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Ways to Spend Vacation: Apart from Interning

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In summer vacation, though most of us are interning, there are few who are at home. There is sea difference between home and college. Law school keeps you busy like a bee while at home you have all the time on this earth to watch all such bees! (Ok, lame joke!). College means minimal sleep, lots of work, deadlines, projects etc., and just before coming back home there are end semester exams that take away last bit of peace and rest. So once at home you need to adjust to the fact that no deadlines or urgent work is running after you. Adjusting to utter joblessness becomes a problem and it’s hard to sit completely idle. So here I plan to throw some light on things on which you can spend your time.

Read good books

Reading book is not a big deal but reading those books that helps you to gain some knowledge which you can apply in your day to day life or books that can help you in your career can make a difference. Read books that help you to hone your skills or facilitate better understanding of things. Reading books on self motivation, memory improvement, books of psychology that may help one to understand other person better can be said to be a good investment. Books by writers like Robin Sharma, Rhonda Byrne can be a good pick.

Write Paper/ Article/ Essay

1.5-2.5 months vacation provides a good amount of time to research and write a paper. All the time one journal or other is accepting articles and there are many competitions as well that offers lucrative prizes. You can spend your vacation on researching and writing for such competitions or journals. To get more information about such competitions you can go to the site Project Cloud.

Learn some Skill/ Art

Enroll into some course of your interest. Learn a new language, learn new art, learn guitar, learn kick boxing, join meditation classes, do anything that interests you. Spending time over such things will make your vacation worthwhile.


Do social work

If you have a soft corner for the poor and down trodden, you can spend your vacation in helping them. You can spend your time in an orphanage or teach poor kids or serve in an old age home. Or raise your voice for some cause that can be anything from gay rights to women rights to environmental pollution, anything!

Being a lawyer, you are more aware about the rights which people have than the mundane mass. You can educate people about their rights, run an awareness campaign with your friends in the city or get in touch with some local NGO, work with them.

Travel, Learn, Enjoy!

Travel to places, learn new things. Travel to historical places and learn the history of that place. Go to far off places; discover the way of living and culture of people out there. Go to beaches. Go for trekking, scuba diving, site seeing, go for anything you feel like.


Or you can just ignore all of these, spend quality time with family and friends, eat, sleep, gossip, giggle and give rest to your body, soul and mind!


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