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After global onslaught by NLUO, JGLS, NLIU, we tally up the MPL ranking damage with some citations, Palkhivala & more

Indian Law Schools fought tooth and nail at Jessup and Vis Vienna to take down some of the strongest international teams.
Indian Law Schools fought tooth and nail at Jessup and Vis Vienna to take down some of the strongest international teams.

While our liveblog of Jessup and Vis Vienna has already captured bit by bit the breaks and advances made by the Indian Universities at both moots, read further to know how the performances radically alter the league table standings, as we break it down for our readers.

JGLS emerges 2nd among 342 teams at Vis Vienna 2017

The 24th Annual Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court Competition 2017 held from 7-13 April saw JGLS Sonepat better its Vis East Performance as it broke into the finals of the world’s toughest commercial arbitration moot. The team of Sayantan Chanda, Anubhav Khamroi, Vasudhaa Ahuja, Harsha Pisupati, Amartya Ashish Sharan and Ananyaa Mazumdar sent packing Cambridge University in the Quarter-Finals and Columbia Law School in the Semi-Finals on their way to the finals.

With its awe-inspiring performance, JGLS joins the elite league of NLSIU, Nalsar and NUJS all of which have previously proceeded to the finals of Vienna (NLSIU Bangalore in 2014, Nalsar Hyderabad in 2012 and NUJS Kolkata in 2003).

NLIU Bhopal was the other Indian university which broke into the octa-finals, defeating Monash University in the round of 32 and Federal University of Parana in the round of 64.

NLSIU Bangalore and NLU Delhi broke into the round of 64 but could not proceed further.

The Moot Court Society at NLSIU confirmed that the college bagged an honourable mention for the best respondent memorial along with speaker Mrinali Komandur, who also won an honourable mention for the best oralist.

JGLS speaker Sayantan Chanda also won an honourable mention for best oralist at Vienna.

Since the official list of Hon’ble Citations have not been made public yet, we have been unable to procure an exhaustive list of the citations received by Indian colleges. In the meantime, please do send us a picture of the citation received by your college at so that we can award corresponding MPL points to your university.

Points awarded at Vis Vienna:

JGLS: Runners-up(35) + Hon’ble Speaker Mention (10) = 45

NLS: Hon’ble Speaker Mention (10) + Hon’ble Respondent Memorial Mention (10) = 20

NLIU: Octa-finalist(15) = 15

NLUO makes historic top 4 finish at mooting world cup

The 58th edition of the White and Case International Rounds of the Philip C Jessup International Moot Court Competition 2017 saw seasoned mooters Aman Pandey, Ranjeev Khatana, Aditya Laddha and Debayan Gupta from NLUO Cuttack catapult their college into the semi-finals, after having decisively won the Indian qualifiers in January.

With its stellar performance, NLUO has for the second year in a row outperformed every single Indian law school at Jessup White and Case Rounds (breaking into the Octa-Finals last year).

But that is not the only record that was created by the college. NLUO now joins another elite league of the only three Indian universities to have ever proceeded into the semi-finals of the world rounds of Jessup, with NLS having repeated the feat three times (1999, 2008 and 2013) and Nalsar having broken into the semis twice (2006 and 2010).

NLIU Bhopal charged into the Quarter-Finals of the moot, as Nalsar Hyderabad managed to break into the round of 32 for the 3rd year in a row.

Points awarded at Jessup:

NLUO: Semi-Finalist (25) = 25

NLIU: Quarter-Finalist (20) = 20

As we continue to gather more information on the individual citations received at Jessup, if your college/team has managed to receive any, please send us a picture of the citation at so that we can award corresponding MPL points.

NLS Bags double hon’ble mention at Oxford Price

NLSIU Bangalore speakers Bhavesh Seth and Unnati Ghia managed an honourable mention citation for best oralist, each, as the college team broke into the quarter-finals of the 10th Oxford Price Monroe International Media Law Moot Court Competition 2017.

Each citation has been awarded 5 points, taking NLS’ total points haul to 10.

NMIMS School of Law sends GNLU packing at Nani Palkhivala Tax Moot 2017

MPL table topper, GNLU Gandhinagar faced NMIMS School of Law at the 13th Nani Palkhivala Memorial National Tax Moot Court Competition, 2017, with the latter emerging victorious.

NMIMS also won the best speaker citation, as CLC-DU won the best memorial.

University School of Law and Legal Studies, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University won the best researcher citation at the moot. CLC-DU and Institute of Law, Nirma University emerged as the semi-finalists at the tier IV Moot organized by School of Law, Sastra University.

Points Awarded:

Winner: NMIMS, Mumbai (15)

Runners-up: GNLU Gandhinagar (8)

Semi-Finalists: CLC-DU (5) and ILNU (5)

Best Speaker: NMIMS (8)

Best Memorial: CLC-DU (8)

Best Researcher: USLLS-GGSIPU (8)

Organiser: Sastra School of Law (2)

MPL Table Analysis:

With Nalsar and NUJS failing to win any points at both Vienna and Jessup, the top 3 ranks have been left undisturbed, with only GNLU extending its lead over Nalsar by 22 points now, post the Palkhivala moot.

But the mid-table players reshuffled a lot inter se, as NLSIU Bangalore resurrected itself from the erstwhile 8th position to the 5th position. NLIU Bhopal with its double whammy at Vienna and Jessup amassed 35 points to break into the 6th position, a mere 2 points behind NLS.

JGLS Sonepat made a massive jump of 9 ranks to lodge itself on the 10th position, with 70 out of its 71 MPL points coming from Vis East and Vis Vienna. NLUO Cuttack marginally improved to the 11th position, just a whisker behind JGLS.

Meanwhile, MPL VI Champion NLU Jodhpur has fallen to the 9th rank without any action in the last two weeks.

And Symbiosis Pune, after failing to win any points at either Jessup or Vienna is now facing heat from NLS as we stare at the Asia Pacific Rounds of Manfred Lachs International Space Law Moot Court Competition 2017, which will witness participation from NLS, Nalsar, NUJS NLUJ, NLUD GNLU, NLUO, SLS and ILNU.

NLS and Nalsar had emerged as winner and runners-up at the Indian Funding Rounds and any repeat of the same performance at the Asia-Pacific Rounds will seriously threaten GNLU and SLS Pune’s MPL positions.

If you thought the international moot excitement ended with Jessup and Vienna, now you know Man Lachs promises to change the way the MPL table standings appear right now.

So stay tuned for some more exciting coverage of Indian universities mowing down their international counterparts at the world’s largest space law moot.

MPL 7 season standings

RankCollegeTotal MPL pointsItemisation of MPL pointsJessup (T1)PtsOxford Price (T2)PtsVis Vienna (T1)PtsNani Palkhivala (T4)Pts
1GNLU Gandhinagar182Nani Palkhivala (T4): Runners-Up (8) | Stetson International Rounds (T2): Winner (30); 2nd Best Speaker (5); Best Speaker (Finals) (5) | CLEA International Rounds (T2): Runners-Up (25) | JGLS Tech Law Moot (T5): Runners-Up (5); Best Memorial (5) | NLUO Maritime (T5): Winner (10) | ICC Indian Rounds (T3): 2nd Runners-Up (Semi-Finalist Equivalent) (5) | Frankfurt Moot (T5): Runners-Up (5) | ELSA WTO (Asia PAcific) (T5): Winner (10); Best Speaker (Finals) | NUJS-HSF (T4): Runners-Up (8); Best Speaker (8) | ULC Moot (T5): Best Researcher (5) | CLEA (T5): Winner (10) | DMH 2017 (T2): Semi-Finalist (15) | GIMC 2017 (T4): Organiser (2) | Pro Bono Enviro: Best Speaker (5) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Semi-Finalist (5) | BR Sawhney (T4): Best Speaker (8) | GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Organizer (1) |Runners-Up (8)8
2Nalsar Hyderabad160Vis East (T1): Runners-Up (35); Hon’ble Mention for Claimant Memo (10); Hon’ble Mention for Speaker (10) | BCI Moot (T3): Runners-Up (10) | NLUO Maritime (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Runners-Up (8) | R K Tankha (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | GIMC 2017 (T4): Winner (15); Best Researcher (8) | Jessup India Rounds (T3): Semi-Finalist (5) | FDI Moot (Int’l Rounds) (T5): 3rd Best Team (3); Best Speaker (5); Hon’ble Speaker Mention (3) | Rivzi Moot (T5): Winner (10) | Pro Bono Enviro: Winner (10); Best Memorial (5) | Oxford Price Media (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Best Memorial (10) | BR Sawhney (T4): Organizer (2) | GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Best researcher (5) |
3NUJS Kolkata135Leiden Sarin (T5): Runners-Up (5); Best Memorial Applicant (5); Best Memorial Respondent (5) | Vis East (T1): Winner (40) | Oxford IPR (T5): 2nd Best Written Submission (3) | HNMCC (T5): Winner (10) | RML-SCC (T5): Runners-Up (5) | NUJS-HSF (T4): Organizer (2) | DMH 2017 (T2): Best Researcher (20) | Jessup India Rounds (T3): Best Speaker (10) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Best Speaker (10) | Oxford Price Media (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Best Speaker (10); Semi-Finals (5) | MC Chagla (T5): Best speaker (5) |
4Symbiosis Law School Pune130RGNUL Moot (T5): Winner (10); Best Researcher (5) | HNMCC (T5): Best Memorial (5); Best Researcher (5) | Surana Corp (T5): Winner (15) | RML-SCC (T5): Best Speaker (5) | NUJS-HSF (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | Amity National (T4): Winner (15) | Raj Anand Moot (T4): Semi-Finalist (3) | R K Tankha (T5): Winner (10) | DMH 2017 (T2): Best Memorial (20) | GIMC 2017 (T4): Semi-Finalist (4); Best Memorial (8) | Jessup India Rounds (T3): Runners-Up (10) | K K Luthra Moot (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | BR Sawhney (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | MC Chagla (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) |
5NLSIU Bangalore112Oxford Price (T2): Hon’ble Speaker Mention (5); Hon’ble Speaker Mention (5) | Vis Vienna (T1): Hon’ble Mention for Best Respondent Memorial (10); Hon’ble Best Speaker Mention (10) | Vis East (T1): Hon’ble Speaker Mention (10) | JGLS Tech Law Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | NLUO Maritime (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | ICC Indian Rounds (T3): Runners-Up (10) | Red Cross (T2): Hon’ble Mention for 3rd Best Written Submission (5) | ELSA WTO (Asia PAcific) (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best Speaker (5) | CLEA (T5): Best Memorial (5) | K K Luthra Moot (T4): Best Memorial (8) | Oxford Price Media (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Winner (20) | Henry Dunant (T3): Runner-up (10) |Hon’ble Speaker Mention (5); Hon’ble Speaker Mention (5)10Hon’ble Mention for Best Respondent Memorial (10); Hon’ble Best Speaker Mention (10)20
6NLIU Bhopal110Jessup (T1): Quarter-Finalist (20) | Vis Vienna (T1): Octa-Finalist (15) | Vis East (T1): Hon’ble Mention for Claimant Memorial (10) | RGNUL Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | NUJS-HSF (T4): Winner (15) | R K Tankha (T5): Organiser (1) | Jessup India Rounds (T3): Semi-Finalist (5); Best Memorial (10) | FDI Moot (Int’l Rounds) (T5): 3rd Best Claimant Memorial (3) | Oxford Price Media (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Runners-Up (10) | BR Sawhney (T4): Runners-up (8) | Amity International (T5): Runners-Up (5); Best Memorial (5) |Quarter-Finalist (20)20Octa-Finalist (15)15
7NLU Delhi95Vis East (T1): Octa-Finalist (15); Hon’ble Mention for Claimant Memorial (10); Hon’ble Speaker Mention (10) | JGLS Tech Law Moot (T5): Winner (10); | ICC Indian Rounds (T3): Winner (20); Best Speaker (10); Best Memorial (10) | NUJS-HSF (T4): Best Memorial (8) | Oxford Price Media (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Organizer (2) |
8RGNUL Patiala93Vis East (T1): Hon’ble Mention for Respondent Memorial (10) | RGNUL Moot (T5): Organiser (1) | NLUO Maritime (T5): Runners-Up (5) | HNMCC (T5): Runners-Up (5) | RML-SCC (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Best Researcher (8) | ULC Moot (T5): Winner (10) | Raj Anand Moot (T4): Winner (15) | Rivzi Moot (T5): Best Researcher (5) | K K Luthra Moot (T4): Runners-Up (8) | BR Sawhney (T4): Winner (15); Best Memorial (8) |
9NLU Jodhpur90Stetson International Rounds (T2): Semi-Finalist (15); 6th and 5th Best Speaker (5+5) | NLUO Maritime (T5): Best Memorial (5) | ELSA WTO (Asia PAcific) (T5): Runners-Up (5); Best Respondent Memorial (5) | NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Organizer (2) | DMH 2017 (T2): Runners-Up (25) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Winners (20) | GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Semi-Finalists (3) |
10JGLS, Sonepat71Vis Vienna (T1): Runners-Up (35); Hon’ble Mention for Best Speaker (10) | Vis East (T1): 3rd Best Oralist (10); Octafinalist (15) | JGLS Tech Law Moot (T5): Organiser (1) |Runners-Up (35); Hon’ble Mention for Best Speaker (10)45
11NLU Orissa70Jessup (T1): Semi-Finalist (25) | NLUO Maritime (T5): Organiser (1) | Surana Corp (T5): Best Memorial (8) | Amity National (T4): Best Researcher (8) | R K Tankha (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best Memorial (5) | Jessup India Rounds (T3): Winners (20) |Semi-Finalist (25)25
12GLC Mumbai65JGLS Tech Law Moot (T5): Best Speaker (5) | Surana Corp (T5): Runners-Up (8) | Raj Anand Moot (T4): Best Memorial (8) | DMH 2017 (T2): Organiser (2) | GIMC 2017 (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | Rivzi Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best speaker (5) | MC Chagla (T5): Win (10); Best Memo (5) | Henry Dunant (T3): Best Speaker (10) | GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Best Speaker (5) |
13SLCU Bangalore57JGLS Tech Law Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | HNMCC (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | RML-SCC (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | DMH 2017 (T2): Winner (30) | Pro Bono Enviro: Runners-Up (5) | MC Chagla (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best Researcher (5) | GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Runner-up (5) |
14Symbiosis Noida45Stetson International Rounds (T2): 2nd Best Memorial (5) | RGNUL Moot (T5): Best Speaker (5) | Surana Corp (T5): Semi-Finalist (4) | Raj Anand Moot (T4): Runners-Up (8); Best Speaker (8) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Runners-Up (10) | MC Chagla (T5): Runner-up (5) |
15Amity Law School Delhi44Vis East (T1): Octa-finalist (15) | BCI Moot (T3): Semi-Finalist (5) | NLUO Maritime (T5): Best Speaker (5) | ELSA WTO (Asia PAcific) (T5): Best Written Submission (5) | Amity National (T4): Organizer (2) | R K Tankha (T5): Runners-Up (5); Best Speaker (5) | Jessup India Rounds (T3): Organiser (2) |
16ILS Pune42Stetson International Rounds (T2): 4th Best Speaker (5) | NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Winner (15): Best Memorial (8) | NUJS-HSF (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | ULC Moot (T5): Runners-Up (5) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Semi-Finalist (5) |
17CNLU Patna35BCI Moot (T3): Best Memorial (10) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Best Memo (10) | Amity International (T5): Winner (10); Best Researcher (5) |
18ILNU Ahmedabad33Nani Palkhivala (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | Surana Corp (T5): Semi-Finalist (4) | Amity National (T4): Runners-Up (8); Best Memorial (8) | BR Sawhney (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | Henry Dunant (T3): Joint Best Memorial (5) |Semi-Finalist (4)4
19George Washington University Law School31GIMC 2017 (T4): Runners-Up (8); Best Speaker (8) | K K Luthra Moot (T4): Winner (15) |
20SVKM’s NMIMS Mumbai28Nani Palkhivala (T4): Winner (15); Best Speaker (8) | Amity International (T5): Best Speaker (5) |Winner (15); Best Speaker (8)23
21UILS Chandigarh25Henry Dunant (T3): Win (20); Joint Best Memorial (5) |
22UPES Dehradun23Surana Corp (T5): Best Speaker (8) | CLEA (T5): Runners-Up (5) | GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Win (10), |
23KIIT Law School, Bhubaneswar20BCI Moot (T3): Winner (20) |
24DSNLU Vizag19BCI Moot (T3): Best Speaker (10) | RML-SCC (T5): Best Memorial (5) | NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) |
25NUALS Kochi18RGNUL Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best Memorial (5) | RML-SCC (T5): Winner (10) |
26NUSRL Ranchi16ULC Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best Speaker (5) | K K Luthra Moot (T4): Best Speaker (8) |
27University of Law and Legal Studies, GGS Indraprastha University13Nani Palkhivala (T4): Best Researcher (8) | HNMCC (T5): Best Speaker (5) |Best Researcher (8)8
28RMLNLU Lukcnow12HNMCC (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | RML-SCC (T5): Organiser (1) | GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Best written submission (5); Semi-Finalists (3) |
29CLC, DU12Nani Palkhivala (T4): Semi-Finalist (4); Best Memorial (8) |Semi-Finalist (4); Best Memorial (8)12
30MNLU Mumbai10Henry Dunant (T3): Best Memorial (10) |
31Amity Law School Noida9NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Best Speaker (8) | Amity International (T5): Organizer (1) |
32Karnataka State University Law School8Pro Bono Enviro: Semi-Finalist (3); Best Researcher (5) |
33Kerala Law Academy8ULC Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best Memorial (5) |
34VIT School of Law, Chennai8Amity National (T4): Best Speaker (8) |
35HNLU Raipur7HNMCC (T5): Organizer (1) | Rivzi Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | Pro Bono Enviro: Semi-Finalist (3) |
36Jamia Milia Islamia Law School5Rivzi Moot (T5): Runners-Up (5) |
37Modi University, Rajasthan5CLEA (T5): Best Speaker (5) |
38SOEL Chennai5Amity National (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | Pro Bono Enviro: Organizer (1) |
39AIL Mohali5RGNUL Moot (T5): Runners-Up (5) |
40ICFAI Dehradun5BCI Moot (T3): Semi-Finalist (5) |
41DES’s Shri Navalmal Firodia Law College4K K Luthra Moot (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) |
42Llyod Law College4Amity National (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) |
43Law Centre-I Faculty of Law, DU4NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) |
44ULC Bangalore4ULC Moot (T5): Organizer (1) | CLEA (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) |
45Sastra School of Law Thanjavur4Nani Palkhivala (T4): Organiser (2) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Organizer (2) |Organiser (2)2
46NLUJAA Assam3CLEA (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) |
47ICFAI Hyderabad2BCI Moot (T3): Organiser (2) |
48Rizvi Law College, Mumbai1Rivzi Moot (T5): Organizer (1) |
49VELS Chennai1CLEA (T5): Organiser (1) |
50JSS Law College, Mysore1Surana Corp (T5): Organiser (1) |

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