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Law has been the most variegated stream ever since it was incorporated in the human society. When one thinks of a vocation in law the first image that strike its mind is a dexterous person, dressed in black and white, going through some gigantic books, running  in and out the court, fighting petty issues(that’s the most common notion about lawyers as per Indian context.) For the men of higher intellects, Career in law means a luxuriant life, where a corporate lawyer keeps on making and reviewing some random documents and gets paid in double for it. For some it means Power, for some it means money, for some it means serving the society.
Talking specifically about economic front of law as career, all of us are aware about the global economic crunch, where layoffs and pink slips have become the slogan of the day. As the world is seeing the companies shrinking and adapting retrenchment strategies, it has become hard for the university graduates to find a reasonable employment, even for the ones at premier engineering or management institutes. We are aware that there always exists a safe harbor, so in the gloomy light of global recession the demand for doctors and lawyers never declined, rather stayed ever blossoming, and even comparing the two, the biggest profiteers emerged were lawyers, as companies amalgamated to save businesses or the persistent filling of bankruptcies, thereafter the shareholder grievances provided opportunity for law firms to dig gold in the days of starvation.

My aim of choosing law as a career.
My desideratum of opting law was to effectuate my aim of life, i.e. to become a successful media person. By media person I don’t mean I want to go for media law, in simple words I want to become a journalist or editor to dream big.
You must be conjecturing, why then I chose to do law and didn’t go for something like B.A.hons. Or Bachelors of Journalism Mass Comm.?  Answer to it is simple. I want to verge into the Crime beat or Political beat when it comes to journalism. To be an effective journalist, and to spread my report to the masses, it is earnest for me to be:-
 1.Legally correct
2. State the law
3. Distinguish myself from other journalist by interpreting all the reports released by other legal authorities of our country effectively.
 4. Interpret my own versions of degree of crime going by the laws of that country.

Will law and journalism go hand in hand?
My sole aim of making a career in law and media at the same time was to carry out my craving to write and express my ideas, and law provides me a power of intellect and awareness which would make me quite efficacious in my field.
I have this strong perception that the only line that separates lawmen and laymen is “laymen would always do the right the wrong way and lawmen would even do the wrong that right way”, that barn door power of making one’s mind in sculpt according to the society lies in the hand of the either the lawyer or the journalist and my heart goes moonstruck in ecstasy when I dream of being the combination of the two. Nikhil Dixit, editor DNA says,” Law was always fascinating to me, after doing my graduation in English I realized I need to do something that would make me stand out and I realized Law is something that would help me. Pursuing law not only changed my stereotypical mindset but also gave me a much broader and legal view point to scan through every petty issue. ” “Most of the successful Journalists are law graduates, because they are aware of human psychology, read the society and apply the situations aptly”, exclaims Sujata Sharma, chief copy editor in Times of India, Bhopal.

Is Journalism a sub-branch of law as a career?

Yes, a law graduate possesses all the qualities what a journalist would require. The work of a lawyer is to interpret the kind of crime stating the laws governing respective country, and the work of the journalist is to report the crime. As the both the careers stand in the light of law and crime, I second that Journalism is a sub-branch of law as a career.

Law – an overall development of a perfect journalist.

People still doubt if my idea of taking up a five years integrated course was sensible enough to make a future in journalism. My answer to it is – Absolutely. Each and every subject in B.A.LLB (hons.) is a stepping stone for any amateur journalist to make him a topnotch one. All the social sciences subject gives one a sense to be a part of society and understand its functioning in a theoretical and practical way, which every journalist needs to do. Law always proves to be boon to the journalists as they are regulated by a lot of rules by press council of India, and knowing law would inculcate habit of writing things which are legally correct. Further the internships are an “add on” in the process of making a journalist as they enhance elocution skills, vocabulary and confidence which are the very essence of a good journalist.

Media law or Media after law is not much talked about stream; Law colleges should promote it so that the students interested for the same are able to pursue their interests. 
Indian Media is at its infancy stage, it requires intellects to make it a much look after career, Law graduates can certainly make Indian news more sensible and less melodramatic. Remuneration to the law graduates in media field should be more as they go for reporting which in not only distinguishable from others but also as per the Law of their respective countries. Finally, A graduation in Law should be taken as a degree which stands in lieu of other mass communication diplomas and courses, giving more weight to the aspirants having a law backdrop.

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