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I was in the same boat and approached seniors who had pursued their masters abroad. A foreign masters is great for the cultural exchange and for widening your horizons, but it is best done after a couple of years into your profession from a purely academic pov.
Not sure about internships abroad, but there are firms like Karm Legal that offer internships to Indian students. You can try your luck at such places. All the best!
Not that I know of man. I don't even think they would run that decision by me even if that was the case. In case I come to know of something, let's just agree I'll drop a lead here? :)
Heard LexStart is a firm with wfh model and the same (according to their website) was in practice even before COVID.
In the meanwhile could the OP (A3) share some of his experiences? A0 here and I am sure a lot of freshers would do good with knowldge.
No idea! A google search shows that they used to pay around 25k back in 2018-19. No idea after that. Could be in some thread in LI. Have come across the name of the firm (JKGA) previously too. Mods, any easy way to locate those threads?
Thanks a lot Kian for the clarification! Hoping this round of promotions goes brilliantly and will be looking forward to the next round of promotions if any!

Have a good day!
Forgot to add. In conjunction to the second point, refer to websites like Venture Intelligence if you are specifically looking for M&A and PE VC

Thanks for that clarification. This exactly is what I guess most people mean when they have this NLU/Non-NLU convo. The access to a well-established alumni base or connections within the family that the kids can use vs those that can't.
A0 working in M&A (remote role) in a boutique firm. Swing by LI once a day because damn has this platform been helpful, and the funny comments of course!