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Multitasking- The 'certified' way

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Again, this is based on a sample of the law school that I study in, situations may differ according to where the person reading the note comes from.

Imagine this; ‘A’ is simultaneously presenting a paper on corporate governance, doing an international moot in Vienna and is the convener of the Legal aid cell which is organizing a seminar. ‘A’ is actually back home enjoying his vacations.

‘A’ is a delight to watch, multitasking at its very best one can say. But, how did ‘A’ do it. The answers are as follows:
a)    The paper on corporate governance is being presented by the organizers themselves, certificate to be emailed later on.
b)    ‘A’ is a researcher at the moot in Vienna which does not make it necessary for him to be there, hence, the certificate for the same is also assured.
c)    ‘A’ is in good terms with the faculty convener of the legal aid cell and hence, delegates work to the volunteers. Therefore, he makes sure the certificate for the same is arranged again.

‘A’ now has authentication to show that he has done all the above mentioned activities without having been present at any of them. Since, nobody does inquire into how, what and why the above mentioned activities were undertaken by ‘A’. ‘A’ has benefited out of the good planning that he undertook while carrying out all these activities. Additionally, nobody can point a finger at ‘A’ for having not taken active part in any of the above mentioned activities. He researched and made the paper for the conference; he researched for the moot and also delegated work to the volunteers in a precise manner with other members supervising the seminar. ‘A’ on the other hand is vacationing back home in order to know which LLM program is best suited for him. Therefore, one arrow has effectively hit many targets while staying within permissible limits.

This is the beauty of law school and what it teaches you, it teaches you on how to make sure you plan what you want, and how best you can get it and what are the means of getting it.  Notwithstanding, the ethical nature of what ‘A’ has undertaken, it is effective. It’s entirely another argument that ‘A’ did not benefit from the experience of not being in anyone of the places.

 ‘Mere multitasking does not suffice, multitasking with necessary adjustments and working intellect is what makes a difference.'

P.S. This post was inspired by a friend of mine who in order to get a scholarship for an LLM abroad is multitasking in a similar manner. Again, the effectiveness of the same has been duly verified by precedents in the same regard.

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