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In the meanwhile could the OP (A3) share some of his experiences? A0 here and I am sure a lot of freshers would do good with knowldge.
No idea! A google search shows that they used to pay around 25k back in 2018-19. No idea after that. Could be in some thread in LI. Have come across the name of the firm (JKGA) previously too. Mods, any easy way to locate those threads?
Thanks a lot Kian for the clarification! Hoping this round of promotions goes brilliantly and will be looking forward to the next round of promotions if any!

Have a good day!
Hi Kian! Thanks for adding new moderators. Hopefully this increases the speed of moderation. I was curious if the selected users will still be able to contribute to a thread if they want to (under their own username) or will their duties solely revolve around moderating the threads?

Also, if there is a need for more moderators, would be happy to help! Have received quite some valuable feedbacks from this forum and would definitely love to give back to the community.

Forgot to add. In conjunction to the second point, refer to websites like Venture Intelligence if you are specifically looking for M&A and PE VC
You can find a list of blog articles focusing on this exactly through YLCC.

Its a small list (just chose one random city. Please do your own searches accordingly). You can also do what others generally do. There are tons of websites that list the T1,2,3,4,5 and bla bla rankings. Find out their names and then their office locations accordingly.
In addition to the KCO YT Channel, you can read up on the same from the websites of firms like NDA (they recently did a trend analysis and the material is really concise, although not as expansive for obvious reasons. The KCO YT channel wins here, but the NDA material is a good start).

If you are looking into FEMA/ODI, the articles on the website of Resolut works as well. You can also refer to blogs like Mondaq. They have a rich collection authored by various law firms.
Hi NLU Grad.

I do support the advice you gave, and with the second paragraph in general.

Mere do paise on this:

1. The top tier firm law partners who are non-NLU were so before NLUs become relevant. If you were to judge based on that criteria alone in today's time, we still have T1,2 and 3 NLUs, where the lowest rung NLUs suffer just as much as outlier colleges.

2. Litigation has always been dominated by state unis for the same reason. Also, the kind of money that is spent in NLUs to obtain the degree, it is generally hard for the NLU grad to shift to litigation with its low paying culture and survive for a significant amount of time before the dice starts rolling.

3. Regarding rigour of NLUs, this is something that most state unis do not get. Your courses are tougher than ours, with dozens of research papers, assignments, moots, paper presentations, seminars and what not.

[I guess] the point that OP is trying to make is that even after doing everything you said in the second paragraph (and as someone who has personally done that to separate myself from the crowd at my state uni), there are still biased notions that are held on by most law firms (not referring to tiers here). Its not like they are not insurmountable, they just require a lot more time than what someone else starting further from the starting line would need. On top of that (as far as LI threads have reported) there is also this particular habit of tiered law firms to discount the years of experience when laterally shifting for better pay and for obvious ambition.

Big dogs are sniffing for the wrong things is what we mean mostly. Am I equivalent to the top crop of NLUs? Probably not. But a lot of students from NLUs who do get hired sometimes do a shabbier job than a big bunch of us and that is where the systemic problem lies.

Thanks for that clarification. This exactly is what I guess most people mean when they have this NLU/Non-NLU convo. The access to a well-established alumni base or connections within the family that the kids can use vs those that can't.
While the incident for ragging is a common phenomenon in most hostels, I am not sure if NLU students are ragged like this. Not that I belong from one, but we all have friends scattered around colleges.

Secondly, the situation with Jadavpur is very different. Firstly the people who participated in torturing the said student(s) were mostly passouts. They obtained their degrees back in 2017-2019 and have somehow managed to remain back in the university campus sheerly because of their political connections within the leftist outfits.

Thirdly, the outlash of resentment at JU comes for multifaceted reasons. As a guy from Calcutta, JU has always defended their abject substance abuse with the phrase "Agey chance peye dekha" which translates to first get an admission within the campus. If that was not all, the college campus is a breeding ground for various student unions, most of which have been known to be vocal about the injustices perpetrated by the government. They have harassed the Governor and other faculties within their campus for what they claimed as their democratic right (the veracity of this claim is not something that I am questioning). However, when it came down to one of their own students, the unions and most of the administration went silent or deflected the questions with very outlandish answers.

As for self-reflection, I come from a state university with the worst of managements, but we were never ragged. The only compulsion that we faced from time to time was to openly support the political party, whichever that may be, was in power. Bullies thrive in groups and the silent treatment do not work out. If you have been bullied, please speak out and get help. The internet, despite sometimes being cruel, is a wonderful place and you will get your share of justice.
A0 working in M&A (remote role) in a boutique firm. Swing by LI once a day because damn has this platform been helpful, and the funny comments of course!