This is NOT a ranking (though student preferences do matter a fair bit...)This is NOT a ranking (though student preferences do matter a fair bit...)

MNLU Mumbai, which had rocketed up the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) preference rankings in its inaugural year in 2016, has dropped three ranks in the preferences of CLAT takers, while the top six have remained unchanged.

As last year, we have again compiled our Super 30 rank list of CLAT toppers’ preferences first indicative seat allotment list (hat-tip to CLAT mentor Rajneesh Singh for the data).

Our Super 30 ranking is calculated by taking the average CLAT all India rank of the top 30-ranked candidates who have selected each national law university (NLU), to provide an indication of preferences that is not adversely affected by batch sizes.

While rankings have historically not changed hugely in the past few years, especially with respect to the top few NLUs, the preferences of students for younger NLUs have been fairly fluid.

NLSIU Bangalore has unsurprisingly retained the undisputed top spot as the preferred NLU for CLAT toppers, with only three CLAT takers in the top 50 all India ranks not choosing the college (the 4th ranked opted for NUJS, 26th for Nalsar and 37th for NLU Jodhpur).

Nalsar Hyderabad too, with a Super 30 score of 75.9, has retained its clear second-preference, followed by NUJS Kolkata with a Super 30 of 144.3.

NLIU Bhopal and NLU Jodhpur continued last year’s trend and are nearly identical in their Super 30 scores again this year (229.3 and 235.6 respectively).

GNLU Gandhinagar continues in sixth position, having lost only some ground in the Super 30 from last year (at a Super 30 of 366.5 from 339.1 in 2016).

The big surprise last year was the young MNLU Mumbai, which managed a Super 30 of 418.1 despite not even having had a permanent campus, overtaking HNLU Raipur. That slight anomaly - no doubt in part caused by Mumbai’s locational advantage - has been corrected somewhat this year, with Maharashtra’s first operational NLU dropping to 10th space.

HNLU Raipur thereby regained the seventh spot in the preferences, followed by RMLNLU Lucknow and RGNUL Patiala.

Nuals Kochi retained 11th spot, with NLUO Cuttack and CNLU Patna having switched places this year in preferences in 12th and 13th.

MNLU Nagpur - Maharashtra’s second NLU - has too made a strong debut like it’s Mumbai neighbour, coming in at 14th place, ahead of NUSRL Ranchi, DSNLU Visakhapatnam, NLUJAA Guwahati and TNNLS Tiruchippalli (which dropped by two places to the bottom of the list.

Of course, bear in mind that these are only the first indicative preference list before counselling has started, so things may yet change slightly in these rankings.

Also, for the avoidance of doubt, the below ranking is not a ranking of quality or anything of the sort, but merely reflects the preferences of CLAT takers this year, and as such is usually heavily influenced by coaching institutes, as well as by the location or other preferences of candidates.

2017 CLAT first preference list: Super 30 table

2017 Super 30 score 2017 Super 30 rank Rank Change ‘17-16 2017 Topper 2016 Super 30 score 2016 Super 30 rank 2014 Super 30 Rank
NLSIU Bangalore 19.1 1 = 1 17.4 1 1
Nalsar Hyderabad 75.9 2 = 26 71.5 2 2
NUJS Kolkata 144.3 3 = 4 133 3 3
NLIU Bhopal 229.3 4 = 106 213.5 4 4
NLU Jodhpur 235.6 5 = 37 214 5 5
GNLU Gandhinagar 366.4 6 = 195 339.1 6 6
HNLU Raipur 486.6 7 +1 371 453.8 8 7
RMLNLU Lucknow 529.3 8 +1 329 490 9 8
RGNUL Patiala 606.3 9 +1 119 557 10 9
MNLU Mumbai 697.6 10 -3 280 418.1 7 N/a
Nuals Kochi 711.2 11 0 258 674.5 11 10
NLUO Cuttack 757.9 12 +1 565 750.5 13 11
CNLU Patna 786.4 13 -1 110 744.1 12 12
MNLU Nagpur 919.3 14 N/a 486 N/a N/a N/a
NUSRL Ranchi 1015.2 15 -1 674 936.3 14 13
DSNLU Visakhapatnam 1047.6 16 -1 610 996.3 15 N/a
NLUJAA Guwahati 1085.4 17 = 710 1025 17 14
TNNLS Tiruchirappalli 1134.5 18 -2 240 1021.5 16 N/a

Picture by Danielle Keller

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Like +6 Object -0 Guest 07 Jun 17, 19:59  interesting
How is this possible mnlu has only 24 general seats and their last general candidate is at Air 478
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Like +4 Object -1 AKT-mumbai 07 Jun 17, 20:12
There is a bug here. MNLU has only 25 All India Unreserved seat. Hence comparison should be made on unreserved 25 ie. Super 25. Here MNLU scores 399.95 against 465 of HNLU and 335 of Gujrat.
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Like +2 Object -0 ElCid 07 Jun 17, 20:12
Hi Kian,

Super 30 is a little skewed as personal choices play a major role. Rather, I'd suggest that you should do something like a bottom 30. It'd ensure that locational biases play minimum role and one actually gets to know about the final ones who are going to join.

HNLU is 7th on the list here. But if you see th trend for last five years, it has consistently seen cut offs below its other counterparts and somewhere equivalent to RGNUL NLUO and sometimes lower than them.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 12 Jun 17, 13:34
Agreed. Kian, looking at cutoff's would be a much more reliable method of analysing preferences of students. The only reason NLIU is still above NLUJ is because many people from Bhopal and MP (in the super 30) give clat and hence prefer NLIU over NLUJ. However, cutoffs for NLUJ are higher, because people without locational biases prefer it over NLIU.
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Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 14 Jun 17, 12:58
Hi, sorry for delayed responses...

I'm not sure if bottom cut-off would make a difference, would it?

Someone ranked 460 or 500 could have the same locational bias, which would have an effect on both cut-offs and the toppers in each batch, I think. Unless I'm calculating it wrong?

Cut-offs would also disadvantage larger batch sizes, in that their cut-off will usually be a higher number all other things being equal.

What do you think?
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Like +3 Object -0 Nope 14 Jun 17, 13:30
Cut-offs would also disadvantage larger batch sizes, in that their cut-off will usually be a higher number all other things being equal.
That's absolutely correct, Kian; but this also shows why this Super 30 thing is so fallacious. NLUJ has almost double the unreserved general seats as compared to NLIU (75 against 42), and still NLUJ has a higher cut off then NLIU year after year. Further, as others have already highlighted, NLUJ also always has higher ranked toppers too. Given these two facts, I just don't see how any rational comparison can possibly rank NLIU above NLUJ.
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Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 14 Jun 17, 14:04
Does NLU J have a higher (as in lower-ranked) cut-off than NLIU excluding any and all reservations and non-general list seats? Why is that? That seems counter-intuitive, considering the larger class size, etc.

In any case, the difference in Super 30 between NLIU and NLU J is really minor, and as the article mentions, both are "nearly identical", which seems like a fair description of CLAT takers' preferences...

Also, I think it's wrong to discount location completely. MNLU Mumbai has a locational advantage, but so does NLU Delhi. It changes nothing about the quality of preferences, just the quantity. And if a state produces many toppers, who then choose to stay local, that's an advantage to the law school surely and goes into the mix...
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Like +2 Object -1 Nope 14 Jun 17, 15:18
Yes, excluding all reserved and non-general seats, NLUJ indeed has a higher cut off than NLIU. 343 is the cut off for NLUJ and 356 for NLIU. Same was the case last year too. This is not counterintuitive, just shows how much more preferred NLUJ is in comparison to NLIU. NLUJ fills its 75 non-reserved seats with the top 343 students but NLIU has to go down till 356 to fill its 42 seats. This, alongwith everything else that's been pointed out in the comments, conclusively shows that NLUJ is significantly more preferred than NLIU by CLAT takers. Thus, it is quite wrong to say that both unis are preferred at "nearly identical" level and absolutely outrageous to even suggest that NLIU is, by any measure, more preferred than NLUJ. Unfortunately, this is exactly what this report erroneously claims. I would seriously recommend correcting the report - this year's CLAT takers may have already submitted their preferences (and they have clearly preferred NLUJ over NLIU) but this report is surely going to be read by prospective CLAT takers for coming years who, I believe, deserve to know the correct position.
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Like +3 Object -0 Nope 14 Jun 17, 15:33
And of course, location should not be discounted. NLUJ's location disadvantage is in fact the biggest hurdle to it's growth and is the primary reason why a. NLUJ has failed to keep pace with NUJS even though both universities are of almost the same age and b. NLUJ position is now being threatened by a young law school like NLUD which has an enormous locational advantage.

But full credit has to be given to NLUJ and it's students for making a university situated in desert wilderness of a tier 3 city one of the top four and highly sought-after university even in the face of increasing competition from universities situated in metropolitan cities.
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Like +4 Object -0 Delhi lawyer 20 Jun 17, 14:24
Whatever calculations and permutations you apply, NLUJ is way above NLIU. Its not like there is a narrow gap between them. And I am only referring to CLAT preferences here. If one looks at the market relaities and track record, NLIU arguably stands below GNLU now.

Anyways, this article is about CLAT prefercnes and I do not get maths, so I will let others battle the "methodology" errors :)

This comment is just a statement of fact; its not about my college v. your college.
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Like +30 Object -12 NLUJ Alumnus 07 Jun 17, 21:25  interesting  top rated  controversial
Genuinely cannot believe kids prefer NLIU to NLUJ and GNLU.
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Like +16 Object -13 NLUJ Current student 07 Jun 17, 22:48  controversial
Genuinely cannot believe that you don't know the true state of affairs at NLUJ! Big LOL to NLUJ!
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Like +5 Object -6 Jodhpurite, 5th year 07 Jun 17, 23:46  controversial
What true affairs exactly, will you care to explain?

Which law school does not have problems and Jodhpur has too, but they are not so grave that one should be taking NLIU over Jodhpur.
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 14 Jun 17, 12:50
THEY DON'T! The cutoffs for NLUJ are higher. Super 30 is biased in the sense that it doesn't exclude locational biases of a select few people.
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Like +3 Object -0 CLAT takers beware! 18 Jun 17, 11:07
Genuinely cannot believe kids prefer NLIU to NLUJ and GNLU.
You don't have to, because kids are not actually preferring NLIU over NLUJ, its just LI's incorrect representation of the rankings that makes it seem like kids are stupid enough to prefer NLIU over NLUJ.

The below Bar and Bench link, which relies on the allocation and rank lists instead of some random made-up metric that LI has used in this article, clearly says
From a perusal of the rank lists of each NLU, it is evident that students tended to pick NLU Jodhpur over NLIU Bhopal

For reasons best known to LI, despite so many comments pointing out this article's blatant errors, no correction has been made. LI seems to fail to understand that there is no place for their subjective opinion here. The students' preferences, and thus which university is more preferred, are simple objective facts and should be represented as such. This article distorts the reality by only showing the preferences of 30 students per university instead of the entire batch thus artificially making some universities more preferred than they are (NLIU for example) and some less preferred (NLUJ, MNLU are the obvious examples). Any prospective CLAT takers would be well advised to refer to the BarandBench article cited above instead of this ridiculously failed attempt at analysis by LI.
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Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 18 Jun 17, 11:29
There there, no need to get abusive and ad hominem...

I still think the difference between NLIU and NLU Jodhpur preferences are a toss-up between whatever metric you use.

If you look at the top 30 of both, which is the metric we have consistently used for more than 5 years now without complaints, NLIU ranks higher. If you look at the mid-to-bottom 30, NLU Jodhpur ranks higher. Just looking at highest rank and lowest rank as Bar & Bench has done, is an incomplete analysis and doesn't provide a full picture either.

And us randomly changing our metric this year to specifically give NLU Jodhpur a higher 'preference' ranking would be bias. Similarly, us taking the bottom 30 of each batch as the authoritative score doesn't work, since colleges like GNLU with massive intakes would rank much lower than other colleges with smaller intakes. Short of doing a complex mathematical normalisation of numbers, the super 30 model sort of works in most cases as a helpful indication.

But since you and other Jodhpurians have complained so much, here's a graph of NLIU vs NLU-J preferences that bears this out - NLIU and NLU-J are basically more or less on par in the preferences depending on which way you slice it.

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Like +1 Object -0 why 18 Jun 17, 11:48
Why can't you just take the entire batch (i.e. non-reserved seats) into account instead of arbitrarily relying on either top 30 or bottom 30? If your response is to say such an analysis would disadvantage universities with larger batch sizes, just look at the example of NLUJ (75 unreserved seats) v. NLIU (only 42 unreserved seats). Almost double the batch size, yet NLUJ's cut off is higher every year. And looking at the cut-offs is not a different meteric, its the simplest and most objective way of showing the students' preferences.
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Like +1 Object -0 kianganz 18 Jun 17, 12:55
In NLU-J's case that might work out in its favor, but consider the following and assume an even distribution throughout (and ignore duplicate ranks):

XNLU has a batch of 200; YNLU has a batch of 50 students.

XNLU top-rank: 1 | XNLU cut-off: 200
YNLU top-rank: 50 | YNLU cut-off: 100

XNLU clearly seems like the most preferred law school here (amongst toppers).

If you take the entire batch average, XNLU would end up with an average rank of 100, while YNLU would top it with 75.

If you take the Super 30, however, XNLU would be ahead with a score of around 15 or so, and YNLU would have 65, which would be the more logical and common-sense result.

While XNLU and YNLU situations don't fully exist in India, outside the top 6 or so colleges, you do get situations like that.

I accept that using the Super 30 does not provide a 100% complete picture, but this is inherent in any mathematical model, and alternatives likewise have weaknesses.

Ultimately, the most scientific way of doing this would be with some complex mathematical normalisation of batch sizes and each student's preferences. The advantage would be a tighter model. But the disadvantage would be a lack of transparency and that it would be very hard for most to truly understand and interpret the figures.
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Like +2 Object -0 NLU 20 Jun 17, 18:30
but consider the following and assume an even distribution throughout (and ignore duplicate ranks): XNLU has a batch of 200; YNLU has a batch of 50 students. XNLU top-rank: 1 | XNLU cut-off: 200 YNLU top-rank: 50 | YNLU cut-off: 100 XNLU clearly seems like the most preferred law school here (amongst toppers).
The overly simplistic model you've proposed just cannot exist in reality. If XNLU is more preferred by the students, it will be more preferred overall, not just arbitrarily by the toppers. Thus, in your simplistic model, XNLU's top and bottom ranks will remain 1 and 200 respectively whereas the top and bottom ranks for YNLU will be 201 and 250 respectively. For a not so simplistic model, we have the example of NLUJ and NLIU - where NLUJ has higher cut offs despite having double the seats as NLIU.

P.S. All the disagreement notwithstanding, it is heartwarming to see you respond so graciously, and with such nuance, to readers' comments. This is the reason why the comment threads on all of LI's articles are so engaging and at times as insightful as the articles themselves. :)
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Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 20 Jun 17, 18:41
Thank you :)

I agree the model is an oversimplification, especially for the top 6 or 7, but you'll find as you go lower down the ranks the graph is all over the shop, without clearly demarcated lines or preferences. That is when a bottom 30 calculation would severely disadvantage larger batches.
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Like +0 Object -3 Corrections, eh? 21 Jun 17, 03:36
There are just 28 domicile candidates in NLIU as against the sanctioned batch strength of 114. Wonder were this magic figure of '42' in coming from!
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Like +2 Object -0 NLU 21 Jun 17, 11:48
Thanks for providing the link to NLIU's website so that everyone can see where the "magic figure" comes from.

1. The batch strength at NLIU is 128, not 114. Quote from the NLIU's website link you've cited Quote:
NLIU admits 128 students to its B.A.LL.B (Hons.) program.
2. NLIU only has 68 general category seats per batch (see the screenshot above from the NLIU website link you've cited).
3. Out of these 68 seats, 26 are reserved for MP domicile candidates. Quote from the NLIU website link you've cited Quote:
Out of 68 All India General Seats 26 Seats are reserved for Madhya Pradesh State Domicile Candidates
Thus, *drumroll* we have the magic figure of 42 as 68-26=42

Corrections, eh? Lolmax.
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Like +15 Object -10 Jodhpurite 07 Jun 17, 21:33  interesting  controversial
Not meaning any disrespect to NLIU Bhopal, what really baffles me is the fact that people still prefer Bhopal over NLU, Jodhpur. Jodhpur has surpassed Bhopal at least in the last few years. Jodhpur has both better placement and mooting record than Bhopal. One should not even compare Jodhpur and Bhopal's mooting record and coming to placements, Jodhpur's overall placement record has been better than Bhopal for quite some time now. Bhopal's day zero was so dismal this time that they haven't even come out with their Day Zero 2017 figures, unlike Jodhpur.(And as a matter of fact, I know firsthand from people studying in Bhopal that this year's day zero was not that good, so please nobody from Bhopal argue with me on this).

I think the reason for people still preferring Bhoapl over Jodhpur is the fact thatthe concept of CLAT and NLU has only gained popularity in the last few years and people are still not much aware of how good actually a NLU is. People still fill their preference for NLUs in the order of which they were established.

I request LI (@Kian please do this) to come out with a detailed report taking into account different factors, and most important of them being placements, mooting and review by law firms of the quality of students from these NLUs working in their firms. And then we will see whether Bhopal will be still preferred by students over Jodhpur or not.

Another reason I think why students still prefer Bhopal over Jodhpur is the fact that I have seen Bhopal students vociferously defending their institute, whereas I never see anybody from Jodhpur coming in support of their college.
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Like +6 Object -4 @Bhopalite 08 Jun 17, 09:21
Firstly, the placement stats of NLIU are not out yet. So, you cannot come to a conclusion with respect to which University has a better placement record. For the years' trend, I request you to refer to LegallyIndia's own placement analysis, which, consistently, has placed NLIU over and above NLUJ, right?
Secondly, with respect to Mooting, I, yet again, request your kind reference to the 'latest' or 'last' updated mooting table, i.e., MPL 7 Standings (, and I guess by referring to the table, you'll get your answer in your pretty face as to which University stands at a better footing in terms of mooting.
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Like +3 Object -6 Jodhpurite, 5th year 08 Jun 17, 15:26
OK, so based on one MPL ranking, you are trying to infer that mooting at NLIU is better than at Jodhpur.

Here are the results of other six MPLs:

Season 1: NLU Jodhpur-4th,NLIU- 8th (

Season 2: NLU Jodhpur-5th, NLIU- 9th (

Season 3: NLU Jodhpur- 2nd, NLIU- 9th (

Season 4: NLU Jodhpur- 3rd, NLIU- 23rd (

Season 5: NLU Jodhpur- 2nd, NLIU-4th

Season 6: NLU Jodhpur- 1st, NLIU- 6th (

So, as you can see Jodhpur has always fared better than Bhopal in mooting except for this MPL season. So stop misguiding people with incorrect information.And even this season, NLIU hasn't done anything exceptional and is at the 6th position and Jodhpur is at 9th, so stop misleading people.
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Like +0 Object -0 Jodhpurite, 5th year 12 Jun 17, 20:30
Hey @Kian, can you please make me understand what is there to object in this comment. It is a purely factual comment showing that Jodhpur has always been better than NLIU at mooting.

Hence, based on just this MPL's ranking one cannot claim that NLIU is better at mooting than Jodhpur.

What is their to object in this?
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Like +3 Object -5 Jodhpurite, 5th year 08 Jun 17, 15:30
Secondly, your placement stats are not out yet because your Day Zero 2017 was not that good,so stop living in delusion.
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Like +3 Object -4 Observer 09 Jun 17, 05:13
Of course your day zero figures are exceptionally good thanks to inviting tier 3-tier 4 firms whose package you wont dare disclose
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Like +0 Object -1 Jodhpurite, 5th year 09 Jun 17, 14:06
Ha ha, so according to you SAM, CAM, Luthra, Trilegal, Khaitan are tier 3 and tier 4 firms.

I would really love to know which tier 3 and tier 4 firms you are talking about who drive our day zero figures. I will be waiting for your reoly.
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Like +2 Object -0 Hear Hear! 13 Jun 17, 17:18
"From a perusal of the rank lists of each NLU, it is evident that students tended to pick NLU Jodhpur over NLIU Bhopal"

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Like +7 Object -2 Insider 09 Jun 17, 10:24  interesting
NLU should stop glossing over their placement figures, which is largely driven by Luthra & Luthra corporate team recruitment. For years together L&L has been recruiting from Jodhpur in masses. Partner bias? personal bias? Institution bias? Whatever! The standard of L&L corp practice is well known - the downward spiral continues unabated. Why would the best lots from a so-called top NLU join a tier 2 corporate practice? Easy recruitment?
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Like +3 Object -1 Jodhpurite, 5th year 09 Jun 17, 14:02
"NLU should stop glossing over their placement figures, which is largely driven by Luthra & Luthra corporate team recruitment".

Just like GNLU should stop glossing over placements largely driven by CAM and NUJS and NLIU should stop glossing over placements largely driven by Khaitan (although this year Khaitan ditched NLIU :P).

And Luthra is a tier 2 firm, well, that is something new for everybody.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 07 Jun 17, 23:39
Thanks Kian Sir, this is very helpful. Can you also share with us the CLAT ranks of those getting into GLC, Symbi, Jindal and Amity? Even though they use a different exam, it is useful to know if any students turn down lower ranked NLUs for such colleges.
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Like +7 Object -3 Crazy people 07 Jun 17, 23:43
I agree with some of the other comments about NLUJ and GNLU being better than NLIU. It is incredibly that people are getting misled by India Today and other rankings which rank NLIU higher when the truth is that NLUJ and GNLU are much much better than NLIU.

Legally India placement ranking is a better indicator.
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Like +4 Object -5 @Crazy 08 Jun 17, 09:25
Hi! First of all, your name actually reflects what you are. Crazy. Indian Today Rankings do not even include NLIU. Please get the information right. Your comment sounds so naive. Also, don't even get me started on GNLU! GNLU is in news every 2nd month, over its issues of maladministration.
When people, like you, can't accept the bitter truth that NLIU is actually better than NLUJ and GNLU, you tend to tarnish the image of NLIU, because that's what is left to people like you, right?
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Like +1 Object -1 Lolwae 09 Jun 17, 10:45
So? Not like NLIU doesn't have gross maladministration. Have you seen the GNLU Placements and MPL ranking? Rank 1 MPL. Placement record second only to NLS.
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Like +8 Object -0 Oh please! 07 Jun 17, 23:52  interesting
NUJS bags 4th ranker? What does that even mean? The 4th ranker must thank her stars for ending up choosing a great law school. You are what you become after 5 years and not based on what your CLAT rank is. I have seen CLAT toppers failing law school exams, repeating and some even end up with no or low paying jobs!
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Like +0 Object -6 Guest 08 Jun 17, 01:36
This list, my friends is the TRUE ranking of law schools. Nothing else matters.
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Like +1 Object -1 Guest 08 Jun 17, 08:44
You should correct mnlu's rank. It will give a very wrong impression
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Like +3 Object -0 Ayan 08 Jun 17, 09:17
Absolutely wrong analysis... Check your calculations again.. average of ranks of top 30 for NLS and NALSAR is wrong. (I did only two)
Further take in consideration the no. Of general seats in are misguiding the aspirants absolutely!
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Like +0 Object -0 kamal-sharma 08 Jun 17, 11:39
Hi pls advise fo NL U Shimla or Symbiosis noida , which one should we. Select thanks
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Like +2 Object -1 Guest 08 Jun 17, 13:19
There was a time when NUJS was clearly preferred over NALSAR (when people like Madhav Menon and MP Singh were VCs). Thanks to the incompetence of Ishwar Bhat it it has slipped.
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Like +1 Object -0 Ayan 08 Jun 17, 14:36
Read this guys for the correct situation -

Take your post off... And learn some basic maths before putting wrong data next time
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Like +0 Object -0 Missing 08 Jun 17, 15:55
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Like +2 Object -9 Expert 08 Jun 17, 17:15
This should be the preference list (including non-NLUs)

9. Jindal
10. GLC
11. HNLU
14. NLUO
15. MNLU
16. Symbiosis
18. CNLU
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 08 Jun 17, 20:27
It is shocking that someone chose NLUJ over NLSIU and someone chose CNLU Patna over NALSAR and NUJS. Students are clearly being misled by coaching centres and wrong guidance.
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Like +0 Object -0 Darkseid 08 Jun 17, 23:01
Some people may prefer staying in their home town/city and studying. May not have anything to do with the relative merits of an NLU. Also, frankly, unless a students wishes to opt for campus recruitment or higher studies, there is not a make-or-break difference between the colleges that an enterprising student cannot make up for on his/her own. Do remember that none of the top litigators in the country had ever studied in an NLU. Although the growing influence of the coaching centres is indeed worrisome, I agree with you there.
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Like +1 Object -0 Jodhpurite, 5th year 09 Jun 17, 14:18
I totally agree with you and I myself personally recommend someone from M.P. etc to stay back and chose NLIU rather than coming to Jodhpur.

But that is not the point, the point is that even if someone decides to stay back, that person should still be knowing which NLU is better. He should stay back despite knowing the fact that the other NLU is a better one and should not stay back because of misinformation that he thinks that the NLU he is choosing to stay back is the better one.

Secondly, what about people for whom distance does not matter and they would chose a NLU based solely on its merits. Shouldn't that person have the proper information regarding which NLU is better.

Also, we should stop saying that top litigators of the country did not study in a NLU. They didn't study in a NLU because there were no NLUs then and not because of any other reason. The top litigators in the country in the next 20 years will be coming from NLUs and not from DU or AMU. In fact, even today the best of the young lawyers in the Supreme Court or the High Courts are coming from NLUs. Many from NLSIU are doing great at Supreme Court. Some of these young lawyers for eg are Gopal Sankaranarayan from NLS or Rishabh Sancheti from NLU Jodhpur and many others.
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Like +0 Object -0 Darkseid 09 Jun 17, 20:18
I agree with the first part of what you said. With regard to the litigator point, I didn't mean that people from NLU don't make good litigators, I simply meant studying in a top NLU isn't a conditional prerequisite for a litigation career. Also, even some of the top NLUs are shockingly lax in teaching procedural laws, court rules and the like, basically all the stuff needed for litigation. A lot of litigators who have got interns etc. from NLUs agree to that. There is no reason why that cannot change for the better though in the days to come.
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Like +1 Object -0 Corrections, eh? 21 Jun 17, 03:41
Tch tch. Sadly biasness takes over prudence and the urgency to portray self better than the rest.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 09 Jun 17, 15:57
The Week has released their law school rankings. Everyone seems to be giving different rankings.
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Like +6 Object -1 NLUJ 12 Jun 17, 02:54  interesting
Ignoring all the above fighting over an absolute non-issue above, I don't see how this ranking makes any sense. NLIU has a smaller batch size than NLUJ and only almost half as many general category seats than NLUJ (only 42 at NLIU while NLUJ has 75). Yet, just like last year, the first allocation list has lower ranked students getting into NLIU. The last rank to get to NLUJ in the first list is 343 and for NLIU it is 356. Further, again in line with last year's trend, the highest ranked person to pick NLUJ is 37th and the highest ranked person to pick NLIU is 106! (source-

I don't understand why all of LI's reporting (in addition to this report, see the day zero report for this year where LI has published inaccurate and underwhelming figures for NLUJ and called NLUJ's official press release's figures "alternative facts" without ascribing any reason or providing any explanation, or the 'recruitment through the ages' report which LI had to amend after the comments highlighted how grossly incorrect LI's attempts to portray NLUD's recruitment as better than NLUJ's were) is so actively dismissive of NLUJ as a has-been or an alsoran. The university and its students know where we stand, firmly below NLS, NALSAR and NUJS, we have no pretensions about the current state of things. Any analysis of recruitment, mooting performance or alumni-partner base (or any other criteria that may be deemed relevant) will result in the conclusion that NLUJ is still far behind the above three. But any such analysis will also show that unis like NLIU, NLUD, GNLU etc are a really long way off from catching up with NLUJ. Even the LI team, if they were to look at the plain facts, would know this. But, crucially, 16-17 year old kids who have just written the CLAT won't, and can't be expected to, know this. These kids rely on reputed news sources such as LI to understand where things stand. Please do them a favour, LI and be more careful with your law school related reporting.

As your amended and corrected 'recruitment through the ages' report goes to show, choosing NLUD/GNLU/NLIU etc over NLUJ could just be the the reason why a 16-year old who doesn't know any better ends up writing CLAT again at 22 (this time the PG CLAT) after failing to land the big law firm job that he would have had much higher odds of procuring at NLUJ.

Would love to know LI's editors comments, if any, on the above.
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Like +0 Object -0 Jodhpurite, 5th year 12 Jun 17, 20:28
Thank You for so nicely writing what I have been trying to argue above for so long.

Yes, you correctly say that we at NLU Jodhpur have no illusion that we are in any way better than NLSIU, NALSAR or NUJS. However, we are also sure of the fact that we are far better than NLIU. NLU D and GNLU.

The reason why I am so obsessed with correct law school rankings is for the simple fact that a 17 year old student who is writing CLAT should have the correct information at his disposal while filling up the preferences. He should be knowing that NLU Jodhpur is better than NLIU and even if still he wants to go for NLIU, that is his choice. But he should be preferring NLIU over NLU Jodhpur despite knowing that the latter is a better university and not because he was misinformed that NLIU is better than NLU Jodhpur.

Also, with regard to placements, I just read that LI is still waiting for NLIU's batch of 2017 placement records (NLIU has also not shared its Day Zero 2017 records). Without such information, I still don't know why people still keep preferring NLIU over Jodhpur.

I think we at Jodhpur need to start vociferously defending our university, specially in social media, such as on facebook pages like CLATGYAN and CLATHEAD, these are the places from where CLAT aspirants get first-hand information from regarding preferences etc. from people studying in NLUs. I see people from NLIU defending their university quite often. Take for eg. comment no. 5.1.1 above, that is a purely factual comment which I made, however still many people "objected" to that comment. I really don't know what is there to object in that. The comment was in response to a student from NLIU saying that they were better at mooting than Jodhpur. I simply showed them that from MPL 1 to 6, they have always ranked lower than us in mooting, except for this MPL and hence based on one MPL they should not claim that they are better at mooting than us.
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So mooting rank decides the level of education being imparted in the University? By that logic NALSAR and NLS must be ranked down compared to a University which performed well in MPL in that particular year. But then again, you must be young blood. Your nerves will calm down in few years when you'll realize the futility of this war of words between keyboard warriors.
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