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NLU is not all about getting placed!!

I cant understand why students from National Law Schools(NLU) have an inclination(strong one) towards law firms!! Not opposing the view that it has a fixed defined career(which has very little hopes for self improvement), a big fat cheque at the end of the month and a wealthy lifestyle. But is it all that matters to us as an individual? Is it what we are living for? Is it just about money always?

Aspiring law students write CLAT not keeping in mind the education and exposure they will receive at a law school but choice is made based on the placement records.

Typical NLU student will work all 5 years of his college life religiously to secure a good rank, to stay in top few of his/her batch, to not go home during breaks so that he/she can intern at a good law firm and improve his CV, to let go his social life so that he can have publications. It is seen that the intelligent students of the batch who have the capacity to be a really good advocates or  judges or inspiring teachers, will also choose the path of a law firm confining his/her intellect to the glass wall of law firm. Reasons are nothing but MONEY is all that they work for.

It is next to impossible for me to understand why such an inclination towards these jobs! In the end, it is a JOB, you are employed under someone who will want you to work your ass off so that there is an improvement in his business. A big question arises what is it that you have in store for you? Even if you spend all your life working, you will be working under someone, obliged to follow his orders and have no freedom to make your own choices, you are wasting your energy and resources so that someone can improvise his business, so that someone can earn and grow and only incentive you have is mere 1/20th of his income as your annual salary?

I don’t want to change anyone nor do I say these jobs are not good. But, when you are in such a nobel profession then why not work for something that will make a difference to society, that will benefit the society, that will give you satisfaction in the end, that will make you use your resources for your benefit, that will make your efforts help in your improvement instead of someone else! Above all, that will make you GROW.

There is a pool of opportunities waiting for you if you remove the veil and see that money is not that defines your career, it is your choice, it is your personal satisfaction, your improvement that makes all the difference in your life. Why not choose a path that will actually make a difference like litigation or teaching or legal consultant instead of being a just another associate in a huge law firm where your worth is not more then just another person whose presence or absence will not lead to any change in the firm’s working.

It is high time that we stop this legacy of giving all our talent to the law firms so that they can make more money! NLU is not about getting placed at the end of your five years. It is about learning and deciding what you want from yourself, what is it that interests you. Money is not everything my friend! For a short term it might attract you but consider choosing a path where your creativity will be alive, where you will be satisfied at the end of the day, where you will have freedom to make your own choices and decisions, where it is not all about competitiveness but about peaceful work, where you don’t work to impress your senior but to make a difference, where your resources are used for the right thing instead of a place where money makes things right.

You are talented, don’t waste it for someone else!

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