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Hi All, I'm currently working as a third year associate in a mid-sized law firm in it's M&A, PE, VC team. As an associate, what tips can I follow to get better in terms of doing my work and in general a good Associate?
In the meanwhile could the OP (A3) share some of his experiences? A0 here and I am sure a lot of freshers would do good with knowldge.
Please join me. Just so refreshing to see a 2020 grad giving an F about doing well in this space. Usually most of the chats are about senior bashing or complaints about work life balance.
Hi Folks,

I am also an A3 in a tier2 law firm working in the same space. I personally follow these to improve my work product (also if the A0s want to take this approach, you can):

1. Do the best in DD work, because you learn maximum about laws from DD (and people who feel DD is not work, are not focused on their overall growth as a lawyer);

2. I keep revising my concepts regarding companies act and the ancillary rules (because why not);

3. Read different transaction docx, as that will help understand different constructs that are there and what not;

4. I put in more efforts improving my written language, be it emails to seniors, to clients and ofc in the documents;

5. Pester your seniors (whenever it’s necessary) to clarify your doubts and you can ask from your peers too (to grow as a lawyer in this space, there should be no shame in asking from your peers);

6. Be sincere towards your work but not at the cost of your mental health;

7. Read up the FEMA laws as you cannot learn FEMA overnight or for a matter of fact over 3 years too, because reading and clearing concepts will take you places (This is a personal approach I take as my FEMA is a weak point); and

8. Listen to calls/ negotiations with opposite counsels carefully as that will help too in improving your knowledge and lingo in this space.

*the above points are a personal way to deal with work and improve.

Hope this helps,