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Beat Your Inferiority Complex

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What motivates you in Life? May be looking at others, or may be looking at yourself.

Keeping yourself motivated is what many of us forget to remember in the Law School. This applies specially to those who lack confidence which remains hidden somewhere inside them. Inferiority complex is what keeps many of us worried throughout our life. And, when we look at the life which we are spending in a law school, this complex doesn’t seem to be a new one. Complex which is sometimes formed naturally by look at others, which is sometimes formed because of the lack of confidence, confidence which remains hidden somewhere inside a person. Then, why it becomes so difficult for a person to move along with the confidence which cannot be taken away by anyone. This complex can be primarily seen in the classroom, in the moot court hall, in the debate room and at many other places which form the basis of a law school life. But, is it necessary to keep this complex along with us? Cannot we replace it with the confidence which we usually talk about? Cannot we overcome the difficulties which usually resist ourselves from indentifying the confidence? Everyone is different, everyone cannot be the same, and learning speed of everyone cannot be the same. Then, why do we want to move at the speed as others? Why we forget that before competing with other, we have to compete with ourselves.



“Yes, I know the answer.”

“I was just about to answer that question.”

“I have a doubt in this topic, should I ask it?”

“Oh! How well he speaks. Would I be able to speak like him?”

“Sirrrrrrr........................” (When you want to speak, but something stops you from doing it.)

These are some of the common situations which you would not be unaware of. And, I hope many of us would have gone through these situations, but why do we forget that before comparing us with any other person, we have to compare us with ourselves only. If one is not able to speak, then why is he not able to speak? Most probable answer can be the lack of confidence. Another answer can be inferiority complex. If former one is the answer, then it would be better to find out the reason behind it and it would not be abstruse to do this. But, if latter one is the answer, then it would be better to take careful and right steps instead of abortive ones. There is no problem to speak in an accent which is accompanied with stammer. You will stammer once or may be few more times, but then you would be able to speak with more confidence, and you will be able to identify the confidence which remains hidden somewhere inside you. You may know the answer, but it would be of no use unless you share it with everyone. You may have more knowledge than others, but it would not be of any use unless you express it. Don’t wait for the law school life to end for speaking publicly, do it now without waiting for others. Compete with yourself initially, then with others.



It is another area which might be creating a problem in front you during starting days of your law school life. You may not be able to speak with other people with confidence. It can be the lack of confidence, or the inferiority complex. Language difference is accompanied with the inferiority complex. You may not belong to a good background as that of others, which can sometimes create a inferiority complex inside you while usual talk with others. In other words, “Gup-Shup”. Sometimes, you try to avoid talking with them because of this complex. You may feel that you would not be able to speak in the manner which they are speaking in. You may develop some kind of inferiority complex by seeing their acumen in certain areas which you are not even aware of. And, this is one of the foremost reasons behind the formation of different kinds of groups within a law school. There always exist some groups in every college, and a member belonging to a particular group would usually comply with the mandatory features of that particular group in all probability. Groups can be divided on the basis of region or language. In most of the cases, groups are formed on the basis of language which they speak. And, sometimes this creates inferiority complex into the minds of various students who do not belong to such group.

Mooting, Debating etc.

“I am not able to speak well, then how would I moot? How would I debate?”

“See, he speaks so well, I am already lost”

“No man, I am not taking part in all these activities. Have you noticed my language?”

“I have not even participated in debate competition during my school life, then how would I be able to do it now?”

Yes, it usually happens with everyone who is not good at speaking and has developed inferiority complex inside himself. But, this is not the end of the road. Just because you have not participated in any debate competition doesn’t mean that you cannot participate now. Just because you are not able to speak well doesn’t mean that you cannot improve it. Just because your language is not good doesn’t mean that you cannot do well in mooting. Overcoming all this is the biggest challenge in front everyone in law school life, but it is not impossible. You can find people who are of your kind and can practice with them regularly in order to improve your language and speaking. Don’t except from people who are good at these things to help. It is fact, and everyone must be aware of it.


Take it as a challenge and beat it.

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