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She was sad. She was a law student. She was hated. She found Him.

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She was bright. She was smart. She was chatty.
She had her own dreams about her legal career. She had her own dreams about her law school.
She was right in the middle of her law school journey - tired for some part, and exuberantly exploding for the rest.
She was as good as anyone could get, and as audaciously lazy as anyone could be.
She was honest. She was a woman.
Little did she know, that she would bring herself into an uncalled for mess, for an act so trivial and so remote, that she stood on the ephemeral pedestal at the peak of the raging grief-filled tempests to behold what was yellow, what was jaundiced and moreover, what was selfish and egoistic.
She hated blame games. She was a part of them.
She hated elections. She was unwilling to be a part of them.
She was tired of it all. She wanted to break free.
She wrote out her feelings. They spelt disaster.
Too much of her law school was injurious to her health, so did she think, so did she write.
Too much of the negative energy injured her soul, so did she think, so she kept quiet.
Too much of complacency irritated her, so did she think, so she kept thinking.
Too much of disrespect stifled the morals, so did she cry, so did her tears dry in the blistering heat.
Unwilling to work, unable to play, not wanting to know, not knowing what to know,
She was an oasis in the dry desert storm, which fled away from itself.
A lone alone was she, alone felt her lonely soul.
Then came the mighty blow, which rubbed sand against her wound.
Expectations crash landed, hearts broke, faith fell ill and fainted.
Anger knew no bounds, wrapping itself up into words as prickly as a dagger, as coarse as a rocky boulder.
Morals questioned, ethics summoned, the beacon looked onto the disgruntled tempest, and the dark bark caught up with the harking marks.
She knew not where to go, she knew not whence to come, she knew not where she was, she knew not where she had to be.
She only knew freedom. She only knew honesty. She only knew integrity. She only knew purity.
She was brave. She was quiet. She was growing. She was looking inside.
Inside was she, amidst chaos and conundrum, amidst hooting trumpets and screeching horns.
Inside was she, amidst an ocean of obliviousness, amidst a vast ocean of serendipity.
She thought. She listened. She talked. She was quiet.
Serendipity it was, when she found herself, her Self.
Serendipity told her, doth not fear, doth not jeer,
Thou hath Him, He hath you.
Be you, be Him. He will be there, where you find Him!
So she did, so she found Him, so she was Him!
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