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NUJS exec council rejects triple-campus expansion plans after students slam idea in 8-page representation

Student action helps NUJS EC bin admin 3-campus proposalStudent action helps NUJS EC bin admin 3-campus proposal

The NUJS Kolkata executive council (EC) has rejected the West Bengal state law ministry and vice chancellor-endorsed Prof Ishwara Bhat’s controversial plan to establish two more campuses of the national law school, we have learned.

As we had reported in September 2016, Bhat’s term as VC had been renewed as a last-minute addition to the agenda for the executive council proposed doubling NUJS' batch size to 250 students and opening two new branches of the college in West Bengal outside of Kolkata.

The plan had faced considerable resistance, with the NUJS student juridical association (SJA) having sent an eight-page letter to the EC earlier today, resisting the establishment of two more campuses (see full letter below) making arguments such as it:

  • being antithetical to the structure and functioning of NLUs,
  • potentially leading to disparity and fall in academic quality, as well as a fall in student quality,
  • making the present student body and culture at NUJS unsustainable,
  • potentially impacting NUJS-wide recruitment opportunities, which are limited,
  • being hampered by the dearth of quality law faculty in India, and
  • diluting the NUJS brand.

We understand that the SJA later today also informed the student body today that “the proposal to set up two new branches of NUJS has been definitely rejected by the Executive Council”.

The SJA noted in its email:

According to multiple trusted sources, the Council noted that the State Government is free to establish new NLUs. However, their establishment shall not affect the existing working or structure of NUJS. NUJS' role in the establishment of new NLUs (if any) will be entirely passive. NUJS may mentor these new NLUs (if any) set up under alternate statute.

The news coincides with Bhat and the college awaiting the report of the long-overdue review commission of NUJS, which is to examine the administration, academic credentials and student grievances.

NUJS students had passed a second no-confidence motion in Bhat in September 2017.

NUJS SJA representation against two campus model (PDF)

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Like +11 Object -30 Mistborn 11 Nov 17, 18:04  controversial
Very elitist and not-so thought out representation by NUJS. I am a supporter of the two campus model at ISB and honestly believe it was worth a good shot in law as well. Boasting about increasing access and not actually doing it is sad.

You know how much faculty and administrative talent an NLU attracts? And restricting that talent to a few entrants is bad. You know nujs students,
It would have helped the community to have two more institutions with as much respect.

NUJS had always been proud of how students elevate the University. It's a shame that you didn't thing that your name won't attract good enough talent to elevate your branches. (While bringing in diversity, Making each a centre of Academic excellence, exchange programmes within.. the possibilities would have been endless.)

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Like +11 Object -3 Oh Really? 12 Nov 17, 13:55  interesting
Do you even go here?
Have you any idea of the disproportionate development/infra at NUJS compared to the fees we pay?
I wonder why IIM-B doesn't have two campuses? Advise them too!
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Like +3 Object -12 Guest 2 13 Nov 17, 08:20
What kind of sad-little education have they been imparting you at NUJS? Out of all the benefits you are worried about not having good enough infra? But boy you have merit and access to networks and study material that gets you to top offices in the nation.

You pay money for the brand, the peer merit, the Alumni and the opportunities. That aside you won't even let other kids have access to such opportunity?

You guys should study policymaking. And not be dumb.
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Like +22 Object -4 Guest 11 Nov 17, 20:17  interesting  top rated
Well done to the students. Shame on Bhat for trying to destroy NUJS just to get favours from the Trinamul. He should resign.

But the EC should also be sent letters like this against Bhat. As the letter points out it is hard to get quality faculty in India. For a time, NUJS was the exception with the best faculty. All left because of this man.
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Like +5 Object -21 SJW 11 Nov 17, 23:25  controversial
It is super sad that the islands of excellence want to retain their urban composition and the barrier of class that disallows certain social groups from being a part of such institutions.
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Like +3 Object -0 Guest 12 Nov 17, 03:00
any updates on the review commission?
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Like +19 Object -4 avenger 12 Nov 17, 03:13  interesting  top rated
To all the morons (planted people?) posting messages accusing the students of elitism:

1) The SJA has merely opposed the use of the NUJS brand. Nothing stops the government from establishing law schools there under different brand names, pay faculty salaries equal to NUJS and build nice campuses. YOU are elitist for thinking that non-NLU state brands cannot be built.

2) YOU are elitist for wanting law schools in Asansol (law minister's constituency) when there are far more deprived and poor placed in the state that could benefit with a new state law school (e.g. Purulia, Santhal-dominated tribal areas)

3) YOU are elitist for supporting a VC with zero accountability and serious charges against him.
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Like +2 Object -8 Elite 12 Nov 17, 21:40
The obsession with the "NUJS Brand" is the elitism. Public institutions are not set up for providing brand recognition to their students. Their purpose is to provide an education; which is an endeavor that NUJS seems to have failed in, given that its student body is more concerned with "brand value" of the college as opposed ton increased access to education for students
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -10 Mistborn 13 Nov 17, 01:46
Dear Noojie,

Do you know what elitism means? Your comment above. Believing your name to be above all. Understand that your law school is owned by state. Understand that state nurtured it and this is for increasing access, if you want an accountable vc go bang the doors of the right forum.
Only a few join a institute for its five star infrastructure and world class faculty in India. The main aim is the diversity and richness of student merit and the alumnus. Even you probably looked at the placement figures rather then curriculum, or you might have chosen jgls nirma or something.

It's sad that how little of the education system you are able to comprehend. And how self-centered and panicky your reaction is.
Reply Report to LI
Like +4 Object -0 Non-Elitist 13 Nov 17, 10:52
Who said NUJS doesn't have diversity? Only a person who views NUJS as an outsider would have such a limited observation. Besides, since when did public institutions of knowledge automatically become disqualified from having a good infrastructure and world class faculty?

It is sad how little youunderstand what elitism means before projecting the whole student community as being elitist by your definition. It is sad how you are unable to comprehend that the SJA objected to the use of NUJS as a brand for other law schools. As one of the comments rightly stated, the SJA never did have an issue with the establishment of other law schools in the State. It would have been elitist had the student body taken up the argument of wanting to be the ONLY law school in the State; it never once raised an issue with founding other law schools in West Bengal. Is the representation mentioning even once that students from non-elite backgrounds are not to be accepted in the law school?

Lastly, haters always gonna hate. Sorry you are filled with so much hate for NUJS students. Sour grapes, perhaps?
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 13 Nov 17, 16:21
Sire, please report this. The UGC has banned 123 institutes from using the word "University", which includes Symbiosis and Christ.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 24 Nov 17, 03:27
Kian, Telegraph is reporting that NUJS is indeed setting up two new campuses, including the law minister's constituency. How can this be???? Can you check???
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