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Myths About Law School

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Law is one of the most unexplored fields of education. Neither much people know about it nor do they bother to, credited to misconceptions regarding the field. To say it in clear words, there is weird skepticism regarding this area of study. Here I am trying to throw light on few of the myths regarding law school.

“People, who are not good at studies, pursue law.”

Though sad but a true fact, when I was preparing for law, everyone used to ask me my Class Xth board result and there used to be a startled look on their face after knowing that I had good grades and still I want to do law!

“There is only 3 yr law course.”

This is a common assumption that law is a 3 yr course that people pursue after graduation and this is a matter of curiosity for those who come to know about 5 yr law course that how can one study law after Class 12th only!

“Litigating is the only option after studying law.”

People think that one pursues law just to practice in court, either as a matter of family tradition or because of apparent lack of option after studying law. This is a matter of general observation; people don’t know that one can get a job after doing law.

“Law College is equivalent to the shabby law college down the corner in the city!”

Well, this is an elaborate way to put forward my point but it’s a true fact that Law College for people means the local law college in the city. Colleges like Hazra Law College, Chotanagpur Law College, Reezvi College can vouch for it. Depending upon the place of your residence, people will tag you with the local college of that place accordingly after they come to know that you are doing law. So, if you are in Kolkata, the presumption is that you are student of either Hazra Law College or Haldia College or some other random college. You need to explain the entire concept of 5 yr Law School, National Law Schools, CLAT after you tell an old acquaintance of yours that you are doing law!

These are just the few that found a mention, there are many other mythical hypothesis regarding the field credited to our social structure and over all awareness level. Though you might find yourself laughing after hearing this but there are many people who consider that no one marries a lawyer girl! Other troubles can be in form of self proclaimed “intelligent” acquaintances who will ask you questions like “You guys need to mug up Sections of Acts in Law na” or will ask you random questions about law once they come to know that you are doing law!

As my concluding point all I would like to say is that it’s high time that these myths regarding the field of law are removed. More students from diverse backgrounds need to join the field of law so that awareness regarding this area of study is increased. Initiatives taken by IDIA (Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access project) are really appreciable in this regard. However, a lot more is yet to be done.

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