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Life, Law and other things.....

A take on what I see around me....A genuine attempt at being concise, informative and maybe - humorous.

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The reviews for Calcutta Chronicles' were not only unexpected - they were elating and above all humbling - I always thought of myself as someone who could draw sad faces better than happy ones (I actually can!). So for my readers (at least the 400 of them who seem to have read the previous one - and for the others - Justice Sen, Protik Da, Sourav Sengupta, Shumi, Shomdeep Ghosh, Abhijan, Dippy Ghosh and all of them who took their precious time out to comment and encourage) here is a list of my other writings that I have written over the last two years, which might just help or even make you happier.

With Love,
Subhro Sengupta

(and forgive them for their childishness - I was and am in fact a child)

Anorexic Love - an Insiders view of Lawschool - http://aimclat.com/2011/12/anorexic-love-–-an-insider’s-view-of-law-school/

A young minds take on Law School and the aura that surrounds it, or maybe doesn't ! Some of the best generalizations that I believe I have made till date.

The Idea of Justice: Lessons on your upcoming Courtship with Law http://www.clatgyan.com/the-window/lessons-upcoming-courtship-law/

The second annual writeup - The one that I usually do for my juniors at H.N.L.U. - Some lessons for newcomers of the profession - I stole some lines from one of my favorite movies, Helen Mirren's "The Queen" - "This journey has given me quite an education - and with age one hopes to add experience with it.... "

Kane and Abel: The H.N.L.U. Story http://www.clatgyan.com/the-window/kane-abel-hnlu-story/

The first annual writeup for my juniors - this one just went crazy - I have had random people who took admission to the University come and tell me they read this! Not only random students, but their parents. A cherished piece of work....


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Subhro Sengupta joined HNLU in 2011 and is about to enter his 3rd year. Apart from all human requisites at college, he likes to read, think, write, to go on long walks on rainy days, public speaking and thinking about life ahead. He attended Ramakrishna Mission at Narendrapur, Calcutta before this, where he used to have a moustache, just like his father does.
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