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Scene of a Family Court!

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The family disputes are on a sudden rise in the current Indian Scenario. Disputes relating to divorce, disputes relating to maintenance, disputes relating to child custody are some of the basic issues which are considered by the Family Court.

Very often these disputes become so serious that you would cry after seeing the plight of the victims. Sometimes, a woman wants her husband’s parents to leave the home. Sometimes, a husband wants her wife to behave well with his parents. Sometimes, a woman is not happy with the salary which her husband earns.

But, sometimes it is fun to see the proceedings of such a dispute. Sometimes, parties to such a dispute make you laugh through their acts.

So, here is one such case where a woman wants to live with her husband. She wants her husband to accept in front of the court that he doesn’t have any problem in living with her. After a long resistance, husband finally decided to live with her wife.

10 am – Before the court proceedings

Woman having discussion with her parents-

Woman – I want him to accept in front of the court that he is ready to live with me.

Parents – Don’t Worry Beta! He will accept it.

Woman – I won’t leave him like this.

Parents – Beta! Calm Down. You will win this case.

Lawyer arrives –

Lawyer – Why are you shouting so loudly? Don’t let the judge know that your health is good. You have to act nicely.

Woman – I have seen enough serials to act in a good way. You don’t have to worry regarding that.

Lawyer – Do you remember the disease which you are supposed to inform to the judge?

Woman – Sorry, I forgot!

Lawyer – Ok! Then make some disease of your own in front of the judge.

Woman – I have enough experience!

In the Court Room – (Woman, her parents, her husband are present) 11.00 am

Woman enters –

Woman – My Lord! I am not healthy. I won’t be able to stand here. Also, I was not able to eat much for last few days. (Oh! She was shouting in the morning: P)

Judge – Ok! Then sit on a chair. (Seeing her plight)

Judge to the husband

Judge – Do you accept that you are ready to live with your wife peacefully?

Husband – My Lord................I...........I.............(In a low voice)

Judge – Are you ready to live with your wife peacefully? (In a loud and harsh voice)

Husband – I am ready My Lord! (Quickly in a low voice)

Judge – See the condition of your wife. See her health. Don’t you feel guilty? Now, go and live with her peacefully.

Husband – My Lord! See my condition L

Judge – What has happened t you? See the health of your wife.

Husband – My lord! I am wandering what has happened to her in an hour: O

Again Judge to the woman

Judge – Now live with your husband peacefully!

Woman (Starts walking in front of the court quickly) – No, My Lord! Give me some time to think

Judge – How are you walking so easily when you were not healthy? (In a loud Voice)

Everyone starts laughing in the court.

Woman – My Lord! I was just.......... (She also starts laughing)

Judge – Is this a circus? This is court.

Woman – My Lord! It was my lawyer who asked me to act.

Judge to the lawyer

Judge – What is this?

Lawyer – My Lord! I have not asked her anything to do.

Judge – You all have made this court a fish market.

Lawyer – My Lord! I thought she would act nicely.

Judge – Nicely?

Lawyer – She informed me about her experience.


Court Dismissed!


It is indeed very interesting to watch this kind of court proceedings :P


Note : It is a real incident with some slight modifications.

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