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NUJS gets 3rd acting registrar this year: district judge Sikha Sen • Students release performance report

PIB may be out but no registrar seems to stick around at NUJSPIB may be out but no registrar seems to stick around at NUJS

NUJS Kolkata acting registrar Madhumati Mishra resigned from the post last week, after completed nearly three months at the law school, in an interim appointment that had only been meant to last two months.

On Tuesday of this week, NUJS confirmed her successor: additional district judge from Nadia, West Bengal, Sikha Sen, who will be its acting registrar going forward under the continuing tenure of acting vice chancellor, Justice Amit Talukdar.

Mitra had replaced former acting registrar Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan, who was ousted from the post of acting registrar for allegations of complicity with former NUJS vice chancellor Ishwara Bhat in maladministration at the law school, as described by the student juridical association (SJA) in its performance report that was released last week (see full report below).

Mitra and the acting vice chancellor Justice Amit Talukdar declined to comment when contacted.

Performance report

The SJA office bearers whose term ended this year have published a 42-page report of their work on reform in ten major areas at the law school including administration, academic, infrastructure, library, budgets and others.

Headed by president Arjun Agarwal between 2016 and 2018, the SJA had been instrumental in bringing about NUJS’ first university review commission in 21 years.

Other than formation of the university review commission (URC), the SJA reported reforms in areas such as checks on corrupt officials, representation in university governing bodies, reformed academic rules, addition of library resources and facilities, infrastructural functionality of the classrooms, hostels, auditorium, mess and sports and other activity areas, improving the SJA’s functioning and budgets, betterment of other committees, improvement of public relation resources among others.

Ad hoc appointments

NUJS has not added a registrar since the dismissal of former registrar Surajit Mukkhopadhyay for alleged financial embezzlement.

Khan, Mitra and now Sen had succeeded him as acting registrars.

According to minutes of the May 2018 EC meeting linked to in the SJA’s performance report, the EC had resolved that NUJS should appoint a full-time registrar within two months.

The present SJA, which is now headed by president Arindum Nayak, commented: “Out of the four nominations to the search committee for the Vice Chancellor, we have received the nominees of the EC (advocate general), general council (high court chief justice) and the chancellor (Justice Arun Mishra). We’re awaiting the nomination from the state government.

“But at the same time, we think appointments to the post of registrar, accounts officer, finance officer and assistant registrar (admin) are equally important for the institution. These positions have been on ad-hoc basis for quite some time. Permanent appointments to the same will go a long way in ensuring better decision-making and accountability within the University,” noted the SJA in its statement.

NUJS SJA performance report (PDF)

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Like +12 Object -1 Alum 23 Aug 18, 16:59  interesting
While SJA must be lauded for its continuing efforts to improve the state of affairs at NUJS, the State government seems to be intent on hampering the process. Why is the interim VC not pressuring the govt enough to constitute a Search Committee for new VC immediately? Why has no Executive Council meeting taken place after May? Why is he interested in clinging to the post despite admitting openly before students earlier that he didn't even want the job? What is this drama about changing registrars? Why is a section of inept faculty running the administration? At whose behest is the VC continuing?
It appears that even the SJA and students have lost hope and have stopped pursuing these matters seriously. Protest is not end but the beginning. The glossy performance report means nothing if students cannot take the events of the last few months to their logical end.
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Like +3 Object -0 Guest 24 Aug 18, 08:43
Who appointed her? Where is the office order?
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Like +8 Object -1 Chameli 27 Aug 18, 11:21  interesting
Why did the acting registrar quit? [...] Why is the Acting VC keeping quiet? What's going on?
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Like +16 Object -0 Guest 27 Aug 18, 11:32  interesting  top rated
The reign of inefficiency continues. It's now accompanied by opacity.
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Like +3 Object -0 Weares@#ewed 30 Aug 18, 17:27
What a sick joke this University and this performance report is.
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Like +2 Object -14 Alias 26 Aug 18, 09:35
Why only SJA? Are they the only stakeholder of this university? They may be erroneous at some point of time, even may be ill-advised? But, what about the so called “highly educated and most dynamic faculty” at NUJS? Don’t they have any responsibility? Did they raise their voice against the present maladministration? Stop blaming. What about the people who complained and remained so vocal during PIB?
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Like +20 Object -0 Guest 27 Aug 18, 10:45  interesting  top rated
Maybe they chose not to get themselves involved after being locked inside their rooms by hooligans masquerading as students here and being on the receiving end of colourful abuse. What you sow, you reap. Especially because when it comes to criticising and insulting teachers for trying to maintain some form of academic standard, the administration and a lot of students now see exactly eye to eye. The students have made it amply clear that they want faculty to speak up only if they are singing the exact same tune as the students are, not otherwise. Who wants that grief, honestly?
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Like +20 Object -1 Guest 27 Aug 18, 11:02  interesting  top rated
Because the SJA made it clear during the earlier strikes and since then that when it comes to dealing with the authorities, they know the best. Otherwise, by now PIB would have now left for CNLU, a new VC would have appointed using the regular norms and someone better like MK Sinha would have been in and everyone could have been trying to repair the damage done to the university's welfare by PIB. However, it is because of the way the protests happened and the foolhardy interference by students guided by previous SJA about going to influential people and telling them how bad things at the university were that the state government has now got all the rope that it needs to interfere. With the big gun of strike already having been used, the SJA obviously lacks negotiating power with the current admin about getting a new VC or implementing the review commission recommendations. To say nothing of the fact that a lot of students like the current admin because it says yes to all the illegitimate demands like extra attendance, repeat exams etc. The blame therefore rightly and squarely lies with the SJA for things to have reached this stage. Half the time, SJA decisions have been taken over the past 2 years and even now, without even consulting the GB. Can't ask others to bail you out of your own mess every time.
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Like +19 Object -0 Inside Insight 23 Aug 18, 17:06  interesting  top rated
Grapevine has it that the savior NUJS looked up to, MKS, is not interested in becoming the VC anymore. Apart from his extension at ILI, the reasons include the fact that nobody in their right senses want to poke a finger at the mess NUJS has become.

It appears that now the state govt will fill in the post with one of their chamchas who will say yes to opening new branches and increasing seats and will show students their place
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Like +21 Object -0 First Year 25 Aug 18, 14:41  interesting  top rated
After reading the Performance Report of the past SJA. Following are my observations about the working of current SJA.
Since current SJA headed by Arindum never convened any GB meeting since 3 Months. I am bound to raise my concerns through this thread.
If we compare the work done by the past SJA to the current SJA. Many First Year students could conclude that current SJA aren't performing satisfactorily as per the track record of their predecessors. In performance report it is mentioned that Past SJA did a splendid job in removing the Vice Chancellor and Acting Registrar from our university. I just want to know why our Current SJA isn't successful in convening the Executive Council meeting since past 3 months for the finalisation of Search Committee for our new Chancellor. So it took you 3 months to convince the administration to convene the Executive Council Meeting. I don't even know when Current SJA will convene GB Meeting. But I conclude that Current SJA got the legacy from past SJA to carry forward the NUJS to greater height. But they are unsuccessful in doing so.
I hope that President and Vice President should be answerable to all the First Year, who aren't aware about what SJA is doing for the university.
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Like +12 Object -9 Guest 25 Aug 18, 16:24  controversial
This can't possibly be a first year. First years haven't been in the university for 3 months yet. :D I agree with what he says about the inaction of the current SJA though.
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Like +15 Object -0 First Year 25 Aug 18, 16:32  interesting  top rated
Time flies in NUJS. It would be 2 months precise.
We are still waiting for freshers party :P
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Like +17 Object -0 Another Guest 25 Aug 18, 16:58  interesting  top rated
He is definitely a First Year. He wrote he wants Search Committee for Chancellor instead of Vice Chancellor.
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Like +15 Object -6 Guest 25 Aug 18, 21:10  interesting  controversial
Indeed. One should have search committees looking for quality among NLU students these days. Clearly CLAT isn't cutting it, if it ever did.
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Like +18 Object -9 First Year2 25 Aug 18, 19:36  interesting  controversial
But those are valid concerns that were stated. We dont know what is going on this college and we have a right to know. We dont even know who to ask. Some of us are starting to feel that it was a mistake to join this place.
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Like +13 Object -9 Guest 25 Aug 18, 21:08  controversial
Given your grammar skills displayed in the posts above, I don't have any doubt about the mistake. As for whom to ask, you certainly have shown you have managed to learn the name of the SJA President in 2 months, which is a commendable achievement indeed. Maybe you can try asking him, unless that seems like an idea too revolutionary for your taste? Or don't you know how to do that unless it happens inside a GB meeting?
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Like +15 Object -15 Senior 25 Aug 18, 20:30  controversial
@First year: Why aren't you airing your grievance via email to the SJA or the Facebook page? Instead of posting an anonymous comment down here? That's the mark of a coward, nothing else. Students like you are what an institution should stay away from, those who instead of trying to actually address and solve problems, would rather run smear campaigns instead, that too without ever having the conviction or courage to stand behind their own words.
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Like +15 Object -10 NUJS Alum 25 Aug 18, 21:05  interesting  controversial
@Senior Till how many years you will hide yourself in the veil of smear campaigning?
I guess you are member of current SJA, that's why you are triggered when someone wrote about sad state of affairs in NUJS campus. It's time for you to act. Whatever concerns that were raised by these First Years should be addressed with utmost sincerity. By abusing them you won't be successful in hiding your mistakes. You should focus on your work instead of trolling First Year. I hope you will understand.
All the Best!
Reply Report to LI
Like +10 Object -8 Senior 25 Aug 18, 21:56  controversial
@NUJS Alum: We would love to address and explain to the First Year, including putting his/her doubts at rest, but for that, he/she needs to come to us or at least reveal his/her identity, don't you think? I am not sure as to whether you used to address queries to SJA in the comment section of Legally India as a matter of practice in your time. I sure hope not! Who's to even say the person who commented is a first year, or any student of the university at all, for that matter? Who's to say even you are an alumnus? I believe you can see the point I'm trying to make. This is simply not the suitable forum for raising this, unless someone has exhausted the actual legitimate options, such as the ones mentioned above like email and official page etc.
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Like +15 Object -0 Second Year 27 Aug 18, 10:44  interesting  top rated
Is there any procedure or rules in our college to initiate impeachment process of our current Student Juridical Association?
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Like +17 Object -0 Guest 27 Aug 18, 10:47  interesting  top rated
Yes. Any impeachment motion can be started against any incumbent office bearer of the SJA. Whether inaction is a ground for such though is a point to ponder.
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Like +11 Object -0 Another Second Year 27 Aug 18, 12:07  interesting
The current SJA should be blamed for pathetic living conditions of many second year. Instead of focusing om improving our living standard, they are busy repairing the jet & Flush of our washroom. They should be called Sanitation Juridical Association.
They should either resign soon or they should appoint efficient office bearers in the SJA. The current SJA Bearers are the same people who were campaigning for them in the SJA Election.
Reply Report to LI
Like +8 Object -6 Guest 27 Aug 18, 12:13  controversial
Does this mean you don't want your washrooms to be functional? Because it's highly unlikely that the admin would do it on their own. :P
Reply Report to LI
Like +7 Object -0 Another Second Year 27 Aug 18, 17:46  interesting
So current SJA instead of focusing on thier work, they are completing the work of Hostel Welfare Committee. You should have served HWF instead of SJA.
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Like +8 Object -0 Guest 27 Aug 18, 18:06  interesting
Time are a changin'. From HSF to HWF. It's been an exciting journey.
Reply Report to LI
Like +6 Object -2 Guest 27 Aug 18, 18:08
And you should have voted more wisely. Oh, just a moment, you actually didn't. Oops!
Reply Report to LI
Like +20 Object -1 Guest 25 Aug 18, 21:58  interesting  top rated
The performance report has been drafted by the past SJA, more specifically, by the ex-President. Small wonder it talks about the 'splendid job' it has done, whereas in truth, it is equally responsible as the current SJA about the sorry state of affairs at present, if not more.
Reply Report to LI
Like +26 Object -0 Guest 23 Aug 18, 17:09  interesting  top rated
A. It's Shikha Sen. Not Sinha Sen. That doesn't even make sense, both terms being surnames.
B. There was another Acting Registrar before Sarfaraz Khan. R. Parameswaran, the current librarian.
C. I'm already astounded at the time travel capacity of the SJA. Otherwise how could they have been instrumental in bringing review commission for the first time in 21 years for a university in existence for 18 years.
D. This business of having four nominees in search committee is itself unprecedented. It used to be there, without any state government nominee at all. Clearly, the SJA chooses to be silent at this obvious interference. Can they be later called complicit in this, then, since such words are now used here with complete impunity and based on unfounded allegations?
E. I see whoever has written this chooses to club the demands made by the erstwhile SJA along with its achievements. Example, reformed academic rules. All those rules are firmly in place, with out any reform, by the way. Removal of PUB hasn't made any difference whoever to that.

Kian, the dropping standard of writing a report without proper homework is really astonishing. You used to do piriter investigative journalism once, instead simply relying upon student press releases. Gone are those days of yore.
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Like +10 Object -0 Guest98 23 Aug 18, 18:04  interesting
The guest is right. She is a retired district judge. Total lack of verification of facts. Journalism is not ti just compile quotes. You need to verify the accuracy of what other's state and take a critical look at it. But its laudable that you are not suppressing criticism.
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Like +12 Object -2 # SaveNUJS 23 Aug 18, 18:26  interesting
The SJA desperately needs to intervene now and demand that the post of VC be publicly advertised, like so many other government universities, and that the state government nominate their candidate RIGHT NOW. They also need to publicly demand that the state government nominee should be a respected academician or jurist. A person acceptable to everyone could be Prof Sugata Bose (Harvard Professor and Trinamul MP who introduced the Nationalise NLU Bill) or a respected barrister like Jayanta Mitra, Anindya Mitra, Gopal Mookerjee etc. Another strike needs to be called if necessary to enforce these demands. Unless the SJA acts promptly, someone of the standard of Rather Particular (if not the man himself) will become VC. RIP NUJS.
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Like +27 Object -2 Guest 23 Aug 18, 22:30  interesting  top rated
SJA isn't going to do anything of that sort. Why give up attendance relaxation and multiple repeat exams and easy grades that the current admin and its faculty stooges have been championing?
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Like +2 Object -1 Fourth Year 28 Aug 18, 22:03
Mess Committee and Sports Committee of NUJS is more efficient than Current Student Juridical Association. I personally think both these committee did great work in 3 months.
I hope our SJA Office Bearers AN & GN should learn from them.

Best Regards,
Your Batchmates
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Like +4 Object -1 kistawar 23 Aug 18, 18:31
Kian is tired of hardcore journalism. NUJS gossip keeps the traffic high on LI. LegallyIndia is now a propaganda mouthpiece. Also, he didn't report as to why the registrar left - she felt pressurised by the VC.
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Like +5 Object -0 Guest 23 Aug 18, 18:49  interesting
I think VK Unni would be a good choice for VC. He is the very opposite of Bhat --- young, dynamic, articulate, familiar with NLUs (taught at at NALSAR and did his PhD from there), is teaching at a top-notch university right now (IIM Calcutta), has published in international journals, has international connections, and is living in Calcutta for a long time and is presumably attached to the city.
Reply Report to LI
Like +7 Object -3 Guest 23 Aug 18, 20:17
You missed one point. And absolutely not interested in the position. Because mark my words, Unni won't be. He visited NUJS last year when the Review Commission came. His reactions weren't exactly pleasant.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -1 Guest 23 Aug 18, 23:27
he didn't come to nujs during that time................if you have proof show everyone
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -1 Guest 2 24 Aug 18, 06:50
Yes guest is right. He didn't come to nujs during that time atleast. So no question of pleasant or unpleasant reactions.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -1 Guest 24 Aug 18, 11:03
He did. Part of the academic/intellectual contingent. You were probably too busy hiding behind PIB to spot him.
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -0 Guest 24 Aug 18, 07:09
Ask him, you idiot. He sure did. We all saw him.
Reply Report to LI
Like +6 Object -0 Guest 24 Aug 18, 08:38  interesting
What do you want? A selfie? Go and check the list of people who attended.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Guest 26 Sep 18, 07:11
Yes unni came and he had discussions with some of the members last Sept (2017), but did not say anything specific on NUJS admin but pointed out that NUJS has not leveraged its highly talented student community and alumni (as the IIMs often do), you can check the names of external experts who deposed before the committee, but chances of him being interested in NUJS is very low, he chairs the most prestigious/flagship program of IIM C its MBA/PGP

He is a ex Nalsar guy very close to the then Nalsar VC Ranbir Singh, Ranbir gave him the job at Nalsar and he was the hostel warden, unni was a very popular prof at NALSAR for IP Law and Banking and Fin law ( very surprising combo), he left NALSAR soon after Veer Singh took over as VC in NALSAR, he used to visit NUJS campus frequently when VC MP Singh and Shamnad were there, IP prof AM is his very close friend, I have one senior in our firm who was his student at nalsar, he speaks very high about him and his command over the subjects he handled
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Like +12 Object -0 Guest 23 Aug 18, 21:23  interesting  top rated
Everyone thought of a positive governance when a retired Judge of Calcutta High Court was appointed as VC (Acting) and retired Registrar General of High Court was appointed as Registrar (Acting), though the appointment of Justice (Retd.) Amit Talukdar has violated the provisions of the WBNUJS Act, 1999.

The change of regime at WBNUJS is going in an opposite direction. The Acting Registrar, Smt. Madhumati Mitra – retired Registrar General of Calcutta High Court, resigned on 16th August amid non-cooperation from the Vice Chancellor Justice (Retd.) Amit Talukdar. It is evident that Justice (Retd.) Amit Talukdar consults each and every time with the State Government and some of his close friends in the EC. For example, after the resignation of Smt. Madhumati Mitra, suddenly one retired Add. District Judge, Smt. Sikha Sen, has been appointed as Registrar Acting by not following the provisions of the WBNUJS Act, 1999. Please ask the All the EC Members whether they are aware about this or not, again a violation of WBNUJS Act, 1999.

Inefficiency of the present administration resulted in a failure to form the search committee for the position of a Vice Chancellor till date (about 5 months after the resignation of Prof. Ishwara Bhat as Vice Chancellor). This administrative inefficacy also resulted in formation of several administration/academic committees which lacks national representation in view of a national law school. Till date, no decision of the Executive Council Meeting dated April 7, 2018 and May 12, 2018 were fully carried out by the present administration.

The intention of the State Government is now to bring someone close to their political agenda as Vice Chancellor of this University. The way WBNUJS is administered by the present administration, takes it to the middle of a sea having no captain at the ship. The unequivocal excellence of WBNUJS in legal education will be diminished by the acts done by the State Government through this present administration, if urgent action is not taken at the earliest by everyone concerned.
Reply Report to LI
Like +10 Object -0 bolan 24 Aug 18, 06:18  interesting
You are right. The next VC has already been decided and will be appointed through a sham search committee. Unless the SJA steps in immediately and demands a public advertisement, the college is doomed.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 hacker 23 Aug 18, 23:51
The present SJA, which is now headed by president Arindum Nayak, commented: “Out of the four nominations to the search committee for the Vice Chancellor, we have received the nominees of the EC (advocate general), general council (high court chief justice) and the chancellor (Justice Arun Mishra). We’re awaiting the nomination from the state government.

Who is the VC's nominee?? Any idea?
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 24 Aug 18, 08:46
There is no VC's nominee.
Reply Report to LI
Like +18 Object -0 What a joke 24 Aug 18, 01:37  interesting  top rated
Just end the bloody farce and give the post to Poddar. We know he's getting the post.
Reply Report to LI
Like +8 Object -0 interesting 24 Aug 18, 10:11  interesting
Funny that there isn't a single academic on search committee. Also, since when did the search committee start having a government nominee?? Indeed a new development.
Reply Report to LI
Like +16 Object -0 Guest 24 Aug 18, 11:04  interesting  top rated
Since state decided it should and the SJA expended its collective spinal fluid during the protest and became too weak to object.
Reply Report to LI
Like +14 Object -0 Guest9 24 Aug 18, 11:24  interesting  top rated
Nujs will now be fiefdom of WB judiciary and Trinamool Congress.

If that happens, NUJS is over.
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -0 guest10 25 Aug 18, 10:41
it is already one. but not too late yet to take it back
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Guest 24 Aug 18, 23:29
You people are forgetting that Bimal Patel is retiring from GNLU at the end of October. He could e the next VC, although the proximity to BJP will hurt. He will also likely prefer NLUD.
Reply Report to LI
Like +24 Object -1 Guest 25 Aug 18, 10:07  interesting  top rated
Zero chance. The state government will never agree to such thing and as can be seen from the search committee composition, they are the ones calling the shots now. Both last year's SJA and this year's will be remembered as the idiots who finally allowed state interference in this institution through lack of foresight, even if they really didn't mean to do so in all probability.
Reply Report to LI
Like +8 Object -4 guest1 25 Aug 18, 10:45
its not just the SJA - its the whole of the student body. majority of the students are happy to have the existing state of affairs continue : no classes, no need to attend any classes, will surely be passed (and if by any chance you fail, the acting VC will pass you) and a good number of subjects where one is sure to get an E.
Reply Report to LI
Like +5 Object -0 Come on SJA! 25 Aug 18, 21:58  interesting
It's still not too late to salvage the situation and demand a transparent appointment process. In fact, the strike is proof to the admin that the SJA can institute aggressive measures if need be. Surely the SJA is aware of the ramifications if an AKP-type person (or AKP himself) becomes the next VC?

One option is to propose the establishment of a parallel committee by reputed law professors in India and abroad who are NLU alumni, with the right to give an advisory opinion to the selection committee. This may include NUJS alumni, as a decent number are in academics now. A list of 30-40 can be mentioned in the proposal. I don't think their consent is needed, as it's just a proposal and they are free to deny if offered.
Reply Report to LI
Like +13 Object -0 Guest 27 Aug 18, 11:06  interesting  top rated
What ramifications? The students would love that to happen. No more discipline, regular flow of grades, have a free rein to do whatever you like, let the campus become a vice city of booze and drugs. The alumni you mentioned won't have anything to do with the SJA if they area approached at present. Everybody is wary of these students now.
Reply Report to LI
Like +11 Object -1 sadaful 26 Aug 18, 00:52  interesting
AN and GN: call for a gb, get your required support. Talk to the Professors who are with you for a right change. Talk to your previous vcs (before pib). Get all into confidence, and start writing dissent about this sham administration and state government's aggression towards nujs.

I hope you dont want it as WB_State_UJS with two more campuses.
Reply Report to LI
Like +21 Object -0 Anirban Bhattachary 27 Aug 18, 22:40  interesting  top rated
The previous SJA admin deserves applause for booting out PIB & Co. For his 2nd term PIB had struck a deal with elements within the state, bar and bench. When that deal came unstuck in the absence of its key facilitator, the SJA agitation against PIB came handy for these dealers. The then SJA which took care not to get manipulated by the Atapi and Vatapi in the faculty/admin ranks had little chance against the guile of external parties. It is unclear why the N/G duo in SJA dropped the ball thus allowing the external parties to replace Vatapi with Atapi.

The new VC has been transparent about his role as a harbinger of doom. Came well briefed and found eager beavers at all levels in NUJS, including in N/G. Ironically, he is PIB all over again - play victim; act coy; put up a pretence of neutrality; and emotional arm-twisting. But it is the calculated selflessness of denying oneself remuneration that makes Lord Taluk the God that Ishwara could never become. Few in NUJS are untouched by the warm glow of the halo surrounding Messiah Taluk. Simply Kant!

As with Thanos, Lord Taluk can alter reality. The EC, which by its own resolution should take place every alternate month, is due since July. But the six Infinity Stones aka EC members who matter, came together in Lord Taluk's gauntlet for the swift and questionable installation of the latest Registrar. And N/G, the self-styled Praetorian Guards of Lord Taluk would have us eat the nonsense Lord Taluk offers for not convening EC; that but for the WB govt which is delaying the announcement of its nominee, the VC selection would have been done by now; and even better, that N/G have the magical ability to get a rigged VC selection committee into making the right choices!! Everybody knows that the dice are loaded. Who are they trying to fool?

Some questions for Lord Taluk bhakts N/G:

1. EC directs formation of multiple inquiries in May. Where are we on that? What do we make of the hush-hush and lack of details? Wasn't Lord Taluk supposed to bring in transparency and meaningful engagement with students? Thus far we only see Kant-ian versions being doled out. Deja vu?

2. Three inquiries, two from the EC and another from AC, are a direct result of student action. Has the SJA received any official communication? What about our meaningful participation in these inquiries? Everybody knows that inquiries are mostly meant to whitewash, frustrate or cover up wicked problems. What has the moral crusade of Lord Taluk achieved thus far?

3. Institutional opacity, absence of public notice, huge delays without meaningful explanation, indifference, admin stonewalling headline the inquiry processes thus far. Was it ever about cleaning the mess or keeping things messy to achieve other objectives? The continuing mess has driven away MKS; surely others as well. So where do we get the so-called good guys to apply now?

4. While the SJA makes vapid pleas for transparency in VC selection process, we have no idea what levers N/G have to ensure actual and not paper compliance. The past is instructive that despite a seemingly neutral/competent committee, extraneous considerations matter more. The present line-up thankfully does away with that pretence.

5. Justice League, based out of Lord's Taluk's cave is stalking Injustice League. Everybody knows that they love each other more than sharks love blood. But are we sure SJA is not part of menu? Since the Justice League has little love for SJA and N/G knows this even better, what happened to the eternal vigilance crap emblazoned on the SJA report? Why are N/G wearing blinkers? Wasn't the SJA supposed to clean the Augean stables? When did they become part of it?

6. Lord Taluk has the Infinity Stones in the EC gauntlet. The control external parties coveted has now been secured through Lord Taluk. It is all going clockwork orange or green. But N/G would have us believe that Lord Taluk means good and any student action will put him in some sort of yet-to-be defined danger. But clearly he has been the danger, hollowing out NUJS, all along with his signature sly smile.

The evil that envelopes NUJS right now will prevail if the good souls in SJA look on, stay silent and do nothing. Lord Taluk was supposed to be the disinfecting sunlight but has instead proven to be cancer. Is the GB willing live with the consequences of inaction by SJA?

Till then, all hail Lord Taluk!!

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Like +7 Object -0 Alum 28 Aug 18, 08:18  interesting
^That's some seriously trippy and well-written stuff, yo! If you are a current student, then kudos!
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Like +6 Object -0 Chameli 28 Aug 18, 13:06  interesting
Wow. Looks like something really sinister happening here. What is the SJA doing?
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Like +10 Object -0 Guest 28 Aug 18, 20:23  interesting
Fixing leaky faucets in the washrooms, from above accounts. Maybe they will move on to bigger things from there, such as feeding the mess cats.
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Like +6 Object -0 Save NUJS 28 Aug 18, 21:57  interesting
Here is the list of work done by Current SJA 2018-19 in past 3 Months.

1. They informed us about the timings of Dr Barnali Ghosh

2. They fixed the jet spray of our washroom.

3. They taught us how to use Manupatra.

4. They informed us on 6th July that university will be closed.

5. They asked for Blood Donor on 21st July.

6. They informed us about Yoga Day on 20th June

7. They informed us that Library will open 24*7 from 28th July.

8. They informed us that classes was rescheduled on 8th and 9th September.

Repairing the hostel fixtures and installments were the priorities of the current SJA over the appointment of the new Vice Chancellor.
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Like +4 Object -0 Guest 28 Aug 18, 22:58
They finally taught you how to use Manupatra? Then hopefully during the October internships, I don't have to deal with interns who are still clueless about how to search for cases.
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Like +2 Object -0 Save AN, NUJS bach jaa 29 Aug 18, 23:46
Let's not forget politics for the next election already...
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Like +6 Object -1 Anirban Bhattachary 28 Aug 18, 00:36  interesting
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 28 Aug 18, 16:01
Was there supposed to be any link along with this comment? One can see it in the drop down list of comments in the main page, but not here. Kian, any idea?
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Like +1 Object -0 kianganz 28 Aug 18, 16:07 LI subscriber
Thanks, have fixed the image link.
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Like +2 Object -0 Riz Cann 01 Sep 18, 01:26
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Like +2 Object -0 Annie Mal 01 Sep 18, 19:40
Do you think that this rather particular Public Address will be understood? Well layered. Touche
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Like +0 Object -0 Sadaful ka badla 02 Sep 18, 00:18
You're taking about his Chief of Staff, UM, right?
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Like +0 Object -0 Annie Mal 02 Sep 18, 19:18
@Sadaful ka badla, they say that a picture can often say a thousand words, expressions et al. I believe the subtle response embedded in the meme posed by @ Anirban Bhattachary is self explanatory.
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Like +0 Object -1 Anirban Bhattachary 01 Sep 18, 01:50
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Like +2 Object -0 Lord Taluk to Arjun 01 Sep 18, 02:00
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Like +3 Object -0 Guest 28 Aug 18, 16:57
I don't think [...] will be VC but perhaps Academic Dean, which a new position recommended by the review commission. But even that would be shameful. The man is a buffoon and a fraud. Copies of the turn it in report of this entire thesis are doing the rounds. Technically, a complaint can be filed under the new UGC plagiarism rules.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest1 28 Aug 18, 17:57
and this man is also the faculty advisor to the SJA
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Like +0 Object -1 Guest 28 Aug 18, 18:56
Not right now. He used to till last year.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 28 Aug 18, 18:58
Go ahead, file a complaint. Who's stopping you?
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Like +4 Object -1 notanyonesguest 28 Aug 18, 20:54
the discussion is not about whether any particular individual is willing to complaint. Its about the SJA not moving a finger about these things. after all, the claim was that everything will 'cleansed' and 'fixed'. Here is a guy against whom there is ample evidence of academic misconduct and what is the SJA willing to do about that?
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 28 Aug 18, 23:57
shant raho......let the invaders out first
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 28 Aug 18, 19:03
Controller of Examinations maybe. That's supposed to be selected from the existing professors.
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Like +9 Object -1 Guest 28 Aug 18, 23:37  interesting
Before Lord Taluk goes, get rid of The Propagandist ANPGHOST. The goebbelsian stories about the affairs of NUJS are promoted by ANPGHOST.

ANPGHOST, a Holocaustician Cadre Propagandist of TMC, must not have any place in NUJS.

#band karo yeh sajhedari
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Like +8 Object -1 Firstyear 29 Aug 18, 01:17  interesting
Please take our class properly, ma'am. We are loosing our money and future. You are truly hopeless in class.
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Like +9 Object -0 AnotherFirstYear 29 Aug 18, 09:13  interesting
Please take our classes, period. At this stage, with only half of the subjects having regular classes since the start of the semester, I will probably settle for that.
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Like +5 Object -0 Faculty 29 Aug 18, 12:31  interesting
@ First year Wowww……dear first year you people are fool…don’t know what to expect from whom…she is not here to teach…she is much more a political creature having the origin from TMC and flavored with BJP tag very recently (supported and backed by Moloy Da). She is least concerned about academics, rather highly motivated for power politics (Assistant Secretary of WBCUPA, Sl. No. [...]: RIP …NUJS!
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Like +4 Object -0 secondyear 29 Aug 18, 12:42
dont expect many classes to happen in second year either. plus there will also be people who will come, just take attendance, speak some nonsense for 10 minutes and leave the class. paying fees here is a total waste of money.
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Like +10 Object -0 FirstYear 29 Aug 18, 18:52  interesting
This teacher keeps telling the students how she cannot take her regular classes because the university has forced her to become AR Admin Acting. But seniors told me she herself lobbied for the post and even from way before that, there nver used to be regular classes for that subject anyway! Why can't admin posts be filled with people who don't have teaching responsibilities? In fact, that should be made mandatory. Even in school, we used to have that rule. But here at a top NLU, those basic rules are not followed!
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Like +12 Object -0 Guest 28 Aug 18, 23:52  interesting  top rated
Lord Taluk, if you have some dignity left then go home and enjoy your life as a pensioner under the consolidated fund of India.

You have practically shown us how not to run a national law school!!! Many thanks for your contribution in this 21st century Indian Legal Education which showed the incompetence of our CALHC Judges very blatantly (particularly those who were appointed under Left Front Regime, rather particularly by Late Snr. Adv. Balai Roy).

I hope you remember your colleague Justice Amitava Lala...once there was a slogan in Bengal..."Lala, tui Bangla chere Pala."

I wish you don't want these slogans at this point of your life for started destroying NUJS with your folding hands.
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Like +6 Object -1 Guest 29 Aug 18, 01:20  interesting
Lord Taluk, pls take rest now. We understood how you have taken care of Indian judiciary. Please go home, and take rest. You really need rest!
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Like +5 Object -0 Guest 29 Aug 18, 09:14  interesting
Because all you are causing down here is unrest. Whereas we would like someone who can actually (ar)rest our downhill slide at this stage.
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Like +1 Object -1 geust007 02 Sep 18, 01:47
rather particular and his friend NSS are the Lord Taluk's guides. OMG save NUJS
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Like +4 Object -0 Guest 29 Aug 18, 22:43
Kian, I know know how to post this song in the comment section......

the list is :

Please put this song. It is a revolutionary song against the British Judges in 19th Century Bengal. We need similar sentiment here now.

Please put it on.
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Like +4 Object -1 sadaful 29 Aug 18, 22:45
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Like +7 Object -0 Guest 30 Aug 18, 19:50  interesting
We often read in the news about PhD graduates from Z-grade colleges applying for jobs of peons etc. That is where Rather Particular belongs.
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Like +6 Object -0 Ghanta Singh 30 Aug 18, 23:59  interesting
Safai karmachari naukri: PhD applying for 12 pass job

NUJS Professor: Class 12 pass applying for PhD position

Sweden: VC doing job of coolie

NUJS: Coolie doing job of VC
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Like +8 Object -0 Guest 31 Aug 18, 04:58  interesting
Someone shared with me the full Turn it In copy of the famous thesis by the world's greatest particular book reviewer. I don't whether to laugh or to cry.
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Like +2 Object -0 geust007 01 Sep 18, 13:14
make it public
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Like +3 Object -0 LIFan 02 Sep 18, 01:21
Amit Talukdar's only "claim to fame" [...] One of his lil gems was overturned couple of days ago by the Hon'ble Calcutta High Court.

Dearness allowance is the right of Bengal government employees, Calcutta High Court ruled on Friday, overturning a tribunal's order that it is the state's "discretion".

The ruling came on appeals by two major unions against the February 2017 order of the state administrative tribunal (SAT) that likened DA to a "donation".

In its February 2017 order, the SAT, comprising Justice Amit Talukdar and member Anup Chanda, had held that "dearness allowance is a kind of donation".

"DA is Donation" AHAHAHAHA

Even a fresher can say that Dearness Allowance is not a "donation" LOL

So much for this [...]. Anyways Talukdar was [...] much before this judgment.
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Like +2 Object -0 Lord Taluk 02 Sep 18, 18:27
Students (also Injustice League), I am totally enjoying this. When my moral cleansing is done, your NUJS Night will still exist (because I love it) and I really hope you will do a good piece on me. Unlike Thanos, I have a wicked sense of humour (those who are getting the sharp end of it know) including the self-depreciating kind.

LiFan are you facing performance issues like Banner/Hulk? Don't embarrass me. You should have provided the original judgment and what my young brothers wrote the other day. The latter is available on Bar and Bench. Once you have read the news reports (I agree with my friend Trump, the criticism is fake) you will understand why the Infinity Gauntlet and all the Six Stones will remain with me. So be afraid, be very afraid.

Like it or not, I am your daddy. And daddy wants to have fun.
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Like +3 Object -0 4chan 02 Sep 18, 12:58
Here is the scanned thesis being circulated. Just uploading the first 2 chapters as many people got it already.

DISCLAIMER: The thesis author's name is not mentioned so it could be anyone's LLM or PhD thesis. No accusation is being made against anyone.

Chapter 1: 64% match
Chapter 2: 87% match
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Like +1 Object -0 Vanity Potshot 02 Sep 18, 17:59
Everyone knows this rather particular thesis. It has been haunting Legally India for ages now. You don't need Turnitin to confirm the rather particular academic credentials. Why not pursue a formal complaint or send the entire deal to Kian? It has been suggested so many times. Why not go after other academic gems that adorn the faculty ranks? You know too well that Lord Taluk will bin your complaint (however genuine) and allege that you are indulging in Super Crap/Super Trash. That's the other holy bull(****) you are missing. You are seriously mistaken if you think these pinpricks will get Lord Taluk and his Justice League agitated. Come on Injustice League, you really need to up your game. You are in serious mess (of your making) and you are getting so f***d (I meant fixed btw but that too) in the Star Chamber trials that started yesterday. The memes uploaded here are also communication devices for people who have nothing to do, which is like everyone except Justice League and Lord Taluk's buddies who came to play Sacred Games yesterday. As with Thanos, your destiny, Lord Taluk, the moral crusader beyond compare, has arrived. Lord Taluk who also fancies himself as Judge Dredd (and why not, he still has Stallone looks, especially when he speaks and smiles) will not rest till he has your ***. Start running (away) or get vicious. Why reserve the latter only for students?
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