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NLUO Cuttack

21 March 2018

NLU Delhi and Nalsar Hyderabad were granted so-called “Class I” autonomy by the University Grants Commission (UGC), which also granted “Class II” autonomy to NLUO Cuttack and RGNUL Patiala among 62 higher education institutes that have been awarded the status, as reported by PTI.

17 April 2017

While our liveblog of Jessup and Vis Vienna has already captured bit by bit the breaks and advances made by the Indian Universities at both moots, read further to know how the performances radically alter the league table standings, as we break it down for our readers.

24 March 2017

NLUO Cuttack is hosting a start-up weekend on its campus starting today, in what it claims is a first for any NLU.

27 May 2016

Just imagine if you this little guy was your law school VC...

The law school you choose should not just get you the job of your dreams but it also better give you an exceptionally nurturing educational atmosphere during your undergraduate years, considering the budget you are going to be allocating to it.

29 January 2016

Bare bones blockNLUO Cuttack and NLU Delhi’s “quality-status” reports submitted to the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) are fundamentally similar, with two pages in NLUO’s 241-page report copied verbatim from two pages in NLU Delhi’s 282-page report.

21 August 2014

Deva RaoNLU Delhi registrar Prof Srikrishna Deva Rao will be appointed as NLUO Cuttack’s vice chancellor (VC).

03 June 2014

20140324_174259_1Former NLSIU Bangalore registrar V Nagaraj will re-join NLSIU on 6 June as professor, after he resigned as NLUO Cuttack’s vice chancellor (VC) over differences with NLUO’s executive council (EC) member and Orissa high court sitting judge justice Indrajit Mohanty.

02 June 2014

vuk2ehm0NLUO Cuttack vice chancellor (VC) Prof V Nagaraj left the university yesterday. He resigned from the post of VC on 16 May and his resignation was accepted by the university yesterday.

16 July 2013

Officially Tamil: The Madras high court dismissed two cases after the acting advocate insisted on arguing in Tamil. While it has been a long-standing demand of the state to make Tamil as the official language, the bench told the advocate that constitutionally English is the official language of the Supreme Court and the high courts. High courts in Patna, Allahabad, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan have been permitted by the Central government to conduct proceedings in Hindi under Article 348 (2) of the Constitution and Section 7 of the Official Languages Act [TOI]

NLUO funding model: To raise funds, NLUO Cuttack will soon offer a one-year programmes in hospital administration, medical law and ethics for doctors, contract negotiation and management for engineers, skill development for lawyers, VC V Nagaraj told the New Indian Express. “This will help our faculty get additional resources and 20 to 25 per cent of it will go to the institution’s corpus because the projects would come through the institution,” he said.

Mahrashtra pendency: Pendency in crimes-against-women cases in Mumbai courts increased by 40 per cent since 2008 to 50,000 cases in May end this year. There was a 12 per cent rise in the pendency of corruption cases in Bombay to 3,008, and the pendency is highest in Motor Accident claims which are 90,000 – a 6 per cent drop since 2008 [TOI]

International porn: The Rajya Sabha’s Committee on Petitions was presented with a plea to amend the Information Technology Act to completely ban pornography since it is “distorting and distressing society”, but the committee claims it would find it difficult to ban international porn websites since they are hosted outside India and claim to operate under US laws [TOI]

Maha disobedient: “In Maharashtra, by and large, orders passed by state commissions and tribunals are either not implemented or taken note of only after contempt notices are issued against the bureaucrats concerned,” reports the [TOI]

Cut KAT? A petition in the Kerala High Court sought the abolition of the Kerala Administrative Tribunal (KAT) as an unnecessary expense on the state exchequer, even as various advocate organisations demanded additional bench of KAT in the state. The KAT has solved 1,816 out of 2,653 cases filed in 2012; 673 out of 1,429 cases filed in 2013; and 1,635 cases forwarded from the high court [TOI]

Judge retires: Madras high court justice Elipe Dharma Rao – the judge to whom North Chennai reportedly owes its dust-freeness after he banned Chennai airport from handling dusty cargo such as coal and iron ore – retired on 14 July. [TOI]

04 March 2013

jc5ntqgfNLSIU Bangalore’s registrar of four years Prof V Nagaraj was today appointed as the new vice-chancellor (VC) of NLU Orissa (NLUO) Cuttack.

01 March 2013

gumt1ygmExclusive: NLU Orissa (NLUO) Cuttack has whittled down the final shortlist of candidates from which it will select the university’s next vice-chancellor (VC), two months after outgoing VC Chandra Krishnamurthy resigned.

04 February 2013

NLU OrissaNLUO Cuttack in Orissa has invited applications for the post of its vice-chancellor (VC), having constituted a committee to select the new VC three days after outgoing VC Chandra Krishnamurthy’s last day on campus.

29 January 2013

NLU Orissa Exclusive: NLUO Cuttack has not yet formed a committee to appoint its new vice-chancellor (VC), one month after outgoing VC Chandra Krishnamurthy resigned to take up a position as VC of the Pondicherry University.

02 January 2013

Eight months-old NLUO Cuttack vice chancellor (VC) Dr Chandra Krishnamurthy will join as Pondicherry University’s (PU) VC this week, replacing Dr JAK Tareen.

The search committee that selected Krishnamurthy at PU comprised of North Maharashtra University ex-vice chancellor Dr RS Mali, Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi ex-vice chancellor prof GK Chadha and Anna University Tamil Nadu ex-vice chancellor prof M Anadakrishnan. [New Indian Express]

Krishnamurthy was appointed NLUO’s VC on 30 April, after her tenure as VC at SNDT Women’s University Mumbai ended. The post of NLUO’s VC was vacated after former VC Faizan Mustafa resigned mid-tenure to join Nalsar Hyderabad as VC.

In July Krishnamurthy scrapped the three-year joint LLM-PhD degree programme which was started by Mustafa in 2011, compelling one of the two enrolled students to discontinue instruction at the university in the middle of the academic year.