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An Invocation

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Respected Mother/Father,

It is with deep pain that I write this letter. I request you to make a few minutes available to this humble invocation. Kindly oblige.

How privileged I am to have been bestowed with more than a million mothers and fathers! Hail the God! Hail All of You! Have you ever seen me in this unfortunate situation, Mother? Did you ever even contemplate me complaining things to you, Father? I know you have not; because till now I have been swallowing all my anguish with the firm faith that my begetters, you, cannot and will not kill me! You will not let me die an unfortunate and the most untimely death! You will be my saviors! Because you are my Mother! You are my Father! Every one of you!

But now, I have grown old and fragile, Mother! I am no longer the agile and sprightly youth! I have been exploited. I have been savagely assaulted. And times have been innumerable when my life was attempted at! Under the bludgeoning of the various vicissitudes of the lives of all of you, my head has become bloody, but I have managed to remain unbowed! At this point in time, which seems to be the evening of my life (which is very unusual, because I have my compatriots living by me, the fullest and the most vistaramic of their lives, and they seem to so continue their sojourn, for thousands and thousands of years to come!)

What do I behold, Mother!? What has happened to you? Father! You ought to be my friend, philosopher, my guide! What shall become of me, if you yourself go on a maligning spree of your child! Every breath that I breathe, reminds me of the dangerous state I am in, wherein my parents are hatching a mega conspiracy to brutally murder me!

You very well know that this is not the first time when this is happening, Mother! Don’t you remember, how in the year 1975, the very crux of me, my conscience, my soul was attempted at! How could you sit back comfortably in your couches when your child was being torn to pieces! How could you just do that, Father! I remain indebted to the great pedestal of Justice for saving me from being reduced to rubble in those dark days.

Mother, I was born out of great labor! All of you had built great dreams about me! You made me the Supreme Law of India! You accorded me such a huge respect, such huge authority and such huge responsibility, I was so thankful to have been born of you!

But now, what a pity! I pity myself! I see you, day in and day out, constantly getting into friction with me. You have not left me to be myself. You have molested my identity! Right on my face, on the index to my heart, you can see how passionately I want our country to be a sovereign, socialistic, secular, democratic republic! You yourself have carved out this face of mine! But now, tell me Mother, is at least one of these basic features of mine left with me? Do I have anything which was mine, and which was me? No Mother, nothing!

Mother, I derive my strength through you alone! You are my owners, my creators! But when I see my very own creators, here bribing, there murdering, here corrupting, there getting corrupted, won’t my blood boil with self remorse? When I behold the horrendous sight of my very own endeared parents quarrelling among themselves to hold petty power, slinging mud on each other to unduly benefit from others’ grief, won’t I grow overtly weak and soulless? Why have you neglected me to such an extent, Mother! I am not an orphan! I am your child! Your very own Constitution! Whom you brought into this world, with great pomp, show and fanfare! Don’t you remember, Mother, how happy all of us were then! Our tryst with destiny had just begun and we had high hopes for our Nation!

Save me, Mother! Save me! I invoke in you, my life! Please do not kill me this way! I have done you no harm, I only wish all of us a happy and prosperous life! Do not instill a sense of unknowingness of myself in me! At the same time, do not also hit at my conscience, by hurting your brethren! All of you are one for me, dear parents! I know no class, I know no creed! What I know, is the only truth that all of you are my creators and all of you are bound to be my saviors! Please do not turn a deaf ear on my beseeching. In the interest of good faith and conscience, please do the needful and oblige.


Yours truly,

The Constitution of India

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