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Legal Research has always been one of the most important activities in the life of a law student. It would not be wrong to say that these are the law students who are most capable in analyzing a topic in the legal context. Everyday several incidents take place in the society and sometimes there come certain questions in our minds i.e. “Was that the Right thing?”, “Was not there any legal provision which could have been applied in that particular scenario?” etc. The next question which comes in our mind is that what we can do in that particular scenario. The basic step which should be taken is to analyze that particular topic, but how would it be possible to analyze it is the next question. And here lies the need of doing a research on that particular topic, not analyzing it in the social context but in the legal context. And for this purpose, the idea of creating a blog i.e. “The Legal Junction” originated which can serve as a platform for legal information not briefly but thoroughly. This blog would enable one to get information of each and every aspect of several topic related to legal issues, sometimes social issues which are to be analyzed in the legal context.


When someone starts searching information about a particular topic, sometimes he gets confused as to which place he should go to. And it might have happened with you also, and this is one of the main reasons for creating this blog. But it is not possible to covert an idea into reality without a team. It has always been argued that it is always better to have a team rather performing a task alone.  And for this reason, we invite applications from you, the law students, so that you and we and work together and make this initiative a success.


Why Law Students?

As law students, it is very important for us to indulge in the activities related to legal research. It not only enhances our research ability, but it also strengthens our analytical skill. We make ourselves busy in several activities like mooting, academics, debate etc. But it is also our task to analyze a legal topic which is of some social and legal relevance. Take for example, the recent decision delivered by the Supreme Court on ‘Euthanasia’ or ‘Mercy Killing’. Now what we can do as law students is to review that particular judgment, indulge in research which relates to the origin of euthanasia, its applicability in the international scenario, euthanasia and Indian Law, case laws related to it and whatever we can do. Moreover, it would enhance the legal knowledge which would surely help a student. Academic study is what everyone indulges in, even if he doesn’t want he has to but this blog will provide you a platform to express your views. Sometimes, we think of doing something but we remain confused as to what should be the platform through which we can do such activity.


It is true that life in a law college is quite tough with number of cases, projects, tutorials, presentations, seminars, mooting etc. But, this work won’t take much time from your daily routine. Even if you are able to spend half an hour each on this, it would suffice. Applications for the membership of this blog are invited only from those students, who think that they would be able to write researched articles on a regular basis. We write articles for law journals, law reviews and for many other publications, but that is done once or twice in a year. Through this blog you can write an article on any legal issue which you are interested in, and whenever you want. It can be constitutional, criminal, commercial or any other topic which you think fits you. There are no hard and fast rules in choosing topics only from a particular area, that would make your task easier.





 There are several articles which are available in various law journals, law reviews but again the question is “Are these law reviews and journals available to every person through a simple means?” The answer to this question would be ‘No’, as these law journals are either available at a slightly high cost or most of the persons (exclude law students) are not aware of these publications. Through this blog, a well researched article would be available to everyone through a simple means. If you think it is a waste of time, then surely there is no need to apply. But in case you are confident that you would be able to write articles on legal and socio-legal topics, then it would be great pleasure for us in working with you. There must be quite a few law students who would be interested in writing articles on these topics on a regular basis, and if you are one of them then please feel free to apply


Our aim is to make this blog as a platform for everyone related to legal field. Moreover, we are aiming to make it as a platform which would be visited by a person whenever he would think of searching a legal article or some information on legal topic. Our aim is to provide comprehensive legal researched articles based on contemporary issues or issues of socio-legal importance. It would serve as a place where thorough information on legal issues could be collected and that is why we have termed it as “The Legal Junction”. It has made us to think a lot before terming it, and if we get your support then it would not be difficult to make it as one of the best place for legal information. In case you want to express your views through the means of a Legal Fiction, then also your contribution would be highly appreciated.




The blog has been created to make sure that that domain name would not be reserved by anyone else. But it would come into existence once we have enough posts from our permanent members and some guest posts. We are planning to start this blog in the mid of May, 2011(Date would be notified later). As it would be started in the month of May, there is an ample time for you think whether you want to join us or not. Moreover, there would be ample time for you to write article/s. To make this effort a reality, we desperately need your support.


Suggestions of the members to make this platform better would be of utmost importance.




Number of Members/Authors whose names would be listed on the Blog Page – Seven to Ten


A member would be able to post articles on his own; he would not have to ask anyone before publishing an article. Moreover, he would be able to post the articles written by any law student as ‘Guest Post’.


Names of the law students would also be listed in the Blog who want to contribution through guest posts, but they would not have any right to publish their article on their own. They have to contact any of the members in order to get their article published. 


Interested law students from any Law University should send their names to “” as soon as possible in order to finalize the names of the members. We are considering it a hard task to search the persons who can serve as members for this blog. Moreover, it is a huge challenge in front of us to make this blog a happening place in front of the legal fraternity. The 1st deadline for receiving the applications would ne 1st April, 2011. Thereafter, next deadline would be declared in case of insufficient applications. The membership would not remain permanent and it would cease in case author fails to write an article for a long period of time.


We are in an initial stage and your support would always be welcomed from our side. And if you want to contribute a guest post, then you can send your article/review/Legal Fiction to 




The selected  members/authors would be required to send their articles by 4th may, 2011.


There is no particular topic as such, but is should reflect the thorough analysis and the views presented should be clear. Moreover, it must be your own work.


Citation is discouraged, instead of that authors would be required to mention the references which he/she has used while writing the article.


Word Limit –

Articles – 3500 – 4000 words

Legal Fiction – More than 2000 words

Review – 2500-3000 words.


Font style – Garamond


Font Size – 13


Waiting for you contribution eagerly.



Abhinav Shrivastava (Founder, The Legal Junction)

1st Year,

WBNUJS, Kolkata


PS : Our Team is forming well and we are going to do lots of work soon!


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