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The Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law, popularly known as IIT Law School, provides a unique academic environment which fosters the confluence of various technological fields with law. This year the school has decided to initiate an Annual Moot Court Competition. Along with this the school also organizes VERDICT, one of the most sought after moot in the Intellectual Property Law field.

This year, the competition will see twelve teams who were selected on a competitive basis. Honorable Mr. Justice (Retd.) Shyamal Kumar Sen, Former Governor of West Bengal is expected to inaugurate the competition. The valedictory session is expected to be presided over by Honorable Mr. Justice (Retd.) Altamas Kabir, Former Chief Justice of India, Honorable Mr. Justice Aniruddha Bose, Judge,High Court, Calcutta and Honorable Mr. Justice (Retd.) N.N Mathur, Vice Chancellor, NLU Jodhpur. 

The competition will start at 4.30 on 14th November and will continue till the 16th November, wherein the teams will have a grueling clash for a total bounty worth Rs. 1 Lakh and a place in the history books of IIT Law School.

Please stay tuned for live updates of the event…..



13:30 : Registration of enthusiastic faces 




13:30 :  Teams registered for moot battle 
Susrata , Pingala , Charaka,Thiruvalluvar, Gyaneshwar, Aryabhata
Bhrigu, Nagarjuna, Ramanujan,Adigal,Sunya,Mahalanobis,#IITMOOT





14:45 :  Drawing of lots is done waiting for the battle to start : 






15:00 Researcher Test Started. Stay tuned for results.




16:30 : Honorable Mr. Justice (Retd.) Shyamal Kumar Sen, Former Governor of West Bengal  and director of IIT Kharagpur Prof. P.P Chakrabarti have arrived.

17.30 : Honorable Mr. Justice (Retd.) Shyamal Kumar Sen is emphasizing on the confluence of Science and Technology with Law . His speach is so immersive that the students and the other memebers seem to be rejuvenated. It feels like the time has stopped in this moot court room.




18:15  Teams have geared up and ready for their first clash in the first moot of this competition of first National Moot court competition of IIT Kgp.

Teams in field : 

Court room 1 : Bhrigu and Ramanujan

Court room 2 : Thiruvalluvar and Mahalanobis

Court room 3 : Aryabhata  and Nagarjuna 


Court room 1   




Court room 2 : 




Court room 3 : 



20:09 : Memo exchange is on, time to know the other team's strategy 


20:25 : There is a very fine line between professional and personal life, Time to forget rivalry & relish some delicious food. 


That's all for day 1, stay tuned for day 2 it's going to be more fierce.

                                                                                                Good night ...




09:00 Good morning !!!!! All set for the 2nd day battle of 1st national Moot court competition IIT law school Kharagpur.


09:05: Teams with high spirits starting for battle ..




9:30: Start of Prelims 1B - 

  The teams in the battle ...

 Court room 1: ADIGAL and GYANESHWAR 

 Court room 2 : SUSRUTA and CHARAKA 

 Court room 3 : PINGALA and SHOONYA 



12:25  Court room 1 : Teams ADIGAL and GYANESHWAR  are having tough a time convincing the judges. the battle has boiled down to their guts with an extra one and half hour than scheduled.




12:30 : It's time for Prelims 2A

 Teams in battle



Court Room 3: BHRIGU  and ARYABHATA 




13:30: End of prilims 2A. Time for a short break .



14:00  Welcome back, another round of competition in a short while  .......


15:00  It's time for prelims 2B 

Teams in battle : 

Court room 1: CHARAKA and ADIGAL 

Court room 2: SHOONYA and SUSRUTA 

Court room 3: GYANESHWAR and PINGALA 




16:00 Now that the prelims are over, it's judgement time .. Stay tuned



Here are the results.

Congratulations to the qualified teams.....

All the best for Quarter finals 


1) Aryabhata - Symbiosis, Pune

2) Pingala     - Symbiosis, Noida

3) Thiruvalluvar - CNLU, Patna

4) Mahalanobis -  GNLU, Gujarat

5) Adigal       -  NLUO, Cuttak

6) Susrata    - Llyod College, Delhi 

7) Charaka   - NUSRL, Ranchi

8) Gyaneshwar  - S D M Law College, Mangalore




17:10 : Draw of lots and Memo exchange for Quarter final, fight will be tough ,, stay tuned for quarter finals ....


17:30 : Teams Brewing up fresh strategies for the quarters.....



18:00:  The knock starts, quarter finals on the cards


    Court Room 1: Mahalanobis Vs Charaka

Court Room 2: Adigal Vs Gyaneshwar

Court Room 3: Pingala Vs Aryabhata

  Court Room 4: Susrata V. Thiruvalluvar


18:20 : Court room 1 : Judges question on the maintainability of the petition, puzzled the Counsel


19:40 : b2ap3_thumbnail_P1020554.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_P1020557.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_P1020560.JPG


Quarter finals about to complete stay tune for results .............




Here are the results for Quarter finals 

1) Charaka   - NUSRL, Ranchi

2) Adigal       -  NLUO, Cuttak

    3) Pingala     - Symbiosis, Noida

4)Thiruvalluvar - CNLU, Patna


All the best for Semi's 



Lot of moot's lot of fights the day was tight...

Let the teams and Organizers get relaxed and here is the time for Party......

We have organized Cultural fest and a gala dinner for a tired warriors "IT'S FUN & FROLIC TIME"



Now the time for party  



Good night... Be ready for Big Fight....




9:00   Good morning!!!!!!!!!!

        Welcome to the final day of 1st National moot court competition of IIT KGP law school !!!!

        Teams looking more energetic

        few more min's for the BIG DAY to start ..


9:30: Teams in Semi final battle 




10:00:     And

              The Big day Battle Begins.....

 Court Room 1: CHARAKA (Petitioner) V. PINGALA (Respondent)

 Court Room 2: THIRUVALLUVAR (Petitioner) V. ADIGAL (Respondent)

                                                               It's going be a tough fight in front of a five judge bench. 





10:10:Petitioner approaches bench for pleadings 



10:20 Judges grilling the speaker of petitioner on prior art and asking to place the facts before going into law.


10:35 Time up for 1st speaker - still the pleadings on damages going on .


10:45 Court Room 1: Speaker 2 on behalf of Petitioner approaches the bench for peladings 

         Court Room 2 : Petitioner questioned on biodiversity, arguments going on ..


10:50 Court Room 1 : Arguments on competition act going on --judge's questions on section 3(5)

         Court Room 2 : Petitioner has ended arguments, now time for Respondents 


11:00 Court Room 1 : Judges questions on Article 25 of Indian constitution religious freedom, Conflict between Community rights and  Individual right   "2 more min for Speaker" 

11:10 Court Room 1 : Respondents approches the bench 

         Court Room 2 : Respondents questioned on patent act, arguments going on.


11:20  Court Room 1 :Judges raised question on patent claims, and traditional knowledge to respondents. Prior public use is questioned.

          Court Room 2 : Questions on competitiveness of cross licensing agreement.


11:30 Court Room 1 :  Judges grilling on "Novelty" and  Doctrine of Inherent anticipation questioned.




11:35 Court Room 2  : Time for Rebutting -  question on novelty and non obviousness &  test of non obviousness.


12:00 Court Room 1 : Battle still going on 



12:20  Rebutting on: Alternate remedies, Benefit sharing 

12:30 : Semi fianals are over, Stay Tuned for Results of Semi Finals. 

12:35 : Justice Altamas kabir (Ex-Chief Justice of India) is about to arrive in matter of minutes for judging the final.



13:00                                                                      Results for final Battle.....

            Congratulations to the Teams

      PINGALA - Symbiosis, Noida

         THIRUVALLUVAR - CNLU, Patna



Victorious and jolly faces of Semi finals            

All the Best for Finals...

                                                          Stay tuned for Final Show down.....





Fasten your seat belts for an exhilarating journey waits before you.....Time for finals ..


                                         PINGALA - Symbiosis, Noida


                                       THIRUVALLUVAR - CNLU, Patna


14:00 Justice Altamas kabir (Ex-Chief Justice of India) arriving 




14:05 Counsel from Petitoner side presenting the facts to the judges, and answering questions on jurisdiction 



14:10 Judges still not satisfied with the jurisdiction 

14:13 Counsel passed on a copy of AIPP decleration to the bench and used it to for proving her contention 


14: 20 Petitioner is arguing Revocation of patent is not justified.


14:23 : Interesting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! judges discussing among themselves.


14:26 : After a brief discussion among themselves judges satisfied about jurisdiction, and the petitioner is moving forward.


14:27 : Questions on novelty and traditional knowledge puzzled the counsel 




14:30: Time up for the 1st speaker. speaker 2 approches the brench 



 14:30 Speaker 2 of petitioner arguing with the help of  competition act and patent act 


14:34 Judges seem satisfied with patent issue, good job by counsel 


14:40  Judges asking question to get clarification on predatory pricing and dominance in market. Seems judges satisfied partially. 


14:50  Confusion time!!!! Judges got confused about the writ petitions, after brief explanation by the counsel the judges satisfied 

14:55  Breach of article 25 was questioned by judges and asked what violations the company has caused

14:54 Final buzzer is given counsel is asked to sum up by the judges.


15:00 Respondent approached the bench ....



15:05 Arguments on Fundamental rights ..counsel arguing there is no breach of fundamental rights, judges seem satisfied.  

15:10 Judges questioned the counsel that if they agree to the contention of the counsel would it not create injustice. 

15:14 Arguments on difference between prior art and traditional knowledge.



15:17 Judges grilling speaker on prior art and traditional knowledge.

15:18 Judges don't seem satisfied with the argument.

15:25 Councel 2 approches the bench, arguments on competition issue 



15:30  Judges questioning the counsel on price variations relation with competition act.

15:32 Counsel arguing on appropriate market for the product.

15:35  Issue raised on anticompetitive practice of appellant by respondent, high price questioned by judges, counsel is trying to satisfy. Judges seem satisfied.

15:37 Counsel moved to the next issue, explaining  the exclusive supply agreement does not hold valid.

15:40 Judges seem satisfied. 

15:44 Counsel movies to the next issue explaining right to religion. Judges grilling on right to religion. 



15:48 : Counsel arguing on that the rights of the tribe is not violated.

15:51 : With counsel moving on to the prayer it's time for rebuttal.


15:52 As per prior request of the judges the counsel explained the novartis case. 

15:54: With the end of rebuttal the counsel from the respondent side has come up for ser rebuttal. Ser rebbutals were brillant and supposedly the opponents would have been baffled.



15:40 b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_20141116_155836111.jpg   




The teams have put forward there best effort and knowledge before this Honorable court, Fingers crossed ... waiting for results ...... Stay tuned .





10 min more for results of 1st National moot court competition of IIT KGP law school, stay tuned ... 


Here are the Glitter Glories...






 Here are the results ...

                                                                   Winner     : CNLU, Patna

          Runner up     : Symbiosis law school, Noida

      Best Memo     : S D M Law College, Mangalore

                                                          Best speaker  : Shradha Arora CNLU, Patna

                                                      Best Resercher : Antara Rastogi - Symbiosis Law School , Noida 

                                            Best speaker Prelims : Chandrajit Das - Symbiosis Pune 



 Winners team with trophy and prize money of 50,000 Rs/-




Runners up Team with their trophy with prize money 25,000 Rs/-






As a successful case cannot be won without a good researcher,  a event like this with flawless organization could not have been possible with out a dedicated team of volunteers. 

HATS OFF !!!!! 







Hope you enjoyed our blog.This is blogging team NMCC - IIT KGP 2014 Signing off.


                                                                                                                              Team Blogging, 

                                                                                                                   Jnana Teja 


                                                                                                                                                  Samrat Ganguly


Good night 

 Peace \/  









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