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As NUJS begins crawl to get new VC, details of process not students’ business, claims admin • Students submit 10,000+ word representation

NUJS starts hunt for registrar, and possibly VC soonNUJS starts hunt for registrar, and possibly VC soon

NUJS Kolkata is perhaps an inch closer to the appointment of a new vice chancellor (VC) and a permanent registrar and accounts officer after protracted periods of working with temporary arrangements for these posts, according to an email shared by the Student Juridical Association (SJA) with its members.

However, students have allegedly been kept in the dark about the timeline and exact process of their next VC’s appointment, whoever that may turn out to be.

The students have now made a 10,000 word submission to the executive council (EC) and the search committee (read full submissions below).

The NUJS executive council (EC) had rectified an anomaly in NUJS’ new VC search committee by removing the state government member from the committee and reducing its size to three, as is required under regulations, the SJA said in its email.

However, the EC has neither referred to this search committee in the minutes of its latest meeting held on 29 September, nor did the NUJS administration provide the SJA access to any minutes of the search committee’s meeting, therefore leaving the timeline for VC appointment in the grey yet again.

Furthermore, the appointment of a permanent registrar who would be appointed through the advertisement now published by NUJS, would be subject to removal if the Calcutta high court were to decided that former dismissed registrar Surajit Mukhhopadhyay should be reinstated as NUJS’ registrar.

NUJS has functioned without a permanent registrar since Mukhhopadhyay was dismissed in 2016 for alleged financial mismanagement. He has been litigating against his dismissal in the Calcutta high court.

Search committee

In its meeting, the EC had removed the West Bengal government nominee Suparno Moitra and reconstituted the committee as a three-member panel comprising of the Chief Justice of India’s nominee, Justice Arun Mishra, the EC nominee, Calcutta HC chief justice Debashis Kar Gupta, and general council nominee, the West Bengal advocate general Kishore Dutta.

The reconstituted three-member committee also had its first meeting on 29 September, finally, during the EC meeting; all search committee members are also a part of the NUJS EC.

During this overlapping meeting of the EC and the search committee it was decided to advertise for a VC for NUJS within two weeks, according to the SJA’s sources within the EC. However, the final EC minutes apparently did not make any mention of this decision.

NUJS acting registrar Sikha Sen allegedly refused to share the minutes of the search committee’s meeting with the SJA because it had no interest or stake in the matter of appointment of NUJS’ VC, according to the SJA’s email to its members.

According to one student, with the search committee minutes deliberately not finalised and released, the “VC’s advertisement is unlikely to be released before the holidays despite an explicit resolution stating the advertisement has to be released within two weeks from the date of the meeting”, i.e. 29 September.

The SJA had alleged in its representation to the EC that there has been a “policy paralysis and continuing financial stalemate” ever since Talukdar took charge in April this year as temporary VC after the ouster of former VC Prof Ishwara Bhat.

When we contacted NUJS acting vice chancellor justice (VC) Amit Talukdar by phone today, beginning to ask him for comment on the process, he said: “I cannot speak to you, please excuse me.”

NUJS student submissions to Executive Council (PDF)

NUJS student submissions to Search Committee (PDF)

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Like +13 Object -1 Guest 10 Oct 18, 19:44  interesting  top rated
The acting VC Lord Taluk is just getting the taste of being a method actor. He isn't budging from here anytime soon. The tragically comic statement of the acting Registrar about students not having any stake in who the VC is, is perhaps the only honest comment this administration has ever made about its mentality. Students are now realising the full import of creating a sudden power vacuum without proper planning. What the report does not mention (but the SJA mail did), is that the SJA had also asked the EC to do actual governing for a change, including recruiting new teachers, reconsidering inexplicable fee hike, restarting the research centres, expediting pending inquiries etc. All of which mostly met with stony silence and won't find any mention in the minutes. That's the true picture. The place is in doldrums and almost everyone with an option is either leaving or has left already. We need the likes of another Menon here to set the record straight.

Other law schools interested in protesting against inept regimes should take lessons from this about how NOT to do things.
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Like +3 Object -1 Observer 10 Oct 18, 20:38
On the one hand, it's an excellent development that the government nominee was removed and the search committee appointed the former AG Mr Jayanta Mitra (a barrister held in very high esteem) rather than the current AG (an undistinguished lawyer appointed only because of his proximity to the Trinamool, after Mr Mitra resigned in protest). However, the problem is that unless the VC position is publicly advertised the pool of applicants will remain small. Suppose 3 incompetent people apply, then even an impartial search committee will be bound to appoint only one of them. However, a public advertisement will ensure that some young and dynamic people will throw their hat into the ring. Bhat ruined NUJS in 7 years. A dynamic VC can restore the position NUJS had in the Menon-Chimni-Singh years, but a lousy one will relegate it to a tier two NLU.
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Like +4 Object -0 Guest 10 Oct 18, 22:38
If the 'Professor + 10' rule is in effect, then no matter how well publicized the advertisement there shall be little chance that someone young and dynamic can be chosen as the next VC of NUJS.
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Like +4 Object -0 Noojie 13 Oct 18, 00:12
Suparno Moitra was removed from the search Committee because one senior from Third Year raised this issue in the GB Meeting which was called by the SJA. He proved in the GB Meeting that formation of the Search Committee was illegal per se. He was probably referring to some rules in NUJS Act and precedent of formation of search committee.
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Like +4 Object -0 Guest 13 Oct 18, 04:09
Give that boy a medal.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 13 Oct 18, 06:35
It is still illegal as per the NUJS Act. There's no academic in the search committee that's required as per the Act. The CJI should have nominated an academic, instead he sent Arun Mishra.
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Like +0 Object -2 Guest18 13 Oct 18, 12:39
What is the illegality? Can you quote the section of the NUJS Act? To best of knowledge there is nothing in the Act on selection committee for VC.
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Like +2 Object -0 Legal Kite 13 Oct 18, 15:51
@Guest18: It's in the Regulations. Check the regulation on the mode of appointment of the VC. It clearly says "one distinguished educationist nominated by the Chancellor". Not only that, this educationist is to be chairperson of the selection committee, not the other members.
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Like +5 Object -0 Guest 10 Oct 18, 20:40  interesting
FYI Suparno Moitra (the govt nominee) is a TMC party member (pic below, bald guy holding the flag). It is shocking that such blatant political interference is going on, and the SJA needs to be vigilant in future.

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Like +3 Object -2 Guest 10 Oct 18, 22:41
I fail to understand the FYI. The article itself mentions that:

1. He is a TC party member (and BTW, TMC was Tamil Manila Congress. A now defunct party. Trinamool is TC)

2. He was the government nominee.

3. He's been removed.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 11 Oct 18, 13:08
Doesn't really matter. Between the AG and the current CJ of the Cal HC, the state government has as much leverage as it needs. That's why it was delaying the search committee meetings till the previous CJ retired. Everyone knows he didn't see eye to eye with the state.
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Like +2 Object -0 Another Guest 13 Oct 18, 15:39
Wrong. The previous CJ reportedly had good links with both the AG and Lord Taluk. Also he is tipped to become the Lokayukta of the State or some sinecure. The reason for delay is a bit puzzling. Likely that they grew complacent and thought that prolonging the enquiries will tire out the SJA and also scare away good VC candidates. It will then become a cakewalk to install a really sad choice. And we are likely to see that happen. MKS is gone. Many others have decided to stay away. The ones outside WB who will apply are likely to be dregs looking to fish in troubled waters.

Also there are rumours that rival factions within the party in power and their friends in the judiciary and bureaucracy are vying for influence.

The new CJ is not known to be a power broker. But he retires on Dec 31. Lord Taluk and AG want the entire process dragged out till the model code of conduct for national elections get declared. That will buy them some more months. SJA and students will have a tough time maintaining their verve till then.

Look at how students at NLU Ranchi and CNLU have been numbed. Similar playbook here as well.

The VC search and selection has always been shrouded in opacity. Even after the process is completed, information is not disclosed properly. For example, when Prof MP Singh tenure ended NUJS had a good reputation. How is it that we only attracted PIB, NSG and KIV? The last one had actually been thrown out of Pune University Law due to proven sexual misconduct and he reportedly again did that in IIT KGP Law. At least that's what the SJA petition has to say quoting Times of India.

NSG has a reputation as an expert on IP Law. The record is uneven when it comes to administration perhaps. But how did PIB top the charts? Was NUJS so bad then that we could only manage these rotten apples barring NSG and maybe some others who never made it to the shortlist?

If NUJS was that unattractive then think what will happen now when Lord Taluk and his friends are deliberately scarring NUJS and scaring away the few good administrators who would have been interested.

I strongly urge the SJA to file RTIs or do something to rifle through the VC search process. It has made some very progressive suggestions in the petition to search committee (I bothered to go through it) based on some good practices being followed in India. That's a good beginning. But we know that Lord Taluk is being worse than PIB. So the next steps will need to be taken

I support #OccupyNUJS
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Like +6 Object -0 X Man 10 Oct 18, 20:50  interesting
When we contacted NUJS acting vice chancellor justice (VC) Amit Talukdar by phone today, beginning to ask him for comment on the process, he said: “I cannot speak to you, please excuse me.”
Well, at least he was polite.
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Like +21 Object -6 Stop Moaning 10 Oct 18, 21:17  interesting  top rated  controversial
Sorry, but zero sympathy for the students. It's your fault for tolerating such an incompetent VC for so many years and then just going on strike for a few hours to protest. These problems did not happen overnight but over several years, when you did nothing beyond drafting meaningless petitions and accepting empty promises. You turned a blind eye to many malpractices as long as you got high marks (from incompetent teachers) and good placements. Most of your demands are impossible to meet now. So shut up and deal with, or go to another law school.
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Like +3 Object -16 Guest 11 Oct 18, 11:17
Is that you, [...]? If you are that angry at the students, why not simply leave instead of announcing in every class how you would like to?
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Like +7 Object -2 Know All 10 Oct 18, 22:41  interesting
This how a shortlist for the VC should look

A. Indian academics based abroad, at Associate Professor rank or higher:

1. Shyam Balganesh, UPenn (NLSIU alum)
2. Tarunabh Khaitan, Oxford (NLSIU alum, hails from Kolkata/Bengal)
3. Dev Gangjee, Oxford (NSLIU alum, hails from Kolkata/Bengal)
4.Shubajit Basu, Leeds (Calcutta University alum, hails from Kolkata/Bengal)
5. Prabha Kotiswaran, King's College (NLSIU alum)
6. Deepa Badrinarayana, Chapman University US (NLSIU alum)
7. Shubhankar Dam (NUJS alum)
8. Gitanjali Gill, Northumbria (DU alum)
9. Vrinda Narain, McGill (DU alum)
10. V Umakanth, NUS (NLSIU alum)
11. Neha Jain, Minnesota (NLSIU alum)
12. Surya Deva, Hong Kong (DU alum)

B. Senior academics based in India:

1. Bharat Desai (JNU)
2. Ved Kumari (DU)
3. NS Gopalakrishnan (CUSAT)
4. Amita Dhanda (NALSAR)
5. Anurag Agarwal (IIM Ahmedabad)
6. VC Vivekanandan (NALSAR, now Dean at Bennett University)

C. Younger academics based in India (professor rank and above):

1. Lavanya Rajamani
2. Shamnad Basheer
3. Sudhir Krishnaswamy
4. Manoj Sinha
5. Mrinal Satish
6. VK Unni (IIM Calcutta)
7. Lawrence Liang (if you're willing to overlook the sexual harassment thing)
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Like +7 Object -0 Know Nothing 11 Oct 18, 03:45  interesting
That's an impressive list. A lot of the people who are teaching abroad went and stayed back there for a reason. Even if they have reasons and compulsions to come back now, NUJS does not blip on their radar. Sure, we probably have a better bunch of students here but Jindal et al are no pushovers. Jindal, Ashoka et al will continue to sprout and in time eat away the so-called advantages of NLUs, which can only be seen at NLSIU, NALSAR and NLUD.

Degrees, including those acquired abroad, mean little beyond a point. NUJS needs an honest, silo-breaker academic with a verifiable record of good administration and resource generation skills. We cannot be transit halts for preening academics or timeserving academic bureaucrats. NUJS was that for some in your list. I do not doubt their academic credentials. But as with marriage, those folks are overrated.

Before you belt out more names why don't you give a good reason why anyone of these folks should even think of NUJS? What can NUJS offer? Mountain Dew challenge - dar kay agey jeet hain? Khatron kay Khiladi?

Tell me what can you offer Dr Prabha Kotiswaran? A few years ago her law school received a donation of GBP 80 million (hence the change in name). That has not stopped others from donating

Here is something for perspective. NUJS owing to Surajit scam and other such "minor" wrinkles was forced to refund Rs 2.85 crores to UGC. That included a significant chunk of money for expansion and upgrade of hostel accommodation. Tell me are your tripling days over? Better check in with seniors or alumni who had it worse.

Ever since Lord Taluk took over, the university finances have gone into a tailspin. With distance education related refunds, litigation fees, hikes on the back of erroneous pay to DEOs, Noojies will be paying more than 150% of the running expenses of the university. Soon this university will be running on fumes.

Lord Taluk has a solution. Empty out and scare away good faculty. Plead financial emergency and request for state assistance. And we all know what happens next.

Also with many of the names in your list be careful what you wish for. All that glitters is not gold.
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Like +10 Object -0 um 11 Oct 18, 11:19  interesting
That's an editorial board wet dream, but a poor VC shortlist. Being an excellent academic is no guarantee of administrative skill. It's not like the VC does much teaching or research anyway. And no, you can't simply overlook sexual harassment charges.
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Like +8 Object -0 Real world 11 Oct 18, 14:16  interesting
Whatever you suggest, you will get NK Chakravarthy from KIIT or another Ishwar Bhatt from Dharwad or Mysore. No one knows if Patil from NLU Assam or Vijender Kumar from Nagpur get promoted as NUJS VC :)
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Like +1 Object -2 Sac 11 Oct 18, 15:05
Please not Sudhir or Umakant - they have to be free to save NLSIU when shit hits the fan there!
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Like +0 Object -0 Sac 11 Oct 18, 15:14
Or take R Venkata Rao - please
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 16 Oct 18, 12:17
what about professors in NUJS are not they qualified to become VC
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 16 Oct 18, 12:52
Only one of them is, Prof. Manoj Kumar Sinha. Rest don't have the seniority needed by UGC. MKS has been away at ILI on lien for past 4 years, doubt he's coming back.
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Like +1 Object -1 Noojie 11 Oct 18, 03:04
Kian get your facts right. The search committee has Justice Arun Mishra as the Chancellor (CJI) nominee; the Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court and the Advocate General of West Bengal Government (Kishore Dutta). Since Justice Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya retired recently, the new ACJ Debashis Kargupta will be gracing the VC search committee till Dec 31.

@Guest is right. Suparno Moitra (until recently hobnobbing with the BJP) is a political stooge. He was recommended into the search committee for a political reason and therefore likely to enter NUJS in some capacity.

@ Stop Moaning tell that to the PA. SJA despite its missteps has run an evidence-led campaign against the ills that plague this university. What have the so-called permanent faculty and staff done? They endlessly leech the university coffers. Each DEO currently draws Rs 70k/month! Fine. To do what?? Watch videos of scantily clad girls twerking while messing up accounts and academic records?

We are blessed with a vile and self-serving faculty lot who would minutely read UGC rules for increase in salaries and perks but plead ignorance when it comes to UGC norms governing distance and online education courses; faculty recruitment; student entitlements etc. What spine have they shown?

The Justice League claim that they do not have the baggage of distance education mess on them. Are they speaking the whole truth? Also what explains their conspiracy of silence while the mess was being played out then or even now when no significant progress has been made by the good Lord Taluk.

Despite their "permanent" status why did they go hiding during PIB tenure? And why do they hate students and SJA for posing inconvenient questions such as irregularities in faculty recruitment throughout 2012-2017; non-implementation of the Justice PN Sinha Report etc? They are no different from the Injustice League and would love to see a weak SJA leadership or none.

The real tragedy has been Lord Taluk. He was not expected to play politics. He sure can and likely did during his time in the Bar and on the Bench. But he was not expected to play favourites here and encourage faculty factionalism especially when he never forgets to remind that he is not drawing remuneration; is here for a short period and will happily resign whenever asked. That trick worked initially but not anymore.

Lord Taluk fully intends to regularise his stay and will resign only when his political masters let him. PIB had to strike a political deal on two campus; increased student intake; domiciliary reservation et al to get a second tenure. SJA may think that their evidence against PIB resulted in his ouster but they are mistaken. PIB had become a liability for his political masters and their friends in the judiciary. Unbeknownst to the SJA (who stupidly believed that they have a sympathetic audience in the EC) the powers that be used student agitation as cover to install their political appointee - Lord Taluk!! Can we really fault the SJA if they got fooled? What were the know-it-all faculty and staff doing? Did they get played for fools too?

Lord Taluk is here to effect a takeover of our university by a faction of politicians and their friends in the judiciary and bureaucracy.
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Like +13 Object -2 Guest 11 Oct 18, 11:31  interesting
Hasn't the SJA made it clear that in their opinion, all the faculty here are incompetent, corrupt and act against student interest? Why should such people be expected then to bail students out of the grave they themselves have dug themselves into? You wanted PIB to resign in 24 hours, thought you could have the search committee of your choice including the likes of Chandrachud, thought you would get a new VC in a month who would solve everything snapping his fingers, kept harassing the faculty who were opposed to the strike, gave the acting vc a joyous welcome and viewed him as the Messiah, protested against the research centres, the money making courses and supported the faculty who were playing you like a fiddle for their own petty interest. Now go and sort your own mess out. Evidence based campaign, bollocks! Go on another strike to get the legitimate demands met now, I dare you, instead of giving 30 page representations to the EC every 6 months that nobody there reads.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 11 Oct 18, 12:08
Partnership building in tough situations is a difficult, but necessary, art. Its value is often overlooked in the adrenaline rush of the revolution against the homogeneous other.

The student bodies and those commenting on websites like this have a habit of lumping together varied and diverse group of individuals just because they work at the same institution. It is only natural that not many step forward to fight the battles with them.
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Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 11 Oct 18, 11:39 LI subscriber
Thanks, correcting.
Reply Report to LI
Like +9 Object -0 Guest 11 Oct 18, 12:10  interesting
Of course not, how can one fault fools for being fooled? If you think the faculty are all "vile and self-serving", then why are you expecting them to come to your help? The good ones you are driving out anyway with your behaviour, which is equally to be blamed for faculty exodus as the admin nonsense.
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Like +3 Object -2 Allas 11 Oct 18, 20:30
So much hate against Suparno Moitra. What is his fault? Is he any less political than the VC, CJ, AG, et al ? He is at least not afraid to declare his political affiliation unlike this gang. And his qualifications are any day better than all the senior faculty. I am prsonally in support of Suparno sir.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 13 Oct 18, 21:18
What qualifications would that be?
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Like +6 Object -7 Guest 11 Oct 18, 06:00  controversial
It is offensive that you are even willing to throw in the name of someone who has been found guilty of sexual harassment. His offense was predicated on a failure to control emotions that were in no doubt fueled by his positions/fame etc. Now you wish to take this individual and his contaminating presence out of one institution and into another?


On a different note, you should probably add the name of Dr. Sarasu Thomas to the list under the third heading. She is probably the senior-most of all National Law School alum who went into academics.

Reply Report to LI
Like +10 Object -0 Guest 11 Oct 18, 09:25  interesting
Its nice to see how LI is not reporting soli sorabjee Metoo allegations. You really need courage li to talk about sharks in fraternity.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 11 Oct 18, 10:45
If it is indeed true that the search committee has Kishore Datta (instead of Jayanta Mitra)and Justice Debasis Kar Gupta (instead of Justice Mhatre) then that is very bad news indeed. The SJA's petition will be ignored, and someone from Burdwan. North Bengal, CU etc will be the VC. Can LI verify who is on the search committee?
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 Guest 11 Oct 18, 12:07
Kishore Dutta, Justice Kar Gupta (because after Justice Bhattacharya's retirement, the position was made ex-officio) and Justice Arun Mishra (but the latter is due to retire soon too).
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 Noojie 11 Oct 18, 13:45
Justice Arun Mishra will retire in 2020. Justice Kargupta will retire on Dec 31, 2018. Once he leaves Justice Biswanath Sommader will take over as ACJ unless a CJ is appointed by the collegium. Is it not interesting that as with NUJS, the Calcutta HC has largely been in "interim" mode. A string of ACJs or ACJs who are made CJs just before retirement. It will be interesting to see what post-retirement posting accrues to recently retired Justice Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya for his fealty to Kalyan Banerjee and Kishore Dutta. This judge tried to get his brother elevated to the Bench under his own watch!! Thankfully it was shot down.

SJA has mentioned in their email and petitions that they want the new VC to be in office by 1 January 2019. They should really push for this. If the university starts with a new set of people in critical leadership roles, such as the VC, Registrar, FO and AO that should give us some hope.

If Lord Taluk and his allies in the faculty or EC think that they can brazen this out, the SJA should prove them wrong. Students, that includes me as well, should stop being just Twitter, FB and LI comment warriors. We should take back our university from the clutches of Lord Taluk and his evil gang. Let's have our own #OccupyNUJS
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -0 Guest 11 Oct 18, 14:51
Put pressure? SJA couldn't even convince the EC to actually look into the minutes of their past meetings and confirm the things they said earlier they would do! Not a single recommendation of the URC is in place yet. And now they shifted the meeting again to December when doubtless they will find some other excuse to postpone doing anything even further. #epicfail
Reply Report to LI
Like +4 Object -0 Trump 11 Oct 18, 11:02
Time for another protest?
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -0 Guest 11 Oct 18, 12:10
Take time to plan a strategy, both the end result sought and the path to reach it. Also plan what you'll be ready to 'give' in the negotiation process and what you simply can't. Otherwise you'll end up in one dead end after another.
Reply Report to LI
Like +4 Object -0 Guest 11 Oct 18, 13:07
This. Had the students spared a moment to do this, things might have been a whole lot more in their favour now. They still can.
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -0 Noojie 11 Oct 18, 14:06
The only thing that the SJA should give is a clear notice of eviction to Lord Taluk and his band of interlopers. The message should be blasted on the PA (system) that they have all played footsie for far too long at our expense. #OccupyNUJS #Countdown2019
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -1 Guest 11 Oct 18, 13:54
Nothing is going to happen on that at NUJS at least. In fact, exams will still be going on.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -1 Guest 11 Oct 18, 23:59
NALSAR is in term-break in November/December. Nothing going to happen there either, not that something needs to in any case.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -1 Guest 11 Oct 18, 12:47
Look everyone - PIB openly endorsing ABVP. He was pals with the Trinamul the other day. Someone needs to find out how he got appointed to KSLU. Whether the proper procedure was followed.
Reply Report to LI
Like +8 Object -13 Bishu 11 Oct 18, 13:07  controversial
I think Lawrence Liang will be a good VC, if you want an NLSIU alum. It's unlikely that Shamnad, Sudhir, Mrinal etc will be interested, so why not him? He is a respected academic, has international experience, has good contacts through the NLSIU network and has good admin experience (ran an NGO and is now a Dean). The sexual harassment case was a department finding, not a court finding, so I don't think there is a legal bar. Also, I am sure he will not repeat such behaviour again.
Reply Report to LI
Like +11 Object -10 Guest 11 Oct 18, 13:53  controversial
Wow! Liang's supporters have taken bootlicking to an art form, almost like some political parties' IT Cells! Get this in your head once and for all. WE DO NOT WANT A GUY WHO HARASSES OTHER PEOPLE IN THIS UNIVERSITY! It does not matter if he is a nobel laureate. If he comes in through our doors, we will ensure he runs away quickly tucking his tail in between his legs! Is that clear enough for you?
Reply Report to LI
Like +6 Object -10 Boroline 11 Oct 18, 18:04  controversial
I worked with Lawrence for quite some time (over a couple of years). Never felt harassed. He will be a good VC.
Reply Report to LI
Like +11 Object -7 Guest 11 Oct 18, 19:21  controversial
So this is the new standard nowadays? Since he never harassed you, he couldn't have harassed anyone else either, nor will he in the days to come? Did Liang Sensei teach you that flow of argument during your time with him?
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -1 Guest 12 Oct 18, 00:01
Kavanaugh gave a list of 65 females who signed to him never harassing them. That means jack shit. You (14.1.1) must be really daft for having made that comment.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Kavan-yes 12 Oct 18, 17:33
FBI give Kavanaugh a clean chit. They would have considered the list as well.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 Guest 12 Oct 18, 18:43
Just like CBI would give the ruling party ministers clean chits usually. It is not an alien world out in the West, same laws of socio-political reality apply.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 abc2468 11 Oct 18, 14:48
Arun Thiruvengadam
Reply Report to LI
Like +5 Object -0 Fools 12 Oct 18, 21:47  interesting
Kids should first read the law and then comment. Ever thought of reading your law university act or UGC Act/rules for qualifications?
To be appointed as VC in India, the scholar must 10 years of experience as a professor in a university or 10 years' experience in an equivalent position in a reputed research or academic administrative organization.
FYI, Professor means "Professor" for atleast 10 years, not Assistant nor Associate. There is hierarchy in academic profession also. Which is based on experience and other factors. None of the aforementioned name meet the requirements.
And check Kay EL ESS. You got the hint
Reply Report to LI
Like +8 Object -4 007 11 Oct 18, 14:41
I think Arup Poddar will be the next VC.
Reply Report to LI
Like +5 Object -3 Guest 11 Oct 18, 15:03
The rather next particular VC, you mean.
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Like +19 Object -1 Allas 11 Oct 18, 16:29  interesting  top rated
Wow, these kids are demanding everything except the moon. I feel the honble govt should make the SJA president as chairperson of search committee and also chairperson of high court collegium so that persons of talent can be appointed asap. Meanwhile other SJA students can be made faculty and staff so that administration is A+. Just my opinion.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -9 Reply to Allas 11 Oct 18, 17:17
The SJA members and students will run the show better than the gangs imposed on them.
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Like +1 Object -5 Noojie 11 Oct 18, 17:38
@Allas we can have a debate on the contents of the demand but who the hell are you to question their right to demand? I guess you are one of Lord Taluk's minions. Perhaps the Hand(maiden) of the VC? We can already see the results of your clique running the show. In the name of moral crusade the functioning research centres have been shuttered down, external funding lost, faculty leaving, kangaroo courts, witch hunting et al. You were already jokers and now you helped the mad joker to make NUJS a joke. When will Lord Taluk get his fill?

In this la-la land DEOs get paid at Rs 70,000 a month, PA is the VC, Registrar and security guards conduct moral policing and the guilty get away with impunity. Where is Lord Taluk with the inquiries? How long do we suffer his politics of deferral? I am sure as a Judge he developed a good knack for it but why import it in here?

By the way have you or anyone actually gone through the petitions that were addressed to the EC and Search Committee? You may fault the students for being utopian or not being grounded in reality but they have proposed some really cool ways to filter out the timeserving lot.

At least the students are debating, arguing, petitioning - they are doing something useful. What are you and your coven members doing? Witch hunting, moralsing and armchair punditry?
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 11 Oct 18, 17:58
I got the impression Allas was being sarcastic and not against the students.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 11 Oct 18, 19:19
Nothing wrong with those proposals (of filtering out incompetent people) that you referred to. Barring the fact that they are not UGC compliant. And I hear people at NUJS all swear by the UGC rules these days inexplicably, probably on their way to the loo even!
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Like +9 Object -1 Allas 11 Oct 18, 20:26  interesting
LOL. Dude you need to take a chill pill. The "demands" are mostly rubbish and any seasoned bureaucrat will start laughing by the end of the 1st page. Teenagers on search committee for vice-chancellor? EC Agenda to be vetted by SJA? Making a stalwart like Poddar report to SJA President on weekly basis? Salary of DEO to be decided by SJA? Reduction in batch size cos the student body feels so? Reduce fee by 30%? Code the VC job applications ? Hire 20 faculty? Change schedule of EC meetings? Whyy not decide on the brand of underwear the VC wears also? All these demands will end up in 1 place only, the trashcan. If this is what UG law students do week after week god only knows what academic output they have.
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Like +3 Object -1 idast 11 Oct 18, 20:44
Prof. Sulu could be the new VC
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Like +11 Object -1 Reporter 12 Oct 18, 01:22  interesting
The VC has been decided. It is indeed the Bengali gentleman from the private university in a neighbouring state, who's name has previously been gossiped about. The announcement will be made just after the Pujas. The SJA will be caught by surprise once again.
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Like +8 Object -0 Guest 12 Oct 18, 14:52  interesting
NK Chakrabarti it is.
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Like +2 Object -4 Joyful 13 Oct 18, 16:44
Good Choice.In fact, he was scheduled to join as Vice Chancellor of the Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, LUCKNOW in April 2018. Will be good for NUJS too.
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Like +1 Object -1 Guest 14 Oct 18, 13:00
Nothing to be joyful about. Doesn't have a great record even at KIIT. If even RMLNLU refused to have him finally, why should NUJS?
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Like +0 Object -0 Deep Throat PA 12 Oct 18, 16:37
[...] had previously applied for Professorial position at NUJS. Twice he was declined. Last attempt was made when he was (and still is) the [...] of [...]. Will be interesting to know why his ratings have gone up suddenly. Fealty to Lord Taluk?

That is always rewarding. Ask Fiery Princeling or his [...] friend (aka [...]). Both had apprenticed under Ishwar (the one True God of NUJS) to gain mastery over the dark arts of flattery and double dealing and have been duly rewarded.

For more on [...] contact [...], Fiery Princeling, the [...] and [...]. For [...] negative reviews you know where to go. This rather particular gentleman is still sore that [...] had expressed shock over how the former was allowed to supervise doctoral candidates. [...] had recommended that [...] owing to quality and possibly plagiarism issues (which is an Alok Nath sized open secret) should be taken off from doctoral supervision. It is part of recorded history that despite [...] complaint against [...] both AC and EC unanimously chose not to take any cognisance of the matter.

[...] who among his many gems had also gifted dodgy scale and pay fixation to DEOs (actually his the [...] did it along with some others) by virtue of which they now draw Rs 70,000/month, is nursing ambitions to become Registrar, possibly even Acting VC. Although the FC directed that excess payments need to be calculated and recovered, [...] intervened. Now that [...] is on the run, [...] will exact vendetta.

Returning to [...], he has good connections with many present and retired judges of Calcutta HC. His elder bro was also a Judge of the High Court from the service cadre (Judicial Secretary subsequently elevated to the Bench). [...] was also sought to be installed as the head of the IIT KGP Law School. But he was thwarted and his mentor had him installed in [...] when Faizan moved to NLUO. The mentor also has deep links to AM, PIB and our Registrar.
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Like +0 Object -2 Guest18 14 Oct 18, 16:28
Painful to see one bunch of faculty continuously post so much derogatory comments about other faculty (even if they are true). Just a bunch of loser crabs who have nothing to do, nowhere to go, no legal skill or training except undercut others and get pleasure by tripping colleagues and students.
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Like +0 Object -0 Darkseid 14 Oct 18, 17:09
@Guest18: Are you serious? These are NUJS faculty commenting here on Legally India? Wow! Things must be much worse down there than we think!
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Like +3 Object -5 gholcha 15 Oct 18, 03:05
Spot on! The pertinent issues here have indeed not been taken up by anyone or even URC

How many faculty have subject matter experience in the field of expertise? NONE

How many faculty have practiced law for one day in their life? NONE

How many faculty know what they teach? NONE

unlike Rahul Singh of NLSIU who has worked in a top tier firm like Trilegal and is now a part-time partner in Khaitan, How many NUJS faculty have that kind of experience? NONE

Sadly the NUJS faculty are ignorant, inexperienced and bullshitting their way through each semester. Imagine a medical school where MBBS students are taught by teachers who have never done an operation before. Obviously these questions are ones the faculty will never take up.
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Like +4 Object -1 Guest 15 Oct 18, 09:49
Sadly, your knowledge about the credentials of the faculty members appears to be very less to negligible. There are people there who have litigated, worked and consulted with prominent firms and companies. Simply because you don't bother to learn about it doesn't make it less true. Just like because you don't (or didn't) bother to learn about law in your five years doesn't make it solely their fault. Of course the number of faculty with industry experience will be less, because of the archaic BCI rules, which is the same case with all law schools in India. Rahul Singh is an exception and not the norm and even then, you will see that the NLSIU students are actually valuing his dual capacity, unlike the NUJS students, who have a history of behaving badly with alumni who come back to teach from corporate life, instead preferring to question their UGC eligibility. I am sure there are some faculty who are as you put it so eloquently 'bullshitting' their way through semesters. But that can only keep happening with substandard students, not the ones who have the ability to call on that bullshit. So if you are a current or recently graduated student of NUJS, you figure out how it could have been thus.
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Like +2 Object -4 gholcha 15 Oct 18, 13:16
We have done review of each and every single faculty member and our rating criterion showed absolutely zero for like 99%. After holidays the SJA President and Vice-President will launch a new agitation to address this.

First we will agitate asking VC to make each and every one faculty members to leave those who do not have at least 6-months minimum industry experience.

Next step is to correct faculty recruitment by asking VC to make every contractual faculty to leave since the need of the hour is permanent faculty.

Also VC and EC will be represented to ask every single permanent and temporary faculty member who does not have UGC criteria to leave.

Finally the step is to circulate potential NLU faculty to be recruited and apply to NUJS for faculty position. We will approach Mrinal Satish, Rahul Singh, Shinivas Rao, Karthik and others who can join NUJS by 2019 so that faculty recruitment be undertaken on an urgent and priority basis, independent and irrespective of the upcoming appointment of the VC. More power to SJA!

#Make NUJS Rank 1 by 2020
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Like +5 Object -1 Guest 15 Oct 18, 13:27
Congratulations Gholcha, you have just established yourself to be a mindless troll beyond reasonable doubt. Possibly a troll on weed. Keep the smoking up, maybe sell the extra and get some additional money to pay your rising student fees.
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Like +3 Object -0 Guest 15 Oct 18, 14:12
Rahul Singh does not technically fulfill the UGC Regulations for his academic position at NLSIU, by the way. In fact, his recent KCO position is just a big slap in the face of those archaic regulations by BCI and UGC. Just goes to show that these regulations are thoroughly useless. If the students of any law school are actually wanting to have UGC regulations in force, then they are the biggest fools of all. Honestly, assuming NUJS students are the ones writing comments here, it makes me wonder twice whether to accept students from that place as interns or anything else in future. Shocking!
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Like +4 Object -1 Guest 15 Oct 18, 09:52
@Gholcha: Dude, are you even from NUJS? If so, you are probably from the weed-lovers group. Clearly you know next to nothing about the credentials of the faculty. There are hangers on for sure, just as there are people with industry experience. Though the latter are mostly leaving now given the sorry state of affairs, which includes falling student quality, clearly evidenced by you.
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Like +3 Object -1 Alum 15 Oct 18, 10:08
Just to set the record straight, there are currently at least seven people in the permanent roster of NUJS faculty who have differing levels of industry experience including law firms, companies, NGOs or policy bodies. If we include the contractual faculty, then the number goes up to ten. Barring one contractual faculty member, there is nobody with Rahul Singh's level of experience though, which is mostly true for all the NLUs at present I think. Even Rahul's position is puzzling, as in how he can exactly have a permanent position at NLSIU and hold an office of profit elsewhere, but that's his, BCI's, UGC's and NLSIU's prerogative, not anybody else's I guess, especially since I find nothing morally wrong with it.
@Kian: Kindly do at least some basic fact-check before allowing such obviously misleading and blatantly false comments. I know you enjoy the bickering in the comments section, calling it 'good discussion' for whatever reason, but this is just deliberately allowing false propaganda on your part.
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Like +2 Object -0 BS 15 Oct 18, 13:38
Total BS. The teachers who are NUJS alumni have worked with leading lawyers and firms, but then they seem to be unipolar with the students (which tells you something about the students) .
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 15 Oct 18, 14:17
Apart from the NUJS LLB alumni, there are alumni from NALSAR, Symbiosis, NUALS, CU and Presidency (Sociology) at NUJS who have all had various forms of industry experience. Anybody saying otherwise is either a troll or too high to do research. Can't say how long these people will be there anymore though.
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Like +2 Object -0 Betaal 14 Oct 18, 20:05
Most of this info is known to anyone who's associated with NUJS for more than a couple of years, including a lot of students. Why do you think it's someone from the faculty who's saying this? Not that it isn't possible. It's no secret that several students are also shamefully used by faculty as pawns in their own ego fight.
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Like +4 Object -0 Guest 12 Oct 18, 23:46
The students should make a representation to the Calcutta High Court Bar Library Club. It is a powerful body chaired by the leading barristers of the city, who have an understanding of the commercial legal market and also have experience of a good university education overseas (which cannot be said about some of the people in the EC and search committee). By convention, the CJ of the Cal HC consults the Bar Library Club on important matters. I think Mr Mitra is the current president. It certainly cannot hurt to approach the Bar Library Club, since no one else is listening to the students.
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Like +0 Object -2 Noojie 13 Oct 18, 05:15
@ Guest The government in power lost three leading barristers as AG. None of them could satisfactorily comply with the political demands. Only KB could (and can) and had his junior (crafted in his image) installed.

Good intentions in the suggestion but little sense of reality. That is how SJA lost 2016 to PIB and 2018 to Lord Taluk.

The Bar Library Club is not a homogenous body and its power is sort of overrated. Mr Jayanta Mitra (then AG) despite agreeing with the SJA could do very little but allow PIB second term. He was and still is a leading member of the Presidency University alumni group. And what has he and his merry group been doing? Twiddling their thumbs, cooling heels and being royally ignored. Don't believe me? Just Google the news and speak to the famed Presi folks who haven't acquired certain colours yet. Let's not attribute higher virtues to a cabal just because they are educated abroad or come from the landed gentry et al.

The actual problem with NUJS is its permanent faculty. Most want to create their own fiefdoms (especially the timeservers, including the so-called "alumni" lot). They know themselves well and suffer deep insecurities. Mythical stories often get belted out why they "chose" differently and stayed back to teach (unfortunately for us here). You know George Bernard Shaw was right ("those who can't, teach") when you have suffered them.

For another lot, some would say they sprouted most under Prof MP Singh, NUJS became a transit halt or probably always was. For some others they are the retinue that came and went with a VC (apparently this was the case with Prof NR Madhava Menon and partially with BS Chimni who had quite a few Menon holdovers).

If one were to go through alternate or renegade histories of NUJS (not entirely based on hearsay or anecdotes) the overall faculty culture - a shared legacy of all the VCs thus far - at our university can be summed up as "Fleece students, flee NUJS"

As for the admin folks, especially the DEOs why go elsewhere when one can comfortably do the first and with impunity. It is the combined toxic permanent flab of faculty and admin staff that is leeching our university. Look at how Lord Taluk got corrupted. Either that or Lord Taluk was always the agent sent out to secure political objectives for himself and his friends.
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Like +13 Object -0 Guest 13 Oct 18, 12:32  interesting  top rated
@Noojie: You clearly have a lot of issues with your faculty, admin and everything else. I am sure most of them are well-founded on facts too. But since the bulk of the faculty has remained unchanged over the past 7-8 years, care to explain why the quality of average NUJS graduates has declined so badly? Apparently, all the problems are everybody else's fault but the students'. Maybe you should introspect a little about what the students can do to better themselves too, instead of giving hundreds of excuses about not getting their work done in time, plagiarism, lacking basic conceptual knowledge after studying for years and shockingly bad work ethic and discipline during internships and later. Some of these issues are definitely the fault of the faculty and admin too, but you can't escape from the responsibility unscarred. When is the last time students of NUJS have come well prepared in class and called out teachers on their unpreparedness or simply wrong or incompetent teaching? Or filed formal complaint about scheduled classes not happening? These did use to happen once quite regularly. Let's face it, so long as you get inflated grades, you don't really care about knowledge, education or anything else. You lack the wherewithal to challenge a teacher because of your own incompetence and laziness as much as because of circumstances. You don't even have talking relationships with your immediate senior/junior batches for the most part. If NUJS alumni from earlier batches had like you kept themselves confined to whining about problems and giving excuses instead of focusing on how to better themselves, the institution would never have gained the prominence you all have been piggy backing on for your precious jobs!
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Like +10 Object -0 2016 Alumna 13 Oct 18, 12:55  interesting
I do not agree with at least one of the points mentioned above. We had 3 NLU LLB alumni working as permanent faculty in our time. All three were very good teachers and one was truly exceptional. There were other alumni working part time or on contract and it is true that not all of them were good. But if students do not complain against them and prevent their contracts from being renewed, who can be blamed for that? On the few occasions I had the chance of taking classes for junior batches, I was also thoroughly disappointed with the overall quality decreasing. We have some exceptional students in every batch, but the median is falling disappointingly fast, which we find out when juniors come to intern with us.
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Like +6 Object -0 Detective 13 Oct 18, 07:23  interesting
Exhibit 1: NKC wins a prize a few weeks before his selection. PIB won something similar, as have many small law schools. But this undoubtedly carries weight.

Exhibit 2: An interesting tweet, again just a few weeks before his selection.

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Like +2 Object -1 Guest 14 Oct 18, 19:15
SJA: "You must be transparent while appointing..."

Search Committee: "NKC is the next VC and AKP is the new Dean of Academics."

SJA: "What the..."
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Like +1 Object -0 Felix 15 Oct 18, 14:10
One problem with NUJS (unlike NALSAR and NLSIU) is that it lack a pool of good alumni in India who are in academics, which reduces the possibility for organising guest lectures and short courses. There are various top class NALSAR and NLSIU alumni teaching at NLUD, NALSAR, Jindal, IIT Delhi, IIM Bangalore and Azim Premji, but NUJS alumni are mostly found in law firms. It is not always a good idea to rely on law firm practitioners for guest lectures. Some are not good communicators and lack experience of teaching, some do not take it seriously and come unprepared, and some can only do one class due to lack of time. The only NUJS alumni in academics seem to be at NUJS itself, and most are not good.
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Like +4 Object -0 Guest 15 Oct 18, 14:32
@Felix: You are not adequately informed then. There are plenty of NUJS alumni teaching at places like Jindal (at least 10). They have no desire to come back to NUJS because they have heard plenty of horror stories about both admin and falling student quality and academic standard here. NLSIU alumni will obviously outnumber any other law school, they have been in existence for over 15 overs before the first batch of NUJS graduated.
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Like +3 Object -0 True story 16 Oct 18, 02:52
Some years ago, a few NUJS alumni teaching at Jindal wanted to conduct a free one-week workshop at NUJS on practical issues in business law, covering topics in corp law, contracts, tax, trade, IP etc. PIB and the Mafia denied them permission as some of the teachers were against "outsiders" teaching their subjects. They also did not want the alumni to use the occasion to distribute brochures of Jindal's LLM programmes to the students (the alumni felt that they should be allowed to do so as they were teaching for free). However, the problem was that the admin falsely informed the alumni that they could not teach as they were "unqualified" , and the students at NUJS also did not want such "unqualified" people to teach (the students had said no such thing). The alumni group found this insulting, as they had impressive qualifications and included the topper of the first batch of NUJS. They then complained about it to other alumni, including those in law firms. As a result, a false impression went around that the present generation of NUJS students are arrogant and do not appreciate the contributions of older batches. It was a lie engineered by the Mafia to prevent alumni involvement at NUJS. It was all done verbally, which was very smart.
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Like +3 Object -0 Guest 16 Oct 18, 11:07
Even if this account is true, it is still a fact that between 2013 and 2018, there have been at least 10-15 instances of alumni visiting for lecture sessions, short courses (including one from Khaitan) and have been tremendously disappointed at the student response or lack of that, rather. I find your account very believable. There are senior teachers who neither want to teach nor allow outsiders to do so from a huge inferiority complex. However, students only say that they want the alumni to come and teach. When people actually visit, the response is usually lukewarm and limited to how many extra attendances they can squeeze or of that session. As a recent graduate, I've seen that time and again. Finally the handful of teachers who used to invite alumni just gave up, since they were losing face with the guests. The credit courses used to be somewhat better in terms of response because students could swap credits, but even that has come to a shuddering halt since the faculty advisor was changed to she of Slapgate fame and Lord Taluk came to power, authorizing no expenses whatsoever.
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Like +3 Object -1 Guest 16 Oct 18, 11:13
Students might not have made that crack about 'unqualified' people back then, but sure as hell they are doing it now, including filing formal complaints and RTIs and petitions about some of the very good faculty members having industry experience and foreign degrees, simply because they may not fulfill UGC's rubbish rules like NET etc. For reasons best known to them, SJA and students at NUJS are all about UGC rules now. Strangely, when they make so-called progressive suggestions including in the petitions mentioned here, or apply for attendance relaxations and multiple repeat exams, they conveniently ignore UGC regulations. Highly selective adherence to the rules, obviously, a scene that Taluk and friends have been exploiting to the hilt, driving away the few sane and capable people left in this place.
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 16 Oct 18, 11:16
*Topper of the second batch.
And there was no false impression. The admin did pull such a stunt, but the arrogance part is accurate enough and clearly visible. Even during alumni reunions, students keep asking for money and jobs and other support from the alumni, but when the alumni advise them to get their affairs and attitude in order, such advice falls on deaf ears.
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Like +1 Object -0 True story 16 Oct 18, 15:42
No, topper of first batch. Female corp lawyer.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 16 Oct 18, 11:20
Not only the Mafia, most of the current members of the Justice League were involved too. One of them had even filed a complaint to both admin and the senior members of a prominent firm about alumni from that firm who had visited NUJS and tried to teach things from a practical perspective in a credit course. The complaint contained allegations that the alumni had no idea about the subject, which is funny because the cases etc. being taught were the ones where the alumni had actually appeared. You can imagine how it had gone down with the firm. Since then, nobody from there has tried to visit.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 18 Oct 18, 09:44
NKC formal announcement expected any day now.
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Like +1 Object -1 Guest 18 Oct 18, 22:50
Great Expectations! Worthy of a Dickensian ending.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 29 Oct 18, 19:14
Is the new VC confirmed or not??
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 29 Oct 18, 21:06
Even the new peons don't get confirmed here anymore. For now, the university is closed for a month. When it re-opens, you won't find much difference from the time when it is closed, at least insofar as the admin and the higher authorities are concerned. The current EC has got to be the laziest, incompetent and useless in the history and full of people with underlying political or personal motives.
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