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Live blog: IIT LAW SCHOOL-3rd National Moot Court Competition 2016

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September 24,2016 - 

The Moot Proposition for the event "3rd IIT Law School National Moot Court Competition - 2016" is live now on Lawctopus:

Download the Moot Proposition and Rules from the below link:


For any further clarifications: 
Email :
Contacts are provided in the Rules of the Competition. 

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September 30,2016 - NMCC III - "11th November - 13th November, 2016"

Official announcement of 3rd IIT Law School National Moot Court Competition - 2016 on:

The SCC Online Blog:

October 21,2016 - Updates on NMCC 3 - 

Dear Team,

The official clarification regarding the moot proposition for 3rd IIT Law School National Moot Court Competition, 2016 have been released. Kindly check your email id's for the document.

For any query - Mail us on Official Email ID -

For Latest Updates: 
Check Website: http://rgsoipl.iplearners.com/
Like our FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/nmcciitkgp/





11th November 2016

The 3rd National Moot Court Competition has arrived, and teams from all over the country have joined us here at Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law.  

1430: Registrations have started.

IMG 1949 copy copy

22 Teams under Team IDs ranging from RG-01 to RG-26 have been registered for the Competition. We are looking forward to seeing them showcase their research and courtroom skills. 

1530: Registrations have ended.


1600, Technology Guest House: Arrival of the Hon'ble Chief Justice of West Bengal, Shri. Girish Chandra Gupta and Justice Arindam Sinha of the Calcutta High Court. They are recieved at the Technology Guest House at IIT Kharagpur.


The Hon’ble Chief Justice Girish Chandra has handled Civil, Constitutional, Company, Arbitration and Commercial matters, and was appointed to the Calcutta High Court bench in the year 2000. His subsequent appointment as the Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court was made permanent on September 21, 2016. 2.jpg

To our great delight, he was accompanied by Justice Arindam Sinha of the Calcutta High Court. Elevated to the High Court Bench of Calcutta in 2013, Justice Sinha has practiced for 22 years. He specializes in Civil Laws, but is also well-versed in Commercial, Arbitration and Constitutional matters.3.jpg

We are deeply honored to have such learned personages here to inaugrate and bless the event. 


1730, RGSOIPL Building: 

As students, we would like to express all our gratitude to our wonderful teachers, both for all the knowledge they impart to us and for all of their guidance in preparing for NMCC 3. We count ourselves incredibly lucky to be able to learn from such wonderful people. :) We think that a rendition of NMCC would be incomplete without a mention of them.


Inaugration of the 3rd National Moot Court Competition commences in the Benjamin Gupta Auditorium at the Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law (RGSOIPL) Building. The mphasize lamp was lit by the respected Chief Guest J. Girish Chandra Gupta, the Guest of Honor J. Arindam Sinha, the Director of IIT Kharagpur Dr. P. P. Chakraborty and the Dean of RGSOIPL, Dr. Kushal Vibhute.


1740:  The Dean of RGSOIPL, Dr. Kushal Vibhute, gives us the welcome address and introduces the College and it’s History to all who are gathered in the Auditorium; and welcomes one and all to the India’s only IIT Law Department. 

1745:  Dr. Uday Shankar, Assistant Professor at RGSOIPL, gives us the overview of the National Moot Court Competition of RGSOIPL. Noting that this year, in our third rendition, teams have arrived to participate in the Moot from all four corners of the country- Jammu & Kashmir to Kerala and Gujarat to Assam.

1750:  The Director of IIT Kharagpur, Dr. Parta Pratim Chakraborty, addresses the gathering. He welcomes all the participants to IIT Kharagpur, and mphasizes on the melding of the Technological feild which the IIT brand is known for, with education of equal quality in Humanities, Social Sciences and Law. 

1800: The Guest of Honor Justice Arindam Sinha of the Calcutta High Court addresses the gathering, encouraging all participants and students to make the best of their years in college and to take full advantatage of the opportunites the Moot Court offers to students as prospective lawyers.

1805: The Chief Guest, Chief Justice Girish Chandra Gupta of Calcutta High Court, addresses the gathering of future lawyers, encouraging them to look into litigation as an option after college. He gives us a pearls of wisdom, stating that reputation is all to a lawyer, both with his/her clients and with the Judges of the various Courts. He asserted that a personal commitment to truth and integrity was essential in order to both advance a career and to be instrumental in bringing justice to the society.  

1830: Mementos were given to our honored guests by the Staff of IIT Kharagpur and RGSOIPL. The Hon'ble Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court officially declares the RGSOIPL Third National Moot Court Open. 

1835: Associate Professor of RGSOIPL, Dr. K. D. Raju, gives the Vote of Thanks to the gathering.


1835:  Participants adjourn for High Tea.


1915: The Researcher’s Test and the Drawing of the Lots take place in the designated Moot Court Rooms in the RGSOIPL Building.




2000: Researcher’s Test is now over.


2010: Participants adjourn for Dinner at the RGSOIPL Department. Day one of NMCC 3 is done!


12th November, 2016 - NMCC 3 DAY 2

Greetings, everybody! We are here today for our second day at the 3rd National Moot Court Competition in RGSOIPL. Judges have arrived and the teams are prepared- time to move on to the main event.

0900, RGSOIPL Building:

Participants begin to gather for the Preliminary Rounds.

1000: Preliminary rounds begin in eight rooms simultaneously, with sixteen judges evaluating sixteen teams putting forward their best arguments. Let the battles begin!







1230: Round One of the NMCC Prelims are now over. Scoring sheets have been sent over to the Control Room for evaluation.

1330: Lunch is served in the Department Courtyard- a brief break before the next round begins.

1635:  The Preliminary rounds saw fierce competition between the participants ,where they put forthe their arguments brilliantly and rebutted the arguments of their opponents.After three tiring rounds the preliminary moot  has ended.stay tuned for the results.

1720:The results are out!!!! The following team codes as mentioned below have qualified for the Quarter-Finals:

RG02:NLU Assam

RG05:KIIT Law School

RG06:Amity law school,Noida


RG09:Symbiosis Law School,Noida

RG20:School of law,christ university

RG21:Indore Institute of Law


All the best for Quarter-final rounds.

1815:The quarter final rounds are now underway! The competition just got tougher, counsels are arguing their case, putting forthe authorities and examples, and convincing the bench to decide in their favour.stay tuned for more updates.







2030:The Quarterfinal rounds have come to an end and the results are here to be announced. The following teams shall be competing in the Semi-final rounds-

RG05-KIIT Law School

RG06-Amity Law school,Noida

RG20-School of Law christ University

RG21-Indore Institute of Law

congratulations for winning the Quarters and Best of luck for Semifinal rounds.

2045:A long day has come to an end.It's time to relax and enjoy the famous cultural night of RG.

2130: After a fabulous cultural night everyone is ready to dig into the delicious food,They head out for the Gala dinner.Save your breath for tomorrow,don't miss the action.

                                                                      DAY 3

0930:The semi-final round has just begun in moot court rooms 'phoenix' and 'crux'.It's time for the participants to bring their A-game.b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG-20161113-WA0009.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_15008107_10210961490935849_1532360634_o_20161113-054501_1.jpg

 1130:The semi-final rounds are over the results are out following teams have passed this round with flying colors 

RG05-KIIT law school

RG21-Indore Institute of Law.

1200: 3 days 24 teams and it all boils down to one FINAL moot.The battleground has been set and the teams are waiting for the battle cry.Final rounds are being judged by a panel of 3 judges. The judges adjudicating today's rounds are:

1)Retd.SC Judge-Tarun Chatterjee

2)honorable judge B N Pandey,Calcutta High court

3)Advocate General-Jayanta Mitra


1215: The final moot has begun in moot court room 'phoenix' .There is a legend that phoenix rose from the ashes ,let us see which of these teams can pass the final round and become the champions of NMCC-3.

1230:The first speaker of appellants team finished his argument regarding issue1.The second speaker is getting ready to tackle issue 2 and issue3.

1303: Timeout.The judge questions the counsel about the constitutional validity of the case.counsel requests for extension of time.

1310:Timeout for the appellant's team.Judge Tarun Chatterjee cracked a joke to break the ice ,about wishing to have a timekeeper in their court to refrain the lawyer's argument.

1312:The respondent's team has a promising argument.

1325:The Counsel is now putting forth an argument regarding the law pertaining to patent infringement.


1338: The rebuttals are now being raised by the Appellants. The Speaker points out fallacies in the arguments of the Respondents, in an issue wise manner. The first rebuttal on the side of the Appellant is regarding retrospective application of law. The speaker discusses the meaning of retrospective applications of laws and saving clauses, which saves the rights and liabilities of persons under a repealed law. The Appellant also distinguishes between certain authorities cited by the Respondents and the present factual matrix.


1345: FINAL moot just came to an end.Judges are having a discussion regarding the scores.

1520:Judges have convened for the valedictory function.







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