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Legal factories known as " Law Firms" - Part 2

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Hello guys !!!

Hope you enjoyed reading my last post (Legal factories knows as "Law Firms") about how law firms can be compared to modern factories and how the senior partners and lawyers within the firm are no more than mere factory workers. In fact I have the highest respect for those people who actually toil hard within the factories in our country. I have had the opportunity to visit some of the factories in our country during my career as a lawyer and trust me, life is tough out there unlike law firms where we call ourselves "white collared workers".

Anyways coming back to the running of our "factories", as a law firm. Let me give you some deep day to day insight on how its managed on a daily basis.I will keep my narrations simple. My typical journey to the law firm "Y" starts with a crowded train commute to my work place.Thats common in a metropolis like Mumbai. One of those rare days, you will bump in to some other fellow lawyer working in some other law firm in Mumbai.

How to identify that the other person is from a fancy law firm and has a swanky office ?!?!? Thats pretty simple, first they will have to read a law book during their train ride...time is too precious for them to waste....God has sent them to this planet for a specific purpose or chances are that they will sit and read through a contract carefully.....after all its the annual bonus on the line.....  Then notice their clothes. It has to be a crisp white shirt and a dark suit....and an expensive watch (not a Rolex or Omega though...that can wait till some more clients are made to lose their money through paper work). Black polished shoes (and of course a reasonably expensive brand). Oh i forgot, they have to flaunt the brand of their suits at the same time (phew !!! thats a tough job in a crowded train man). I am one of those unfortunate small time lawyers in a law firm who get the crumbs to eat at the end of the month in terms of salary hence I am branded as a "down market lawyer" anyways. Every "upmarket" lawyer is busy. They will glance at their watch and probably say mentally "damn i am gonna be late for the meeting ". Lawyers and meetings go hand in hand......nothing is more important in their life than meetings ...thats where it all starts...thats where all clients are pushed to the brothel.

With some hard work I reach my office to find my ugly receptionist sitting there and giving a plastic smile and a dry good morning ("my boss is a miser, he can very well afford a sexy receptionist but purposely keeps the good things for himself").

Then as a matter of routine I start checking my e-mails to see which poor hapless soul requires legal help (wish I could tell my clients by e-mail, "dude ,welcome to hell man....should we start playing the game "are you ready to lose all your money"). Then our boss who is almost 60 years old and has a beer belly calls us inside "We are running a tight budget guys...lets start the invoicing SOP". Some of us gape in amazement.What !!!! are you kidding me !!! we earned so much this month !!!! I mentally say "yeah stop spending on your girlfriend boss...."

The toughest part is to call up the clients who have defaulted in paying up their invoices and beg for money....I push aside my law books and start dialing my clients number who has defaulted from the list of matters "Hi there....this is "X" from "Y" law firm...sir, just wanted to check up on our invoices which have been pending". Damn I can make a good recovery agent later on.........things they don't teach you in law college. This is really embarrassing !!!!Embarassed

At the end of the month our boss gives a dry smile and says " Good job guys !! we are comfortable now".. i feel like saying "yeah boss right till your damn girlfriend pops up and we again go back and become recovery agents"....
Will continue this in the coming days guys..............Laughing

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