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Law School - A microcosm of the Society

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Being in the second year at the Law School, I have come a long way in dealing with life. Law School is not just a place where legal knowledge is gained and lawyers are churned out. Law School teaches certain things which are more important to being a human - it teaches us how to be a human.
We are the pioneer batch of our University. So, we being the only under-grad batch at the campus, should not be faced with many major hitches and glitches, right? Wrong. I have come to realize that less the number of batch mates, more the necessity of adjustment, and more the friction in the due course. Life at the Law School has been a thrilling ride on a roller coaster; here fear, there fun, there excitement, there nervousness!
These two years have seen the make up and break up of so many tiny cliques; horse trading and defection looming large, not to mention the platitudinous mudslinging. There has come into place, an informal hierarchy of sorts, which calls for a supra worldly order of its own, wherein no moral values exist, let alone a culture of fraternity. The person, who seems to be your 'best friend' today, stabs you at your back tomorrow. Your perception that intelligence and moral goodness go hand-in-hand is ravaged to rubble.
But, at the same time, adversity has in its bosom, the true test of friendship, faith, trust, and more importantly, love. In the harshest of the harsh times, you are left heart broken by the most trusted 'friend', only to be lifted back in spirits, by a totally unexpected person. As time flies by,  new relationships form, old ones take new shape and the existing ones get chiseled to perfection and longevity. Some metamorphose to such an extent, that you just cannot bring yourself to believe in the chasm and the dichotomy!
As you grow with the growing years, you begin to see the growth trajectory with a mature perspective and learn to make things better, not only for yourself, but also for others. You sense the goodness in being good, and you come to respect the spirit of humanhood! Being a law student, you start looking at the world with a whole new pair of eyes - with the eyes of a lawyer, who is a learner in perpetuity. You come to respect the inherent nobility in being a human, whatever the other characteristics of your rivals be. You come to revere the very spirit of the rights that every conscience in this world possesses.
In the end, you come to lead a far better and contented life, as compared to the initial tumult, wherein, fresh out of the school-going-chap mindset, you are faced with a volley of snowballing life lessons, being incessantly shooted at you, training you to become, in the words of Paulo Coelho, a true Warrior of Light! Later, when you stand at the vantage point, working with the fluxes of the real society, you come to realize the greatness of all the problems you were faced with, the amount of strength each one of them filled you with, and above all, how exactly similar is your Law School to the society of which it forms an indivisible part!
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