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Project Sharing - A Trend

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As and when a student gets the topic of his project, he starts calling his friend studying in other colleges. It has become a trend followed by most of the students irrespective of the University which they are studying in. Not only from other colleges, a student would also try to ask the seniors of his college i.e. whether they have any project on such topic.

Whether this trend is good or not, is a different issue altogether. But, it is quite interesting to see people/us initialising the work on their projects just 2-3 days before the submission date. Sometimes, it is fun to hear the sentences spoken by us/students during this process (It would not be wrong to call “Project Sharing” a process). Ahh! Here are some dialogs, which are quite popular among us.

“Bhai Kahi se Project Ka Jugaad kar de, Kal mera Submission Hain” (Brother, please arrange the project from somewhere, tomorrow is my project submission)

“Abe maine toh abhi tak start tak nahi kiya hain, thode dino me karta hu start” (I have not even started my project, will start in a few days)

“Yaar meri girlfriend kuch bana nhi rahi hain, sab mujhe hi karna pad rha hain . Thodi help kar de bhai” (Dude! My Girlfriend is not doing anything for the project, and it is me who has to do all this. Please help me dude!)

“Apne seniors se puchna yeh project hain kya unke pass. Agar ho toh bhai forward kar de” (Ask your seniors whether they have this project or not. If they have this project, then please forward it to me)

Many colleges have installed some kind of software which is known as “Plagiarism Software” and can catch you, if you have plagiarised your project. But, this process is not relevant for the purpose of plagiarism, because such kind of so called “Plagiarism Software” would catch us in case students have plagiarised their projects. Instead, they have shared it with some other friend, who is studying in a university miles away from that of their university. And, it is quite difficult for even this software to detect the plagiarism in such a situation.

Now, coming to the aspect for which projects are being allotted by the professors. They are being provided to develop research skills, and to make a good report on the topic provided by them to each of the students. Then, why most of us find it quite boring to complete the project in the stipulated period. There can be various reasons behind this.

There is another trend which is followed by many of us. There are quite a few students, who not only make their own projects, but also the projects allotted to their friends. But, there are certain circumstances when a student is not able to make his project, and in that condition help from a friend is appreciated.

Sometimes, there appears certain unseen conditions which make one unable to finish his project. And, the professor of the concerned subject does not grant any extension. In such a situation also, project sharing becomes important.

There are many students who are familiar with this process!

There are certain questions which are needed to be resolved

What are the conditions which force a student to ask his friends to share a project?

Is it one of the drawbacks of the University Administration?

Why the purpose of having a “Project System” is getting diminished?

Why such expensive plagiarism software is not able to detect these things?


PS: Enjoy Sharing, because knowledge is increased through sharing :)

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