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CLAT grievance committee: Retd Kerala HC judge and Cochin prof to take candidate complaints until Sunday

Retired Kerala high court justice MR Hariharan Nair and Cochin University Prof Santosh Kumar will form a committee until 29 May, to look into each individual grievance submitted until 27 May to Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) 2018 convenor Nuals Kochi by CLAT 2018 candidates.

Senior advocate Rakesh Munjal briefed by advocate A Kartik for Nuals submitted to the Supreme Court today that since yesterday Nuals had formed the grievance redressal committee to be headed by justice (retd) Nair and technical member Prof Kumar.

This committee will examine individual representation of CLAT 2018 candidates in two phases. The 251 representations which Nuals told the court yesterday it had already received will be examined and filed with corrective measures to be taken for them by Sunday 27 May. The Supreme Court today also allowed aggrieved candidates who have not yet submitted representations, to submit them until the deadline of 7pm on Sunday 27 May. The committee will tend to these fresh representations until 29 May.

The Supreme Court directed Nuals to submit the status report of the grievance redressal’s committee’s work, in court on 30 May and an advance copy to the petitioners in the writ which it is hearing, which we have been reporting on.

The court also directed Nuals to create and publish a designated email address for receiving grievance representations from CLAT 2018 candidates, within two hours from today’s hearing, the petitioners’ counsel Anand Shankar Jha told us.

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Like +2 Object -12 NoRetest 25 May 18, 14:06
This a very fair and just move. Now those of us who are against a retest can make a submission without being shouted down on social media. Here is why there should be a retest:

1) We are nearing June and it will get too late. The academic calendar cannot be rearranged.
2) It will be to expensive.
3) Everyone faced the same disadvantage.
4) The solution can focus on a CLAT body next year. There can be a refund this year.
5) Answer keys are already out and results are known through social media and coaching centres. If you compare the scores of mock tests at coaching centres with the CLAT scores, a fair result has been achieved. Those who deserved to get it have made it.
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Like +13 Object -2 Moby 25 May 18, 15:03  interesting
@Noretest, you have been trolling on all the articles on legallyindia reporting on Clat 2018. Not once have you given the slightest thought to the students who have been severely prejudiced by the gross negligence of NUALS. Also, here you have stated the reasons "why there should be a retest" whereas I think you meant "why there should NOT be a retest". I am not going to address your reasons because none of them have any legal basis. But you seem to be a deserving candidate, for NUALS and no other law school. Good luck with your career!
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Like +3 Object -1 Melville 25 May 18, 16:09
I rarely agree with Moby on most issues, but completely support him on every point he made in this comment. Forget legal, some of the arguments of NoRetest didn't even make any logical sense. I won't wish such a person on any law school, not even NUALS.
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Like +16 Object -3 Guest 25 May 18, 14:30  interesting  top rated
Respondent (Nuals kohchi) can't be judge in his own case .Students should challenege this order .
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Like +2 Object -3 Guest 25 May 18, 17:37
@Kian - if I am not wrong, you do have some formal legal training. Is that correct?

May I suggest that you should hold yourself to a higher standard with moderating these comments. The above comment has no chance of success as a legal strategy. It serves the sole purpose of giving false hopes to those who are still aspirants for entry into law. Why publish it? It merely originates in an imperfect understanding of the maxim and it's practical application.

Hope you consider.
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Like +8 Object -14 kianganz 25 May 18, 18:21 LI subscriber  controversial
To be honest, that comment just sounds like a typical bad CLAT question :)

Q. Respondent (Nuals kohchi) can't be judge in his own case .Students should challenege this order

A) True.
B) False.
C) Sometimes true.
D) Nonsense.
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Like +2 Object -0 1 Lakh per annum 28 May 18, 11:21
Use your Kerala connection, Kian. ;)
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Like +4 Object -0 Guest 26 May 18, 10:55
Let me try to break it down for the people upvoting the above comment.

- All criminal cases are State v. X. All judges (as judiciary) are part of the state in a republican democratic system. However, you can't state that the judiciary can't sit in judgment in a criminal case because of Nemo judex in causa sua.

- Similarly, tomorrow you'll go to a law school. Sooner or later most of you will appear in front of a warden's committee/Proctor's Board etc. You will be charged with having broken's the rule of the university or damaged its property. However, you won't be able to correctly use Nemo judex in causa sua when Proctor/Warden (employed by the university) sits in judgment.

The maxim has a specific usage. An expert committee, appointed by CLAT, on the order of the SC is not NUALS being a "judge in his (sic) own case."

Kindly stop misleading and misdirecting people, and kindly stop upvoting the comment.
@Kian: Be responsible as a journalist.

PS: I do not agree with the court's view that any justice will be served by an 'outside' 'expert' body. It is part in a series of yearly sham that the system conjures up. One ought to speak against it, but armed with a proper argument and without raising hopes of those aspirants that have pinned their hopes that there will be actual justice at the end of this road.

I sincerely hope that a re-test, a proper one can be conducted. I sincerely hope that an ordered change in the CLAT can be brought about. But I pray of you not to blindly hope for the same.
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Like +3 Object -0 Noname 25 May 18, 14:31
So I guess this meas that the possibility of a retest is basically null. it'll be interesting to see what exactly the committee will do. Frankly I don't see what they can do without raising a hue and cry.
They can't give any grace marks or extra marks for the painfully obvious reason tat people will go off their rocker and they cant possibly conduct a retest for the complainants only because that too would be pretty controversial.

What do you guys think will happen. I think a full and all India retest is a pipe dream now. Some of you guys must be feeling shattered. Stay strong.
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Like +4 Object -0 Guest 25 May 18, 15:21
the help desk set up is not taking the complaint.after writting all stuff when you want to submit it .it does not happen it says connection time out.omg technical glitch in this also
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 25 May 18, 16:30
Hy Kianz ,please do write to Shammnad Basheer sir about this issue ,still there is no notification on clat website.If it is not available till sunday 7 pm ,please do write
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 25 May 18, 16:37
Please someone do video recording or any other thing in case they don't notify about Grievance portal on CLAT website.
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Like +4 Object -1 Aspirant X 25 May 18, 16:51
It is highly saddening to see the Supreme Court not giving a stay on the results till the litigation is fully sorted out. What is the guarantee that NUALS Kochi is going to entertain all the complaints and grievances because it just it just wants to wash its hands off the big mess of CLAT 2018.

It said that "the committee after perusing the complaints will determine if the candidate has a genuine grievance and if yes suggest remedial measures." This shows that the committee upon its own discretion can dismiss a grievance if its not "genuine". NUALS Kochi has not specified on what basis or ground a complaint is genuine or not.

Mostly they will reject most complaints , accept some to appease students and submit the report to the bench. And date of submission of report is 30 th. Results are expected on 31st. What if the petitioners want to contest the report? What if many other students oppose the remedial measure given by the committee? The future of 60000 students is at stake.

If there is a hearing tommorow i hope the petitioners assert the great injustice meted out to them.The court should also hear the petitions filed in different high courts. Petitions have been filed in the Karnataka HC and the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana HC.

A fair conducted re test will be the ONLY solution to re affirm the fate of deserving students who's future hangs in the balance thanks to the incompetence of an conducting authority.
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Like +4 Object -0 Guest 25 May 18, 18:37
What is the link aur mail ID for complaining?
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 26 May 18, 03:16
The ones to benefit from all this will be JGLS and Symbi. They may actually end up with some students who deserve an NLU but were victims of the fiasco.
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