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Grapes are sour - And I am loving it!

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All of us know the well known fable of the Jackal and the grapes. Because it could not fulfill its desire of tasting the grapes, it assumed that the grapes must be sour, and thus contented its ego. Well, most of us, the students who do not study at the NLUs, are assumed to be in the jackal's position. We are assumed to be sluggish in our own ways, on our own rights, and we are constantly found putting the great institutions down. But being one such 'jackal', I have come to relish the taste of the untasted grapes.
The grapes paint a cozy picture in our minds. They look juicy, they appear fresh and they tingle the taste buds of the mind like no other fruit! But, the jackal was very illogically crestfallen. Why did it assume that there are grapes and grapes only, in this world? Why didn't it even consider the meek possibility of running into some other tastier fruits like the Mango or Watermelon? The loss of opportunity to taste the grapes, has given it the golden opportunity of tasting and relishing a huge basket of assortments of fruits! Why then, it can also royally relish the fruit salad, with milk and sugar added! Why didn't the jackal search for the hidden reason, as to why did God forbid him from relishing the grapes? Is it because God did not want him to fill his stomach? I am afraid not. God is his Father. The Almighty. He forever wishes the good of His children. Any God-loving creature can prima facie discern that, God made the jackal assume that the grapes were sour, or God prevented him from accessing the grapes, because the jackal was worth a lot more! God wanted the Jackal to learn how to search for newer and tastier fruits, which hang high up in the air from tall trees. God wanted the Jackal to make a full-fledged fruit salad for himself, and have a sumptuous feast out of it! Instead of getting the fruits to the Jackal all by himself (operating through the lower faculties of the Jackal, though), God wanted Jackal to exercise its higher faculties and emerge a true winner, inasmuch as no other animal which had had access to the grapes ever knows what a fruit salad is! God, in the course of not letting the Jackal tasting the grapes, is teaching him the supreme lessons of life - the lessons that preach the primordial crux of life - no gains without pains; and as you sow, so you reap. Let the Jackal work hard, either to eat the grapes, or to slurp on a tastier dish; the choice is his! But an intelligent choice, he must make! So, being in the midst of these Jackals and the Kings/Leaders among these Jackals, let me not become what I am assumed to be. I am an animal, just like any other child of God. And I am special, just like every other child. All the children get their due parts from the pie - only that the quality and the quantity are proportionate to the animal's efforts to search for the food and fill its stomach to the brim. The more hungry the animal is, the more the diversity in the fruits God bestows upon its vision, and more the opportunities for the animal to develop its faculties. As my Jackal friends sit under the shade of the grape trees, hungrily whining at the grapes which are 'assumed' to be beyond their reach, I am off to prepare my truly exotic fruit salad! Whoever interested are most welcome to join. Let the banquet be open for everyone hungry!
The grapes are sour, and I am loving it!
So will you, if only you have a higher aspiration of being a valuable part of the Great Banquet!
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