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Law firms need to learn from Anna Hazare

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The Anna Hazare movement has swept the nation and rightfully so. His movement has captured the imagination of the people of this country and for the right reasons. The reclusive and oppressed middle class Indian individual has found a conduit to voice his/her opinions. Salute to his movement and all our support for this excellent cause.


Now in all the thick of this action and stuck in the cross fire are a bunch of highly sophisticated lawyers who by their legal jargon have pushed the government in a web which even Spider Man will have a tough time to untangle. So what is with lawyers and complications? Lawyers are known to complicate things. Their skill of twisting and turning tend to complicate situations (and more than often legal documents).


Example: A layman says “A,B,C D.......”a lawyer would start off like this “A comes before B and C comes after B and then we have C and D which obviously has to come before e and F................”. Phew !!!!!!


A lawyer is born with an inherent quality of complicating things and it quite evident from the mass movement in India now. I have failed to understand as to why legal documents are so full of twists and turns like a daily Ekta Kapoor soap. A one line sentence is stretched to an unimaginable extent and then lawyers get on to a fight over these sentences. Why cant you just use the law and draft a plain simple document where everyone understands whats written in it. Someone once told me that lawyers are extremely sharp as far as their revenue flows are concerned. The more you complicate a document the more confused a person gets once he starts reading it and then he comes back again and pays you an exorbitant amount of money to understand what a lawyer has written and then if there is a dispute you spend double the amount of money and time to prove as to what is written in the document is correct. What a waste.......


Coming back to Anna Hazare, I strongly feel that an Anna Hazare is required in every law firm these days. It is the answer to manage the chaos within our law firms today. Modern law firms can take a leaf out of Anna’s life and improve their own state of things. Some of the law firms can cut down on their extravagance and consider running a more simple and organized business. And yes not to forget stop inflating their billing hours and cheat clients in the process. Honesty and integrity is seriously lacking in today’s law firms. Perhaps the esteemed senior partners and partners can consider ditching the beamer or a Merc for one of those small cars. Secondly try to keep your employees happy...they are the end of the day make you who you are. They are sacrificing everything so that you can drive that damn silver Beamer or the Merc and show off to your golf buddies. Let go of your pride and status and try to live a simple life. Your wife can do without that expensive jewellery set and you can stop throwing those stupid weekend parties where you do nothing else but brag as to how you negotiated a deal for your client. You forgot who the hell drafted the whole set of documents for you in the first place while you sat in your chair doing nothing.


My message to all those partners and senior partners out there in the law firms: Try keeping things simple not only in your own lives but also in the organization. Make money but serve the society at the same time. Dont sit in the office and stare at the sea from your 17th floor nariman point office..move your ass and serve the down trodden ones who cannot afford a lawyer...you don’t have to wear a suit and a tie everyday to show off how important you are....we are aware of the protocol and how things work...at the end of the day you will only waste your time in the office.......stop complicating things in the hope of earning more money......keep clients happy and they will do your marketing in their own way.........give an opportunity to less fortunate ones in your law firm to work with you...they are the ones who need a platform to show their talent......dont bark like a dog if an associate makes a mistake....teach him /her rather than barking at him/her .....it took Henry Ford innumerable tries to make the perfect car....




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