v. CBSE and Ors., [2015] 6 SCC 573, wherein the results of the All India Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Entrance Test, 2015] were irreversibly cancelled because the paper was leaked etc, but the court said that it is not just those 144 candidates (who complained, who are affected).”

“My whole point is that there were centres where invigilators were not present, mass cheating was happening. centres where CCTV cameras were wrapped in some wire and kept or were facing the wall and the general instructions of CLAT say you have to have CCTV. I was saying you don’t have to believe me let the committeee examine the CCTV footage. These are not isolated incidents. Candidates from disparate places who do not know each other are corroborating the stories without knowing each other,” he added.

Next hearing in the case is on 6 June.

Read writ copy (PDF)

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Like +14 Object -3 007 30 May 18, 15:29  interesting
6000 grievances! That means every tenth candidate is complaining! If that's not reason enough to annul the test, I wonder what is. Have the judges given any justification for not ordering a retest? And out of the 6000 grievances (the number would have been more if a longer time window for making submissions was available), NUALS has only examined 160! At this rate, we can expect grievance redressal only next year! Poor show Supreme Court!
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Like +4 Object -11 Guest 30 May 18, 18:21
Only one-sided coverage on this website. Your emphasis should be that the SC has directed NUALS to declare CLAT results. This means no retest. It is an excellent decision of the SC to look at rule of law, national interest and greatest common economic good. We are very thankful to the SC for a sensible decision and not paying attention to the Twitter/Whats App army. Thumbs up to the SC.

Let the results be out and merit list declared, then it will be too late, LOL.

This should be your report:
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 30 May 18, 20:23
Rule of law?
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Like +1 Object -1 impulsively honest 31 May 18, 20:41
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Like +10 Object -1 CLAT taker 30 May 18, 18:26  interesting
Not surprising,every single year CLAT has been surrounded by some or the other controversy, but this year it crossed its limits.I appeared for the exam, although i personally didn't suffer any problem,I could witness the amount of stress on the faces of the students who had to keep changes labs because no available PC was in a working condition. Having appeared for CLAT 2017, I was expecting a much more organised setup but instead at first I couldn't find the PC allotted to me because roll numbers were printed where they obviously wouldn't be visible. When I took my seat, the PC was still wasn't switched on, and mind you, only 15 minutes were left. Panicked invigilators, running from one PC to another, students calling them, complaining about there PC not working, them telling everybody to not panic, everyone will get their 2 hours.
I was panicking because this scene was drastically different from when I answered CLAT in 2017. It was soon 3 and still we hadn't started. The exam eventually began at 3:15 following a demo exam.Luckily I didn't face any major difficulty while answering it, the next button didn't work, although t didn't pose much of an issue, the system hanged for a few seconds before displaying the questions. The invigilators refused to sign the admit cards even after I pointed it out, they said that the stamp was enough.
The small problems I faced weren't a necessary hindrance to my performance but I can imagine the amount of stress and pressure a student might have been subjected to had the PC stopped working for even a few minutes mid exam. It doesn't matter if he or she was given extra time, the state of panic is enough to mar the performance. It isn't even a question of those who cheated, lack of infrastructure, etc etc. Why would a student suffer for the negligence of CLAT Committee? It doesn't matter what he would scored had he not been affected by external circumstances, maybe he would still have scored less, or maybe even lesser or maybe he would have topped the exam. Sadly, we would never be able to find out what would have been because some people didn't realize the responsibility given to them.
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Like +2 Object -1 Charan Singh 30 May 18, 19:08
Their Lordships at every instance extoll that justice should not only be done but also seen to be done. Perhaps they have forgotten this in this instance. Entrance Examinations have been cancelled by them for much less. One must also weigh that the institution which conducted the last one will again conduct the new one and the competency level displayed could only be lower not higher. Even otherwise what do you expect out of Kochi
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Like +3 Object -0 007 30 May 18, 19:43
Yes, the retest shouldn't be conducted online.
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Like +2 Object -1 Q 30 May 18, 23:30
For those who will not clear CLAT, please see this positive advice from Mr Rajneesh Singh on Bar & Bench. I also request LI to give information on options like Symbi, Jindal, Nirma etc

- After BA.LL.B. one has an option to go for LL.M. from a top law school (globally). After that, it does not matter from where you completed BA.LLB.
- There are many other results like LSAT India, still pending.
- Jindal cut off likely to be 70 to 80 percentile this year. This is a brilliant college.
- Among other private law schools, ILNU, SLS Pune and Noida are good options.
- Bottom 4 NLUs will take admission till 3000 to 4000 CLAT rank after 6th July.
- The top 15-18 law schools in India are also good now. Next 10 are also most likely to be good by the time you pass out in 5 years.
- Some top educational brands have started new law schools. It will be easy to get those this year and these may turn out to be good law schools in future.
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Like +6 Object -3 1 Lakh per annum 31 May 18, 09:10
Please don't join "ILNU". Dumb shit law school with pathetic students and faculty. (Biased Legally India will not publish this because his ass is being paid by the likes of ILNU, Jindal etc)

Top non NLU law schools you may consider:

GLC Bombay
Symbiosis Pune
Jindal Law
Christ Law
Amity Noida
Symbi Noida
Army Law School
Bangalore Law University 5 years
Calcutta University 5 years
BHU law 5 years
Then of course Marwadi University
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Like +2 Object -2 Mistborn 31 May 18, 14:10
Your comment has undoubtedly made clear to readers that you are completely biased. Still, for the benefit of law students who are likely to read this blog kindly at least try to explain the reason behind your stupid suggestion.

Anyway, for studn
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Like +2 Object -2 1 Lakh per annum 31 May 18, 16:50
Boss. I was a student there. :) And I happened to do very well for myself inspite of studying there.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -1 Mistborn 31 May 18, 18:19
Huh. You were a student there, great!
Pathetic reason to believe your stupid claims. And highly misleading for other law students. From a totally unbiased point of view,let me tell you that your law school despite its shortcomings is doing great and at least has made a name for itself among the fraternity. It definitely features after JGLS and Symbiosis Pune, and that's not because it is good enough but because there are more sad institutes out there. And among them, current students at ILNU has an impressive run of achievements.

P.S. Future students, some morons who can't overcome their own inaptitude and perform well in career often end up blaming institute. Here is a simple way you can judge different law schools, go to the website--> Check Achievements and faculty + Library and curriculum. Later check the NIRF data listed on them. Compare wisely.
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Like +0 Object -1 1 Lakh per annum 31 May 18, 19:42
Hahha. Good luck to those who join ILNU. Hope you don't regret it! :)
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Like +17 Object -1 DON NOT LOOSE HOPE 31 May 18, 07:19  interesting  top rated
I know we all are loosing hopes ,but still there is a slight chance for re exam ,reasons include

1.Between 4.6.2018 to 10.6.2018 the matter will be heard by Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel and justice Ashok Bhusan ( see supreme court website notification )

2.Every judge approach is different ,there are number of conflicting judgement given by different bench for the same matter.

3.Given judges given judgement in SC/ST act and Rajasthan PSC case recently unlike previous two benches which includes judges which didn't even entertain plea in neet and cbse case ,every judge approach is different

4.Committee is very very slow ,that means members are honest

5.There is no formula to compensate or to give extra marks ,it will change the whole merit list ,you cann't take out a deserving candidate from the list also what about reserved candidate ?

6.Many exams were after everything get over i.e admission and counselling process ,recruitment process etc.I know judiciary is slow but you have to wait till final judgement .
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Like +6 Object -0 EDIT 31 May 18, 11:13  interesting
Some edit includes

3.Rajasthan PSC Exam

6.Many exams were reconducted

Just to add
7.Media and teachers just jumped to the conclusion except LEGALLY INDIA that there will be no exam,Court didn't said anything as such. Honorable judges don't want to change the previous order given by the previous bench.In that circumstances Committee won't come up with any Grievance Redressal Report and Court have to give stay order that's why court listed the matter on 6.6.2018 a day before counselling.

8.In next hearing Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel with Ashok Bhusan will hear the case ,Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel is the most seniormost judge among all judges which heard the matter till now.Seniority also matters

9.Just don't come to the conclusion before final judgement .Have faith in Judiciary .In the meantime file PIL ,IA (Interlocutary Application ) if you can

10 Thank You
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Like +3 Object -4 Moby 31 May 18, 09:05
Rajneesh describing Jindal to be a "brilliant" college renders his entire advice suspect.
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Like +3 Object -0 Observer 31 May 18, 10:54
Rajneesh is right. I don't think he is paid to promote a law school. One is a fool if he does not realise the fact that Jindal is undoubted number one private law school in India and much ahead of the majority of national law schools on all parameters. It is expensive, that does not mean you discredit the law school.
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Like +7 Object -1 1 Lakh per annum 31 May 18, 12:13  interesting
It's Marwadi University which is the best private law school in the country.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -1 Basudev 31 May 18, 15:43
While Jindal & Marwadi Universities are good, Galgotia is far better. On certain parameters even superior to GNLU
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 1 Lakh per annum 31 May 18, 16:48
Is that so? Should have studied there instead of ILNU.
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -0 Moby 31 May 18, 13:51
Looks like I hit a nerve there. But, Hi there Rajneesh! Jindal is not expensive, but obscenely expensive. Their faculty may be amazing, but it is still not an NLS/NALSAR/NUJS or even NLU/NLIU/GNLU. Please don't be any illusion that it Jindal is "much ahead" and that too "in all parameters". The national law universities are what they are because of the quality of students and nothing else. Not infrastructure, faculty, location, fees etc. Jindal does not have that quality. Please do yourself a favour and refrain from responding to this comment. Anything you say from here will just sound bitter. Cheers!
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Observer 02 Jun 18, 14:05
I feel you are too biased against Jindal and private universities. And having too much faith even in the low rung NLUs who do not deserve to be even called to be decent colleges leave being called a University. I have visited Jindal and I am telling you things with my experience. You also go and visit the place. It's much bigger and better than almost all of your so called national law universities. I feel some of newly created NLUs are worse than Galgotia and Marwadi. Leave Jindal, it has no comparison. You must visit the place. Don't misguide future law students by posting such comments.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 aidhaihdeiho 31 May 18, 10:44
Hey LI please highlight CLAT winners. Results are out.
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Like +0 Object -1 Observer 31 May 18, 11:03
Yes, a story on CLAT results needed. How many guys wrote the exam, etc. Expected Cut-off etc.
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Like +0 Object -2 Guest 31 May 18, 13:40
The retest lobby has got a big slap because CLAT results are not our per SC directions and there is obviously no going back now.
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Like +5 Object -2 Unfair 31 May 18, 13:43
Friends, the CLAT results are out The top 3 rank all went to the same exam centre in Jaipur.

I am not trying to take away credit, but is it not strange that one exam centre gets the top 3 ranks??
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Like +6 Object -0 CLAT taker 31 May 18, 14:04  interesting
Would have been strange if the three wouldn't have performed equally well in AILET.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 Guest 31 May 18, 14:51
Excellent point!
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Like +1 Object -1 Dragon 31 May 18, 14:54
A big debate is raging on Lawctopus over a post Tanuj Kalia has written asking people not to join lower ranked NLUs. If we heed this advice, then with caste quota + domicile quota + NRI quota one is left with very few seats in the top few NLUs.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -1 Guest 01 Jun 18, 00:52
I urge LI, Lawctopus etc not to get hopes of students up by suggesting a retest will happen. The SC has said NO to a retest and the rank list is out, winners have been declared and celebrating. It's madness to cancel all this. What can only happen now is a reform in 2019, and perhaps a mass lawsuit against NUALS seeking financial compensation and resignation of the director.
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Like +1 Object -2 Suspect 01 Jun 18, 14:44
Read that the tree CLAT toppers are all from Jaipur, are close friends and studied at the same institute. From a total of 59,000 plus candidates who took the exam, three friends from the same institute topping does raise eyebrows. Taking nothing away from their merit, this does call for some enquiry.
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Like +1 Object -0 Regst 01 Jun 18, 19:39
And what about the fact that all 3 did equally well in AILET?
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 01 Jun 18, 20:35
Spot on. All the whiners complaining and seeking a retest are losers who looking for a bad excuse. Very happy the SC threw out their petition.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 Suspect 01 Jun 18, 23:00
What's "equally well"? Did the three top AILET too? Anyway, as I said, nothing should be taken away from their merit.
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Like +0 Object -2 Warning 03 Jun 18, 20:39
I have a message for the retest brigade. You people have been bombarding Twitter and Facebook. But now some of the messages are using really offensive language. Some of you are also using insulting language to describe the Honble Supreme Court and Honble Prime Minister Modi. Well you people better stop this nonsense and start respecting our Supreme Court and PM. A retest is not going to happen. The CLAT merit list is out and you people have no right to sabotage other people's dreams because you did not study hard enough.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 04 Jun 18, 12:56
Are you coming to any of the Tier 1 law schools this year? If so, pray tell us your name, so that we can prepare a suitable welcoming committee to felicitate you for your progressive and intellectual views, with which you shall be spraying us for the next five years apparently.
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Like +0 Object -0 Move on 09 Jun 18, 17:57
After the entire fiasco I just want to say one thing, this might be the worst administered clat but I felt this from the v beginning this clat was a true test of a law student capabilities, cool, calm composed, under pressure, presence of mind ability to handle any new situation thrown at you, yup if you are scared of this better get a reality check because this is precisely what happens in Indian courts, that's what as future lawyers have to face don't expect a bed of roses in life, judges won't serve u tea coffee in the court room, deadlines, cases, clients what not, this career gives you prestige but is equally demandins
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