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CLAT 2018 was 98.5% smooth, says Nuals Kochi, promises to investigate, but many of 59,300+ candidates faced problems, some filed police complaints

CLAT 2018: Unreliable.CLAT 2018: Unreliable.

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) 2018 could be the worst edition of the exam conducted in recent years yet, according to the reports of lapses flowing in from various exam centers, even resulting in at least one police complaint filed by candidates since yesterday.

Over 59,300 candidates appeared in the CLAT 2018 for LLB and LLM seats across 22 national law universities (NLU), CLAT 2018 convenor Nuals Kochi’s vice chancellor Prof Rose Varghese told us today.

With around 300-500 students attempting the CLAT 2018 at each test centre and with reportedly at least 14 centres experiencing technical glitches, yesterday’s exam could have potentially occurred in test centres at which 10% or more of this year’s total candidates were sitting.

Varghese said the convenor to look into any problems, and told us: “We are looking into each and every report. At 1.5% [of the total] centres computers failed and immediately [the candidates] were given the time. I will manually look into the computer login report.

“They were given 20 minutes if they lost 20 mins, if they lost 10 mins they were given 10 mins. But the students are young so they are reacting.”

As feared after the unfriendly user interface of the CLAT demo test site was revealed, the online test interface for yesterday’s exam was too weak to handle its recent changes that were introduced by Sify Technologies - the technical contractor for CLAT 2018. Reports of systems crashing and hanging and breaking down during the exam in various ways resulting in candidates losing time as well as panicking, have come in so far from Delhi, Jodhpur, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Chennai, Indore, Faridabad, Dehradun, Lucknow, Mysore, Thane, Nagpur, Patiala and Jaipur, according to Twitter, as reported by Lawctopus, Law Entrance, the Express and other media.

Glitches allegedly included, among others:

  • The test starting with blank screens with no questions, candidates having to restart it after losing 10 minutes
  • Computers hanging
  • Test timers continuing to run even though the test would hang
  • Electricity cuts
  • Extremely slow biometric verification
  • Discrepancy between the test time allotted to various candidates
  • Infrastructural deficiencies such as miscommunicated centre names or locations, misallotment of seats at centre, no pen and paper provided whereas it is a requirement, no practice test done as the centre was running late, centre not properly ventilated, etc.
  • mouse not working properly
  • Tabs not working smoothly - sometimes skipping questions, at other times not saving answers|


Police complaint in Jaipur

Seven students affected at the exam centre at the Radhakrishnan Institute of Technology, Jaipur have filed a police complaint against two invigilators at their centre for depriving them of the extra time they were entitled to and later allegedly “absconding” from the centre without addressing the grievances of candidates and their parents.

Statements of four of the seven complainants have been recorded.

According to one of the complainants whom we spoke to, out of around 8 exam rooms at the centre all the computers in at least one room, which had around 25 candidates, were allegedly experiencing “technical errors” on the ground of which the invigilators had allegedly promised those candidates 30 minutes extra time over the two hours officially allotted for answering the CLAT. The invigilators allegedly refused to disclose exactly what the “technical errors” were, eventually did not allow the students the extra time they were assured of and even used force by themselves clicking on the “exit” button on the candidates’ computer screens causing the test to close, and then asking the candidates to leave the premises.

The complainant told us that after the affected candidates and their parents collectively raised a furore at the centre the invigilators assured them that they would help them get an undertaking signed by Sify Technologies that there were technical errors in the test which harmed these students. However, even as the candidates prepared the content of the undertaking the invigilators allegedly escaped the premises.

The invigilators were allegedly NLU faculty members. The FIR is registered in the Mahindra SEZ police station in Jaipur.

Varghese commented today: “We sit here for 260 centres all over India. We conducted mock tests in every single centre. I was very particular that my observer went to every single centre.

“There was a technical error. Young children naturally make a big noise when there is a delay. The moment they said it our service providers immediately restarted it. We have the record here. It is too soon for me to share the record but somewhere there is a fault of the local servers. Our Sify report - log report will decide it. It will be done.”

“I am doing this whole thing with an extremely efficient team sitting with me. 90% centres went very smooth. Believe me I will not give you any wrong report. It just got over yesterday so can’t say by when [there will be a resolution] but we are looking at it,” she added.

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Like +22 Object -1 NLU Aspirant 14 May 18, 14:11  interesting  top rated
A few days ago, I had a nightmare. I'm not kidding, it actually looked like what happened yesterday.

P.S- I have been informed that yesterday's horror show is going to decide my placements five years from now.

P.P.S- For the uninitiated, high paying law firms only go to the top 6 colleges. So if luck didn't favour you yesterday, you won't have a job after 5 years.

May lord have mercy!
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Like +9 Object -4 Good lord 14 May 18, 20:53  interesting
All eyes on Shamnad now! Hope he works out a magic and gets students the justice they deserve. Imagine the trauma the kids must be going through. 1 or 2 years of hard work could be down the drain.
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Like +3 Object -2 Guest 14 May 18, 22:56
You are right brother. Hope Shamnad finds a way for us
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Like +8 Object -2 Faith-bringer 14 May 18, 23:40  interesting
Even if Shamnad's petition succeeds, it won't result in any relief for the candidates of CLAT 2018 for sure. At the maximum, it can help the candidates in future, assuming the court directs a permanent body to be formed.
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Like +2 Object -1 Alias 14 May 18, 23:47
The only solution now lies for the law schools to individually opt out of CLAT.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 Oralias 15 May 18, 10:34
How does that help anyone
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Like +13 Object -1 Ni 15 May 18, 08:52  interesting  top rated
The worst part is the authority-in-charge is trying to brush it off saying "these young kids tend to make noise when for trivial issues. How rude and irresponsible! If age is going to be the yardstick here, then what about the adults who gave the exam? Several classes had their faculty take the test alongside the kids. They too faced problems and raised their voice about it.
To begin their response by saying that "the exam was smooth for 98% people is proof that it wasn't that smooth for the rest of us, and this is a textbook case of discrimination. Shame on the authorities trying to cover this up. If a student is responsible for carefully downloading and preserving the admit card, reaching in time, paying fees and waiting like a dumb mule, then even the organisers have some responsibility towards the aspirants. Making us sit in exam halls that look like stables, lack of ventilation, with 18th century computer setups, and then expecting us to compete with 98% others who could perform smoothly, is highly discriminatory.
I hope the organisers realise what horrible mistakes they have commited and come to their senses. This is not the place to exchange blame. Please be very careful in choosing your next words. "They were young so they made a commotion about it " shows how extremely misinformed and patronising the organisers are. Let us drop the act and take some serious steps towards solving this.
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Like +19 Object -2 Guest 14 May 18, 14:21  interesting  top rated
How come IITs and IIMs manage without a hitch with far more candidates?? This means there was either corruption or incompetence or sabotage. A criminal investigation needs to be launched against NUALS and the IT company. This is also further proof that NLUs need to be centrally controlled like IITs and IIMs.
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Like +20 Object -2 Ivaar 14 May 18, 19:04  interesting  top rated
I really like your idea buddy. Look at the audacity with which Nuals VC is saying 98.5% things were smooth.They should be made to know what they are doing is wrong
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 impulsively honest 31 May 18, 20:09
I was one of the unfortunate students to give hi exam. I had paid exorbitant fees for coaching and lodging in a PG in another city, away from my hometown as I felt that the coaching there was better. The venue was a rundown school with bare facilities. The temperature was 45 degree Celsius and I am not kidding as I live in Gujarat where the loo blows and the temperature reaches 47 degree Celsius. So, these guys literally took 15 minutes to get my bio metric details as at one point the camera rolled off, onto the floor from the make shaft pen stand it was hoisted on.

There was no ventilation and even WATER was not made available. There was no proper facility to at least supply us with water and we were given death stares when we asked for water in the sweltering heat. At last, a kind staff member gave me his own water bottle to drink water from. The toilets were pathetic.What do girls, who give their exams, while in their periods do? They use the run down rooms, more like a bathroom as toilets. There wasn't even a toilet pot to urinate in. Just a 3*3 feet stretch of tiles. No water to clean up. You can imagine the mess.

Anyways, who the hell in India cares about toilets anyways, more so for "women"? Hain! What followed was a circus. I felt as if I was sitting in the set of Kapil Sharma's show. The first 10 minutes were full of confusion as bewildered supervisors looked on. The confusion and angry reactions from students gave way for people to cheat. Answers were discussed and information exchanged.

In the last segment, after the test was going to be reopened after being closed, the staff members were confused as to how to do it. They told us to press the exit button one by one, row wise. Yeah, as if we knew, what the students at the end of the hall were doing and at what exact moment they were going to press the exit button. This gave students seated at the other end, at the last row, undue advantage and 20 odd extra minutes. At least 15 questions were wrong prima facie.

A mockery has been made of the entire process.
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Like +16 Object -2 ZZZ 14 May 18, 14:23  interesting  top rated
There was mass cheating in test centres in UP and Bihar.
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Like +0 Object -0 impulsively honest 31 May 18, 20:11
Is this generalized or you were present at one of the centers and have witnessed the fiasco personally? Just asking.
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Like +15 Object -3 Guest 14 May 18, 14:29  interesting  top rated
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Like +27 Object -2 What the epic 14 May 18, 14:51  interesting  top rated
"Young children naturally make a big noise when there is a delay".

No, you patronising [...], they're making a big noise because you're incompetent. They have paid to take this exam and their future depends on it - they are well within their rights to make that noise. How about you do your job properly instead of glossong over with ageist nonsense?
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Like +16 Object -2 Guest 14 May 18, 15:58  interesting  top rated
It is incorrect to say that time was given to all the candidates. Many had lost as much as 10 minutes of time. The invigilators were clueless as to what is to be done. They were not even intent on putting their signatures on the hall ticket. The Organizers should have instructed them beforehand on each and every aspect, including what is to be done if there are any glitches.
The exam decides one's career. The fee charged for this exam is over Rs. 4000. Add to this the fact that it is held in far flung colleges, which entails in spending a lot of money to reach the centre itself. While the Organizers seem intent on things like frisking (which they should be) and not even allowing to carry a simple pen inside the hall, they seem to miss the larger picture of holding the exam in the best possible way.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 15 May 18, 11:15
I do not understand how extra time can be given when the timer keeps running on the screen! Is it within the control of the exam centre to give extra time? Would be grateful if someone can explain.
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Like +0 Object -0 Suvedhya 15 May 18, 16:09
It can if there were technical glitches .Like if they had faulry software and horirble servers it can and it did happen with alsmot half of the candidates -.-
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Like +18 Object -1 Devansh Saraswat 14 May 18, 16:02  interesting  top rated

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Like +25 Object -1 Devansh saraswat 14 May 18, 16:15  interesting  top rated
Is that a typo error? CLAT was 98.5% havoc.
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Like +14 Object -1 Lakshya Sharma 14 May 18, 16:54  interesting  top rated
I seriously studies 2 yrs for this. and it took only 2 hours to ruin all my efforts.
Why we cannot hold atleast one examination properly and sincerely. we deserve another chance. Rs.4000 is a big deal for many of those who dreams were turned into nightmares due to technical glitches.
Paper of national importance should be conducted *FAIR*.
If any institute can not provide us with that it should not take intitiative to that.
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Like +6 Object -7 Lakshya Sharma 14 May 18, 17:20  controversial
whose dreams **
initiative for**
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Like +1 Object -0 Arkh 16 May 18, 10:24
Reply Report to LI
Like +11 Object -1 Bhaiya 14 May 18, 17:10  interesting
Students are young so they are reacting. VCs are fossilized hence they are both failing and patronising. These people (NLU VCs have actually formed a coterie where they act as the judge, jury and executioner of their own failures over and over again). Most of them are in the Executive Councils of other NLUs where they provide support to their incompetent brethren and stonewall the stakeholders like students. Even during CLAT too, the same thing happens. The hosting NLU keeps 50% of the revenue generated, so the less expenses they incur, more profit for them. Hence the cost-cutting in terms of organisation. If only we had the necessary mass tort jurisprudence where the NLUs could jointly be held responsible for all this stupidity and the entire profit made could be awarded in damages to the affected students! That would have served as a rightful lesson to these people. We keep shouting ourselves hoarse about deficiency in service in this country, but the truth is tort and not consumer protection is the key to solve that, as the US has shown.
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Like +12 Object -2 Tanuj Kalia Lawctopus 14 May 18, 17:22  interesting
"Young children naturally make a big noise when there is a delay." This is a shameful, patronising response bu NUALS Kochi's VC.

It was not just delay, but utter mismanagement. Because NUALS Kochi failed to put competent invigilators at place, they were clueless about it all. Students wasted 5, 10, 30 mins of their time. Many gave exam in complete commotion.

Some centers did not have air conditioning or even good air curcuation. Would you put this on their 'youth' too? Or for god's sake admit how incompetemt you are!
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Like +9 Object -1 Darkseid 14 May 18, 19:01  interesting
Tanuj, I have been told by several law school faculty members (who regularly are sent as centre supervisors in CLAT) that while in the previous years, especially when TCS was overseeing the process, they were supposed to visit all the exam centres a day before, go through the entire process, check random systems to ensure they are working correctly and given an overall demo by the TCS reps there about how everything works in general, this year, nothing like this happened. Some of these faculty members were seriously aghast to see the mismanagement and even said they would give a stern report on the centres, but by then, the damage was of course already done.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 impulsively honest 31 May 18, 20:16
I have wondered the same IN THE EXAMINATION HALL ITSELF.
For all major online exams, TCS is entrusted with the responsibility of managing it and they usually do a great job at it. WHY THE HELL WAS TCS NOT GIVEN THE CONTRACT FOR CONDUCTING THE CLAT EXAM???!! WHY WAS A DINGY, SIPPY SIFFY WHATEVER COMPANY GIVEN THE SOFTWARE?? THESE GUYS SHOULD BE PENALISED HEAVILY.
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Like +4 Object -40 Observer 14 May 18, 17:23  troll?
Prof Varghese and NUALS administration cannot be blamed. These are mostly baseless complaints from students who had a bad exam and wish to make excuses. As has been pointed out no one actually lost time. It is unfortunate that Mr Shashi Tharoor (who is Congress MP from Kerala) is trying to get political advantage from this. There CANNOT be retest under any circumstances. If any student genuinely lost time then maybe grace mark of 2 marks can be given at most.
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Like +11 Object -1 REALLY 14 May 18, 20:05  interesting
I am very surprised that student can form some baseless story before the exam ? There are videos out showing their incompetence but you think all student right after exam are working in collusion. You wanna say that there werent any gross injustice to student rather student are just saying because of bad CLAT.
I guess you are the one who has got 20 minutes extra and being wrong benefitted you're afraid that if re-examination happens then your clown will blown.
What an stupid comments he made that some student be given 2 marks as for compensation for time lost.
I have to tell you that there are brighter student than you who would have score atleast 10+ score in that time timelines.
I strongly DEMAND retest of CLAT in written form so that justice is served !
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Like +0 Object -1 clatter 18 May 18, 22:17
yes, CLAT exam must be reconducted. i took the exam myself and was very much dissatisfied as I couldn't complete my test as the system was stuck and the tabs were not working properly. we paid 4000 rupees to appear for the exam.i hope the authorities be compassionate enough to conduct a re-examination as our future is at stake.dropping another year to clear CLAT is something we do not want to ponder on.
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Like +8 Object -1 Took CLAT This Year 14 May 18, 22:35  interesting
Its not only about "time" my friend. Its also about the ridiculous amount of cheating that took place because of the technical problems. The server crashed for 2 hours at my center in the middle of the exam and the whole place was noisy with kids discussing the GK and English sections. Imagine being a student who has worked hard for 2 years (11th & 12th) or even worse, a dropper, and then being screwed over like this, in an exam that has such a significant effect on your future.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 For student 15 May 18, 08:32
This must be stopped. Earlier I was using observer for comment but u hv also chosen it now I sifted to new one
Reply Report to LI
Like +11 Object -3 Tanuj Kalia Lawctopus 14 May 18, 17:37  interesting
Would you have the Sify records for trauma faced by 1000s of students and parents too?

Would Sify records show how students couldn't even have water at some of the centers?

Will your 'competent' team tell us why the quality and know-how of invigilators was pathetic across centers?

Would your Sify records have recorded how some students cried in the center, even fought with the invigilators because your incompetence made them helpless in an exam they had prepared sonlong and hard for?

This is shameful and disgusting! Instead of showing an iota of responsibilty you are blaming this whole fiiasco on the youth of children.

I don't think a person with such an attitude deserves to be the VC of a college.
Reply Report to LI
Like +4 Object -5 Bhaiya 14 May 18, 19:02
@Tanuj: Observer is obviously a troll, man, one of the worst kind, trying to bait any and every rational reader here. Don't feed him.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 impulsively honest 31 May 18, 20:21
He might be vaeghese in disgiuse
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -1 Srividhya Ramesh 14 May 18, 22:38
Well said !! True.. what agony and stress did kids have to go through is traumatic. Afterall the battle was lost even before it began ! Can one truly perform under such stress,! Especially young teens ! Their dreams are now at the porch of the results. Where even. 0.25 matters matter imperfect ambience and technical flaws would certainly be in the way of them giving their best. Fighting it on unfair grounds isn't ethical !
Reply Report to LI
Like +11 Object -1 VKS 14 May 18, 17:48  interesting
At some centres students were given 4-5 hours to save the paper. Rumours of bribes. See these videos:

Reply Report to LI
Like +9 Object -2 Horror 14 May 18, 19:56  interesting
Both the centre staff and the students are deplorable. From the videos the centre staff come across as clueless, confrontational and defensive. The students and their parents look spoilt, abusive and ready to pick a fight. Frankly these brats only end up polluting the NLUs (80% of NLUS general quota is filled by them). Sons and daughters of "VIPs", "VVIPS" and "VVVIPS" have ruined the NLUS.
Reply Report to LI
Like +26 Object -6 JGLS 14 May 18, 18:11  interesting  top rated  controversial
Those who won't clear CLAT... come to JGLS. A new swimming pool is waiting for you.

Reply Report to LI
Like +15 Object -8 Orion 14 May 18, 19:10  interesting  controversial
is that where the truth gets diluted at JGLS? (*cough, cough* best placement of all Indian law schools)
Reply Report to LI
Like +6 Object -2 DK Bose 14 May 18, 21:50
Benadryl khilao ree isko!
Reply Report to LI
Like +7 Object -3 Orion 14 May 18, 22:32
I thought JGLS kids experiment with more edgy stuff, as per new reports? Don't tell me even Benadryl gives you a high?
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -2 Oralias 15 May 18, 10:37
Benadryl's for the beginners, JGLS kids burn cash and snort the ashes
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -1 Guest 14 May 18, 21:15
major problems were
*some candidates got extra minutes,
*Test repeatedly lagged,crashed,I had to re login once,timer did'nt stop!
*ultimately,siffy is at fault,there was problem with server,some monitors,but invigilators cooperative, atleast in my centre.


I gave my test at EXAM, Bhubaneswar
Reply Report to LI
Like +10 Object -0 Tanuj Kalia Lawctopus 14 May 18, 21:27  interesting
14 centers? Well, we've identified 243
Reply Report to LI
Like +10 Object -0 Took CLAT This Year 14 May 18, 22:18  interesting
The saddest part about the whole thing is the amount of CHEATING that happened, I don't care about the "delay". At my center, the server crashed for 2 hours in the middle of the exam and the kids were left to roam around/chat. Within minutes, the place was noisy, with everybody openly discussing the GK and English sections. Fellow aspirants tell me that this happened at other centers too. So yep, expect a lot of undeserving candidates to fill up the NLUs this year. The least NUALS can do is acknowledge the mess and apologize. Instead, they choose to be patronizing and dismissive.
Reply Report to LI
Like +6 Object -0 Guest 14 May 18, 22:18  interesting
We're reacting cause we are young, eh?
Well, the older ones are grumpy and unreasonable. Relatable, isnt it Prof. Varghese?
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 JO 14 May 18, 23:50
Follow this lady (NALSAR grad) on Twitter. She is mobilising everyone and taking action .
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -1 Guest 14 May 18, 23:54
This girl from a centre in Haryana says everyone is cheating and getting extra time.

Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -1 Guest 14 May 18, 23:56
Clat 2018 was very bad..there were many technical problems . We didn't get extra time..please not this point
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -0 FrustratedAspirant. 15 May 18, 00:48
I was given extra 6mins that lapsed initially but at 5:45 and the staff there was so naive that they told us we can wait if we wish so a few of us waited and rest went out. So till the time they were managing stuff, (taking our admits cards to the guy managing at server) children had already discussed a lot of questions among themselves and we all know how even .25 affects the results!
Another thing, they were getting our signs during the exam!!!
I cannot describe how disturbing it is when someone pauses you during the exam like CLAT!
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 For student 15 May 18, 08:29
Every time same things happened. V C of nlu r simply not competent but arrogant. Most nlu believe churning money at the cost of students future. How poor they are in their understanding. Actually these people are outdated to the fast changing world. They can't make even a paper without mistakes. Who perceived this idea initially and further agreed by so called authorities to give chance to every nlu for experimentation with our children career.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 Guest 15 May 18, 10:25
Kerala has the highest literacy rate and inspite of this its sad that Nuals Kochi’s vice chancellor Prof Rose Varghese says these words... Sir you have charged heavy registration fees for the exam and given pathetic centres.. Compared to you Maharashtra CET exam had lesser fees and more better exam centres and all systems worked fine without any technical glitches.. I am sure all other states CET exams management would have been better than the CLAT exam.

Even in city like Mumbai the centres were pathetic and your NEW interface was at a full stop... pathetic..

1. Your fees was high so obvious expectation that you would have an intelligent workforce and technical arrangement, but alas .. it wasnt.
2. The centres allocated were far off from residence (MH CET and Symbiosis had managed this better than you at National Level)
3. The centres were small computer classes where students had to cramp and sit, they could hear each others breathing too. The partitions between two systems were cardboards. The room had Air Conditioner, but window broken and hence open and NO FAN working
4. There were no invidilators in the room.
5. The system hang issue varied from person to person in same room and amongst all rooms in a centre
6. In my daughters class 6 kids 4 lost 10 minutes, she lost 30 min and another kid lost 40 min.. While the other room kids lost max 45 min
7. The tech team at this centre, since it was a computer class was all again young kids barely completed graduation and they had no clue how to attend to the issue.. None of the tech team sir belong to Nuals Kochi’s .. Ideally one at each centre should have been placed.
8. For some kids the system reset and they could get full tme, but for most others all the gime was lost
9. At my daughters centre they weren't given ANY Extra time .. they asked the kids to give feedback and write the time they lost..
10. The biometric sheet which was done at entry was lost by the centre while exit and infact kids were made to wait for 30 min to get that sheet.. so extra time was for waiting for the centre to find the biometric sheet sir.

Inspite of all this you say it was only 1.5% centres.. please calculate how many kids .. Sir even 1 kid out of all 59300 kids suffering like this is a BIG SHAME for an exam like CLAT...

To all the authorities of CLAT a BIG SHAME this exam has been.. on top of that you have the audacity to say all these comments of yours .. SHAME ON YOU...
Reply Report to LI
Like +5 Object -0 Guest 15 May 18, 14:01  interesting
I am from Bhopal (M.P.) and my daughter’s Center was Oriental College, Bhopal. The center had worst management and also the old computer systems, they had not even given the chance of DEMO Exam before final exam to the students as comitted by CLAT. Due to all these factors the carrier of my daughter had been ruined as her computer was hanged around 10 times during the Exam while the clock timer was running. Once her screen got black at the timer was at 60 but when the system was restart the timer started with 46, this results her in shocking state because her 15 minutes was vanished, she complained to the investigator but nothing helped her resulting around 40 questions leaving un-attempted after having capable of solving them. She is in depression now and is not able to forget that scenes of the examination hall after two days because she had prepared for this exam passionately with all her efforts and according to her she would have cracked Bangalore this time if this problem did not aroused.
As per the statements of C Officials,Extra time was given, but I would like to know that as the clock is online how come they give extra time? and if the extra time was given anyhow,they have to check, why the Oriental College, Bhopal officials did not given the extra time to their students.
I request the CLAT officials to check the Data from the ‘Online Server Agency ‘ about the computer shut downs of the students and the time actual time lost/ vanished due to the technical error, and do the needful to the results of those affected students accordingly.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 Guest 16 May 18, 10:43
I wonder when VC NLU Kochi and others are going to respond. Are we going to get any justice or the voices going to fade? Computer shutdowns, rude staff, disturbing invigilators took away the concentration required to attempt the test. Extra time was not given everywhere, whereas some gave double time and a freedom to discuss during exams. Dreams shattered for all those who had a gruelling year preparing hard and aspiring to go to one of those coveted NLUs. Clat officials please respond fast before it is too late.Show some courage and responsibility to accept your mistakes and correct the same.Don't play with the future of these kids. Conducting the test again will bring back hope and smiles.Please do not ignore the evidences and feedbacks which is coming from almost every nook and corner of the country regarding the glitches and mismanaged CLAT exam. Can we expect something in a day or two?Can we get a proof that justice does prevail?

....A disgusted parent of a Clat aspirant
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 Guest 18 May 18, 18:19
a) If anything can go wrong, it will. Usually at the most inopportune time.
b) If someone can get it wrong, they will.
c) If several things can go wrong, the one you would LEAST like to happen will occur.
d) If you can think of four ways that something can go wrong, it will go wrong in a fifth way.
Well,folks, Murphy's Law did apply in its perfect storm avatar during the CLAT2018 on line exam held at Ahmedabad. In the searing cauldron that's Ahmedabad with mercury hitting mid forties, our worthies who were handling the registration desk at that centre, pulled up a temporary makeshift counter in front of Shubham Arcade entry and lined up all the hapless aspirants, exposing them to the heat and dust outside. It required persuasion and finally shouting by a few to make this reg desk fellow see sense, when he was forced to create some space by moving the registration desk backwards by a few feet, something which could have been done at the beginning itself with some common sense. It would have ensured that candidates didnt get heatstroke or dehydration.After entry in to the labs, power went off, screens froze.Candidates panicked.
Complaints like not having easy access to some drinking water at least, fell on deaf ears.
Loss of valuable time, half hour extension for the lab where things didnt work right from the outset, all added up. Overall, a pathetic effort by the organisers after collecting Rs 4000 as testing fee and botched up the exam itself. Eminently forgettable experience for a lot of candidates, whom I met. This sham of an exam should be cancelled and retest ordered, for ensuring that equity, fair play and justice is rendered to the affected candidates.
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Like +2 Object -0 Anil Kunthe 21 May 18, 14:22
My daughter given the exam for clat 2018 on 13th may 2018. There were delays in the exam and extra time was not given during exam. Moreover when the answer keys came we were astonished to see the paper itself has been changed as my daughter attempted only up to 178 SL no of questions where as answer key was showing answers up to 196 SL no of question paper. This itself shows there is huge malicious happened and if not taken care then they have ruined my daughter's career who was 100%sure of getting top 2 colleges as she was putting her best efforts since almost more than one year or so for this clat exam. Only god can only help us here. If any govt authority reads this message pl h
elp me to how to proceed further.
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