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Salary comparison is one of the most common topic of conversation. Yet, there is little authentic info, I have created a spreadsheet with some law firms and 0PQE salary. The spreadsheet is fully editable by anyone and it does not keep any record of contributors (so no ip check/track). Feel free to add more law firms. May I request everyone to check and contribute. Have kept it from 0PQE to 9PQE as after that comparison becomes meaningless due to complete non-standardised compensation structure. [...]
Have not used google sheet for privacy reasons.

[LI: Have copied updated backup copy shared by pi in a Google Sheet. If you open it in an incognito / private window, anyone can edit it completely anonymously and we get version control also:
If we should use another platform, please share]
Bumping this up, so that more people are able to see this.
Hi R, thank you for publishing this, would it be possible to get a featured tag so that it is more visible. The spreadsheet depends on crowdsourcing. Thanks
May I request everyone to share the link on their alumni whatsapp/fb groups, pay transparency is essential for a fairer pay
Samvad pays under 5lpa for A0? I remember reading 9.2lpa+ elsewhere. Please update the true figures πŸ™
Bumpy BUMP. People with offers in hand please contribute to the database.
Bhai kuch bhi chal raha hai yaha. So many figures for T1 are completely wrong.
if you know someone who can confirm personally that one/more figures are wrong then change them

should be first hand information
Yes, and there is also a steep increase with increasing PQE.
It seems far-fetched, they don't bother to pay their interns.
Does this honestly relfect the level of inflation? Theres been no rise is law firm salaries throughout the past 5-10 years right?
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JSA's pay is 13.2 + 2? Is this post probation and similar across offices?
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What world are you living in? It absolutely is true. Goes up to 33.
I know someone who moved from tier 1 firm to this firm. So I am assuming pay must be at par with Tier 1 firms.
Instead of starting separate conversation threads asking for salaries of law firms, I think this list should be pinned by legally India. Please add your salaries here, guys. Bump BUMP.
Hello folks, any clue on how much Kco. offers to its freshers for 2022 batch?
Are Trilegal A3s making 47 a year!!!?? Is this for people one year below SA belt and is this accurate??
you have not added anagram. They are doing Rs 15 lacs for national law freshers and then they are having increases at 25% growth. I am told they have paid 110% of the bonus amount.
you can add the name of the firm and the salary to the spreadsheet, it is editable by anyone

please add the salary info only after getting first hand information, it will help to keep the spreadsheet accurate
Subject: How much do SA/PA make in argus partners,veritas and induslaw? Any idea?

do let people know for future references.
2018 grad looking for better opportunities. My pay is way below industry standards as of now. I would be grateful if somebody can shed light on how much for 2018 grads make in a tier-1 and tier-2 law firms in disputes team in Mumbai

I am an SA1 at CAM, 34 lpa, not sure how fair is this salary but this is how it is.
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According to the excel, Ikigai is paying 40L to SAs. Can someone confirm?
Hi. Someone seems to have sorted the list numerically and the spreadsheet is now completely messed up. The pay isn't accurate for quite a lot of the firms. Can someone please check and update it accordingly?

I had last downloaded the file about 45 days ago

I can upload that version, however if someone has downloaded any version please could you upload the same

Is there no versioning history available of the file, to see recent changes made an undo them?
unfortunately not, as a trade off for high privacy there are no version history
Does DSK really pay 15lpa? I read in some other thread that the amount was 10
bhai koi Surana and Surana International Attorneys ka bta do please
Some of the salaries especially of T2 and T3 firms seem highly inflated. Has someone done this deliberately to mislead people? Very shameful!
Spice Route Legal pays 18+6.6 to A1??
That’s a huge jump from their A0 salary wow.
Any idea how’s the work culture/people there?
We had a Pre-placement talk with them recently where an SA very proudly said "we're brutally honest" code for toxic, rude and drag you down energy, and was v proud to say that young laywers don't belong at their firm if they want work life balance. Gave off a very nasty energy tbh.
SAM has increased salaries to 16 for A0s without the drama & publicity stunt that CAM pulled.
Is the sheet updated at all? Please see to it. Hum baccho ko thoda madat kar do :(
Someone just wiped out the entire list of names of the firms???!!! What the hell???
Did anyone download the sheet after the alphabetical reordering?

someone seems to have wiped out all the names

unfortunately, I have the sheet from before the alphabetical reordering
No, unfortunately not - the copy we downloaded is after the names in the first column were jumbled.

If someone does have a backup copy, can they please share a link or upload it somewhere, we'll try to find a more robust / temporary hosting solution for this file
would you be able to share the platform, then I can upload the older file there

it is a couple of months old, but something is better than nothing :(
Thank you Pi, you're a star, amazing!

We have copied your updated backup copy in a Google Sheet for now. If you open it in an incognito / private window, anyone can edit it completely anonymously without a Google account, and we get version control too in case someone deletes something or we want to revert to a previous state of the history:
If we should use another platform, please do share - we can open up the file / account there, so the 'owner' of the doc stays anonymous]
Kian/R, can this be a sticky thread at the top of the LI page? Not only is this perhaps the biggest resource on the internet for Indian lawyer compensation, but we also need more data to populate the list like it was before.
Can we bump this thread up? People can fill this sheet, in most firms increments would have been communicated by now.
google sheets made from a random account to protect privacy of the owner is a better option than using the "offidocs", that is very slow , delete that offidocs to avoid confusion so people dont fill in that instead of google sheets.
Could anyone kindly update the latest salaries for Chandiok and Mahajan? The list has not mentioned regarding it.
Bump this please or create a fresh post and attach this link, asking people to update the 2023 salaries, especially for A0s. It'll be immensely helpful if this gets traction again. Please pin it or do the needful. Thanks!